Samsung Galaxy S4 will reportedly have floating touch gestures

by: Brad WardFebruary 7, 2013


Korean publication DDaily reported Thursday morning sourcing industry insiders that Samsung will be adding floating gesture controls to the Galaxy S4. The company will be using Atmel’s maXTouch S controllers, which will allow the user to navigate the interface without touching the screen.

A good example of this tech is in the Galaxy Note 2. Moving your hand over your Note 2’s proximity sensor will turn on the display showing bits of helpful information such as time, battery levels and messages. While it gives you a good idea, floating gestures on the touch screen will work a bit differently. In fact, it seems like it will function like a mouse.

With a mouse you hover over various elements on a page for information. Sometimes you’ll even click to go to another page with more information. That’s exactly what these floating gestures will be like if the Xperia Sola with floating touch is anything to go by.

While this tech would be somewhat new in the Galaxy S4, it opens up a lot of possibilities down the road. Since this hasn’t been confirmed by Samsung just yet, it should be labeled as rumor and treated as such. We’d still love to see this technology integrated in the Galaxy S4 though!

  • Filip Justin

    OMG.. this is awesome.. bring it on!

  • I’m sure cr-Apple will find a way to patent this as their own idea in america, then try to sue samsung in some way lol

    • Eszol

      Err, SONY start to commercialised it first

      • So? When does crApple ever go after Sony? They are a nobody in the mobile industry.

        • Filip Justin

          The reason why Sony never did anything about the iPhone design.. Sony is nothing..

          • John James

            Sony is PS3…


    • MasterMuffin


  • Eszol

    “Samsung Galaxy S4 WILL REPORTEDLY have floating touch gestures”

    Don’t sleep in the class Brad

    Grammar Nazi

    • Filip Justin

      I don’t see the problem..

    • MasterMuffin

      I don’t speak English natively so I don’t know, but I guess it’s the “reportedly” between the auxiliary verb and the main verb? I really don’t see any problem, I’m just guessing…

  • Wes H

    I would have thought a better example would be the Note II’s ability to use the S-pen to hover. That’s what this sounds like, just without the pen part.

  • MasterMuffin

    How would this work? Big electrical field or lasers or proximity sensors?

  • Bone

    Mouse function would be awesome but since we all have an idea thx to Airview, let’s be creative!

    How about switching between apps via gestures? Windows 7 has a way to hover over another window on your tray and take a look at the program without having to click on anything. To have a popup hover menu with some notification info, hover options to sneak peak into running apps, starting a call, whatever not having to exit to desktop would be awesome.

  • Benedict Chong

    Korean are well-known for copycat, nothing surprising they copy this technology from Japan and put into their phone. That is why I never buy copycat phones. Only Sony has the real technology.

    • Nkouitni

      The problem with that is that the inventor of the technology isnt Japanese nor was it their own idea. Plus its a known fact that Japanese brands are fast going into decline, what was once an important market finds itself going further into irrelevance. if your favorite company are innovators they arent making a name for themselves with a clusterf*** of a mess they call thier underwhelming xperia handsets. Tell me, what is new in the xperia z that we havent seen already before, thats right absolutely zilch. Plus Why is it then that Sony have failed to gain any foothold in emerging and large established markets, where Apple and Samsung rule and pretty much continue to destroy Sony’s pathetic attempt to gain traction. Dream on fanboy.

  • Lara

    There’s no point to this, your finger is like 3mm above the screen! WTF?! When would you ever need to use this “awesome” gesture apart from when your fingers are dirty? Huh? If you want this feature then we all know you’re too lazy too actually touch the screen and want to want like half a second or so longer for the sensor to pick up your finger floating above it. There absolutely NO POINT to this feature til the tech is better and more responsive in the future.

    • fredc

      You know, folks like you always get proven wrong either way. Technology does improve over time, it just happens in phases and all doubters will ultimately drown in their words.

      • Lara

        You just repeated what I said about the tech getting better in the future, duh. Four other people agree with me. I suggest you not comment at all next time. Look at smart stay when we heard about it, it sounded awesome (on paper) but in reality it doesn’t work properly, sure in the FUTURE when the tech gets better it’ll be awesome but now it isn’t. Once again, don’t comment the future if you’re going to repeat what the original commenter said. Have a nice day.

  • mohdamr1

    Quickly apple patent this even if you do not put it in your phone, or even better, patent
    this: ” all features to be found in a galaxy device now or in the future because I phones can not catch up. ” Just send a single diagram or a sentence describing the feature or technology to the patent office and attach your name on it.

  • John James

    You can’t stop it. Can you?

    Silicon Valley is dead

  • Benmartin1974

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