Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (updated)

by: Mike AndriciAugust 30, 2012

– UPDATED AUGUST 29 2012 –

Samsung, the only Android device manufacturer that has reported a profit last year, basically holds every other Android OEM in check thanks to the insane commercial success of its Galaxy line of Android devices. In addition to the overall over-par quality of Samsung handsets, another reason why the South Korean manufacturer is so profitable is the fact that it was able to bring a lot of diversity among its smartphone offerings, from the entry-level Galaxy Mini series on to the almost mid-level Galaxy Ace series and topping it off with high-end devices such as the last two Google Nexus smartphones or the insanely popular Galaxy S family.

Sure, the tight grip Samsung has on global marketing channels, combined with its fruitful partnerships with worldwide carriers also contributed to its success – taking over the global Android smartphone market. But what probably mattered the most is the fact that the company has not limited its top-end smartphone offerings to what one might call “conventional Android smartphones”.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: The Context

Arguably one the most popular – and one the most profitable – smartphones Samsung has launched thus far is the newest member of the Galaxy S line, namely the Samsung Galaxy S3. Recent reports claim that Samsung expects to sell a bit under 20 million Galaxy S3 smartphones by fall 2012, an impressive number given that the S3 was released just a couple of months ago. Although the numbers are as big as they come, it’s exactly what you’d expect for the best Android smartphone currently on the market, given that the market for “conventional smartphones” is as large as it has ever been.

But what really impresses about Samsung’s tactics is the commercial success met by the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, the smartphone with the largest display that Samsung ever built, one that totals in at over 7 million units sold this far. The market for such a device was pretty much non-existent at the time it was launched. Given that not many Android manufacturers have since ventured into the “smartphones with huge displays” market – with the exception of LG and its Optimus Vu phablet – the second incarnation of the Galaxy Note has every chance to sell much better than the original, now that the public has realized the utility of such devices.

Update: official Galaxy Note 2 press image


While not officially announced (although almost confirmed by Samsung Arabia not that long ago), we have a pretty good image of what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Just like was the case with the Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 before it, I’m willing to bet that the Galaxy Note 2 rumor roundup we have recently published will turn out to be at least 80% spot on.

Update: The Galaxy Note 2 was officially unveiled on August 29 during a special media event held in Berlin, Germany, so we came back to update our comparison accordingly.

Now that I’ve hopefully managed to give context to this versus article, it is time to start the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs and features battle. The fight includes four equally important rounds: display, internal hardware, Android OS version and pricing and release dates. Let’s get it on!

gs3 vs note 2


The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD PenTile display running at a native resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, meaning the pixel per inch ratio (PPI) rests at 306. If rumors turn out to come true, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will feature a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED HD display (most likely PenTile as well), although the resolution is pretty much a mystery at this point.

Given that the original Galaxy Note used a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution (5.3-inch display, 285 PPI), a bump in resolution should occur if Samsung wants to make full use of the main principle behind the original Galaxy Note, namely a big but crisp screen.

A 1600 x 900 pixel resolution is also possible (and roughly equally probable) and would obviously be a whole lot better as it would bring the PPI ratio to 333PPI, while dreams of a 1920 x 1080 display on the Galaxy Note should be postponed until the Galaxy Note 3 will be released, probably sometime in Q4 2013. It’s not that I believe Samsung is not able to come up with a 5.5-inch 1080p Super AMOLED PenTile display, as the company is considerably ahead of everyone in the Super AMOLED field, but why would Samsung invest more money to come up with a smartphone sporting a 400.53 PPI display, when the current standard for top-end smartphones rests well under 350 PPI. As the price of a top-end smartphone is fairly consistent across all platforms and manufacturers, Samsung would only end up making less money, as a 5.5-inch 1080p display is surely a lot more expensive to make than a 5.5 incher running at a 1600 x 900 resolution. After all, Samsung is a business whose aim is to make as much money as possible.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t expect a difference in quality of the display (contrast, viewing angles, brightness and resolution) between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2. The only difference (and it’s by far the biggest one) is that the Galaxy S3 is more pocketable and comfortable to hold in one hand, while the Galaxy Note 2 will be much more suited for viewing media, thanks to the extra diagonal inch of display real estate, albeit not as easy to use with a single hand.

Update: The Galaxy Note 2 actually comes with exactly the 5.5-inch touchscreen display we knew it would pack, sporting a resolution of 1280 x 720.


From my perspective, the most credible rumor claims that the Galaxy Note 2 will feature the same Exynos 4 SoC (Quad-core 1.4 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU and Mali-400MP GPU) that you can find in the international version of the Galaxy S3. While the Galaxy S3 features 1GB of RAM in its international version, chances are that the Galaxy Note 2 will come with comes with 2GB of RAM, although we can’t be sure for now. Overall, I don’t expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to come with more processing power than the Galaxy S3, although there is a chance that I may turn out to be wrong once the Galaxy Note 2 is officially unveiled.

Pricing and Release Date

Judging on how prices usually evolve in the mobile world, I would expect the Galaxy Note 2 to be priced around the current levels of the Galaxy S3’s prices, which is roughly the price of the original Note at the time of its release. However, you should keep in mind that the Samsung Galaxy S3 price will most likely drop a bit by the time the Galaxy Note 2 is actually launched.

If the rumored September/October timeframe for the Galaxy Note 2 release date turns out to be real (which could very well be the case), the Galaxy S3 will already be a 4- or 5-month old device, as it was released back in late May. From my experience, the perfect timing to buy a top-end smartphone is about six months after its release date, when all sorts of deals and special offers start showing up.

Update: The Galaxy Note 2 will hit European stores in October, although actual release dates are not available yet. U.S. launch details and pricing for either region have not been mentioned during the media event. 

Android OS

The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and Samsung made no announcement regarding a future Jelly Bean update, although common sense dictates that it should arrive by the end of this autumn.

As Google has officially unveiled Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in late June, it would seem reasonable for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to be released with the latest Android version on board, although it is also possible for it to come out with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and then get an update to Jelly Bean. Hopefully, Samsung will decide to go for Jelly Bean from the start.

Update: Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.1 on board.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: A Pre-Emptive Conclusion

As you can see, chances are that the actual differences between these two smartphones will turn out to be not that important. Personally, I think of the Galaxy Note 2 as a bigger version of the Galaxy S3. Reports claim the design will be similar, the specs are rumored to be similar – and these rumors are backed up by logic as well. If you have small hands or don’t usually watch a lot of media on your smartphone, the best decision would be to get the Samsung Galaxy S3. If working with a 5.5-inch display and carrying a device with a fairly larger footprint is not a daunting task for you, go for the Galaxy Note 2. If the Note 2 follows the path we can forecast, the decision will surprisingly be that simple to make.

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Update: We have a Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy S3 comparison video for you:

  • The Galaxy Note actually has a display resolution of: 1280×800 not 1280×720!

    Please correct the article!

    • Eric Fight

      Re read the paragraph he did say 1280 by 800. if you read the paragraph correctly he was talking about the S3 1280 by 720

  • perfectlyreasonabletoo

    The stupidity of this article has convinced me to remove your site from my RSS.

    • ahahah

      How is it that this article is stupid?. He’s just comparing the galaxy note 2 rumoured specs with S3’s. I don’t think its supid

      • Thanks ahahah, we can’t please everyone, but we try our best! Sorry to disappoint you perfectlyreasonabletoo.

    • You’ve been leaving a few negative comments, it’s ok – you are absolutely entitled to your opinion. No one forces you to come here. We are just trying to help people out.

      The fact remains that millions of people are holding out for the Galaxy Note 2 – so we worked hard to put together the most credible rumors, and give people a preview of what is to come!

      • yarrellray

        Thanks a million Androidauthority…Your site is much appreciated…

    • Paul

      I found this article interesting, best discussion on the Note 2 to date.

  • aj

    The only thing im hoping is true is that you didnt mention is that it might have alot less bezel or alot less edge to make it easier to hold even if the screen will be slightly bigger

  • Trent

    All I can say is I really enjoy my Samsung note and will be upgrading to the note 2 when it arrives…

    • Ditto

    • Mana Farrell

      me too

    • DingusKahn

      I will get one too, if Verizon carries it. There is NO ATT service in my area.

    • d_solace

      same here buddy
      i too have a galaxy note
      and i am eagerly waiting for note 2 now….

