Rumor: Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Kit to be delayed until September?

by: AdrianMay 10, 2012

Samsung-Galaxy-S3-Wireless-Charging-Kit 1

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was unveiled with a lot of fuss a week ago in London, and alongside Sammy’s latest flagship came an extensive line of accessories. The S Pebble, the AllShare Cast Dongle, and the Wireless Charging Kit were just a few of the ones that drew our attention, and, while we didn’t know anything official about their launch, we hoped to see them hit the market at around the same time with the Galaxy S3. However, it now seems that at least one of those exciting accessories will not be available until September, which is a whole three (or four) months after the S3’s launch.

I am talking about the Wireless Charging Kit, whose launch might be heavily delayed, according to a report from Slashgear, based on a “source” from UK retailer MobileFun. The retailer didn’t wish to comment on the reasons behind the delayed launch, but regardless what justification will Samsung come up with, early S3 adopters should be pissed.

The wireless charging capabilities of the new Galaxy phone were almost unanimously hailed by journalists and simple tech lovers, so to not be able to take advantage of that function for a full three months is an utter disappointment.


As much as we’d like to speculate on the possible cause of the delay, we have no idea what could have caused it. The guys at SlashGear say that it might have something to do with Samsung’s recently announced “Alliance for Wireless Power” with Qualcomm, but I personally can’t see why that would be a cause for such a hassle.

SlashGear also speculates that alternative, third-party wireless charging solutions will most likely be offered during the next few months, in an attempt to compensate for Samsung’s delay. However, we would advise you to wait for the official accessory rather than pay big bucks for gizmos that might or might not work properly. After all, we’ve waited so long for this phone that a month or two extra shouldn’t make that much of a difference, now should it?

As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be hitting Europe by the end of May, according to official information, while US availability is still kept under wraps. “Sometime this summer” is all Sammy’s saying about the S3’s American launch, but pretty much all rumors point towards a June release.

Stay tuned on our website to find out everything there is to know about the S3 and the S3’s official accessories! In the meantime, tell us what you think about the delayed launch of the Galaxy S3 wireless charging kit.

  • AndroidBrian

    Samsung….. delays……. No way!

  • olbp

    Typical of Samsung. And, as usual, I will not buy a phone until I can see the accessories. It is a package deal or nothing.

    • ee

      companies release accesories after the products all the time, what’s the big deal?

      • cody

        Because they were hoping that this phone would drive the interest in wireless power/charging like the Palm Pre started too…Induction is in the new Chrysler Dart and all will soon follow…I already have wireless in my countertops, walls, table etc

  • sh4d0w.phantom

    So must the phone be on the wireless pad or can it be charged a few feet away?

    • D1169271

      The phone has to be on the pad for the battery to charge.

    • cody

      If the delay is because of the Alliance with that wireless company then No it will not have to be on the pad…..that company and a couple other already have wireless power sent by wifi, infared etc…all not having contact at all….It’s be out for a few years

    • cody bratcher

      yes has to be placed on the pad to charge….the phones already are equiped for induction charge. To use the socalled wifi like charging, they will have to find a spot to add on the receiving chip and there’s no way they’ll do this as a recall or even as a cost add-on….infared has to be a direct view

  • YeahRight

    Maybe the wireless charger is blue in color, which would sort of make sense given there are other delays now occurring:

  • squishy

    obviously the charger isn’t samsungs, but the idea as far as i know for these chargers are really just electormagnetic coils causing scientific issues to why such a limited range, but im sure something will come better, i don’t know if more coils will help, but experiements cant hurt, wish i knew more, but future tech takes less time than money, so lets hope they win the lottery haha. just ordered this phone hopefully get it today or monday (UK)

  • Hopefully the phone will charge is AC mode rather than USB mode so it charges decently fast with this wireless charging kit. Normally that is determined by whether the data pins in the USB cable are soldered (shorted) together or not. But since this is wireless, it’s different