Samsung Galaxy S3 – Ceramic White vs Pebble Blue [video]

by: Ankit BanerjeeJuly 6, 2012
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Samsung’s latest Android offering, the Galaxy S3, has found some way to slip into the news for the past 4-5 months. Starting with the crazy pre-launch rumors, and ending with the recent “unprecedented demand” controversy regarding the device’s US release, the Galaxy S3 has been in the forefront. Regardless of whether it was a genuine mistake or an incredible marketing strategy, it seems to have paid off, with Samsung looking at blowing past previous profit record. Everything has finally settled down, and consumers can now get their hands on all available variations (network carrier and color) of the Galaxy S3.

It’s now time to move into comparison territory! Today, we bring to you the biggest competition the Galaxy S3 faces, and that is the Galaxy S3 itself. Confused? We’re talking about the White Galaxy S3 vs the Pebble Blue Galaxy S3. Let’s take a look at Clayton’s video review.

I’m actually more inclined towards the Pebble Blue Galaxy S3, which looks absolutely amazing. The bezel is obviously, more noticeable on the white device, along with the camera and the sensors. That being said, the chrome accents on the white device definitely stand out, and as mentioned, the white finish looks a little more sophisticated.

But it’s not my opinion that matters. It’s yours! Let us know which version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 you would choose, the white, or the pebble blue. There’s a poll  awaiting your votes, and you can always leave us your comments in the section below.

On a side note, for anyone who noticed that the Sprint Galaxy S3 is running Android 4.1 Jellybean. I’m sorry to disappoint but Sprint is NOT shipping the device with Android 4.1 pre-installed and that is, in fact, a Jellybean custom ROM that has already been released.

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  • AndroidBrian

    Just bought the pebble blue yesterday. Glad I did now

  • Ophio

    I think both phones look pretty good. In my opinion, the white does look a little more sophisticated, but I also think with continued use it is going to look dirtier faster!

    • Clayton Ljungberg

      Quite surprisingly the Pebble Blue takes to fingerprints and smudges a bit more than the white.

      • Fluke

        Yeah blue picks up a thin layer of oily goo in no time on the back. Went to habit had my phone out and it has a thin layer of oil from the grill in there on it. Im sure the white does as well but hides it well! I probably would have gone white if they had the brushed finish the blue had on the faceplate for the white. Whites often yellow over time. Seen tonnes of funk looking iDevices. The back covers seem like some sort of lexan process though. With the finish applied on the back layer it should be very UV resistant.

        • EddieT

          since Pebble Blue is darker.. it hides greasy fingerprints better then the Ceramic White

  • PalmPrelover

    After litterally 10minutes agonizing over these two choices in the Sprint store. I talked myself into the Pebble Blue one at first. Used it for 24hrs – doubting my decision the whole time. Then swapped it out for the Ceramic White the next day. Couldn’t be happier with my decision. You study long, you study wrong. Go with your gut.

  • Bought a pebble blue. I can’t wait for it to arrive :) *hyped*

  • Just a q, I’ve noticed mentioning of these having Jelly Bean OS, is that true? Or do they have ICS still?

    • Fluke

      ICS he says it is a rom at the end of the article. S3 has no release date for OTA or even Kies.

    • EddieT

      Jelly Bean will eventually come out for the S3. It comes with an OEM with ICS and Samsung’s Touchwiz overlay on top to make it easier to use and adds more productivity to the phone.

      • Thanks for the info :) I’ve finally finished with settings, installing the apps, adding the contacts and now it went haywire on a task manager screen. If it hapens again, I’m taking it back to provider for replacement :S

  • Fluke

    Got my pebble blue back on the 25th and was surprised how good it looks back is more gray than the front. I do wonder though if the white is WHITE or not. Ordered a SII skyrocket for my mum and she got it and got a pearl white effect instead. Did not see any reviews or videos commenting on the pearl. She loves the colour and is far happier than if it was plain white. The blue S3 looks great with transparent TPU cases. I went blue cause everyone else around me was going white. And I seen what white iphones look like in 6 mo. . .

  • EddieT

    I like that the pebble (metalic) blue version does not attract as much greasy fingerprints then the ceramic white. the new durable plastic back material in the SGS3 (versus the SGS2) is awesome when you bent it the way you did! Thank you for doing this review.. I’m very surprised that the Tmobile version has a notification light just like the Sprint version — on the SGS2, the Sprint variant was the only one with a notification light.

  • tygert8

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but the pebble blue sort of looks almost purple. I ordered a pebble blue (it’s on a fed-ex truck right now) &i am sort of regretting my color choice. Hopefully I can swap it at the store…

  • yuer442

  • Travis Jenkins

    I was so torn in the store, but ultimately ended up with the pebble blue. I have a white iPhone 4s and wanted to mix it up. The brushed finish on the pebble blue is beautiful.