    • The Cullen

      Im totally agreed.Currently Im using a white Samsung Galaxy Note for almost 2 months. I bought it in the end of June 2012. Before using the note, I was a loyal Blackberry and Iphone user and always underestimate the android OS. After a few months of surveying about the samsung galaxy note and it’s OS, android, I bought it right after I got my payment (it was in the evening of the same day). What can i tell here is my love towards samsung note is keep on increasing drastically and now Im so fucking in love and even craving for the latest samsung galaxy note 2 (will definitely get for my self once it gets into the local market … Samsung is the best Indeed.

    • Lowell

      Me too, I ordered a Note 2 in change of Note. (It hasn’t arrived)

  • ben

    This will be my first smartphone.. samsung galaxy note 2….

    • DarthStrawberry

      I have a hard time believing you called it a phone. If its over 5 inches it’s a tablet, I’m getting the s3. The size of the note 2 is just ridiculous, it’s a fashion statement. My phablet is bigger than your phone so it is thus better. Even Apple has a better marketing strategy than to try to cannabilize the sales of its own flagship device with another flagship, less than 6 months after the flagship was released. It’s absurd, why are they throwing the s3 in the bin already?

      • Ok… You’re incredibly insane. Lol. First of all, yes it’s a phone. It has a radio in it that allows you to make calls, therefore, a phone nonetheless. No matter the size. It may be ridiculous to you, but to others, like myself, the bigger PHONE may be more suited. I like to watch videos, play on the internet and talk on the same device. Does that make me think that my phone is better than anyone else’s, NO. It makes me feel that my PHONE suits my needs. They aren’t cannabilizing anything. They are putting another device on the market. That’s like saying Apple did the same thing with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. It’s ludicrous. Because, even if they were doing that, THEY’RE STILL GETTING PAID. Hahaha. You make no sense DarthStrawberry, and I now see why you were never featured in SW.

        • DarthStrawberry

          I apologize beforehand for the beat down you are about to go through. Shall we commence? As amusing as it is for me to have my sanity questioned by a random stranger for stating facts, I won’t brook hyperbolic exaggerations. You call me “incredibly insane” and write “I can see why you have not been featured by SW”, why? For some absurdist reason you appear to be intellectually incapable of accepting the technological specification of a device being over 5 inches as being a tablet. As far as I am concerned the Note 2 is just a bigger, less feature filled S3. Judging by your ridiculous overuse of all caps and lack of knowledge of the tech industry. I am not surprised you do not know what  cannabilizing sales means. By releasing a flagship device and one upping it by releasing the same flagship but in a larger size (albeit with less features) they will promote competition between their own devices. And thus, Samsung will cannabilize their own sales. Seriously, a five year old could make this connection. It does not mean Samsung will get less sales, but it is noteworthy of being emblematic of their previous marketing blunders. Ex. The S2 being the flagship and then the S2 über editions being released 5 months later. I never cited Apple as having the best devices, as it is a matter of preference and I have interest in stirring another idiotic OS war. I merely used Apple as an example of a better marketing policy in the long term. If you want the Note 2 good for you, I am not very interested. However, if you are going to cite my words and attempt to make a legitimate argument against me, at least use material that I actually wrote.  Certainly, the Note 2 will be successful but its success may come at the expense of not only Apple and Windows, but also the S3. If you are still unable to understand what I am trying to say, I’ll have to give up. There is no way I can reason formulating another reply under the expectation that you will understand it any better than the first. 

          • godzonekid

            Seeing as the Note 2 hasn’t been released yet… how do you “know” that it is going to have less features than the S3? You don’t. EOS. It will probably have different features, and that makes sense as people using the Note 2 would tend to be using it in different ways than users of the S3.

          • DarthStrawberry

            I did not say less features, or at least for not intend to. I expected it to have the same features, and instead it has slightly better ones. Which does not change the fact that this is a bargain device, that lacks the screen real estate of a real tablet. Also, if price is a factor you can know get an S3 for $80 off and buy an iPad mini come October for $249. Who wants to have 1 device instead of 2? The bargain shoppers of the Note 2, of course.

        • DarthStrawberry

          Do not bother sending anything back unless you become versed in the realities of business, and technology. I do not have any interest in corresponding with a halfwit. However, I posted this comment in the hope that someone intelligent will read this and understand. Although, they likely will not like this, seeing as I get progressively meaner as I lose patience with idiocy. 

          I am absolutely crushed that you took the time to refute my arguments, and the fact that “I have never been featured by SW”, still gives me nightmares. Seriously, I could care less about that crap, an opinion is to be stated and well reasoned. The Note 2 is not a phone but rather a “phablet”. Does it matter that you may get “featured by SW” and thumbed up for calling something that it’s not? No. 

          The fact that you are incapable of comprehending what cannabilizing even means, leaves me near tears. How can you possibly be this unintellectual? Please restore my faith in humanity by informing me that you have a developmental disorder, or some other form of mental deficiency. 

          The Note 2 will likely cannabilize the sales of the S3 because, it was released less than 4 months after the S3. 1.) the S3 was intended to be the flagship, and only a economically brain dead company would one up their own flag ship after 3 months. 2.) The Note 2 is not a phone it is too big to be under that classification, learn how technology really works, halfwit. 3.) I am tired of explaining things to people who lack the basic knowledge and/or cranial capacity to comprehend business, technology and economics. So I will explain this a simply as I can, the Note 2 is too small for the Tablet market and too large and similar to the S3 to avoid harming the smartphone market.  

          Your reasoning is impeccable, and the whole “it has a radio… And it can make calls… So it is a phone argument” almost had me stumped. Except for the fact, that that is reasoning is truly pathetic. Seriously, an iPad can make FaceTime calls, and an iPod can send text messages, and could feasibly be made to make calls. Do these things make them phones? If you want to stick a 5.5 inch “phablet” to your face and act like it’s a phone then go ahead. 

          There is a market for the Note 2, primarily being the bargain market of consumers either to cheap to buy a $200 7 inch tablet and an S3; Or rarely, the consumer that has 
          some level of cognitive function (beyond thoughtlessness and mouth breathing), who decides to buy a device that saves them money upfront, but trades features and screen real estate as a consequence. 

          You know, when I first saw your comment I thought it was the usual Fandroid drivel, and tossed it into the reject bin. However, after coming back to this site to engage in dialogue with commenters other than yourself. I took notice of your feeble attempt at heartening the cheap asses that consider this product as innovation. This product may be right for some people, as long as they recognize that in place of buying a phone or tablet, or even both. That, they are instead buying a device that contains few of the best features of either classification. And, is intended to appease those with the lack of foresight to prepare for the devices and features of the future.  

          I suppose I can see how what I have written makes no sense to an idiot. However, the comparison between the iPhone 4 and 4S, is unsurprising, just like all of your other points, completely invalid. First, this is because the IPhone 4-4S transition took place after a year’s cycle. Second, and far more importantly, it was garbage, no one was impressed by the incremental upgrades the IPhone 4S provided over the IPhone 4. It is fair to say that the 4S’s failure to excite directly led to Apple Inc. relinquishing the crown of OS supremacy, at least for now. 

          * Note, that it is unclear whether you are referring to a comparison between the 4 and 4S. Or rather attempting feebly to imply that the releases of the 4 and 4S are similar to the Note 2. If it is the latter, you need to get some mental help, and it will have been confirmed that the “incredible insanity” you foolishly attempted to label me with is at best your current mental state. First, the Note 2 is not even a phone, and second, the 4 was innovation on the 3GS, while the 4S was just an incremental upgrade. To provide a more realistic contrast than the unclear nonsense you have posted, I will contrast the S3 with the iPhone 4, and the 4S with the Note 2. The iPhone 4 like the S3 is a clear upgrade over their predecessors, the 3GS and S2 respectively. However, the 4S and Note 2 are incremental upgrades that no one is impressed by. Neither, of them contain features that are worth consideration. However, the iPhone 4S was more of a success than the Note 2 will be. Simply, because there was an entire year before the flagship changed at Apple. And while, the 4S was a disappointment, it was not a bargain device that has no real place in the mobile market. 

          Not only, is the Note 2 a Samsung “look at this, this shit stuck to the wall” device, it is also an insult to all purchasers of the S3. This is Samsung’s way of informing it’s potential and existing customers, that they do not matter. There is a huge difference between mobile diversity, and yearly upgrading and Android (particularly Samsung’s) idiotic policy of ruining their own flagships. Why should anyone buy a Samsung flagship, simply of they are going to one up it every three months? 

