Extend Samsung Galaxy S4’s battery life with the official spare battery and charger kit

by: Alex SerbanJune 15, 2013

Galaxy S4

When the mighty Li-Ion battery of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (2600 mAh capacity) is not enough, owners can now make use of a spare battery and a helpful charger kit, which has been recently launched by Samsung. Compatible with all variants of the smartphone, this extra charge is enough to double productivity levels and ensure connectivity for longer periods of time.

The spare Galaxy S4 battery comes with a compact charging and carrying case and a microUSB travel adaptor that can power other mobile devices as well. Those that choose to purchase th accessory can replace an almost empty battery with a fully-charged one in a matter of seconds.

Samsung Galaxy S4 spare battery

As you may already know, Samsung is among the few manufacturers that still make devices that pack easy-removable batteries. All users need to do is pop-open the back cover, take the battery out and place the spare one inside. The simple nature of this procedure has influenced many Android owners to forget about thick battery extension cases and opt for a back-up unit instead.

Based on the latest Galaxy S4 battery tests, a spare unit will offer enough juice to use as 14 hours of regular talk time, around nine hours of web browsing or 10 hours of video playback.


Korean counterfeit spare battery on the left and the real deal on the right (in carton)

The official price of the kit is $49.99 but the best offer available can be found on dear old Amazon: just $40.92. Amazon also notes that a Korean-made counterfeit is already on the market with less impressive results.

  • Chris

    How bulky will it look/be after?

    • kascollet

      Just the same ! (It’s just a second battery man).

  • Better deal at eBay and the knock off versions

  • Lil bit

    The charger/battery case is too thick, it will not be practical to bring the whole thing. Many powerbanks are practical to carry because they are thin, and they do not require the device to be turned off and back on, not to mention there’s no need to remove and replace the back cover, and still we didn’t mention all those people who have protective cases that are not ment to be removed frequently.

    Overall I say powerbanks still win, easy to plug in and uninterrupted operation, no mess with removing and replacing battery cover and case. That’s just me anyway.

    • zariel

      but having powerbank to be connected to the phone for maybe 2 hours or more might make it unfavorable choice..

      by using spare battery.. u just need to open the case and change the battery… no powerbank to mess with the phone after that…

      this is far superior choice than powerbank… at least for me…

      • Lil bit

        You well often connect the power bank before you are dry, for example while you eat lunch, if you already used lots of battery that morning and you know it’s gonna be a long day. Or any time it’s convenient. Usually you don’t need charge, a little top up of 20-30% is usually more than enough. For me that is.

        I used to carry spare also, often the biggest problem was that I forgot to charge it, and then it was totally empty, because as you said, you swap it when your phone is already shutting down. Whenever I forgot to charge the power bank it still had half charge or more, since you almost never use it to charge the phone more than you need. That’s why even a moderate size bank can last almost the whole week on a single charge.

    • vgergo

      I carry a spare in my wallet all the time, it doesn’t take up too much space there. I almost never need to use it, as I usually still have 40-50% at the end of the day, but the knowledge that there is no chance for me to be left without power worth to carry it.

      And btw, you don’t need to power down the device before swapping… the phone powers itself down when the original goes flat :-DD

      I just pop in the spare and am good for another full day or two – and that without extra bulkiness, cables or piggybacks. I would never buy a phone that doesn’t give me this convenience.

  • On a Clear Day

    Samsung makes an extended, larger battery for the S3. To me a larger battery – even if it makes the phone thicker is a better option than fooling around with carrying an extra battery that is equal to the regular one; though the life of the regular one for all practical purposes should handle the 99.9 percent of all users.

    Why would anyone want to spend 10 hours surfing on a phone – that is what computers and real world monitors were made for.

    • Steven Anderson

      u ever been on a bus for 15 hours or more when travelling on holiday? i have quite a few times, but mostly before the days of colour screened phones, and i gotta say that being able 2 watch a movie makes that time fly by. u know, ive only used the spare battery i carry around a couple of times for movies and things, but for 10 euro, y not (not official spare)

      • On a Clear Day

        That makes perfect sense. I too find buses useful, but haven’t been on one for quite that much time since I went from Montana to PA one summer – never again! But, your point is well taken.

  • Abdallah AlkhouLy

    I just bought it yesterday for my note 2, other than the Otterbox case, I think this is the most valuable accessory.

  • chris

    Damn, haha ooops .. I read extended battery not extended battery life.. My bad guys.

  • George

    I have one of these for my S3 and i think it’s one of the first accessories one should buy.
    I use it almost every day because i kinda abuse my phone, it’s a real life saver!

  • EvenInTheDarkestHour

    This is a funny article. This is NOT extending any battery life, it is buying an extra battery and charger to carry around. As if we need something more to carry around.

  • Souza

    It os super. I buy from amazon and happy