Samsung wants to “beat Apple on its home turf” with the Exynos 5 Octa Galaxy S4

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 12, 2013

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For Samsung, the Galaxy S4 is the chance to finally overcome Apple in the all-important US market. Samsung smells the victory, thanks to the Exynos 5 Octa chip and improved display.

Samsung wants to deal a massive, potentially deadly blow to its Cupertino-based rival. The weapon will be the Galaxy S4… The scene, the iconic Radio City Music Hall.

At least that’s what unnamed Samsung insiders have been telling the Korean media. According to The Korea Times, the company is really optimistic about its upcoming flagship smartphone, which could help Samsung be perceived as the “real global leader in smartphones by consumers”.

An “insider” quoted by the outlet says that Samsung specifically picked New York for the launch of the Galaxy S4 because it’s the symbol and the heart of the United States, one of the few large markets where Apple still dominates the mobile business.

Moreover, the move will show partners that Samsung “can effectively manage [its] smartphone business even in the United States”. It’s not the first time we’ve been hearing this – Samsung execs publicly stated that the New York venue was picked at the US carriers’ request.

The report brings us another confirmation that the Galaxy S4 will be powered by an Exynos 5 Octa chipset, contrary to market rumors that stated a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor would be used instead.

The new and powerful chipset is one of the reasons why Samsung is so confident about the outlook of its new device, another one being “improvements in look and feel of the surface screen”. I presume that this last statement refers to the new green PHOLED AMOLED panel that Samsung is believed to use for the Galaxy S4.

Needless to say, folks at Samsung have all the interest to drum up the excitement over their latest superphone. Still, I can’t help note that the Koreans seem very confident, almost arrogant. The only question is will they deliver?

  • Samsung will deliver, trust me on that one!

    • Abdul Rahman

      Agree. They flex the muscles to render Apple’s beloved iphone lame. Good, competition gets me better products :)

  • vampyren

    Honestly I’m moving away from my iPhone 5 to Galaxy s3 as Mason phone and for me is a huge thing. So I’m not surprised Samsung is this confident.
    They have great phone already that is making people jump from iPhone and I m not only talking about me. My brother and some colleges who were iPhone fans have made the same jump so if s4 is better than s3 which I’m sure it will be than Samsung will take a big leap specialty since Apple will not release their next phone anytime soon.
    Also I think Apple have been stubborn in changing the iPhone to much. For me the screen size had been the major reason I switched and I’m not sure Apple will go any buffet than 4′ even on their next model.

    • Congratulations, you are smart.

    • Abdul Rahman

      Agree. I was 3GS, 4 and 4S user. When I saw the 5, I came to realize that Apple missed the boat out of Woodstock… Now I’m S3 and Note2, and couldn’t be happier. Yes, I do have smal problem here and there, but that’s overshadows by the immense amount of functionality I can’t imagine Apple will even dream of, any time soon. Can’t wait for the SIV !!!

  • AndroidBrian

    I’m going to laugh if its a quad-core. I think its only going to be quad core, and like every year it will under whelm fan boys but still everyone will buy it.

    • Quad Core + Quad Core.

      • Right. They really should call it dual-quad-core.

        • Filip Justin

          They should, but I don’t think their marketing department wants that..

          • They’d be having a heart attack.

          • Amish Crusader

            A quad-chamber attack?

        • Erik Huntoon

          Every tech article I’ve read on that Octo chipset refers to it as dual quad core. One core is high powered and the other is an older processor to do lightweight tasks.

  • brady

    I’m pretty stoked but I’m not beligerently unrealistically stoked. i’m just regular ass stoked.

  • If by the fall Motorola has nothing to show, I will surely grab this beast.

  • I’ll still be waiting for the Note 3, but the unveil should be pretty interesting.

    • Bone

      If floating touch will have AirView functions, there’s your Note. Or mine. The S4 which I was sure to skip for an HTC One, Oppo Find 5, Nexus 5 or Note III could be the winner.

      • I don’t know what you guys think, but, if rumours come to be true, then I’ll wait for that massive 5.9inch Note 3 in replacement for my Note 2.

        • Well, regarding the S4, all will be revealed tomorrow.

    • I assure you if note 3 was came its useless.. s4 or note 2 is the best gadget you can take any where…

  • Monji

    I don’t understand why people don’t like plastic. Every company that made aluminium based phone are having problems with mass production and the material quality. Even Apple had problems manufacturing the Iphone 5. Plastic is so much lighter and more durable than metal look wise. Just a scratch on a metal surface ruins the whole image while plastic you don’t even see it. I guess it’s just a marketing tool from samsung’s competitor to diminish their phone.

    • I understand why people dislike plastic. I don’t understand why they like to argue about it… I mean, to each its own.

