Finally, after weeks of debates, rumors, and leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was officially unveiled yesterday at the Samsung Unpacked event in London. How does the S3 compare against its predecessor, the Galaxy S2? Is it just a minor update, as some rumors claimed a few weeks ago, or is the S3 a “legit” member of the most successful line of Android smartphones to ever go into production? How much has the Android world evolved since last year when the S2 was announced? We’ll answer all these questions and more as we compare the Galaxy S3 against its predecessor, the Galaxy S2. So let’s get started, shall we?

Display and form factor

Bigger, faster, just as thin, and with a bigger battery

The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a big and bright 4.8-inch SAMOLED HD display running at a native resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. Unfortunately, the lack of a “Plus” in the display tech means that the S3 uses the PenTile arrangement, where the subpixels are shared between adjacent pixels. To some, this doesn’t make too much of a difference, but the most eagle-eyed of you will surely be able to tell between the display on the S3 and the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display of the Galaxy S2, one that uses a regular RGB matrix and runs at a 480 by 800 pixel resolution. The Galaxy Nexus also used a pentile screen, much to some customer’s dismay. That doesn’t mean that the S3 display is poor (on the contrary), but it’s definitely worth mentioning that its pixel density 306 ppi is not achieved naturally. The contrast is great, the colors are vivid, and its a huge step up from the display of the S2. Some believe that at least one US version of the Galaxy S3 will feature a SAMOLED Plus display, but that remains to be seen.

The folks over at Engadget have placed the displays of the original Galaxy S, the S2, the S2 LTE and that of the S3 under a microscope, allowing us to see the drawbacks of using a pentile arrangement instead of a regular RGB matrix. See if you can tell the difference between a pentile screen and one based on a regular RGB matrix!

As the Galaxy S3 features a display larger by half an inch compared to that of the S2, the dimensions of the handset have increased as well, although the difference isn’t as big as you would expect thank to its remarkably smaller bezel and chin. The S3 measures 136.6 mm in height and 70.6 mm in width, while the S2 measures 125.3 mm in height and 66.1 mm in width. It’s worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is also 0.1 mm thicker than its predecessor, measuring 8.6 mm. I am a firm believer that anything under 9 mm is thin enough, as a smartphone also has to be thick enough to be used comfortably. The S3 is also heavier than the S2, weighing in at 133 grams.

Note: both the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S2 use Corning’s Gorilla Glass scratch-free screen protection technology, and the S3 features the latest from the masters of tough display tech.

Processor, GPU, RAM


The performance difference is staggering, especially when you consider how much higher the resolution of the display of the S3 is

As it was confirmed before the official unveiling of the Galaxy S3, the newest smartphone in the Galaxy S line features a quad-core Exynos 4212 processor clocked at 1.4GHz per core. The Exynos 4212 is based on the ARM Cortex A9 processor, but manufactured by Samsung internally. Preliminary benchmark results seem to claim that the Exynos 4212 is the fastest smartphone processor in the world, faster than both the dual-core Snapdragon S4 and the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3. By comparison, the Galaxy S2 uses a 1.2GHz dual-core Exynos processor, also based on Cortex A9.

Both the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3 use the same GPU architecture, namely the Mali-400MP, although it is believed that Samsung has clocked the S3’s GPU to 400MHz, while the one on the S2 is clocked at 233MHz. We’re still waiting for more benchmark results to fly in so that we can tell how the overclocked Mali-400MP GPU stacks up against the Adreno 225 CPU inside the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC or the Nvidia Geforce ULP inside the Tegra 3. Both the S2 and the S3 are equipped with 1GB of RAM as the jump to 2GB of RAM is still deemed unnecessary in a smartphone these days.


