The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be at CES next week, but behind closed doors

by: ŠtefanJanuary 4, 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show is going to kick off in just a handful of days and the excitement in the air is palpable. We’re probably not going to see the best Android smartphones of 2013 announced at the event, but there will still be be a ton of interesting devices from “other” handset makers like Huawei, ZTE, and Sony. The big boys, and we’re talking HTC and Samsung here, typically wait till either Mobile World Congress in February, or they simply host their own event so they can get as much press attention as possible.

We’re going to call it right now, the next Samsung Galaxy will not be announced next week, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be at the convention center. According to a report from the South Korean website MT, the Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics, Jay Lee, will be at CES showing off the Galaxy S4 to people behind closed doors. The report says it’ll have a 5 inch 1080p AMOLED display and it’ll be powered by the ARM Cortex A15 packing Exynos 5440. Sadly, no other details were given.

Now before you get all giddy and excited, we just want to say that this sort of thing happens all the time. You may think CES is a place where companies announce things, but in reality it’s a venue where business gets done. Jay Lee is likely going to meet with several of his partners to show them the progress that’s been made on the S4. HTC is likely going to do the same thing, and so is Nokia. Everyone is at CES, so it’s just convenient to have these kind of meetings.

When are we actually expecting to see the GS4 get announced? Rumors say April, but that’s always subject to change. We actually prefer Samsung’s approach, where they hold off on announcing something until it’s just about to ship. More companies should strive to do that.

  • I feel like the S series from Samsung shouldn’t keep getting bigger in size in terms of screen. I liked the 4.8 inch screen, and now that it’s rumored to have a 5 inch screen, it’s like they’re making their own products obsolete only a few months after releasing them. The Note 2 only has a 720p screen, and is only a half inch bigger. Sure, it’s got the stylus, but I’m not sure how big of a selling point that actually is. The S4 is supposedly going to have a 1080p screen (on a slightly smaller display) which is going to make it look even better, and not be quite as big. Also a better processor, if I’m correct. Doesn’t seem like there’s any point in getting the Note 2 once the S4 is out. Just my opinion, though.

    • They’re really 2 different devices. The S-Pen (it’s not just a plain stylus) is a huge selling point. I use it several times a day on both my Note 1 and Note 2. I take notes ALL THE TIME. From grocery lists, to daily to-do lists, to taking notes in meetings and taking notes at work (I tend to have a short memory and I need to write things down or I forget right away). I think it’s smart for Samsung to go to basically a 6 month cycle on their 2 flagship devices. The S series comes out in the Spring and sets the tone for the year. The Note series comes in the fall and takes the improvements for the S series and adds the S-Pen functionality on a larger form factor. The Note 1 was analogous to the S2 (sharing the same Exynos CPU for int versions but clocked faster), where as the Note 2 was analogous to the S3 (sharing the same CPU for int versions but clocked faster). When the S4 is released, the Note 3 will be released in the Fall with probably the same processor clocked faster and but otherwise similar specs as the S4.

    • Bill

      well some times other hardware is added and that means a slightly increase in size

    • capri

      I always want an SGS3 hardware in compact 4″ size.
      no, not that s3 mini, it’s failed product nowhere near sgs3.

      what I want is full SGS3 hardware, quad exynos 2gb 720p, but in smaller 4″ sized phone, which will be easier to bring along.

  • And my S2 wifi functionality has stopped working already……….

  • Rick Hawkins

    What’s the story with the picture on this article?

  • Impatient Waiter

    to anyone that can get behind those closed doors, if you can leak a picture of it, i’ll love you forever and ever.

  • id rather Samsung start making their products with better materials. like aluminium or something to get rid of the plastic feeling on my galaxy nexus.