Samsung Galaxy S4 gets the early benchmark treatment, first scores are average

by: AdrianMarch 14, 2013

Exynos 5

We were expecting today to be a busy day, filled with last-minute Galaxy S4 leaks and then wrapping up with the big announcement, but little did we imagine what was to come from China. The dual-SIM version of the GS4 that looked like a fake at first starred in several intriguing videos and a high-quality image gallery, making believers even from the most skeptical of us.

But did the leak avalanche stop at that? Not even close. Instead, the industrious folks from also managed to whip out a surprisingly thorough review of the S4 prototype, which included the whole shebang, from a display comparison with the competition to juicy benchmarks.

Did someone say benchmarks? Yes, I did. Only they don’t look that impressive. Which could be due to one of two reasons – either the Exynos 5 Octa CPU was held back by the unfinished software powering the device, or the processor itself is not the powerhouse we all expected.

Galaxy S4 Antutu

In any case, let’s talk cold facts and numbers. Starting with AnTuTu, where the GS4 scored 22,446 points. Not bad, right? But not great either.

According to a graph on it168, that barely puts the S4 ahead of the Snapdragon 600-powered HTC One. To make matters worse, we saw HTC’s latest flagship score close to 23,000 points in some other tests, so, as much as it pains us to say this, the GS4 might not be the most powerful Android smartphone around. “Might” being the key word here.

Galaxy S4 Vellamo

The Vellamo browsing speed test is even less kind to Samsung, with the “next big thing” being overshadowed not only by the HTC One, but also the GNote 2, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One X and several others.

And the gap between the GS4 and the Note 2 here is truly staggering – a full 900 points (1,522 vs 2,418).

Galaxy S4 benchmarks

But surely Quadrant will help the S4 get back on its feet, right? Hardly. The slightly over 8,000 points are nothing compared with the 12,000 we’ve seen the HTC One score and it’s barely enough to put it on par with Sony’s Xperia Z.

As for NenaMark 1, that’s unfortunately a very inconclusive benchmark. Galaxy S4’s 59.8 fps is a nice result, no doubt about it, but most high-end smartphones released in the last half a year or so can reach 58 or 59 fps no problem.

Bottom line, these S4 hardware test results sure look headache-inducing (for Samsung), but until  seeing an official, final model benchmarked, the jury’s still out on the big guy’s performance. Do you think the HTC One can really upstage the Galaxy S4? Or will Samsung deliver once again one way or the other?

  • i’m sure that this is because of android 4.2, it has to be, for example if you take the lg optimus g and the nexus 4 the have the same specs and yet they score different in all the benchmarks and theres no way the the exynos quad a9 its more powerfull than a quad a 15 that is just imposible

    • radiotrib

      Most companies are looking forward to releasing a PROPERLY OPTIMISED version of 4.2 … Just because some companies want it on their spec sheet as another gimmick, regardless of the impact a sub-optimal implementation will have on the user experience, doesn’t mean you should blame the OS .. If you really thin 4.2 is at fault, try putting the blame where it should lie – the marketing wing of Samsung … Poor dears don’t know any better – after ll – kitchen appliances don’t need optimised operating systems .. even clever ones.

  • Hani Harzallah

    won’t believe anything until i see the real thing being tested

  • i can say one thing the s4 will be one of the fastest smartphones of this year if not the fastest

    • radiotrib

      Tht’s true – it might even be the fastest for the next few months … but hell’s already more powerful than any of us on here could ever use, and if anyone can push it that far it’ll be throttling like crazy and running on the slow cores to preserve the processor and the bsttery … win/lose or lose/win .. take your pick. BTW this goes for every current flagship phone. I’m getting an HTC One but I have no axe to grind either way.

  • Joe Avery

    Lets stop spreading Rumors…
    My iPhone Friend is running around now yelling out that the gs4 is a POS and that it is worse then last years gs3.
    Now he is saying that Samsung pulled an Apple…

    How about we don’t say things that are totally un-substantiated like “…galaxy s4 early benchmarks scores average…” and instead say ‘ … alleged galaxy s4 benchmarks scores average…’
    There is nothing that suggest this is an “early benchmark” from a real s4.

    • im with u on that but what i said is also true every 4.2 phone scores worse than a 4.1 even if the specs are the same

      • Bone

        What he said. BTW does this mean that HW is actually slower on 4.2 in all aspects due to bad code of the 4.2, or just the benchmarks mess up?

        • MasterMuffin

          Benchmarks mess up of course

    • Mārtiņš Belte

      Can I hate your iPhone friend?

