Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmarked again, processor uncertainty continues

by: AdrianMarch 13, 2013

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Who’s up for a new round of Samsung Galaxy S4-related rumors? Well, who isn’t? Especially that there are so many mysteries left to be revealed with only a little over 24 hours to go until the official announcement.

Unfortunately, we can’t put together many key pieces of the puzzle today either. In fact, if anything,  this report will tangle things even further.

You know how there’s always been an uncertainty surrounding the processor or processors Samsung is to equip the GS4 with, right?

And you know how some “rock solid” sources told us a single S4 version for all was planned with an Exynos 5 Octa inside, while others, theoretically equally as reliable, served us a whole different story – that there was going to be both an Exynos variant and a Snapdragon 600 one.

Heck, we even heard Sammy was thinking of packing all S4s with Snapdragon chips and leave the company’s Exynos platform aside, although, to be honest, we didn’t buy that for a second.

Galaxy S4 benchmark

Well, a new AnTuTu benchmark has been uncovered and shows traces of both chips. Inside the same model of the phone. Of course, such a thing is impossible, so it’s all either a misunderstanding or a fake. Then again, the whole thing is hilarious, don’t you think?

The model number of this alleged benchmarked S4 is GT-I9505, the presumed LTE-enabled international version. The CPU hardware: Samsung line in the system info would have been a clear indication of an Exynos processor, but you can see the CPU model is listed as a quad-core ARMv7 (not octa-core, not quad-core A15 and quad-core A7).

Furthermore, the GPU vendor is listed as Qualcomm, while the GPU model is Adreno 320 and not PowerVR SGX 544. What a mess!

Weighing everything in, there seem to be more signs of a Snapdragon 600 CPU than an Exynos 5 Octa inside the GT-I9505. But does that mean all S4 versions are to in fact pack Qualcomm chips? Perhaps, but we’re still not biting.

Galaxy S4 benchmark-2

After all, who’s to say this benchmark is legit in the first place? All we have are screenshots from an anonymous source. And if we do some digging, that AnTuTu score doesn’t even line up with previously leaked benchmarks. So let’s call it a fake for the moment and stop racking our brains to explain the inconsistencies, shall we?

In other news, EE has confirmed on Twitter “the next Galaxy” is headed to the UK with 4G LTE speeds. Like there was ever any doubt about that.

Remember, we’ll be on the ground tomorrow in New York City at the Galaxy S4 unveiling, and, as usual, we promise you the most epic and exclusive coverage on the web. Even if the S4 were to come in a single Snapdragon flavor. Which it won’t. Who’s psyched?

  • This is Samsung’s best strategy to keep spec sheet away from us geeks. I bet they planted half of them just to confuse.

  • Guys, could you write an article of OpenGL ES 3.0 and how important it would be in some oncoming futureproof devices. If Octa by any means will come with PowerVR 5 series as confirmed, how it will affect it’s performance in future games, because it supports only OpenGL ES 2.0?

  • I’m not entirely against Samsung using Qualcomm SoCs, but their own in house chips are currently the best in the business. Power has always been a key differentiator between Samsung and competition. Sure it’s a substantial upgrade for us Americans who were stuck with a dual core Snapdragon S4 as opposed to the Exynos quad. However, if the Galaxy S4 is using a Snapdragon 600, what will separate the S4 from the HTC One, which will definitely have better build quality? I have a Note 2 right now, so the difference will not warrant an upgrade. I’ll wait for the Note 3, which will be guaranteed to feature the Exynos Octa.

    • kurolife

      “but their own in house chips are currently the best in the business” Anything that Samsung on the market right now is not even on pare with the S4 Pro, not to mention S600. Tegra 4 is not on market yet and the Exynos Octa is not either.

      • Technically, yes. However Qualcomm’s most recent processors came way after the Exynos quad. Samsung’s next generation chip is the Exynos Octa. I’m pretty sure it’s substantially better than the Snapdragon 600. It features true Cortex A15 architecture and a better GPU right now. Tegra 4 is coming and sounds great, but it’s still vaporware until it’s in an actual phone. Truth be told, the Snapdragon 600 is the best right now, but with only an overclocked Adreno 320, for how long?