Although Samsung have confirmed that the Galaxy S3 will also be available in LTE versions, they were unable to specify the differences (if any) between the 3G version unveiled yesterday and the upcoming LTE versions. Some claim that the US, LTE-enabled versions will arrive with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 SoC, much like HTC did with the HTC One X / AT&T One XL. Granted, the Samsung S2 LTE also swapped the Samsung-built Exynos processor found inside the international version of the S2 in favor of a Qualcomm Scorpion CPU, but that was before Samsung have released their own LTE radio along with the Galaxy Nexus. As far as I’m concerned, there is a chance for the Exynos 4212 to rear its quad-core head in the LTE versions for the Galaxy S3 as well, so keep your fingers crossed.

Cameras, Storage & Battery

It turns out that the rumors claiming the S3 will feature a 12MP camera turned out to be false, as the S3 features the exact same 8MP camera as that of the S2, although Samsung have made some improvements to the camera app that should enable faster photo sharing. It’s unfortunate that the quality of the camera has stagnated, but compromises are required to keep the price from jumping to astronomical levels. And let’s be honest, the S2 takes amazing photos, 720p, and 1080p video already.

While the S2 only came in 16GB and 32GB versions, the Galaxy S3 also comes in a 64GB variant. Fortunately, the S3 features a micro-SD card slot, just like its predecessor, and unlike the HTC One X. Galaxy S3 customers will also be offered a free 50GB DropBox cloud storage account.

Galaxy S2 ics telstra

The S3 features a bigger battery than that of the S2 (2100 mAh vs 1650 mAh), but so far, we’re unable to tell how much of the extra battery power goes to the larger display and the quad-core processor. Unfortunately, we don’t expect the S3 to sport a much bigger battery life span than that of the S2. Do reserve judgement on this part of the VS until we get a chance to do a thorough hands on review of the hardware in about three weeks from now.


As far as I’m concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best Android smartphone in the world. The S3 sports the fastest processor around, will get an LTE-compatible variant soon, has a beautiful design, and runs the latest version of Android available – 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. As the S3 bests the Galaxy S2 in almost every conceivable way (minus the camera), it is definitely a true successor for the best selling Android smartphone of 2011. Unfortunately, many will be disappointed that Samsung opted for the PenTile arrangement instead of an RGB matrix. A SAMOLED HD Plus variant of the S3 is everything an Android user could possibly ask for.

And how about you? Is the S3 worthy of your dollar dollar bills? Is it a worthy successor to the best selling Android phone of 2012? Let us know if we should give Sammy a hug or a slap!

Mike Andrici
Growing up in my father's PC store, I was surrounded by and developed a passion for technology ever since I was in kindergarten. However, advancements made in the technology world continue to amaze me on a daily basis! I've been writing about the Android OS since back in October 2008, when Google and HTC launched the first Android smartphone ever, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. Although I'm no company's fanboy, Android is the mobile OS I devoutly support.
  • bg82

    Galaxy S3 is ugly, but the Galaxy S2 is uglier…
    I am glad i got the Galaxy Nexus and didn’t wait for a copycat phone with touchwiz on top.
    the only improvement from GN is the quad core processor, and i dont know why people are getting so crazy about have quad core phone when there is no difference on speed between S3 and GN
    Touchwiz it what makes that phone run like dual core nexus phone, it makes it run slower and uses more RAM than stock ICS.

    • Nc_dc

      u suck

    • Micheage

      Haha the galaxy s3’s GPU and CPU are x2 stronger than the nexus’s the camera is way better,the battery is bigger,Touchwiz brought some crazy new things to the os… if you as me, galaxy s3=x2 galaxy nexus

    • Vaseey

      rofl. nexus s the worst chick flick model ever.. stupid processor with a stupider camera.. m sorry but s2 s no opinion s3 sux n nexus sux even more….

  • Sano

    I want to LUMIA 900… The Best

  • Manjit Singh

    Galaxy S3 is a nice phone but it is like the the hyped successor of S2. Some improvements though…
    Like the apple iPhone… when people anticipated apple will launch iPhone 5 but apple launched 4S that included some improvements over iPhone 4….
    I thought Samsung will add something more hardware(y) improvements but that seems fair if it wanted some cost cutting…
    After all Samsung cannot compromise with quality….
    I own a S2 and still believe it’s the smartest phone ever that can fit in my pocket (not financially but in the trousers pocket— (Galaxy Note is also good but too big for me))

    This is my personal review

    • Christos Tsangaris

      One thing i dont understand is how the upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S is compaired to the upgrade from Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S3!