          Maybe one or twice a year, releasing a new flagship would be acceptable. But every three months, it’s a miracle their devices sell as well as they do. But it is no surprise the iPhone 5 is expected to sell better. Fandroids and brain dead idiots will pretend that there is a major branding discrepancy. This is not the case, as the Galaxy S line is now almost as popular as the Apple logo. No, the reason why the iPhone will sell better is that there will actually be some time to revel in having the latest device. As opposed, to having it one upped every goddamn season, and by a device that is not even a real smartphone to boot. 

          At the end of the day, I would simply suggest that you buy the device that provides what you need. You are fully entitled to your own opinion, as I am to mine. However, if you are going to insult me and use personal experience in place of technological knowledge, you will get called out. Granted, there is a certain amount of personal jibes and considerations in my pieces. However, only a fool does not attempt to see both sides of the picture. Which, is why I have stated that I can understand where the customers of this bargain “phablet” device are coming from. But, if you hope to pretend that this device is a phone, and walk away without being refuted, you are dreaming. The Note 2 is not a phone, not will it ever be, nor will it sell above its high end smartphone opponents. 5 million in sales is great, for a “phablet”, and decent if it was a real phone. Which it is not. Good day sir. Maybe someday you will realize that, “still making money”, will never take precedence over true innovation. 

          • Klaus

            I agree with you that Samsung has certainly cannibalized on their previous flagship, the S3, by releasing the note 2 after just 4 months. I think the main argument here why you can’t see eye to eye with the other people posting is that you assume that the buyers of the note 2 are people who are getting an all-in 1 device (a tablet and phone in 1 device) which may very well be the case while the others are assume that buyers of the note 2 are people who just wants the biggest screen on their phone/phablet. I have a couple of friends who have both the galaxy note 1 and an ipad 3 and are thinking of upgrading to the new note 2. In this instance, the note 2 isn’t a bargain device as they’re not really compromising by getting a phablet instead of a phone+tablet. On the contrary, the note 2 would appear to be a premium device as they got the phablet in addition to a regular ipad. Of course this is a separate instance and i do not claim this to be the norm or to comprise the majority of note 2 buyers. It may be or it may be not.

          • DarthStrawberry

            Good point, there may be many instances where buyers of the Note 2 are simply looking for a new, well specced phone. However, on the whole I feel it is a major “FU S3 customers”, device from Samsung. It lacks the size of a real tablet (7-10 inches) and the portability of a phone (3-5 inches).
            Granted, there are plenty of people who have considered other options and are satisfied with their choice. I personally will be buying an S3 64gb, an iPad mini and a Kindle Fire. Which, will likely cost as much as a New iPad, all together. It is not that I am angry about the existence of the Note 2, I do not really care much (which many people on here have failed to understand). It’s the timing I take issue with. Samsung’s timing was absolutely awful, what about the customers still waiting for the 64gb S3? Or the one’s still considering buying a flagship? Screw them, we’re releasing another flagship after only 3 months. Whose to say judging by Samsung’s history of slightly improving their flagships, that they will not do this again.
            I am extremely reluctant to buy a Samsung device at this point. I was pleased last year to find out, along with an increasing minority of mobile users, that Samsung offered a viable alternative to the iPhone. Although, almost as quickly as it was released, I noticed that its customers (like usual) strapped themselves into 3 year contracts. They expected their device to remain in the spotlight for 6 to 9 months before a sequel was released. I am not saying they all wanted the best phone, they just didn’t want to have their purchase one upped. Then came the S2 Skyrocket, S2 4G, etc. No one was pleased by this, except those whose contracts ended 3 months after everyone else’s.
            I guess you can say this same juggling of flagships has occurred here again. I am wary of going into a company, which has a history of ditching “older” models. As well as an OS (Android) which has almost always abandoned devices other than its own Nexus line.
            PS: Sorry about the length of the reply, I have a tendency to write precision replies, as opposed to concise material. Personally, I do sort of see the Note 2 as a kind of half assed combo of the Galaxy Tab 2 and the S3. But that’s just my opinion, and I am self effacing enough to accept that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

          • Klaus

            Yes i understand how you feel. That’s exactly what my brother felt when he got the Motorola RAZR. A couple months later they release the RAZR MAXX with the exact same specs but with the monster battery. Way to f*** the early adopters.

          • Travis Dyson

            Have you ever worked in the field doing physical labor in any way? Samsung understands there are people out there who have a need for a device that can be carried on their bodies at all times which can do that which can be done on both a phone and tablet. I physically install flooring. Have you ever tried looking at blueprints on a phone screen? How about looking up product specs and recommended installation procedures for specialized products on the spot all the while hunkered over busting you ass. For those of us who don’t give a shit about the proper technological term, this device is absolutely perfect. For you to say I’m too cheap to buy a tablet and a phone is offensive. I do have both, it is not practical to carry both on my body while doing physical labor. IMO Tablets are obsolete. What good are they. At my office I have a desktop, at home i have a laptop. I can still read all of my ebooks via cloud service on my phone, I mean “phablet”, and other devices. I don’t by things to compare myself to others. Only people who do that think others do it too.

            Apple did the same thing with the Ipad and mini. So did asus with the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. All these manufacturers are making sure they aren’t missing sales in a given market. All the while allowing the consumer options that meet our needs without having to compromise too much in on area or the other. Do us all a favor and keep your Pre-Madonna Drama Queen statements to yourself.

      • Let me do the capt. obvious part here – it’s a Smartphone! if you don’t like the size , it’s your opinion. a lot other people do like it! Like me! I’m on a S3 Vs note 2 on my head right now!

        • DarthStrawberry

          Dear, “Capt. Obvious”:

          Let me bring you back to reality, the Note 2 is by no means a smartphone. It is a disgrace, to call a device over 5 inches a phone. It is a tablet that makes calls, hence the moniker “phablet”. Certainly, a lot of people too cheap to buy a hand sized phone and a real tablet (7-10 inches), will see this as a bargain. 

          However, as far as I am concerned it is nothing more than a stretched S3 with a touch pen. And yes, a lot of people do agree with you that it is a good device. As it ought to be, being a larger copy of the Samsung Galaxy S series. Which, mysteriously still sells much better than its oversized “phablet” versions.

          Of course, there may be a growing market for this type of tablet. Mainly, being the compromising part of the market. Who seem to believe getting a 5.5 inch version of the S3 is better than the 4.8 inch version and an IPad. 

          Lastly, normally I would agree that opinions should be stated as such, but in this case I cannot. The Note and Note 2 are not smartphones nor will I address them as such. If you like the Note series, good for you that is your opinion, “Capt. Obvious”. Come back to me when the oversized boner phone/undersized and under-specced mini tablet (“phablet”) market outsells its superior competitors. Until then, the Note 2 is and will remain the property of the compromising bargain bin of society. 

          • and you should know by now that the market of smartphones it’s not based on your opinion. a lot of people want bigger screens on a smartphones because of what they use the smartphones for.

            i respect your opinion.

            on my experience i would never go for a tablet 7+ or more because i wouldn’t 2 devices. so i rather take 1 device that brings both experiences all together.

          • DarthStrawberry

            I respect your opinion as well, lest it would have gone ignored or worse started a barbed argument. However while I acknowledge that the mobile industry is not riveted firmly to my prejudices, the industry does generally follow my predictions. 

            When one spends a great deal of time studying economics, business and technology, one begins to pick up the patterns of success (and failure). The Note 2 will be a success and much more importantly, it along with the new variants of the S3 will serve as a distraction from the $1.05 billion patent defeat in the US. 

            Personally, I believe from a business perspective that the Note 2 is a bargain device. It is not a smartphone, nor can it seriously be called one. Unless, you consider a 5.5 inch tablet to be a smartphone, which it is not by any definition. My main issue with the Note 2 is that is has no real appeal other than that of a short term convenience.  

            I can understand that some people prefer smaller devices, but really why the Note 2? Although, people have no reason to have to answer me, it is a logical question. Why not just get an S3 and an IPad Mini (7.95 inches) when it comes out. I cannot buy the reasoning of someone not wanting a 7.95 inch tablet over a 5.5 inch tablet. Both are small and easy to hold, but one will have more real estate than the other.

            I suppose it goes back to your suggestion of it being a matter of choice. Indeed, it is up to the customer to decide which product(s) they want. However, most customers will choose not to buy the Note 2, and I do not see a huge market for this. 10 million sales is big, indeed, but it is by no means indicative of an ongoing trend. The S3 got as many sales as the Note (1) did overall in 2-3 months. The iPad has a lot more sales than either of them overall. The market for Smartphones and Tablets will always be bigger than the market for “phablets”, which lack both the features of tablet and the portability of smartphones. 