        • amine ELouakil

          The Exynos Quad has an almost identical performance as the S4 dualcore, heck the S4 was better overall on the CPU where as the Exynos was better on the GPU side the S4 Quad was miles ahead of the Exynos.

          Now considering that Samsung will be using the S600 in some markets (will have confirmation on tomorows event) it means that it benchmarked and it believes that both solutions are in the same league as it was with the Exynos Octa, I feel like the A15 architecture is not optimised for phones yet due to power consumption we will need to wait for some die shrink on manufacturing process and increase in battery capacities.

          • I won’t debate on which one is better. However, I will say that I’ve owned a US Galaxy S3 and now a Note 2 (Snapdragon S4 vs Exynos Quad), and the difference in multitasking and various other tasks, is noticeable. The Exynos Quad is faster. Also, if you were to look at all the benchmarks between the S4 Pro and Exynos Quad, you’d see that the difference isn’t night and day. I’ve achieved scores of 18000 on Antutu and 2100 on Geekbench….stock. Not too shabby. Considering that the S4 Pro was released later and is based on newer architecture (Hybrid Cortex A9/A15).

            The point I’m trying to make is that the Galaxy S4 is the most important flagship phone on Android (arguably), and it would be a shame to see it beaten by other phones in a matter of a couple of months (Tegra 4). Krait is great, but true Cortex A15 is demonstrably superior.

  • kascollet

    “ARM v7” is the common instruction set used in all Cortex A processors. It must not be confused with the Cortex versions.
    Every SoC out there uses V7 instructions, be it Cortex A9 (Exynos 4, Apple A5), Cortex A7+A15 (Exynos Octa, Tegra4), Krait (Snapdragon S4/S600/S800) or even Swift (Apple A6).

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      Yes, you are right, my bad, although that still doesn’t explain what’s with the Adreno 320 GPU.

  • Plamensito (GPU Analytics)

    Hey, Stupid, there will be two versions of Galaxy S4 with two processors.

    You are very ignorant site.

    • Adrian Diaconescu

      Did you at least read the article or you’re too proud a troll to do something like that?

    • Droid says

      Exactly, one for the european version which is Exynos 5 Octa and one for the US version, Qualcomm. I spoke to a carphone warehouse samsung rep, although at discretion has already confirmed the specs for the European version which are 5 inch 1080p AMOLED (PHOLED) screen with Exynos 5 Octa, 2GB of RAM with the floating gestures.

      • Plamensito (GPU Analytics)


    • James T

      Wow, what a mature response! What grade are you in?

      Also, if they’re (by the way, a site is not a person) so ignorant, than why are you here at all?

      • James K

        Because he’s entitled to state what he thinks and Android Authority like it or not certainly haven’t been perfect, in fact this site is becoming more and more cringeworthy and unbearable to read. In the case of Stefan and Adrian, two very opinionated writers that think they’re cool by citing their own opinion on the matter but little do they realise their own jabs at products, particularly the feature phone end for people on a budget doesn’t warrant for a mention. I’m sorry but it is folks like you that support writers like these into believing they are THE authority (pun intended) and that their opinions matter over individual thought, like it’s cool for them to dictate their terms and opinions over us, the reader. Sod that, I come here to read professional articles written by professionals, not some mealy mouthed ninth grade punks who thinks they are cool by voicing sarcasm when they ironically make themselves look all the more moronic, case in point to Adrian and Stefan.

        • Adrian Diaconescu

          Let’s get something straight really quick. Yes, I’m opinionated and I’m not ashamed of it. But my opinions are MINE and mine alone. I’m not forcing them onto you or anyone else. I don’t dictate anything and the idea my opinion matters over individual thought is preposterous. As long as you have the right to express your personal opinions in the comments, I too have the right to speak my mind in my articles. Also, pardon me for asking, but what the fudge was about this article that was sarcastic or ironic?

  • yungqb7

    Ok, at this point I just don’t care. I’m just going to ignore all articles mentioning suspected specs.

  • brendan soliwoda

    I fully doubt that Samsung would put Qualcomm in their flagship device (international version, anyway) and just leave their own in house chip left in the dust. That being said, I have always doubted that the Exynos Octa would make it’s debut on the S4. Instead, i see them using the Exynos 5440 quad. Makes more sense to me. But, i could be wrong.