      The changes in iPhone case were:
      1)Processor and GPU
      2)OS (Notifications,Siri and iCloud)
      3)Better camera

      All other things remained the same!

      The changes in Galaxy S case were:
      1)Processor and GPU
      2)OS (be aware that Google Voice Actions was released before Siri and in comparison test it is better in every aspect ( ). We all know the way Apple promotes a minor update as a world changing update.
      3)Introducing so many software capabilities
      4) Bigger Screen
      5) Different shape and colors
      6) Wireless charging (imagine Apple promoting this for their iPhone!!)
      7)Better camera
      8)Eye tracking technology (very cool feature)
      9) Unlock with speech.
      10)Bigger lasting battery

      In my opinion the only drawback is the Pentile instead of RGB.

      The absence of the “WOW Factor” was because we waited for a phone with Dual Core A15 Cortex at 2GHz, 2GB of RAM, Super Amoled Plus HD display, 12MP camera, 2500mA or bigger battery. And all of these in a thin 7mm case!!! Come on people!! This is a next year’s technology and most probable is gonna be the specifications of Galaxy S4!!

      I use Blackberry for more than 2 years and i waited for this moment to purchase the Galaxy S3 and i will surely do! My brother uses the Galaxy S2 for more than a year now and he is 100% satisfied. He wont change to S3. At least is what he is saying now! Lets see what he is going to say after i purchase the S3!

      • Ramadancom

        Personally i totally agree with you. Also,
        in the event Samaung talk about increase
        In display speed. I don’t know the tech details
        But no body talked about it and how that differ
        from nexus

      • zeth006

        Best way to look at it. I’m not surprised they just did a minor refresh…but that’s not to say I don’t like those features listed above!

        I’m for sure going to hold onto my LG G2x on T-Mobile for a year before upgrading. Who knows, I might end up getting this phone “like new” by then when the resale value has dropped a bit

      • abc

        s2 to s3 is WAYYYYYYYYYYY BETTERRRRRRRRRRR than iphone 4 to 4s. lols

  • People, I will stick to my SGS2. I seem no reason to upgrade my SGS2 to SGS3. I will wait for SGS4 or any other phone out there.

    • Mohdamr1

      I think I will maybe do the same. I was sure I wanted to buy the S3 but I have doubts about the screen quality, especially since the resolution of pentile displays is calculated differently than lcd displays.
      If Samsung chose pentile amoled because it is cheaper and even tell us that it is 306 ppi while it technically isn’t, then I’ll wait for a galaxy that has an amoled PLUS display, with real resolution. I am fed up of seeing pixelated screens and don’t tell me “regular users” will not see the pixels.
      Amoled plus displays are thinner and consume less energy, I prefer them over the “2010 Galaxy S” amoled. We are in 2012, I want 2012 smartphone hardware. The rest of the S3 specs are super awesome and I wish it would come with an amoled + version.

    • KESHAV

      TRUE IN MY OPINION TOO…….!@#!@#

    • Kristina

      I have SGS2 and it’s great, like you said why upgrade when S2 is great phone. we will upgrade when S4 comes out. :)

    • Actually the Galaxy SII was rated at a 2 and a half year life span as far Hardware goes. What that means is when I bought my SII I knew it would hold up for two years until the S4 came around. Just because they release something new every year doesn’t mean it is necessary to upgrade every year. Now I found a hack to turn my SII into a Samsung Galaxy Player so when S4 comes out I’ll get it and turn my SII into my new Media Player. Cool right?

