Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 feature a “Hyper Bright Display?”

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 14, 2013


Samsung Galaxy S4 leaks and news are flooding in hours before the launch! We’ve already seen high-res image leaks of what the Samsung flagship is expected to look like, with the same person also uploading videos on some new Galaxy S4 features like the floating touch technology and Smart Pause. We now have some information, and maybe confirmation, of the type of display technology Samsung will be using for its flagship smartphone.

As US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) filing shows that Samsung has trademarked the term “Hyper Bright Display.” While this isn’t confirmation that the moniker will be used for the Galaxy S4, the rushed filing the past Monday seems to indicate that this might be the case. It certainly makes sense, with all the talk of PHOLED and ultra-bright AMOLED displays that have been reaching us for the past week.

In case you’re wondering what this means, here’s a brief explanation. There are two types of OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) in an AMOLED display, fluorescent and phosphorescent. For its previous devices, Samsung has used both types, with the green and blue OLEDs being fluorescent, and the red OLEDs being phosphorescent. The company is changing the combination this time around with the Galaxy S4, using phosphorescent for the red OLEDs as well as the green, with only the blue OLEDs being fluorescent.

While we knew that this change is supposed to make the display more efficient and reduce power consumption, it looks like there may be a change in the brightness levels as well. This also puts into perspective the Galaxy S4 teasers the company has released, with the bright light shining from the box. With the design of the device looking to be somewhat similar to the Galaxy S3, maybe Samsung is banking on its upgraded display technology to woo consumers.

We’ll be covering the launch live here at Android Authority, along with in-depth coverage of features, accessories, availability, and most importantly, comparisons. Just a few hours to go!

  • Jake

    Hopefully Samsung will bundle sunglasses and a kickstand with the phone, given its huge, hyper bright display.

  • jesuguru

    Unfortunately, phosphorescent OLEDs aren’t only more efficient (and perhaps brighter), but also shorter lifespan. So now that 2 of 3 subpixels are phosphorescent, that will only increase concern about AMOLED screen degradation.

    Just give us at least the option of a quality, longer-lasting LCD, like HTC, Sony, LG, and Apple have, and we’ll deal with the tradeoff of slightly shorter battery life.

    • vampyren

      I’m not that good in this area but I have read add you say oled have shorter lifespan but didn’t see any figures so I wonder if you can give some numbs compared to say lcd.i personally use to upgrade my phone each year so I guess I never see this issue but others will. Still of the life span is shorter than day 2-3 year normal use I would be worried.

      • jesuguru

        I’ve read an average half-life (time to half-brightness) of 12000 hours for green/red OLEDs (less for blue). That’s about half the lifespan of (any color) LCD pixels.

        Assuming screens are still comfortably usable at 75% (half-half-brightness), so 6000 hours = 4 hours/day for 4 years. That’s plenty for the average user, but some heavier users of OLED phones (i.e. Samsung Galaxy series) report screens “yellowing” (from earlier blue degradation) and/or “burn-in”.

        Most should be fine for a couple years, but keep average brightness at 50% or lower, and don’t use your phone as a GPS (with images staying in one place for hours at a time) to avoid burn-in.

        • vampyren

          Not that bad really :) i usually buy a new phone every year as i’m a gadget freak but even if i would use it say 2 years that is totally fine. Thanks for the reply.

  • it will be more like a “hyper bright colors that aren’t even exist” screen like the old samoled display with its fake colors:)

    • MasterMuffin

      Colors that aren’t even exist?

  • Jusephe

    If it is AMOLED. I think this “hyper bright” will not be more than 350 nits on pure white.
    Full HD AMOLED will eat a hell lot of energy if it will be brighter I think It can kill that 2600 MaH battery in 2,5 hours.

    I think it will be LCD- AMOLED would be just too power hungry for “hyper bright”

  • green PHOLED maybe

  • Arsenal™

    Hyper Battery Consumption

  • Nani

    guys look at amoleds man,i was using s2,note and now the s3(dimmest of amoleds) and when my friends take out their one x or sony mobiles,i feel so cheap when playing the same game beside them,my screen isnt bright and too oversaturated if i put it in danamic mode or it will look more dull in color or dim,this shit happens with samsung amoleds and i cant even open the web beside them,their screens look awesome with almost pure whites,my screen always look so dull and brownish or blueish,nothing like white,i just hate this amoleds and why the fuck do we need just that deep black and nothing else,no brightness,over saturated,fucking hell,i wish samsung changes to lcds or get amoleds brighter and whiter,not too much into tech,but this is what i wish for

  • Make friggin display u can use in the sun lite would b a well welcomed display, it reminds me of the old days with lorans on a boat,they weren’t worth a rat’s ass in the sun lite but they were used outside,let’s get this rights,thanks!

  • More bullish.. From plastic Sam!

    • CrAppleJinxer

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