Samsung projected to ship 80 million S4 units in 2013, 320 million smartphones in total

by: AdrianApril 10, 2013

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They say it’s easier to reach the top than remain there, but when it comes to an ever-changing and always competitive smartphone market, I think it’s tough to become king and equally as hard to keep your crown.

So, even if Samsung’s mobile division broke every financial and sales record in the company’s history during 2012, there were no guarantees going into 2013. But it seems Sammy has played its cards right again, and, boosted by an impressive Galaxy S4, the company can hope not only to keep its sensational financial run, but set new records.

That’s at least according to JPMorgan financial analysts, quoted by the French journal Les Echos. JPMorgan predicts that, are you ready for this?, Samsung will ship a total of 320 million smartphones in 2013, a quarter of which should be Galaxy S4 units.

That’s 80 million projected shipments for the GS4, which is such a huge number that I can’t really wrap my head around it. Granted, I’ve heard even more optimistic forecasts a while back, but 80 mil would still be double the S3 sales from 2012.

Or, to put things in further perspective, 80 million is 35 million more than all of LG’s estimated handheld sales from last year. And when I say all handhelds, I mean both smart and feature phones. Un-be-liev-a-ble!


Of course, just because JPMorgan says the S4 will be such a blockbuster, it doesn’t mean it has to be so. After all, compared with its predecessor, the current “big thing” seems to have much stronger competition – HTC’s critically acclaimed One, Sony’s waterproof Xperia Z, LG’s ginormous Optimus G Pro and even BlackBerry’s Z10.

But the signs are all there and the stars seem to align for Samsung once again. GS4’s manufacturing rate sits at a cool 10 million units per month, while recent reports from IHS Research and Gartner predict great things for the Galaxy makers going ahead.

It can’t hurt the S4 that HTC has bumped into severe production issues with the One or that Sony’s Xperia Z is likely to never hit a single US carrier.

But what about the other number predicted by JPMorgan – 320 million total smartphone shipments in 2013? Is that also doable? Well, I’m no professional analyst, but, judging by Gartner’s numbers and Samsung’s recent growing trend, I’m inclined to say yes.

If Sammy manages to push 500 million mobile phones by the end of the year, 320 million would mean around 64%. In 2012, only 53.5% of the Samsung handhelds sold were smartphones, but “dumb” devices are in a free fall around the world for a while now.

Now let’s hear it from you, our dear readers, on Samsung’s and Galaxy S4’s future. Do you think the S4 will become a bigger hit than the S3? Does it deserve to be? Could it sell in 100 million units? 80? 70? And can total smartphone sales top 320 million units? Sound off below.

  • Ken Geraths

    80 million is doable. I know a lot of people that are planning on getting this phone me included. 500 million seems to be a tad high even if it is “all phones” but one never knows.

    • taz89

      Certainly doable and I for one will be purchasing the s4 and I know a lot of people who been asking about the s4 and actually know its coming out unlike other phones.. Samsung have done great to actually grab mind share and create a strong brand…

  • Somebody please sponsor me to buy this phone. ;)

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      • @dlacouvee:disqus Entered already. Anyway again commented on that post. Send one tweet also. :)

  • Pramod

    Yes sure

  • funkyblue

    Pity they hate the development community so much.

  • Microsoftjunkie

    They wont.

  • Walter van Lille

    They probably will, but they will have to watch out for Sony. I can’t say much about the American market; but in the SA market, I’ve gone from seeing literally not even one Sony handset anywhere, to seeing them at all our carriers. And more importantly, in the hands of people. Hell, for the first time ever, I’ve actually seen a TV ad for an Xperia phone.

  • Esohn

    Yes, it will definitely hit over 90 million units and even over 100 million units. I guarantee it!