U.K. retailer Phones 4U sees a 40% increase in demand for the Galaxy S4 compared to the Galaxy S3

by: Brad WardMarch 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 1 aa 600Samsung unveiled its next flagship device, the Galaxy S4, in New York City last night and it’s already showing promising signs that it could out perform the Galaxy S3 in sales. U.K. retailer Phones 4U is reporting that after 48 hours of launching its pre-registration page this week, it saw a 40 percent increase in demand.

News of this isn’t entirely surprising. The Galaxy S4 has some very appealing hardware, such as the 1.6GHz Exynos octa-core CPU. It’s also packed full of features that will appeal to a lot of people, such as S Health and S Translate.

“The anticipation surrounding the next Samsung Galaxy has been astounding and it has already received the most pre-registrations as Phones 4U of any other smartphone launch in 2013,” Phones 4U’s Chief Commercial Officer Scott Hooton said.

Phones 4U isn’t the only company seeing demand skyrocket with Samsung’s latest flagship though. EE said they’ve also been seeing high levels of demand too. As the hype surrounding the Galaxy S4 continues, there’s no doubt that the demand will continue to soar. Samsung’s plans of selling 10 million units a month may be a very real possibility after all.

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Keep in mind that this demand is happening in the U.K., so there’s no telling what demand other carriers and retailers around the world are seeing.

The Galaxy S4 will be launching in the U.K. on April 26.

  • Abdullah Qaraeen

    GS4 sales will be amazing…

    • Randy Nelson

      Nothing like a nexus though…

      • Anonymousfella

        agreed..but in many countries nexus devices arent available so the galaxy s gives the best android device possible


      esp since the Samsung stock has gone down

    • Ignacio Martín

      I hope the HTC One also sells well, as it’s a better phone

  • PeterBlood

    Followed by a rapid decline in sales after initial buys from rabid fans. They should have called this the Samsung Galaxy IIIS. Just shows to go yah (sic) that Samsung doesn’t innovate, only copies and adds incremental improvements anybody could think of (display size, faster processor, etc.). That’s why Apple is way up today and Samsung down. I feel sorry already for HTC, Samsung and Google Mobility when the 5″ iPhone 6 shows up. But for now just a big Samesung Samsnore. *…yawwwn…*

    • Francis Pena

      Dude what are you saying the iphone 6 is like 2 years from now and the galaxy 5 would be out by thats time which I promise will out performe the iphone agsin just like lat year this year nextyear and more years to come iphone stock is rising its falling do your research

      • PeterBlood

        Dude what you are saying is wrong as usual with those Google blinders on. iPhone 6 will be out later this year or early next year. The Galaxy 5 won’t be out by then and will not contain anything radically new either like the iV (since they have nothing at the moment to copy, just the same incremental improvements). Current SIV is at the end of the practical line in phone size unless Samsung wants to get ridiculous at which point it’s a tablet with cell phone capabilities and frankly who wants that except radical geeks? Your research sucks “Dude”. You wouldn’t know real research and facts if they slapped you upside the head with a baseball bat. Research doesn’t mean just listening to your equally clueless Fandroid buddies. You are playing the guessing game as if Apple is standing still, a common lunacy. Android is flat-lining actually. iPhone is outselling Android in the States. Fragmentation is only getting worse (with less than 50% of Android users having the latest Android OS). Google has no presence in China – Apple does (just wait until the China Mobile deal goes through). Yes iPhone stock IS rising as is Apple stock as nobody is impressed with new Samesung droppings. When Apple satisfies the overlarge phone crowd just watch Android sales really plummet. You can’t beat the security, apps and ecosystem of Apple. I suggest you get busy researching the real facts instead of playing the usual Fandroid dummy lines. More people are going back to Apple from Android than the other way around by far too. I hate to burst your delusional reality though.

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