JK Shin: Galaxy S4 has sold over 40 million units so far

by: Andrew GrushOctober 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

You’ve heard the song and dance before: “Samsung’s plastic design is old and tired. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 isn’t selling as well because of it”. Rumors about poor Galaxy S4 sales are nothing new, with the first predictions showing up in June.

Throughout all the negative rumors, Samsung’s CEO JK Shin has denied that the Galaxy S4 was having any trouble selling, and even unofficially revealed that the device had managed to sell 20 million devices in just two months on the market. In contrast, it took the Galaxy S3 one hundred days to reach the same number.

It’s possible that Samsung really did have even higher numbers in mind for the GS4, but 40 million devices is nothing to sneeze at.

This should have laid all the negative rumors to bed, but more recently we have heard that the Galaxy S4 sales have slowed down and that the GS5 may be released as early as February due to Samsung’s disappointment with the GS4’s sales.

With the Galaxy S4 nearing its sixth month on the market, how well is the device really doing? According to JK Shin, things are still going fairly strong. Speaking to the Korean media, Shin revealed that the Galaxy S4 has managed to sell over 40 million devices worldwide. Keep in mind that figure doesn’t include the many GS4 variants out there such as the Active, Zoom and Mini.

Putting this figure into perspective, last year the Samsung Galaxy S3 sold 30 million devices after just six months on market. At a gain of 10 million, the GS4 is clearly doing pretty well.

It’s possible that Samsung really did have even higher numbers in mind for the GS4, but 40 million units sold is nothing to sneeze at – especially considering increased competition this year from devices like Sony’s Xperia Z and the HTC One.

What do you think, are you surprised to see Samsung hit the 40 million mark? Did you think it would be higher? Lower? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • frankie

    the s3 reached the milestone january 2013 so this is very impressive

  • Bone

    Incredible considering Sammy actively sells about a dozen more Galaxies.

    • David Miller

      Apple may have sold 9 million iPhone 5S and 5Cs in the first weekend after release but Samsung already sold 40 million Galaxy S4s by then.

      The technological gap between the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S4 is nothing. 64 bit processors are not new and not needed for current-gen software. The fingerprint reader is a gimmick just like how the Galaxy S4’s eye tracking technology is a gimmick. The Galaxy Note 3 however is technologically ahead of everything in its path. USB 3.0, 4K video recording and other advanced technologies really makes it a special smartphone.

      Also it’s unfair to combine the iPhone 5S and 5C sales. Might as well combine the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 3 sales to make it fair. Also don’t forget the Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Mega 6.3″, etc.

      • JoyOfSpecs

        The fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5s is NOT a gimmick. I haven’t used my passcode once to access my phone since I started using it. Not ONCE
        Completely natural to use and almost NEVER fails.
        You click on the button and almost instantly phone is unlocked.

        • Touch me here

          60% of the time it works every-time.

          • JoyOfSpecs


            99% of the time it works 100% of the time

            It is truly remarkable

    • zhangyamysaga

      As another new product category like Apple and Samsung.EZTV Living Room Computer also has sold a large quantity. But if compare with Apple and Samsung.It is not a thing ! http://goo.gl/fNHZsU

  • Ryan Castle

    Srsly Shin: Galaxy S4 has sold 4 million units so far.
    Anyone? No?

    • MadCowOnAStick

      ummmmmmm no.

    • hohopig

      4 million? that was within the first few weeks. :P

  • dandroid13

    Haters gonna hate.

  • RanRu

    How could they be disappointed in these sales figures? Unless they were expecting, say, every single phone sold in 2013 to be a Samsung?

    • hohopig

      It depends on who do you mean by they? If it is Samsung .. I think they might be a tad disappointed as the exec always set a high targets. But still it is stronger than S3 so I don’t think anyone’s head is rolling.

      If you mean those having issues with Samsung … well nothing is gonna satisfy them … except when Samsung cease to exist and that is not going to be likely in the near future.

    • Jusephe

      They wanted to ship 80 milions before year end…

      • Dave Bristel

        The holiday season isn’t even here yet, and most retailers are just now stocking up for the holiday buying season. They may not hit 80 million shipped, or maybe they will. Sales of the S4 may be VERY strong this holiday season.

  • RaptorOO7

    Look, if CrApple can count every iteration of the iturd as a new iturd sale then Samsung can count the many iterations of the GS4 as a GS4 sale. That is simple enough that even CrApple fans can follow it.

    • D4N

      Stop calling Apple “CrApple”. It makes you look like a fool while at the same time perpetuating the stereotype that android enthusiasts spew crap about Apple every chance they get.

      • w1z

        Crapple fan

      • blablabla crapple sucks

        You’ve never been guilty of calling someone a fandroid or bashing on Micro$oft?

  • Rogue

    My question is which S4? So much s4 variants so I’d like more clarity on the actual S4 model as they are S4 active,zoom or are these numbers all these phones together

    • frankie

      regular s4 only

    • paxmos

      You Apple fans are so detail oriented!!