            Personally, I will be buying an S3 64gb in either Black/Red or Blue, I am rather unimpressed that Samsung has yet to release this variant. I will also be buying both a 64gb IPad Mini (I hope it comes with the 4g LTE variant for a flex plan) and a Kindle Fire 2 for books, and e reading. I despise Google’s attempts at hardware so the Nexus 7 isn’t for me, but I’m sure it’s better specced than the Note 2 (lol). 

            Good day sir, I hope you will enjoy your Note 2. I know I will enjoy my iPad Mini, S3 and Kindle Fire 2. I believe bargain devices are only worth it when they provide most of the features you want (and the Note 2 does not). 

          • i haven’t yet made my mind, it really depends on the price , I’m also going to get a S3 if the note 2 goes too expensive.

            Since I currently own a S1 , both will be great upgrades. (the camera upgrade & features being what i really need the most)

            and ofc the hardware upgrade, since my S1 is getting way too laggy for what i need

          • DarthStrawberry

            I would say that if you are only interested in buying one device, the Note 2 may be the way to go. However, I bought the iPhone 4S as a replacement for my HTC Hero and IPod Touch 32gb, and often regret it. My iPhone is a great device, it ma just a bit tiresome after a while not to have the individual features of both devices. 

            Nowadays, (yes, I use that term sometimes) the IPhone is seeming less and less attractive on the hardware front, so I will be reverting back to android. My ultimate decision is to buy an S3 64gb Red/Blue or Black in October. However, I want to keep my iPhone simply because I have over $400 invested in iTunes, and I like Apple’s software. 

            This is what makes the OS wars so amusing, that the “best OS” and phones simply do not exist. It is simply, the features you decide are the most important to have. I would like to have an IPad Mini, an S3, and a Kindle Fire 2. And, I will be able to reason getting one by pointing out that they together will cost as much as the New IPad. However, if having a device all in one appeals to your more, then I suppose (cringe) the Note 2 is a valid option. 

            Also, as far as I can tell there are a couple of other “phablet” devices coming out as well. From brands such as LG, Huawei and HTC, while I do not like “phablets” I always seek to keep up to date tech wise. The Note 2 should be at a subsidized price at some mobile carriers in some countries. But if it ends up being an outright purchase only device like the New iPad, that would be a deal breaker for many. Only time, and Samsung’s mobile strategy will tell, although, it’s up to you at the end of the day. 

          • Both thelephones are great, i like the note 2, because i need lents to read, and i recive a lot of mails with pictures, and send a lot of mails by phone, (even a tablet is better for me) if you want a simple phone then buy anotherone, if you want a smart phone you have the best 2 options in the market, and i think is very easy to chose one, the point is “what do you need in your smartphone” then you can take the correct option, best regards

          • thepeddle

            You’re stating your own opinion here as facts and putting down others for theirs. Fact: Note 2 is a bigger S3 with S pen support, not an opinion. Same features and more also a Fact. You speak of features missing from the Note 2?? There are no advantages of the S3 over the Note 2 other than pocketability. Fact. Don’t buy an SUV if you don’t need one, buy a compact. Don’t buy a 50 inch plus tv if you don’t need one either but the fact you want to rant about others who seem to enjoy a bigger “phablet’ type of device makes you just sound plain ignorant. You spoke of cannibalizing the S3 with releasing the Note 2 but yet in the same breath state its not a Phone. How does something that isn’t a phone cannibalize something that is??? And please provide by all definition when or where a “phone” was of certain size ie less than 5 inches as stated by you. But I’m probably just replying to 12 year adolescent here so its going on deaf ears I assume.

          • DarthStrawberry

            This is indeed long, so I’ll make this simple. Any and all comments received entailing the fact that, “you did not read my whole comment”. Or that, “you blatantly disagree for the sole purpose of disagreeing”. Or even a correction of a grammatical error will be ignored. Only a continuance of the current discussion will be responded to. All forms of pointless insults and petty jibes will be forwarded to the reject bin. Yes, even those who have the sense to challenge “12 year old’s usage of opinionated logic”. 

            Yes, indeed, I am “putting down others” by pointing out facts, which must be “my personal opinion”. And yes, by “putting down others” I must be a “12 year old adolescent”. Seriously, whom ever thought you how to debate, should be ashamed. Your insulting skills are poor, and your logic is unfathomable.

            Do you lack the intellectual capacity to comprehend how a 5.5 inch “phablet” could infringe on the sales of its smaller sister, the S3, if so then stop commenting on it. “How could something that isn’t a phone cannabilize something that is???” Do you feel as if you have scored a major point here? To the contrary, I  beginning to lose my faith in society. How do degenerates question logic as opinionated, and yet, state bewilderment at the “deaf ears of a 12 year old adolescent”?

            Of course, a 5 inch plus device is not a phone, it is a “phablet” or rather a incredibly small tablet. Look it up. If you had even the most basic use to society, you would have researched your topic, and learned something about the technological industry. However, as far as I am able to discern you know nothing of business, at all. So yes, your words will be considered rather paltry compared to anyone who knows business, and technology. If you knew either if them, as you will likely lie and claim to, you would not have asked such foolish, unversed questions. 

            The question that seems most idiotic even to the logic of “an opinionated 12 year old”. “How can a device that isn’t a phone cannabilize the sales of a phone???”. Indeed, of the Note 2 was a real tablet, it probably would not. (Or even if it had been released in October, along with the new colour variants and storage of the S3.) However, it is really a stretched S3 with an S Pen, which really seems to appeal to the bargain bin of society (yourself included). How could a device whose predecessor in mobile industry sold 5 million units not cannabilize the market to a degree. Let’s see, it couldn’t, let’s agree that most buyers of a Note/ Note 2 are looking for a phone and a tablet but are too cheap to buy a 7 inch tablet. (Operating on this logic, hell its opinionated but true.) It becomes no wonder that customers might pick it over the Galaxy S series. How is this cannabilizing? Well, it is a clear definition of what cannabilizing is, causing a market disturbance by removing the sales of a competitor (or even your own products) by having to many similar products at once. 

            Only an utter imbecile (I am operating under the assumption you are simply unversed) could not tell that cannabilizing and OS fragmentation are Android biggest problems outside of the competition. Usually, it is rival businesses that use a cannabilizing tactic. HTC released the One X but they are now planning to release the One XL. This may or may not be an issue, HTC has waited a significant amount of time. There is a similar story in the IPad mini which could cannabilize the sales if the iPad (unlikely, because of the Ipad’s traction and features) or the sales of the iPod touch. How could a miniature iPad tablet undermine the sales of an iPod? Well, it’s really the same premise as how the Note 2 “phablet” will likely undermine the S3. In both instances, the tablets are similarly priced to their slightly inferior counterparts. They both provide more features, but in the iPad mini’s case you will be getting a 7.9 inch tablet, as opposed, to a 5.5 inch “phablet”. You see, two devices do not need to be the in same classification to cannabilize the sales of another, they just need to be similarly priced. And, often in the case of Android’s plethora of phone releases a week, there is simply too much in the way of competition. 

            Samsung, did not wait nearly long enough before the one upped their own flagship device. A comparative situation (yes, I will simplify this a much as needed) would be releasing an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini “phablet” that was half an inch bigger, the same price, and one upped the iPhone in every way, less then 4 months later. People would already be locked into 2-3 year contracts, those who were not would go for the tablet-phone (if they were cheap and shortsighted, welcome to Apple inc, where the logo sells.) But no one would be pleased at how the iPhone 5 sales were being leeched. Those who were in contracts would at least consider buying out of them, the mobile carriers would be pissed. And, no one would be happily awaiting next year’s iPhone 6, instead fearing their purchase would once again be one upped 3 months down the road.Yes, it is a bit sad that nearly everyone feels they need the best device. But I can sympathize with the Apple customer who has waited nearly two years for the iPhone 5. (Back to the topic at hand) if Samsung actually had a business plan, above say throwing shit on the wall and seeing what sticks, they would have never done this. 