    • Susan McSwiney

      thank you…sometimes i think the writers get a bit caught up with their stories that they start believing it! i really VERY much doubt these are remotely real for two reasons. 1. It scored lower than the galaxy s3…why the heck would samsung let that happen? 2. benchmarks dont tell you shit squat…and to top it off im not expecting anything mind blowing either, hype has set the bar so high for samsung that even if they release something good we will be left dissapointed

      • radiotrib

        How about … “Because these are real world tests, not et up by Samsung to prove something they want to be seen” as an answer :) … The faster 4 cores of the ARM processor in the Exyenos heat up very quickly and once it gets hot the power management part of the processor will hand over to the slow ones and/or throttle the clock rate, in order to protect the processor and the battery. It will only perform in the 40K range for a few seconds in a cold environment. That translates to your favourite game starting off playing the title sequence really smoothly, and then slowing down as you get into the action … big deal … Benchmarks mean nothing. The SG4 will sell because of the hype and the marketing, not because of it’s class. That’s the law of the jungle when 95% of the people are told what to buy by companies with big budgets. I think I’ll stick with my HTC One. It’s got everything I want and style as well.

    • MasterMuffin
  • I’m sure that this still is just the same frickin’ chinese prototype version… It’s the same phone that took 3 seconds to wake up from the standby on the video. So don’t get jumping on anything just yet

    • ICS

      My S3 takes 4-5 seconds to wake up, so this might be an improvement.

  • Bill

    Won’t believe anything until I see the phone tonight.

  • Android Central FTW

    Articles like this are the reason you dopes are a 3rd rate website and no manufacturer wants to give you review units. Every article I read on this site has a cynical and negative tone. The overall feel of the articles are really snarky, childish and smack of jealousy.

    • Pete


    • radiotrib

      So does sour grapes

  • Let’s just wait for the official release. Because rumors are just that.

  • Guest

    First off, you are basing a benchmarks with tests that don’t even recognize

  • Randy Sylmar

    How about we wait until the benchmarks even recognize the chip before we jump to conclusions about their tests scores. Also, benchmarks have become honestly a thing of the past. Most of these chips are all running at the same speeds more or less now a days. It’s not even about the chips anymore these days it’s more about optimization by developers.

    The iPhone may score lower or average as well but because of developers catering to optimizing for the iPhone real world tests prove the iPhone still bests these. Believe me, android phones since the S3, HTC One X, Note’s release, we pretty much have seen feature improvements over horse power because of the fact that they pack in such a high spec’d phone but still lack in app usage.

    But development for android is getting there. I have noticed in the past months that a lot of apps are coming along to be optimized and running towards its true potential. I’m just getting sick and tired of seeing these benchmark leaks in this time of mobile devices where each phone are literally spec’d so closely that you wouldn’t notice the difference honestly.

  • My guess is that the Octa core was designed to provide speed but mainly to sip battery juice. I’ll have no complaints if it “simply goes head to head with the HTC One and has comparable benchmark scores”, but it provides 3 TIMES the battery life… BTC

    • vampyren

      I’m with you on this, even my S3 has hardware that could be good enough for 3 years to come, seriously quad core, 2Gig of ram is overkill for a phone, its all about software now. S4 dont have to put out the fastest number, as you say battery life is equally important, also samsung usually has tons of good features that comes along with their phones so i’m super hyped.

  • captjdhunt

    Look i love the new potential features and quickness of these new androids coming out, but I personally just want to see a little more originality come out of android Os. I want to see a new layout or something. Same with iphone… The icons are just dull to me.. Maybe I’m being harsh, but i just need something different.

  • taz89

    Do people really care about benchmarks, they in no way show how it performs in real life and that’s what matters… We all know benchmarks are dodgy and can be biased towards certain chips and he’ll even sometimes when you compare 2 exact same chips you never get the same results… What that tells me is these benchmarks are utter bull and just for geeks to say hey mines has bigger number than yours that must mean it’s better right lol…

  • Samsheep BAH BAH! S4 is unbeteable!

  • Samsheep will be jumping off bridges if this is true!

  • stop rumors. u really don’t like samsung for sure. wait for the mobile then say something, until then shut ur everything

  • K, just watched the Unpacked and one quick up close and person review from CNN on the black model and i’m doing my best NOT to sound like a fangirl but with that sleek black finish and what looks like chrome bezel and that 5 inch FULL HD screen, i have GOT to say, “looks like the BEST Samsung phone yet, i am not disappointed one bit, they left what was great, added to it, and the SGS IV was born… i will be 1st in line in April : ) …

  • Ignacio Martín

    HTC One all the way

  • James

    Wait a minute, I think the benchmarks are only testing the A7 cores but not the A15 cores..

  • hui wang

    This looks like the test against Qualcomm snapdragon 600, there is another leak of OCTA S4 shows antutu of 24894.

  • Rx7987

    My S4 Quadrants at 12,900.