  • chaunceyman

    Its 50 50. I think that it would be the best if they had better build quality it would destroy the next iPhone. But since they went with plastic it may be left to the one x to hold it down

  • Rubzmx

    I’m going to get one
    I think it has a lot of features
    this is gonna be my first Android device
    I came from Nokia

    • abc

      i’m also deciding to change to android from nokia but still can’t decide to buy htc one x or galaxy s3. they both seem very powerful…. :(

      • Get the HTC one x

        • Riley84

          I didn’t care for the One X’s photo quality and the lack of an assessible battery or sd card slot,.. very nice video editing ability but very grainy video and didnt do well in low light. S2 was much a better all around phone!

          • DeeJai

            S2 is great – And i have it one cricket – does EVERYTHING – for $55 a month – cant beat it -!

  • Drak latinu

    the camera sensor is updated version compared to the sg2 but have the same megapixel

  • kucingedan

    i definitely buy this phone

  • I will stick with the SII for now. Will wait for another iteration of the SGS series or the next nexus phone.

    • Shane_Burgess

      I’m going to hold back till the developers a at xda have ported most or all of the features to the s2 I was looking forward to the s2 but it just doesn’t float my boat. roll on s4 hopefully a phone I skill want to risk a 2 year relation shop with lol

  • Miniman200999

    Nice Review. From my take on the Galaxy S III at Earl’s Court, I found that even though the S III has the pentile display, the increased ppi compromised for this. You will have to take a look with a microscope really to notice any difference. However, there was considerable amount of light and camera flashing in the Samsung PIN so don’t quote me on this that it would be the same case for everyday use. Nevertheless, IMO the S III’s screen looked brilliant and vivid. The webpage rendering was noticeably quicker compared to my galaxy s2. There are so many things I loved about it I cannot even begin to mention.

    Also, the build quality to me seemed better than the s2. I guess this is probably due to the increased thickness and weight. But it doesn’t any way, shape or form feel cheap. It’s a high-end phone and the most awaited iteration of any smartphone series. And it lives up to this.

    All in all to those who were disappointed for whatever reason, don’t be, manufacturers like Samsung cannot risk being their own competitor. They cannot integrate all the possible high-spec features into one phone, if they do it will be ridiculously difficult to bring out the next iteration that will surpass this. In fact, I feel that they shouldn’t have brought a 4.8″ screen, more like a 4.5″ would have sufficed, because now the next galaxy will not be able to go too higher than 4.8″ and going lower is not possible, that would be a step back. That said, the next galaxy I can guarantee will also be an incremental one over the S III. This will continue. So yea, don’t be disappointed, cheer up!



    • bg82

      the only improvement for the next SG, will be the display, they will add the “plus”. and change the slogan to “inspired by real nature”

      • Miniman200999

        Hahaha, yea that’s what they will probably do, just an incremental improvement. But I guess by then there will be another iteration of the SAMOLED + screen…it will just keep goin on and on. Ah well…I am gonna but the S3 soon tho, whenever it comes to Australia.

      • AppleFUD

        The next should see an upgraded screen tech and A15 chip. That will be nice to have.

      • Liam

        i got to give you that. “life’s Companion” touche my friend, touche.

    • Anduous

      I disagree about holding back on improvements just to guarantee it’s easier to sell an incrementally upgraded version next time. This sort of planned obsolescence is not good for the customer. Now that the S3 is announced, I’m curious about the next Nexus. I love the Galaxy line but Samsung has repeatedly broken promise after promise regarding software updates. My next phone will probably be an S3 unless Apple amazes me and wins me back (unlikely).

      • Boss

        How can you say how disappointed you are an then contradict yourself by saying the next phone you will get is the s3!

  • Steenko

    Great comparison, thank you for that. I own SGS2 and I am thinking about upgrade and SGS3 looks really great.

    • Muhamadhasan28

      The upgrade willbe just use less. I also own international ver of SGSII and I find no reason for the upgrade.

  • Alexandre Xavier

    Very nicely written review. Thank your for the care we notice you put into writing this. You say what you know and you tell us wait for the points where you’re not yet certain about. Very balanced article. Thanks.
    It does look like a great and even more beautiful smartphone. Following a closer approach to the Nexus handset.