            Lastly, my”rant” about the inferiority of “phablet” devices had nothing to do with you. Until, of course, you foolishly chose to involve yourself in something you lack either the capacity or knowledge to properly comprehend. Unfortunately, you involved yourself, but I chose to be instructional if a bit rough, instead of brutally crushing. Which I will likely have to be, if (and when) you attempt to trivialize my reasoning again. If you feel the Note 2 is the device for you that is fine, but do not pretend it is anything but what it is: an inconveniently released bargain “phablet” that lacks the features and size of real tablets, but will likely cannabilize the sales of its flagship predecessor, the S3. I would thank you, if you used insults that were actually remotely accurate in your next reply. Insulting, is a fact of life and a skill, and unfortunately, I am perfectionist. Meaning, I have a hard time swallowing feeble failures at insults such as the “12 year old adolescent” nonsense. 

            PS: I liked your usage of comparative factors and purchases, seeing as I often do the same myself. However, you may find that they will get more traction when you use them properly. Meaning, that comparing SUV’s and 50 inch TV’s with what is really a bargain device, does not make much in the way of sense. No, I agree that one does not need either of your mentioned luxury items, although, many do need cars as a form of transport in my country (perhaps, you can walk all around in your but our cities are far apart). Good day sir, I look forward to continuing this correspondence, should it entail polite discussion. Or at the very least, more accurate refutation of my aforementioned reasoning. 

          • donkeyman

            You seem to think that everyone has the money to buy a phone and tablets too, and are also willing to carry around their phone and tablets too at the same time, whilst with the galaxy note 2, they will be able to afford it, and have the features of a phone and tablet :) also, you said it is under-specced in your previous comment, in what way is it under-specced?

          • DarthStrawberry

            No, I apologize for giving the  false impression of believing people of having infinite wealth, if I did so. What I was trying to imply was that it is a better deal to buy an IPad mini for $250 and an S3 for $200 than to buy a “bargain device” (the Note 2) for $299. In the short term, you will save money from buying the Note 2, but during the duration of your 2-3 year contract 10 times that money will be spent. 

            If consumers were truly concerned about saving cash, they should buy a device outright for $700. Why? Because the device will be $200 and have a 2-3 year $50 minimum price. Meaning that they will pay between $1400-2000 on their mobile phone. Whereas, they could save $500 by simply picking the best carrier months by month. Granted, many consumers do not have this type of money outright, but then when are they signing onto a contract to pay three times the price. Because they know (or believe) it is worth the extra expense. 

            This same rationale, is what I am using for the Tablet and a phone vs a “phablet” debate. An iPad is $600 or maybe even $800, which for me is too much, seeing as I could buy a MacBook Pro for $300 more. However, an IPad mini could be as low as $200, and may have better specs than the Nexus 7 (which I despise, but has sold very well and is a decent device). 

            You see, customers are not usually willing to spend $800 on an unneeded device, but $200, sure. Next to no one actually needs a smartphone besides business management and possibly world leaders. It is an item of luxury and convenience, as you pointed out yourself. And, seeing as someone is already willing to spend $200 on one luxury item (a smartphone), why shouldn’t they spend $200 on another. 

            I am not advertising for money mismanagement, but rather trying to provide insight into the basic equation of the success of lower end tablets. Hell, even people like me who study economics, business, tech, law and psychological manipulation are pulled to buy one. Why? Because they have almost all of the same features and are $500 less, and are more portable. 

            Listen to my rationalization for spending more money above. It is logical, so long as you are operating under the premise that money grows on trees (instead of from trees). 

            More to the point, to answer your question of how the Note 2 is under specced, it isn’t. At least, not when it is compared to the S3 which it is slightly superior to, which may alienate some S3 customers seeing as it has been less than 4 months. Worse still, it has the features of a smartphone and yet is competing within the Tablet market. It’s competition is not the larger, currently unassailable iPad 3 but rather, the Kindle Fire 2, Barnes and Noble Nook and the Nexus 7. All of which are 1.5-2 inches larger and have large fanbase support. 

            It could be said that the  greatest handicap of the Note 2 is also its greatest asset: it appeals to a bargain market. To me, this market seems illogical, after all I sold my HTC Hero and IPod Touch to buy an IPhone 4S and miss the individual features of each device and OS. Besides, from my point of view it makes much more sense to spend $200 on a iPad mini, and $700 on an S3 to save $500 over the course of 2 years. Or if I for some reason lacked that money upfront, I would still buy both the S3 and IPad mini and a Kindle Fire 2 for E reading. Why? Because I can find a decent contract for the S3 and get it for $80 off, because I want another Apple device and iOS works more simply than Android, and of course, buying books on Amazon saves you 50%. Considering, what is affordable is crucial, however, making an undesirable purchase simply to save $200 reeks of buyer’s remorse. Why not just save up and wait? Especially, of you already have a smartphone, unless you are dead set on buying a Note 2. And, knowing Android, there will be more “phablets” (cringe) to choose from in a few months. 

            There will always be valid reasoning behind my points, but I can clearly see your point. I have spent enough time studying psychology to tell when someone is using logic to support their own goals. Not that this is a bad thing, but if you only use logic to support yourself and never to question your thought processes, you lack common sense. 

            So, to appease my sense of unease, I will reason that it is an equally valid (cringe) option to buy a “phablet” device. If you are willing to compromise with the lack of multiple devices, OS’s, and screen real estate at your disposal. I hate having only one phone, no tablet and an older computer. 

            Buying a “phablet” does not appeal to me because the cost of buying both a tablet and another phone will be only $200 more. Also, most importantly to those who want to conserve wealth, if a buy the devices on sale and from good retailers/ mobile companies, I may end up spending very little ($100) more at all. (And, yes $100 is very little when it comes down to the difference between having one bargain device or three individual ones). 

          • donkeyman

            Actually, I buy all my devices outright, and go on a monthly plan, also, I live in the UK where prices are higher for smartphones and tablets, the ipad mini will be the equivalent of at least $400 here. So a lot of what you are saying won’t really apply to me, also, I don’t have space to take out a tablet and phone with me every time I go out unlike you obviously… Also though, the ipad mini isn’t even out yet so please don’t be bringing that and a list of prices into your argument. But seriously though, I don’t really care about any psychologiocal studies because I’ve studied it too and are just about to start a new degree in pharmacy, but that has no relavance to anything really, as for the specs, compared to s3, it has twice as much RAM and much bigger battery. And tbh I’d prefer the screen real estate just for playing games and watching any videos I might fancy watching. I have to disagree with what you about it being a bargain device though, a bargain device is not something which has the best specs of anything on the market. It is for someone who doesnt want a tablet, but would like a phone with the functionality of a tablet, furthermore, it is only really you and minority of people who think it isn’t a phone since the original note was sold alongside other phones (at least in the UK anyway). Anyways I’ve had enough of this pointless argument and don’t really see why you feel the need to try and put people off this amazing device which not only caters for those who like big screens, but for anyone who doesn’t want to carry around a tablet with them all the time. Good luck with whatever you end up buying, I know what I’ll be buying.

          • DarthStrawberry

            How droll, dissuasion from buying the Note 2 was not my intention. The Note is a bargain device that lacks the size and feel of being either a tablet or a phone. That is all I was trying to clarify. If you feel the need to buy one by all means do so. 

            However, if you have studied the industry as well as I have, you would not be saying psychological factors are irrelevant. What would you call marketing, then? Is it not the psychological manipulation of customers into believing your product is superior? And, without marketing how would businesses run? Where do you think TV advertising comes from? Or the term “whitewashing”? Seriously, the psychological factor of strategic marketing is extremely important for any successful business. The “I am a PC- I am a Mac” advertising campaign from 2006-2009 represents this clearly. By altering the image of Microsoft from business orientated, to old and boring, Apple began to thrive (bolstered no doubt by the iPhone).

            But I digress, you have every right to whatever opinion or device you wish to choose. The fact of the matter is, I do not particularly care what individual consumers in the market buy. I do care, however, about misinformation. While, it is true that the Note 2 has a bigger battery, a larger screen and other incremental upgrades, such as an overclocked processor, it is not a phone. It is a “phablet” packing more features than its S3 counterpart (granted, most of these features can be gained by simply buying a bigger 4,200 mAh S3 Hyperion battery, overclocking the processor to 1.8 Ghz and buying a Micro SD card, leaving on the screen difference.) and yet lacking the features of today’s tablets. 

            I will not waste any more of my time or yours (or anyone else’s) for that matter reiterating things, you have obviously already decided provide no deterrence with your purchase. I do not intend to stop consumers from buying a Note 2, but rather alert them to the fact that it’s time as a viable Tablet alternative will be short lived. Good luck with your purchase, but I will rest easy knowing that mine will not be left under the wagon less than 4 months down the road. 

