Samsung Galaxy S4 already cloned, launches before the real one

March 25, 2013
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    Samsung Galaxy S4

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t be out until the end of April and manufacturers are already taking a crack at it. Thanks to a tip from, we found out that Chinese manufacturer Sunle has cloned the Galaxy S4, calling the creation the S400. It’ll cost around $220 USD and will be available in China starting April 5.

    Available in black or white, the specs are actually pretty solid:

    • 5-inch IPS HD display at 1280 x 720
    • 1.2GHz Mediatek MTK6859 quad-core processor
    • 1GB RAM
    • 8GB internal storage with support up to 32GB
    • 8-megapixel rear-facing camera
    • 3-megapixel front-facing camera
    • 3G, Bluetooth, GPS
    • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
    • 2100 mAh battery

    As with any smartphone or device from relatively unknown manufacturers, quality is always a concern. With Samsung more popular than ever, many companies will do whatever they can to get a slice of the Android marketplace, even if that means shameless ripoffs. Would you or have you ever bought a Chinese knockoff?

    Thanks, Andrea!


    • Roland Taylor

      Well with those specs and that price…

      • Jack Parker

        Yep i’d stay away from it too!

      • Mihai Moga

        yea…and the specific absorption rate SAR will kill a baby in one week.

        • MasterMuffin

          *adult, this is never getting out if China!

    • Bone

      That was fast. Does it come with 2 versions too?

    • Daabon Ecologico

      S4 ? O.o mmm, sus caracteristicas se ven geniales pero la verdad de la forma en que se ve su diseño se ve mejor el S3.


    • SCMProfessor

      Now, if it was a “real” ripoff, meaning the specs were identical… then it MIGHT be worth trying out, but at those specs who not find a used S3?

    • krudd

      Sounds more like an S3 clone than an S4 clone.

    • pratyush97


    • Rodrigo Freijanes

      There are a lot of wonderful models in China.
      I saw models with full HD screen, 3600mAh, 5.7″, 6.0″, capacitive pen like Galaxy Note etc for juste prices like 150~250 dollars.

      • Mike Stenger

        There are quite a few online marketplaces where you can buy, but always have to be careful. Quality can be good, but you don’t always know whereas a device made by a more well known brand, likely has reviews. Plus, good look getting software updates.

    • enrique

      well, manufacturers should stop making their phone ins china. as simple as that.

    • Muhammad Marsh

      No, I have never bought a Chinese knock of and I never will.

    • Harish Kotra

      Well, the writer should have at least check the specs and changed the title to something more appropriate. With those specifications it looks no where closer to the S4.

    • abhay

      Good for nothing. .

    • hassan

      hell noooo galaxy s3 will beat this you are talking about s4 lol

    • Olumide Oyetoke

      I’ve been enjoying a Chinese phone ThL w3+ since last November.
      mediatek CPU enable these phones to be inexpensive
      when it comes to build quality, I can personally vouch for ThL :-)

    • owl83

      I have got a clone of the galaxy note 2 and I,ll tell you what its a cracking phone! Best phone I’ve had. These Chinese phones are very good they will be making phones soon that will lead the market.

    • MSmith79

      How is this a clone exactly? Just the shell I guess.

    • George Anna

      yea,it has been cloned ,and i had ever seen the samsung galaxy s4 in the OrientDeal,is there anyone know it?

    • Etica Periodista

      Si es excelente y a colombia llega ya en Mayo *.* lo vi sus carasteristicas en un programa de tv de tecnologia…..

    • George Anna

      there is a clone of alternative of galaxy s4 in the OrientDeal which named Orient N9500,one of my friend had got it ,i want to know is there any other people know it?