  • EviLRome0

    in the usa (not sure of other markets) we got 2 versions of the SG2. tmobile and att got a 4.52″ screen, 1.5ghz s3 dual-core, nfc, and 1850mah batt ( may have missed something). you are focusing on global markets but that does not mean you should make the comparison skewed.


      I think like us in canada you actually have 3 versions. We have the original galaxy s2 aka the international version. The samsung galaxy s2x aka Hercules. The samsung galaxy lte aka skyrocket.

    • AppleFUD

      Yep, the US is not going to see the “SIII” as it is. The carriers with fubar it, no doubt in my mind about that.

  • Yoshi

    SIII is more an upgrade for users who currently have S and did not upgrade to SII or Note. I am looking forward to getting the SIII as it is a great update to what I have, which is the S.

    I have also read that SIII has the Wolfson DAC and should provide better sound quality over the SII and Note.

    • Midoriblue1

      I agree with you Yoshi. I have an S1 and the SIII will be my natural progression. I like what I see so far and will look forward to the phone being made available in Australia. By that time my contract on the SI will be pretty much ended. But I’m in no real hurry. My SI has been pretty good and although it’s “old” it does pretty much everything I want it to do. Pity though I can’t get a full ICS upgrade for it.

  • Peter Klim

    only 1GB ram :( a big disappointment

    • LikesBacon

      Can you notice the difference between 1 GB or 2 GB or 20330953 GB on a PHONE!!!!!

      What do people do on their phones? Protein folding? Do they make render farms on their Android phones? Seriously?


    i really expected alot but very disapointing about camera ,processor , ram and same old ui. i still love my s2 running on xxlpq ics rom over clocked and great battery life . my phone can last for 2 full days uncharged . i seriously recommend s2 users not to upgrade to s3 as it dosen’t make much difference and u may end up buying a phone worth less .

  • LanceMiller

    Well I guess Samsung reneged on their commitment to not release this phone until all the “S2” models had The ICS update. I’d have a hard time buying this due to how slow they’ve been getting the ICS update out. With “Jelly Bean” being released some time later in the year an owner of this phone could be in for a long wait for that update, if Samsung’s past performance is any indicator of the level of service we can expect.

  • Patelharsh1992

    if i want to buy a new phone please suggest me which phone among these CAN be bought.considering all the features..

  • Open Book

    Samsung Created lot of Hype by hiding the shape and the specs and made me wait eagerly.
    But the wait was not worth it.I have a SG Note. i hate waiting for updates.I never got the ICS update. I am going to sell this as soon as google anounces the next Nexus phone.
    I had enough with HTC and Samsung on their false promises on update. I will never buy any other phone except Nexus.

    Drawbacks of SG2 and 3 they still have the stupid Touch wiz.

    • Alan

      I had my update on HTC phone. It’s Incredible S which is already phased out in the market. How come you still not have the update?

  • I think Galaxy S3 is ugly looking phone which is too big for most people. The HTC one X is quite ugly as well. These idiot designers could have made them smaller by increasing the depth slightly but reducing the handset size to nearly bezel less design. I will not buy a pentile phone ever and Samsung has poor history about the update. My Tab 10.1 has not yet been updated to ICS.

  • Andyrkiller

    Ugly as hell. Samsung got milions of dollars and employing a good designer is that freaking expensive ? the S3 looks like an S2 with a bigger screen,ugly home button,unoriginal design…

  • arunraj v.s.

    I would opt for Galaxy S2, because the camera is the same. barring the processor and the ram, there is nothing much to look for in s3, fundamentally speaking

  • Bogdan

    Hi guys, I still do not understand why there are so few talk about the wairless charging. I actually think that’s the great innovation, but you all tell so little about it.

  • Vlad2309

    SGS2 looks much better then SGS3. And how they can use dark blue instead of black?

    • Karuna

      i know right

  • just_iphone

    Yeah… please add 10 inches display. 4.8 inch is definitely to small (love iphone – it could be operated by one, not three hands)

  • tutankh

    comments here are incredibly stupid and naive.

