Samsung’s wireless charger for the Galaxy S3 (and Galaxy S4?) could finally become reality

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 11, 2013

Samsung qi wireless charger

Wireless charging is one of the technologies that we all know should hit it big, but, for some reason, fail to become a household name. We’ve ranted about Google’s failure to bring the Orb Nexus 4 charger to market, but truth is Samsung hasn’t been doing much better. Case in point, the wireless charging plate for the Galaxy S3 that Samsung announced back in May 2012, but never hit the market.

The folks at Samsung may be fans of the “better late, than never” adage, because the Korean company is apparently preparing to introduce the wireless charger to the US market. We know this thanks to a set of documents that FCC released as part of its testing procedure. The wireless charging plate is designed to work with the Samsung Galaxy S3 (with a special backplate in place) and is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard.

FCC published photos of the device, which looks exactly like the press images that Samsung teased at the Galaxy S3 launch event. From a technical perspective, the charger is a simple device, featuring inside a copper coil, a control board, and a LED indicator. Details are scarce for now, but with the Mobile World Congress just around the corner, we expect to find more soon.

samsung wireless charger inside

It’s worth noting that rumors indicate the Galaxy S4 will also be compatible with the Qi standard, meaning there’s a good chance customers will be able to use the plate to charge both the Galaxy S3 and its successor. The Galaxy S4 is rumored to be announced in March, with a launch as soon as April.

  • Filip Justin

    Nice.. I always leave my smartphone on a particular area of the desk.. Wireless Charging would remove the cables involved..

    • tcope

      Actually it would not remove any wires involved, as the charger would still need the same cable running to it. It would remove the need to physically plug in the phone to the wire. Something a dock has done since the S3’s release.

  • Bone

    Looking good.

  • Quryous


    What is WITH these manufacturers?

    They show wireless chargers and then do nothing about it. Stupid.

    I went ahead and made my own for the Galaxy Note 2. It is simple with all the parts lying around for cheap.

    The wire coil can be had for as little as $18.00US shipping included and takes all of about 3 minutes to install. Once you have THAT any of the after-market Qi charge plates work fine. I use two different brands for my Note 2.

    Are they EVER going to get on the ball and produce what should have been a standard included in the box item?

  • Adam Outler

    That’s pretty thick. Rather than using discrete components, this is something which should be molded into the rear cover. It need not be thicker than the original GS3 back cover considering the system consists of a winding of coper and a shunt inside the device.

    • Well, isn’t that how they are doing it already?

      • Adam Outler

        no. that looks like it’s a generic part bolted to the back of a custom rear cover. remove all that metal and actually melt the coil into the cover is what I’m talking about. It would be much thinner.

        • Yeah, I see what you mean. Somebody needs to give manufacturers a wake up call, so they actually pay attention to wireless charging. I just hope it won’t be Apple.

          • Adam Outler

            Chris Sewell on G+ just posted a picture of something that slides right over the battery, makes conact with those two points and enables wireless charging for $20.

  • Alexander Ramos

    Would it be compatible with the Note 2?

  • Here’s to hoping this comes out for the S3

  • cody bratcher

    S4 will be compatible with Qi…LOL>..the S3 is compatible, the palm Pre is compatible….any device that installs the cover with a Qi built junk in it is going to be Qi…the Phone itself does not have any hardware that is Qi, that is the job of the receiver coil in the battery cover, not in the phone. Of course Samsung will make all the money they can by also making Qi receivers but they will NOT commit their FlagShip device to Qi when they have their own, DESPITE these so called rumors that they just gave up on theirs….LOL…now doesn’t that sound Dumb of a company to waste other Companys’ time and money in their Wireless Group….Rumors are evil and Lazy…Facts are a hard worker