Check out the first commercials for the Galaxy S4

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 10, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser

As the release date approaches, the first (of many) commercials for the Samsung Galaxy S4 have emerged online.

Samsung is gearing up to release the Galaxy S4 in major markets from around the world at the end of April. To prepare the terrain for its new flagship, the Korean giant is investing huge amounts in marketing, with TV and online ads being one of the main areas of focus.

The first commercials for the Samsung Galaxy S4 have appeared today online. Focusing on the software features, three of the ads have been uploaded on Samsung’s Netherlands YouTube account. Unlike some of the Samsung ads from 2012, the clips focus exclusively on the features of the Galaxy S4, such as Sound & Shot, Group Play, and S Translator. Personally, I find this focus on product features (rather than jabs at competitors) refreshing. Check the three 30 second clips below.

A fourth commercial is seemingly addressed to the UK market. This one highlights the design and physical features of the Galaxy S4.

What do you make of these first Galaxy S4 ads? Effective? Inspiring? Or not so much?

  • Ayman Kouzayha

    Nice Ads, I can not help it to compare them with Apple Ads, they always about the phone itself and not on how its features should facilitate your life.

    • Kassim

      True, true…but you missed one difference between them: Apple basically shows the phone in disembodied hands whilst Samsung shows them in use by people.

      This makes it far easier for potential buyers to relate to the phone when they innately picture themselves in the same use scenarios. And the more they can relate to said product, the more likely they are to buy…

    • AndroidShiz

      Actually this style is not really close to Apple. If you think about it it’s more in line of how Google has been advertising their stuff like the Nexus 7 Nexus 4, it’s more like that. They show people in tender moments using the product in their lives where as Apple tends to have quick flashes of stuff and jazzy music.

      • Filip Justin

        Yeah.. remember the Google Now/Nexus 4 commercial from a month ago? These seem close to that one..

      • Ayman Kouzayha

        I didn’t say it’s close to Apple

  • Raj

    excellent ads

  • good ads, nice to see they no longer feel the need to attack apple, although the s3 commercial with apple lines was hilarious. And yes they do show off the feature, look at the translate or the sound shot video. Pretty clear what they are showing off

    • Filip Justin

      The Apple commercials where the only reason I loved the S3… Great product, mediocre competition, dumb fanboys!

  • Samsung Marketing team is beyond awesome

    Samsung ads are really effective on many users

    • AndroidShiz

      Yup. unlike HTC and maybe even Google they get it. and Motorola needs to stop letting Verizon be in charge of the commercials for the Razors. Verizon sucks at advertising.

      • Chun Min Tay

        +1 Your last point.

    • Gebruikert

      Many users believe in what they’ve told to believe in. Marketing is such an easy way to manipulate people. Samsung isn’t that great at all. Everything they say is ‘unique’ already exists or is just useless. Like this feature.

  • hrishi

    liked the s translator app could become handy

    • mihaits

      google translate or gtfo. it actually does the same thing

    • mihaits

      google translate or gtfo. it actually does the same thing

    • AndroidShiz

      the big difference is that Google’s allows a lot more languages for offline use than the Samsung version but also the even bigger difference is that Samsung actually advertises the feature, where as Google will sit there silent not letting the world know what it has to offer.

      • Kos

        Dont know, i used a normal phrase with the google translator from german in english and vice versa and it was totally wrong.

  • Moira

    wow, I want a note II but now… maybe an S4 instead. Will there be a note III?
    I’m always a fan of advertising that focuses on the product at hand, not the competition. Think Coke and McDonalds. Assume you’re the best and consumer’s will know it. Bring in the competition and it screams insecurity.

    • Filip Justin

      Surely there will be a Note 3.. Just wait.. The only drawback that I can think of is that the Note series doesn’t have 32/64 GB versions.. That is a must for me when I’ll be buying the S4..

  • Bob

    My biggest problem with Samsung Galaxy series isn’t really even samsung’s fault.. Where I live I am the ONLY one that owns a GS3 and I can’t use any of those group features with anyone and if I purchased the GS4 it would be the same way. So “group play” and the other interactive things that Samsung has thrown into their phones to do with other Samsung GS owners does nothing for me..

    • AndroidShiz

      Hmmmm…That is quite the enormous problem indeed. (One hand strokes goatee while one eyebrow lowers setting the face with the look of bewilderment. How to solve this 1st world problem)

      • bob

        Already solved it lol.. I’m not buying the GS4!

      • Chun Min Tay

        lol. Do note you’re on Android; meaning, you could always update it with new features by flashing a custom ROM! ;] *problem solved*

  • joey

    so far so good.
    hope it reaches US in time for my birthday.

  • I wonder if us S3 owners will get the advantage of any of these software improvements? The S3 is still a robust phone that can more than likely handle the new software additions in the S4

    • Chun Min Tay

      *ahem* again, custom ROMs. Job done!

    • Need an NFC chip and doubt the S3 has that to share music and pics amongst phones.

      • Uh yeahhh….the S3 has an NFC chip. Do you not remember all the commercials advertising that very feature for the S3?

  • The promos are good to watch and this smartphone will be liked by most of the android users..So just waiting to buy this device.