  • Adoool92

    S2 is betting looking phone than th s3 and so is htc one x.. its tru s3 has a bigger battery n an sd card expansion whr htc one x is limited to 32gd (nvr mind drop box wont use it) n smaller battery.. but seriouslyt he s3 looks cheap and its design isnt neat.. th camera sensor isnt inline with th speaker n th desing isnt appelling or innovative..its simply cheap..sori sammy htc one x wins

  • spiky

    Well…I was hoping to upgrade to this phone eventually..but I am sort of disappointed with the spec/features as well. The ‘look’ of the phone is secondary to me..but the innards do not seem to warrant an upgrade, at the price they will charge me. I am going to buy an unlocked Galaxy note (International ver) instead. This should be a good enough upgrade for me, coming from a Galaxy S1.

  • Hjik

    Packy bastard.

  • Oosiagoh

    I will stick to galaxy s2. S3 is not sleek as the former. My problem with this phone is not on hardware or apps, but I go for all those plus how it looks. HTC equivalent is also ugly. I hope Sony comes up with something beutiful and big screan

    • If you care about looks buy an iFag 4S.

  • John Batty

    There was a time when “smaller, lighter, thinner” was the mantra. Which makes the SII look the more pocketable phone.

    The SII is plain looking, even boring, but it just does the job, well. The SIII looks like a tart.

    The SII is fast enough. I would have been tempted to upgrade far more if the only improvement was doubling the battery life (and I would have accepted some weight gain). Any other gimmicks would be a bonus.

    As it is, I’ll stick to my SII and consider a tablet as a companion to it.

  • Moriellevy94

    I have the galaxy S2 and he is perfect!
    I think that I will never buy the S3 because his screen is huge and ugly…

    • Karunagohsulin

      like your saying

  • rob010101

    If you’re just jumping into Android now, this could be a decent choice.
    But if you’ve got an SII in your pocket, they have got to be kidding.
    Big, bulky, and pentile?
    This is crap. Powerful crap, but it’s crap.
    Just get a better case for your SII, update your OS, and enjoy life!

    • rave

      totaly agree with u…..

  • Adeeljilani

    i wont upgrade my SGS II. they should have upgraded the camera to 12mp. :( and i dont know why the hell Xenon Flash is not packed with the latest phones.

  • Michael Rodin

    Considering how relatively problem free my SGS2 has been, I would gladly buy a SGS3, as long as it can handle LTE. Since the Galaxy S II is still a very good phone, I’m in no rush though. I will wait and see what the every day users will say after a couple of weeks playing with their Galaxy S III’s.

  • I wanna ask about sgs3 battery is it enough to take it all the day

  • Redhotneo

    Galaxy Note 2 is gonna be the next big thing for Samsung. The Galaxy S3 was a rushed product which samsung needed to release to compete with other manufacturers like HTC and Apple. The Note 2 should have all the glory and high end parts that the S3 should have had. Well im hoping for a full HD screen and better GPU. 2GB ram wud be awesome too

  • hemanthjava

    Samsung Galaxy S3 hits Amazon for $799 and up, ships June 1.

  • Sukrutha Star 1997

    wat is the price of samsung galaxy s3 in dubai

  • Rmjmpineda65

    Manufacturers rules of upgrade is to continouesly win the annual sales and provide the “invisible”demand of the end-users… End users rules of upgrade basically started will the new functionalities or features, pro essor speed and storage are the main difference between s2 vs s3 but for the end users persfective, you upgrade because you require not because it is the latest. Why until now they dont use solar charging batteries? In this case without any much review you will see the differen e…

  • Dk150

    I just recently purchased my S2, I am completely happy with it. It is far more phone than I ever imagined when I bought it. I can see some advantages to the S3, but do not feel compelled to rush right out and trade mine in. I would sincerely recommend either phone to any Android purchaser.

  • Abraham Samson

    I think samsung has come up with an amazing phone the S3 is simply amaing…but price cold be an issue

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than S2 no doubt but the increased price in India has decreased its impact on the sales.

