Samsung Galaxy S4 Brown version seen in musical short film [video]

by: Bogdan BeleMay 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Brown

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Brown edition appears in a new Samsung video that’s designed to showcase some of the Samsung flagship’s signature features.

The short music video, called “Hi Hey Hello,” features The Chicharones’ song by the same name, and has been directed by Grammy Award-winning director Joseph Khan, a man known to have worked with names such as George Michael, Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga, to mention but a few.

The video is the classic story of a couple of college students falling in love in 2013. You get the idea: boy sees girl, boy tries to impress girl with his Samsung Galaxy S4’s features (whatever happened to flowers?). Among the features shown in the video is Group Play, and that’s when (at around 1:08) you can notice a couple of Brown Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones among the ones used to play the song. You can watch the video below:

Since Samsung’s marketing team does nothing without a purpose in mind, you should probably see the Samsung Galaxy S4 Brown edition on the shelves soon enough (alongside the Blue Arctic one, recently shown in Japan).

The video does what Samsung Galaxy S4 ads (you may remember the Pool Party one) usually do: it showcases as many Samsung Galaxy S4 features possible in a few minutes. It’s an efficient way of getting the message across to users, and Samsung is making full use of it lately. That is why, alongside Group Play, you’ll see Smart Pause, Drama Shot, Sound Shot, Air View and Air Gestures in this new music video.

Just in case you haven’t made up your mind about buying a Samsung Galaxy S4 or not, take a look at our review of the device:

What’s your favorite Samsung Galaxy S4 color? Are you looking forward to the Brown edition?

  • Wow an whole ad for brown version gs4 , so much money is wasted on marketing , they should have used that money for making 32gb and 64gb s4 version and delivering it fast as possible .

    • Hoggles

      Ummm….the ad was not at all trying to showcase the brown S4. The ad was obviously simply showcasing the phones features. You must not have watched it. There is no need to rush out 32gb & 64gb models. That’s what a SD card is for. I have 150+ apps, tons of music, video, pics, nand backups…you name it. All of this on my 16gb S4. Mind boggling how that can work…eh.

      • you dont need 32gb or 64gb version that dosent mean i dont need it and i am gamer and i cant install my favourite games on 16gb .

        • Guest 2

          The GS4 has expandable memory via its SD Slot. You could store games until you little heart is content just by having 2 cheap SD Cards. Though likely you’re not a gamer… you’re an i-Lover, struggling with defeat.

  • simpleas

    They have money for that… they don’t have to save an ad to do that. We’re talking about production issues. You have to remember Sammy busts out gaziilion smartphones. I hope the new automation process will help with that tho.

    • than why they say that there will be 32gb and 64gb version ,its false marketing than , they should tell us that it will be releasing after 4-5months. and still there were very few 64gb version gs3 and note 2.

  • Farbod

    This is the amount shipped [to carriers] and not sold so yeah…