      • Filip Justin

        +1 to that

    • Lucas Barbosa

      And metal interferes with the antennas. Having a metal body implies integrating the body with the antennas, making it impossible to easily open the back to replace batteries and sd card.

    • Psykhe

      People do not understand that a material which is “less cheap” is not the same as one which is “better”.

      That being said, I dislike the glossy slippery plastic of Samsung phones. It is one example of plastic done wrong.
      I’d take the matte, grippy plastic material of i.e. the lumia phones before any glass or aluminium though.

      • I agree completely, I had a LG P500 (optimus one) some years ago, and I absolutely loved the back plate of that thing! It was some matte, solid grip plastic that you could never see a scratch on. I’m sure there’s a word for it, but I can’t be bothered to look it up right now. When I got my GS3 and Note 2 I was surprised they chose to go with a material _that_ slippy.

        I dropped the LG phone a few times on things like concrete and pebbles – not a scratch or bump.

        • Jaime Larios

          Well, i loved the back of the galaxy Ace and s2. I don’t like the back of my S3 that much but I still like it.

      • Erik Huntoon

        I was going to reply regarding the slippery plastic of a Samsung phone and mention that my Galaxy Nexus is not.. but when I went to pick it up off my desk, it literally slipped from my hands and banged back down on the desk.

    • John Beebe

      NFC wont work with a metal back either. according to a Forbes or Wired article I read last year

    • vampyren

      I totally agree, i had to change my iPhone5 3 times before i got a scratch free (almost since it also had a smal scratch but it was very minor) phone. The S3 is simply made in a way that pretty much only the back cover can be scratched if your not unlucky and that is simple replacement. Also i have the super thin cover made by Samsung that cover the whole back and side which is pretty much invisible :D So i do prefer Plastic also on my S3. Its lighter and has many benefits as mentioned.

  • Honestly i have s3 but i change of note 2 its just because … Large screen and you can bring anywhere…

  • Arsenal™

    Hell yea on the speed!
    Hell no with the design!(if the leaked shots are true)

  • Jusephe

    One of the few large markets where Apple still dominates the mobile business.

    That sounds like apple is retreating, but actualy apple overtook samsung (that was mobile leader in US since 2008) just last quarter (september-december) and got the first place in both smartphones and all mobile phones for first time ever in US.

    But that’s only US right ?

    • Yes, US mostly. The UK is another stronghold, but elsewhere in Europe and Asia, Samsung and Android lead by a margin.

  • thundercat

    I’m a s3 owner never really liked I phone..
    I have been all android ever since my furst droid the droid x..
    I want to get s4 but I really wanna wait on the moto x phone..
    But if the hype is true and the specs are I don’t think I will wait for the motorola x phone..

    • Samsung offers the performance and features. But, hardware is what sucks. Through my eyes, a lot of Samsung features are bloatware. Well, for that matter all android skins.

  • Well, they just told that exynos octa is a PR stunt

  • They will because unlike Apple they are smarter and better as an actual company. than Apple. The GS 4 now and than the Note 3 will blow Apple away into the galaxy. They are so done at this point.

  • hassan

    hey guys sammy is going to use the same old isheet GPU powerVR SGX 544 mp3 in exynos octa which is already use isheet 5 they should instead the newer 6 series not a old one
    i am disapointed………i will not buy sgs4

    • vampyren

      To be honest if i’m not totally wrong that is the same as in Playstation Vita and god the games a fantastic. I seriously doubt you need a much better GPU in a small handheld. A Tablet maybe but a phone i doubt it. I am mostly looking forward to see what exactly will be their selling point, 8core? 1080p?

      Either way since i just love my S3 i’m already sold so for me it dont take much to buy S4 :)

      • hassan

        because i love playing games etc in my smartphones not any other device :)

        • vampyren

          my point was you will not be disappointed with GPU powerVR SGX 544 :) its a great GPU

  • I like Samsung but right now I have my eyes on the HTC one with beautiful design front stereo speakers, ir port and decent battery life I don’t think I can pass up unless Samsung shows me something fresh and new…. now if Samsung somehow manages to put a 3100mah battery in the S4 I will most likely go with the s4 regardless of the looks or if somehow there new screen technology blows away LCD tech then I’ll consider the S4…only a few more days, come Sammy blow me away or HTC will see my money this year….

  • yungqb7

    You have my support Samsung. Jumping from LG to you guys.

  • Mark Simis

    Speaking of aluminum, the s4 will have aluminum siding with the same plastic back plate and bezel. All these rumors and leaks are classic Samsung trickery. Don’t be surprised when the 14th comes around and the hardware is totally different than what the world expects. Not to mention the huge jump in software improvements.

  • Even oppo can beat GS IV.
    Oppo Find 5 puts your iPhone to shame