      • Rogue

        I asked for details and suddenly I’m an apple fan? News flash I’ve never owned or bought an apple product I’ve always used android and it’s not my fault if samsung has many variants carrying the S4 name tag attached to it similar to what Sony is doing with Xperia and the letter Z.

        • w1z

          You must learn the art of reading my friend. You need it badly

          • Rogue

            You people must learn the art of relaxing first off secondly I read the article and knew exactly which S4 he meant but am I not allowed to ask if other S4 variants are included since the rumors were out for over a month about the S4 not selling well and now all of sudden Shin breaks his silence. I don’t know if the S4 sales are like apple sales from the actual devices shipped or them being in consumers hands cause apple sold 9 mil over the weekend but a report showed only 6-6.5 million were actually in consumers hands.

          • w1z

            “Keep in mind that figure doesn’t include the many GS4 variants out there such as the Active, Zoom and Mini.” This statement made it quite obvious.

          • Dave Bristel

            Apple always sells well on launch day, because when people need to wait a full year or longer for any new phone, they all flock to the ONE new model sold. Samsung has people split between the Galaxy S series and the Note phablets(using the term to show I am skipping the tablets). People with an S2 may have upgraded to the Note 2 or 3 this cycle. This is also a part of the reason people feel the need to point out that Samsung sells all those different models. I agree that some people need to calm down, but younger people, and those mentally unbalanced can be a bit…excitable. I do expect that the sales numbers for Apple are a huge spike on launch day for new phones, then the number drops quickly, while Samsung has a smaller spike on launch day, but you see numbers being a bit more steady over the next year and a half.

  • mengluo

    China’s state-run CCTV on Monday alleged two product lines of Samsung smartphones contained “serious design flaws” that aren’t included in the warranty, citing frustrated customers and mobile phone experts.

    Many owners of the Galaxy S and Note series handsets said they had experienced problems with their devices like frequent system halts or ‘dead’ phones which they were unable to switch on, but found these problems were not covered by the Samsung warranty, the 25-minute investigative news programme reported.

    By the way, let me recommend you an china wholesale as an awesome X-mas gift. Hope you’ll like it.

    • w1z

      Crapple fan

      • D4N

        Stop calling Apple “CrApple”. It makes you look like a fool while at the same time perpetuating the stereotype that android enthusiasts spew crap about Apple every chance they get and label people as Apple fanboys as soon as someone doesn’t hold the same opinion.

        • w1z


    • On a Clear Day

      And you believe anything the Chinese say?! If there is one thing you can safely bet your life on it is that the Communist Chinese don’t care any more about the truth – or whom they denigrate for the sake of touting sales of cheap Chinese crap – than they care about human life or human rights. which is to say not at all.

  • w1z

    I wont be shocked. I was myself amazed when I met a group of people(around 4-5) and everyone had a Samsung device! Its like year 2005-06 when everyone had Nokia! The company is rising like crazy.

  • cycad007

    Enjoy this while you can, Samescum…you won’t dominate the Android Market too much longer. Sony, ASUS, HTC, LG, Moto, Oppo, Lenovo, etc.. are looking & coming to eat your market share away. Count on it!

  • Dave Bristel

    There was less of a RUSH for people to buy the S4, but as people hit their upgrade dates, the S4 is a very attractive option. Unlike the iPhone crowd that seems to insist on buying a new phone every year, those with a Samsung MAY be more inclined to upgrade when their contract ends(or allows). Then again, the early days of the PC had people really wishing for a faster computer because their old ones were not fast enough. Now, people with computers and even those with a Galaxy S2 or S3 feel their phone is fast enough for their needs, so there is less of a rush to upgrade for MOST people. Obviously, enthusiasts will want to upgrade sooner, but if you had a Galaxy S3, would you feel that it was too slow for most apps and that you couldn’t wait for an upgrade? Game players may be feeling like they want to upgrade much sooner, but they are a small group, and the Note 3 would be a better choice for them due to the screen size.

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Lower than I might have thought. But this isn’t bad. As long as it sells better than S3 it’s all good. It’s a good device. So yeah

  • Brendon Brown

    Samsung achieves this by lying and throwing good ethics out of the window.
    I mean seriously, paying other people to badmouth the competition and praise their devices ? Thats just unacceptable, but then again i doubt they’re the only ones doing it …

  • Paul K Deuster

    It’s kinda strange first six month ago I thought is will be very successful to “regular” consumers. Then it hit the market and everybody talks how well the s4 does. Also I seeing a lot of people poping up with the device and at least the half were asking me if I also own a galaxy s4 (I still have my galaxy nexus). Then the hype eases and all of the sudden it’s not selling well and now 40 million handsets. Are kidding me :D?

  • Maez

    I wonder if this true last time the news i heard that samsung s4 dont sell well thats why samsung is forced to come up with s5 early by 2014. Now they are breaking it up they sell 40m s4.

  • vaelcidck

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