          • donkeyman

            Cant be bothered reading the rest of your comment so I’ll just reply to what I read…

            No, psychology has nothing to do with how good a phone is, or the specs of the phone and how it performs, that is what I was saying.

            Honestly though, I don’t know why you take so much time to say all this stuff coz pretty much nobody on here will actually take your view into consideration, and will most likely just see you as a prick who thinks he knows everything and wants everyone to do the same as him, even though he knows nothing of the needs of the other people on here :)

          • DarthStrawberry

            To the contrary, psychology has everything to do with the successes and failures within businesses. As anyone who knows business knows, and which you oddly claim to be versed in as well. I find it amusing that you are continuing this correspondence for the sole purpose of informing me that you have not read what I have written. Does this matter? Is it altogether relevant that I may be seen as a “prick” for stating facts? Who cares if my advice and logic deters you from making your purchase? I sure don’t.
            The “psychology has no influence over a quality of a phone” is simply indicative of the fact, that you lack the capacity to read and comprehend written material. I stated the psychological factors such as strategic marketing help determine the success or failure of a product. If you truly believe that psychology has no impact on the success or failure of a product or even a political leader, them you know nothing of society. Why do you believe election campaigns are held? Or political debates? Or speeches from historical greats such as MLK? Psychology, is intimately involved in determining whether a consumer will buy a product or not. Even, with intelligent consumers there will be some influence whether detected or not from seeing 500-100 “I am a PC- I am a Mac” advertisement ads.
            Whatever. It isn’t my job to teach you common knowledge. If you are incapable of understanding the factor of strategic marketing, then it is your loss. Buy whatever product you want, I am very not interested in the support or derision of select consumers. I am merely stating that the Note 2 is a bargain device “phablet” that will primarily be purchased by short sighted consumers. One’s that neither know nor care that their flagship device will be replaced, and thus, have its sakes cannabilized in 3 months.

          • Truman_Show

            A couple facts:
            All phones will be superseded and replaced by better phones after a period of time, that time is down to 3 to 6 months if your lucky.
            Samsung’s strategy and many other OEMs is to make available many products to generate as many sales as possible, Apple is one of the few companies that doesn’t do this as much, but as you mentioned by coming out with an 8″ ipad they do this as well. You can call it cannibalizing sales but that isn’t really accurate. They are simply maximizing sales by providing as many options as possible as everyone does not fit the same mold and have the same needs.
            Carrying one 5.5″ device is easier then carrying a 4.8″ device and an 8″ tablet.

            I don’t see this as a bargain basement phone it will certainly cost more than the s3. I can see how you are arguing this on the opinion that the primary buyer of the Note 2 is selecting this phone to fill the role of both phone and tablet together. My opinion however is that the primary buyer of the Note 1 or 2 is willing to spend more and will also have already spent money on a tablet as well. My opinion is that more Note owners are also tablet owners vs owners of other Android phones.
            You can disagree with me on this, but with out statistical backing neither of us can prove whether the Note 2 is a bargain device replacing two devices or a premium expensive device that is owned along with a Tablet.

          • DarthStrawberry

            No, no, no, not “concise”. Precise. As long as what you are writing pertains to the material, there is a theoretically infinite amount that can be written. And, often enough letting yourself commit to such an endeavor leads to learning new things.
            I respect your opinion, however, I still find it to be incorrect. There will be at the very least some alienation from the flagship trade over between the S3 and the the Note 2. It seems remarkably foolish to me, to release another flagship less than a fiscal quarter after your previous one. How could it not cannabilize sales from its flagship predecessor? Certainly, it can be said said it is intended for the bargain “all in one” part of the consumer market. However, how many consumers do tog think will be deterred from buying the S3 by the Note 2?
            In the end, all rationalizations are irrelevant, and I am much more interested to see how the market turns out then debating how it will unfold. Let’s leave the job of the analyst’s, to the analyst’s, and purchase the products that match our needs best.

          • donkeyman

            You are an idiot. You clearly didn’t read what i said. I said psychology has nothing to do with the specs of a device and how those specs compare to other devices. I’ve met your type many a time before and you’re all the same who think they know everything. You are simpy a prick, I only hope you can realise that.

          • DarthStrawberry

            Lol, how droll. I, “am an idiot”, not you? You have failed to comprehend any of my points, simply deriding me as a, “prick”. If you had any use to society, you would already understand that specs mean nothing compared to advertising. Why do you think Apple reigned so long with their iPhones and Macs? And, why do you think the iPhone 5 is predicted to outsell the S3 over 10 to 1? Foolish child, it is not because of better, “specs”, but rather the power of the name brand. And where did that come from, you stupid little monkey? Marketing, which also means psychological manipulation. I cannot believe that you are a respected, paid member of society. I may be a “prick” for saying this, but do you get paid to post stupid, pointless comments on forums? You clearly know nothing of business, technology and economics, and less than nothing about marketing. Clearly, you are a waste of time for anyone having in the most basic understanding of societal function. Good day, imbecile. 

            PS: I am gratified to know that you have met, “my type”, before but slightly disappointed that you were not put in your place. Indeed, I have met many people who are like you as well. Petty time servers, who know nothing about anything and like to stereotype people in forums. Of course, to prove this point, you will likely launch a pointless reply. This is because, you just cannot handle facts. And,  need to spin them so that you do not look like a complete idiot. As opposed, to writing facts and letting them do the reasoning for you. 

          • donkeyman

            Thank you for proving my point to me and everyone else who reads this, you think you know everything, but I have news for you whether you like it or not, you don’t. You’ll likely do another stupidly long response to this yet again, but like I’ve already said, nobody actually cares what you or I think, so please do everyone a favour and stop posting all this shit on here.

            PS: I can almost guarantee 99% of the other people on here think the same as me about you.

          • DarthStrawberry

            Indeed, this is another long, precise response. Once, you actually learn something about marketing, you may actually be able to comprehend what they entail.

            You are boring me. Reiterating, a failed attempt at insulting/ isolating me in a precision discussion, as opposed to concise material serves no purpose. Even with my “stupidly long” response material, I can clearly tell that you lack the capacity to comprehend simple factors in marketing successes. 

            Whether or not you have the support of others in a forum is irrelevant. Unless, of course, you need the support of others to make up for your overabundant lack of knowledge and common sense. 

            I do not have any particular interest in trading insults or jibes with you. Especially, since you know nothing of technology and do not know how to accept defeat. I am glad, however, that you did respond to prove my point.

             You simply do not know how to stop, you must respond to insults from people you do not even know. People like you pop up all the time, one’s who cannot handle facts and try to cower behind the votes of others. If you had any sense of individual achievement, you would have disregarded my insults and moved on. 

            Goodbye co-dependent simpleton. I’m sure the support of other fanboy’s will overcome your lack of factual evidence.  Of course, you do realize that our correspondence has been nothing more than a trifling amusement? Enjoy having the last word with yourself. I am sure you will enjoy acting tough, and pretending that you are even remotely versed in technological development. 

          • donkeyman

            “You simply do not know how to stop, you must respond to insults from people you do not even know.” Hmmm kinda sounds like you right there. “I am sure you will enjoy acting tough, and pretending that you are even remotely versed in technological development.” Again, sounds like you. “If you had any sense of individual achievement, you would have disregarded my insults and moved on.” Yet again this is you. You respond with long comments to everyone on here saying the same shit over and over… In actual fact, you know nothing of me or what I know of, and in reality I do know about technology (which you will no doubt disagree with, but i dont really care, the truth is the truth and everyone here knows it) At the end of the day, you’re still the sad person you are – and you know it, no matter how much you try to pretend to yourself that you aren’t.

          • DarthStrawberry

            Haha, lol, I am not getting pulled back into a long discussion with you. So, even though I had no intention of reply to your excuses, I am intolerant of misinformation.
            I already predicted you would attempt this route. It’s not surprise really, that you are attempting to push your lack of knowledge back onto me. After all, your pathetic grab for votes amounted to nothing. Your lack of capacity to comprehend the psychological effects of strategic marketing amounted to nothing. And, now your distortion field is amounting to nothing.
            Dissecting the comments of another to support yourself, only works if you keep them in context. Simply writing, “this sounds like you” and “Again, sounds like you”, merely iterates your lack of capability to write your own material.
            Stating obvious facts in parentheses, and mixing them with lies about your supposed knowledge of tech is unimpressive, if amusing. If you knew anything of technology you would understand the effect psychology (strategic marketing) has over the success of products.
            At the end of the day, I am an amused person who cares more about facts then trivializing and vote grabs. Once you finish consolidating the core of those who lack even basic knowledge, perhaps you will be of some use to society.