  • Doromong

    People who own S2 will tend to stick to their S2 until a totally new S series comes. S3, I guess, is for those who never had experienced S2.

    • KESHAV

      awesome comment dude…….!@!@!

  • Jupiter

    at this time the spec discussion gets stupid. do you really THINK TO SEE ANY DIFFERENCE ?

  • rahul

    Samsung galaxxy note better than s2 and s3 and wait samsung launch galaxy note part 2

  • I’m thinking of going from Blackberry to Android. Should I spend the extra dollars for the SIII or grab the SII at the discounted price?

    • rave

      stick to the s2 at a discounted price..ul be more than happy

    • Z

      You will love android once you get the hang of it, if you have use for 4g (faster surf speeds) the SII lte version supports 4g and sports a bigger screen and faster cpu (than SII internal) if you can afford it this can be the middle-ground. But if the price difference is big i can promise you that you will be happy with the regular SII. Ask a friend that has one and try it out a bit it is still a fast reliable mini computer .. sorry “phone”

      • jim

        i agree, i just switched from the torch to the s2 hd lte. best decision of my life. and i was a huge blackberry proponent

    • Zoey101

      well i have the s2 and i love it ive had it for almost 2 years and it in the best phone i have ever had, but the bad thing about it is… pretty much good luck getting one cut its discontinued so i would recomend the s3

    • Judy by now you’ve maybe already made your decision but, if not, I’d go with the 4G LTE version of the Galaxy SII. It is much cheaper than the S3 but it is the fastest most up to date version of the SII.

  • jaswantkurmi

    I also perches this because it has many feature and this is my first Device .

  • sammyd98

    I don’t think there is a ton of differences between my Skyrocket and the S3 so that’s why I’m not gonna waste the money to get the S3.

  • Nathan Do

    I have just bought the S3 and im currently really enjoying it the only downside is that the music player has an odd glitch of not letting you go back into the music main menu once a song is playing and it’s paused.

  • damon

    hey….plzzzzzzzzzzzz hlp m guyzz….
    i m quit cnfusd…i mst buy gs2 or gs3…?????
    suggst me az soon az possbl..

  • nekdo

    It’s definitely a lot better. I just hoped for RGB matrix and better camera (and I wouldn’t mind software buttons instead of hardware :)) But I don’t think It’s worth to sell my s2 and add 100-200/€ for an s3.

  • You people are idiots. Still whining about PenTile I see. I have a Galaxy Nexus, with the exact same screen tech the S3 has. I can see pixelation from two inches at 480P on a PenTile screen, but at 720 HD You can NOT (I repeat, NOT) see ANY difference in the display either at 2 inches or 20 inches. The resolution is so high, your naked eye can’t tell the difference whether it would be AMOLED+ or PenTile. The ONLY way you can see the difference between this display and the SGS2 display is if you put it under a Microscope… Hey MORONS how many people carry around a microscope to look at their phones with???

  • Sean

    S2 or S3 if I am buying it next month?
    Thanks in advance

  • Sammn

    I have the SGII and just upgraded to Ice Cream Sand (And 4) and it’s nice – so now my question is it worth the 400-500$ price tag (W contract mind you!) to upgrade to the SGIII?

  • The android 4.0.4 update for HTC one x blows this away and the S3 isnt even LTE ?


    IN S3

  • Ilze Botha

    Bought me the S3 little over a month ago and it is by far the best phone ever! This being my 1st smart phone, I must say that it is easy to use and convenient. The phone is a little bit bigger than my girl-pants-pockets which makes it hard to carry around but nothing to complain about really seeing as it has so many great features and such a beautiful and sleek design.

  • Muzaffar

    before i was thinking about note but now I m going to purchase my new S3,

  • I’m still in favour with the Galaxy S2 and the HTC One X. Those two are undoubtedly the slickest looking and best equipped Android phones out there.

  • other than

    It is not worth upgrading every year a new version comes out, as every year a company will release a new one. Even though is it interesting to stay up to date with technolohy, but unfortunately it is a ever moving …..