Get to know the Galaxy S4’s many features from this new official hands-on video

by: Bogdan BeleMay 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on

An official Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on video has been posted by the company on its dedicated Samsung Mobile YouTube channel.

The Galaxy S4’s features have already been shown in TV commercials, both with Apple jabs and without, and even in a design story video. However, this is the first official Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on video, and it’s a pretty extensive one at that.¬†Clocking in at a second over 13 minutes, the hands-on video is divided into five distinct sections, each one with its respective subsections.

The sections are Hardware & Design, Camera Experience, Sharing Tools, Convenience Features, and Health Features. The people in charge of the video have went as far as to provide links to each specific subsection in the video’s description on YouTube, should you want to find out how a certain feature works without having to go through the whole video (not a bad idea, actually).

The first section shows off, among other things, the screen and the way it’s bigger than the one on the Samsung Galaxy S3, while the phone itself is smaller, as well as how you can personalize the lock screen to remind you of something important in your life (the Galaxy S4 is promoted as a “Life Companion”, after all).

The Camera Experience section includes a presentation of the Sound & Shot feature, which allows you to add a small sound snippet to pictures you take, so you can put them into context easier, as well as Animated Photo and Story Album.

Also, among the sharing tools presented in the video are Group Play, which you can use to play a song on multiple Samsung Galaxy S4 phones, using them as a surround system. The Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on video also includes the Samsung flagship device’s Convenience Features, including Air Gesture and Air View, as well as its Health Features, which help you keep in shape.

Here’s the video, so you can see for yourself:

The video is a pretty good effort on Samsung’s part, letting new users learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S4’s features. Even if you already own one, you might still learn a trick or two from it.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, maybe our Samsung Galaxy S4 review can help.

If you already own a Samsung Galaxy S4, which one of the new features do you enjoy the most?

  • whoknowswhereor

    Thankyou Sammy for the awesome videos.

    • David Brymer

      no thank you for making me laugh haha. HTC ONE ALL THE WAY

      • Do you even have an HTC ONE? Samsung at least brings out videos to help its customers…Customer service, which HTC doesn’t have!!

        I have read a lot of reviews about the two phones…my conclution:

        One and S4 is equal in most aspects so I will give the aspects wich are not the same.

        One: Design (Look and feel of the device), Sence (more simple), Low light Camera, blinkfeed (windows copy?) and Zoo (Samsung does the same but Zoo makes it more easy)

        S4: Got the next generation of screens you don’t have to touch (this will become the norm in smartphones…it is a gimmick now, but its new so Samsung will better it), Design (Thin and light phone with small bezel on the sides of the screen, thus credit to Samsung to give more in a small body),Shit load of software (Gimmicks in my eyes yes…but you will learn to use them and they will be copied by other makers and I can see those gimmicks to be future ideas)

        I will take the HTC One because it looks good and Sence is simple, but after a month I will want the S4 because the S4 will be more future proof than the HTC, because even the S3 will get most of the Software which the S4 has, which means Samsung can still upgrade the software on the S4.