          • donkeyman

            Omg I can’t believe you carry on writing this stuff, it’s actually so good, if anyone manages to read through your comments without laughing at you I will be amazed, I wasn’t trying to get votes, that’s just what happens when you get a prick like you who thinks they know what everyone should want, and someone who tells him how it actually is. As for the comment about me not writing much, that’s just because I have more of a life than you and have less time to spend writing comments back to pricks like you. And about the use to society thing – YOU KNOW NOTHING OF ME, so stop pretending you do and accept you don’t know if I am useful to society or not, and even more so, stop pretending you know everything please.

          • DarthStrawberry

            Haha lol, your spelling skills continuously degrade in your haste to refute my assertions. In the pathetic attempt to cover up your vote grabbing in place of real logic, you say basically, “when dealing with pricks you get votes”. Maybe, that’s true. Maybe, some of what I have written is harsh, but it’s all logical.
            Only a fool believes specs are more important to a products success than marketing. If you read your own words that is exactly what you implied. Which is exactly why I said you knew nothing of the industry. Your refusal to accept that you do not know how business and technology works, is why you were told, you seem to know nothing useful to the topic at hand.
            Lastly, I have already told you that I do not particularly care about individual customers. Meaning, if you want to buy a product and discuss it, go ahead. However, I do not “pretend to know everything” about the industry. I just know how it works, which any competent student of any subject can claim. Granted, I know more about the industry than most, but still there are many others that can rightly claim to know more about tech than I do (you are most certainly not one of them). Trading insults and jibes, may swing votes into your favor, as may saying, “you don’t know me”. But it means nothing to me, I was arguing a concept, not entering a personal correspondence with you. I do not have any interest in continuing correspondence unless you actually have something to discuss. Acting tough and/or questioning the length and precision of my pieces, are not valid topics. Appearing as a “prick” amuses me though, bye.
            PS: I simply implied with your level of incapability to accept facts, I had a hard time believing you had any use to society. Although, if you want to believe that this is not the case, you are welcome to. I did not start stereotyping you, until you began labeling me and resorting to catty insults.

          • donkeyman

            And yet you continue to prove my points… All I have to say now is to look through your comments and look at just how bad the feedback for them is, with one even having 16 dislikes as I am writing this, surely this says to you that you might just be wrong… Probably not, since you think you know everything. Anyways, hope you continue to waste your life spending all this time on here writing the same comments over and over, you’re pretty damn pathetic, as I’m sure everyone will agree.

          • DarthStrawberry

            Haha lol, you are still trying to garner support even now. I guess I am proving your points, which are nearly all misquotations of my own points that you have tried to apply to me. Even after, I’ve stated that likes and dislikes are irrelevant compared to facts, you still seem to believe that they overcome them.Calling me names isn’t going to change the fact that you know next to nothing about technology, and the mobile industry.
            Of course, if you were clever you never would have stated that specs are more important than marketing for a product’s success. My reiteration of my points, and your continued misquotation of my points, serves no further purpose. I am certain that you will eventually comprehend the irrelevancy of likes, in comparison to factual evidence. Seeing as most of what you gave written, in no way relates to technology, and is merely a reiteration of barbs and hype, I’ll pass on encouraging it further. Keep acting tough, I’m sure all the likes you receive will make up for your lack of common sense.
            PS: “damn pathetic”? How does that in anyway relate to the Note 2’s success? Perhaps, when you begin to discuss the aforementioned topic, instead of focusing on, “pathetic”, jibes, you’ll get somewhere. Somewhere other than being told you lack common sense that is. Stop sending rebuttals, unless you have something new to say, reading your vote comments is boring.

          • donkeyman

            You should be a comedian, because you have me in stitches! “Acting tough” Haha brillinat, I’ll openly admit I am not tough and am a self confessed geek, but being tough has nothing to do with the fact that you literally have no life, anyways, dont expect a comment back unless you do something especially funny for your next reply.

            PS: “I am not getting pulled back into a long discussion with you.” Yeah that went really well didn’t it.

          • DarthStrawberry

            Your boring me, you are in no variation of the “geek”, with your lack in even the most basic understanding of technological successes. I am pleased, that my annoyance is amusing to you, and that you feel I am a “comedian”.
            However, I am not amused, that instead of misquoting my material to support yourself. You are now doing exactly what you complain at me for doing, why? What happened to the “you don’t know me” spiel? Now, oddly enough you are doing exactly that, saying “you have no life”. It is an odd man, who cannot even stick to his own word and contradicts himself. You are right, in the sense that you have belabored this conversation by removing its initial purpose. The original topic was whether the Note 2 is a bargain device that lacks the features of a tablet. And yet, serves as an “FU” to all of the S3 customers who bought the previous flagship, less than 4 months ago.
            There is not really anything left to say. Acting tough, may or may not be what you are doing. Perhaps, you can provide some reasoning as to why you are calling me names? And yet still, on the occasion that I say that you appear to lack common sense and know nothing of the industry, I get slapped with “you don’t know me” and vote grabs. Actually, save it for yourself, you have nothing to prove to me. I’ve already determined that you lack consistency. That, in itself, tells me all I need to know.

          • Dolores

            Tablets over 7″ don’t fit in your everyday pocket. Therefore, the usage of a 9″ tablet is not the same as a 7″. I have been using my Galaxy Tab 7 for 1½ year as my ordinairy phone. Saying the size of this is ridiculous is even less logical than saying that the size of the iPhone is, since you are putting it in a pocket with a lot of space left.

            You say yourself that you can’t understand why someone wouldn’t want a 7.95″ tablet over a 5.5 one, and then you say choosing the 5.5 phone over the 4.8 is wrong? A galaxy note still fits easily into a jeans pocket, so it’s not like a tab 10.1 where you have to carry it in a bag.

          • DarthStrawberry

            You are right, I should have specified the distinction between the 4.8 inch S3 and the 5.5 inch Note 2 more clearly. The 7.95 inch iPad mini is a completely different device from either of the Samsung phones. It was created not only for a niche market as the Note 2 was, but also for consumers purchasing their second tablet. The argument I made over the Note 2, was that it fails to fit into a sound marketing strategy.
            For a company to essentially retire their flagship device (the S3) after 3 months and replace it with another is unsound. Especially, when said product appeals to a niche market, as the Note 2 does. Even if the Note 2 came with only a few extra features, it would still be a “fuck you” to all of the customers that purchased the S3 less than three months before.
            I, personally have more of an issue with Apple’s poor price pointing & current overflow of products, than Samsung’s super sized phones. I predicted the fall in Apple’s stock, seeing as Apple failed to add a definitive feature to the iPhone 5. Furthermore, Apple priced the iPad mini well above its competition, did not balance out the iPod line; and idiotically released the 13 inch MacBook pro retina this year. Why Apple? Why? Not only that, Apple priced the dual core MacBook pro retina 13 so that the “high end model” was only $100 below the price of the quad core 15 inch 2.3ghz model. Worse still, for the first time Apple is charging an extra $300 to get the same features that come FREE (2.9ghz processor) with the non retina 13 inch pro. Stinginess, poor price pointing, and inexplicable market bungles trump oversized banana phones & cheap junk.

          • kylin

            k dick your annoying i am looking at this product and your type ( the person who thinks they know every god dam thing in this world) ruins my opportunities a costumer for this product because i am looking for honest people speaking about this product and your an annoying douch bag that goes on forums and try s to use there knowledge of a dictionary and a thesaurus to seem smarter over every person who is doing what i am looking at the fucking product go jump off a bridge and die if you don’t care about the product then leave and fill up the entire fucking forum section with your shitty responses.

          • DarthStrawberry

            I just love losers who look up old arguments and try to drink their fill. Not only, did this discussion in no way relate to my level of intellectual capacity, it also did not inquire the morbid delusions of potential criminals. 

            By my reasoning, only an intellectual cripple or a criminal would recommend an individual kill themselves, over a comment they could not handle. If you are not intelligent enough to properly type a well reasoned, sophisticated response that is hardly my problem. Your bellicose ranting about, “a thesaurus and dictionary” fails to disguise the desperation and insanity behind your style of argument. Correct me if I am wrong, but you are implicitly recommending that I commit suicide by, “jumping of a bridge” because you lack the intellect to reply to my comments in a sophisticated manner. 

