Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition on its way to Verizon and AT&T

by: Andrew GrushMay 23, 2013


No beating around the bush, locked bootloaders are pure evil. We pay good money to our carriers in order to enjoy the latest smartphones, so shouldn’t we be able to do with them as we please (within reason)? That’s why it was so frustrating when we found out that AT&T and Verizon were both locking down the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The good news is that Samsung’s official online shop has now revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Developer Edition will soon be coming to AT&T and Verizon, featuring an unlocked bootloader right out of the box, as well as 16GB storage. Keep in mind that this is NOT the same thing as the Samsung Galaxy S4 “Nexus” version. You won’t be getting faster updates or stock Android with this one.

You might be thinking, “But why bother with this one considering the dev community has already found a way around the AT&T/Verizon bootloader?” For many of you, it probably won’t be worth getting. Still, there are some that would rather go the official route, so it’s nice to have the option.

So how much will the GS4 Developer Edition set you back? No official pricing is currently mentioned, though we’d take a guess at around $650, and more than likely it won’t have a subsidized pricing option.

For those on AT&T’s network, it probably makes more sense to go with the GS4 with stock Android over this, unless you really love TouchWiz. For those on Verizon, it’s good to see that Big Red wasn’t left out of this one like they were the Nexus edition of the GS4. What do you think, anyone interested in getting the Developer Edition of the GS4?

  • Travis Danger Guilliams

    This isn’t worth doing. The 1% of people that root their phones don’t care about having an unlocked bootloader from the start, or if they have to unlock it themselves. I want a minimum storage of 32GB. Unlocking and rooting isn’t an issue for those that do it already.

    …and what the hell were they thinking with the S4 Active, if the all of the unconfirmed rumors are true?

    Samsung, get your shit together.

  • If Samsung is going to sell a phone with an unlocked bootloader and honor the warranty, why would it not honor warranty on a phone purchased from a carrier that the buyer has unlocked? I can understand Samsung’s position if one purchases a phone under contract but I just recently purchased an AT&T S4 and paid retail price for it so that I did not have to sign a contract. That is one issue that Samsung and HTC are going to have to address if they are going to sell phones with unlocked bootloaders because my AT&T S4 or an HTC One are no different from their respective “Developer Editions.” I agree with Travis (see below) that Samsung (and HTC) need to get their act together.

  • SeraZR™

    Every S4 should be a “dev-edition” !!!

  • dafrizzy

    As i understand, with the Dev-edition you won’t have all the carrier bloatware to deal with in addition to the Touch-wiz stuff. This is nice because it will allow you to have the Samsung software for the camera, S-Health etc with out having the redundant Verizon or ATT garbage that no one ever really uses anyway.

    Just to have that option is nice as well as being able to uninstall crapware you don’t deem necessary or won’t ever use. But that is I understand this all correctly.

  • Adam Outler

    Developers don’t buy developer edition phones. Developers buy phones and develop on them.

  • Howard Z

    I will only be interested if it came with more 32 or 64 GB