            Interestingly, you have labelled me as an, “annoying doucebag”, and have stated that you, “know my type”. Normally, I would not deign such idiotic stereotyping and self righteousness with a reply. However, I find that you need to be informed that your style of argument is unacceptable to any caste of society. After slaving through your jargon, half finished phrases and misplaced parentheses, I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth. I am amazed that there are actually people in society who are this deficient of both morality and reason. Were you hoping that I would engage you in a lengthy conversation over your lack of basic respect? Or your lack of Common sense? Reason? Logic? Proper grammatical format? Sophisticated terminology?

            Once you have learned how to hold a proper, respectable debate perhaps I will hold a conversation with you. Or perhaps not, as I perceive that no amount of polite reprimanding will relieve you of this over inflated notion of yourself. Can you honestly tell me, that you even remember the original focus of my comments? And lastly, if my comments were so inane and callous in the first place, why would you even send me a reply? Please, do not tell me you took it upon yourself to write that soppy mess you graced me with out of spite. That would just make my day…


          • Johann

            Lol DarthStrawberry, Funny as hell, how do you feel after two years and about the mini versions of all the Galaxy phones.. lol very funny man. omg.

          • dardata

            Can you elaborate on what you mean by – …only worth it when they provide most of the features you want? Are you also saying the Note 2 is bargain basement?

            Based on the specs I read the Note 2 will be generously specd. I dont understand what you mean by lack of features – we are talking about Android and barring the extra stuff samsung includes with the latest touchwiz the “features” are virtually available in any android device. I understand if you want a tablet for better reading and that would simply imply you want a larger screened device, specifically a tablet. By the way it not just about size but its resolution and ppi that plays a significant role in readability.

            No offense, but it appears you are a spec and popularity whore? I know the N7 isn’t for everyone, but lets be honest in realizing this is a $200-$250 device. The N7 should not “fail” just because Google made a conscious effort to create this device in the $200 price range, thus lessor spec’d hardware. My point is it doesn’t matter what the hardware is as long as the device performs and from all reports it performs very well, even when compared to much higher end devices.

            You are aware that there is a kindle app for android. Im not against you buying 3 device as you are free to do what ever you want, but I certainly dont see your reasoning for the kindle fire if you have an ipad and a S3.

            The reason people want or like the concept of the note2 is because of choice. This may be a hard concept to grab for the folks that are use to the apple ecosystem, but choice fosters evolution and opportunity. You don’t know what is truly beneficial to you until you begin to have an open mind. The market should decide and this is why competition and choice are good for the people. Adversely this is why I feel IOS is stagnant and boring!

          • LuckyMom

            why would I take two devices around when I can take one. I dont need a tablet and a phone. I can have them both in a Phablet. lol. I love reading books on my cell phone while I am waiting to do whatever. My children can also see better to play games on my phone while we wait. I hate that the cell phone screens are so small. I want to see everything AND be able to answer a call if needed. Its convenient and its smart. Whoever the genius is that said AHA! Lets make a bigger screen. . . thank you so much because this is exactly what I have been waiting for.

          • DarthStrawberry

            I do not need your rationalizations, I have already stated my opinion. If you happen to disagree with it, that is up to you. As far as I am concerned, this is just another attempt by Samsung to beat the competition by throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks.
            The Note 2 does have a niche market of consumers who prefer a single device albeit with fewer features. But whether or not this device strikes your fancy is your personal decision. However, as far as the market is concerned (I am much more concerned about sales, facts and results than individual customers) this device will likely not be the success Samsung’s flagship needs to be. Personally, I am offended that my intended purchase of the S3 has been one upped by this niche over stretched S3.

          • nxl11

            @DarthStrawberry: sorry if you stated your opinion on this, but is Retina display on iPhone5 crispier to the naked eye than on Samsung Note for watching videos? And than Note 2? I guess the answer would be yes cos of stretched display on Notes. Next question is the same but vs S3 please? Guess it’s a no but would like your 3 opinions please, thanks much!

          • QuietPlease

            You must be a teenager because you know everything!

          • Some1

            If it can call, and send SMS, and requires a SIM card, than it’s a freaking phone, OK? Or if you like it more call it the “phablet”, but it’s a phone.

        • Nacos

          It definitely is a matter of taste. My advice to all of you out there considering the Note 2: make sure you can bring it back of you don’t like it. I did give it a try to Note1 and despite truly liking it, I just couldn’t adjust to the size – and I’m not a girl.

        • Some1

          Same with me, making the decision now that Note II has seen the daylight. I’m personally for Note II because of it’s stronger processor and bigger RAM memory (twice as SIII) and also direct JellyBean OS built in. Still, it is a phablet, with its monster 5.5″ screen, and smaller PPI rate than the SIII. Also, this is for DarthStrawberry if he reads this, Note 2 will have 4G connection, which is not the case with SIII. And yet, my head is gonna explode because of all these doubts that i might be sorry if I take Note 2, but also the same thing if I take SIII… That’s why I’m browsing internet for opinions, so if anyone could say if they bought Note 2, its pros and cons and should I buy it… Hurry please, it’s cheaper by the end of this year only, I HAVE NO TIMEEEEEEEEEE!!!

      • Jeremy

        You have a hard time believing it’s a phone??? Can it make and receive calls? Yes. Is it a phone? Yes. Can it do so over a radio link by connecting through the cellular network? Yes. Therefore it’s a cellular phone. This is a fact. “If it’s over 5 inches it’s a tablet.” That is not only an opinion, its also a fallacy of hasty generalization. Just because smartphones are usually smaller than 5 inches, doesn’t mean that the Note2 is not a smartphone because it’s bigger. And just because you believe it to be that way doesn’t make it so. You may have confidence issues if you think people who have bigger things than you means that they’re better too. “My Commodore 64 is bigger than your netbook so it is thus better.” Notice how absurd that sounds?

      • Anon

        The Galaxy Note II is a real attention grabber . . . ツ

      • Stephen Bramell

        I see your point & its a very valid one, but there are those of us, that live on there phones, but really need a tablet too, so this is like the best of both worlds. I have a Google Nexus 7, but I still use my Galaxy S3 more than I ever do it. I would love to have 1 device to do both. But your point is very well taken & very valid.

      • DEMO

        Is a 42in.+ TV a fashion statement? No. It’s strickly for veiwing pleasure. A must have for movie and video game fanatics. And yes, this this large flat panel screen tv fits in my pocket just fine.

    • Tom

      It is a SUPERphone!

      • Stephen Bramell

        I agree!

    • Stephen Bramell

      First Smartphone really? Why did you wait to jump on the smartphone train? Well if this really is you first smartphone, you can’t go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy series. The Galaxy Note 2 will be even more appealing if you do not have a tablet as well. It’s basically a 5.5-6″ tablet with a phone built into it. I wish you the best of luck taking the plunge, once you go smartphone there is no going back! Have fun!

  • Jason Ash

    The guy who says this article is stupid.. stupid himself!

  • My only dream is to see the shitty iphone fall down

    That won’t be real unless people startes using their minds

    BTW , i don’t hate apple i just hate the iphone but not the ipad

    And i also have an iMac which pretty cool

    • Des

      “…unless people starts using their minds”
      Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon…

    • DarthStrawberry

      You reek of desperation. The iPhone 5 will just be a larger iPhone with 4G and NFC. Rather like how the S3 is a larger, cooler version of the S2. Which according, to your “logic” is a reason to want to see a “shitty device” fall down. Whether, you are an ifan or a Fandroid or neither is irrelevant. Who cares how many Apple products you have, if all your going to do is lambast the one you do not like? Even though, I despise the Nexus 7 and the bargain bin “phablet”, the Note 2, I do not want them to fall down for the sole purpose of being a bitter bitch. I am simply displeased with how, when and why they were released. I do not know whether you just hate the iPhone for no reason or not. And, I do not particularly care, there may be a large cadre of support here for bashing. But you won’t be getting any from me, especially, if you cannot even provide a reason to why you are of this opinion.

  • just love galaxy note 2….compare to galaxy s3

  • Tanuj

    galaxy s3 …. just amazing

  • S3 > Note2

  • Jason Kit

    Galaxy s3 performance is decent with existing batter performance, Look forward to see Galaxy Note 2.

  • andie

    so tempted to get the s3 but gona wait f the big one,hope its worth saying bye to my iphone:)

  • RNQ

    Note 2 will be better than S3 for browsing use….

  • Anyone has an educated guess about the price range of the Galaxy Note 2 UNLOCKED? I have the galaxy note and when I am to change my phone it would be to one of same size with a little better hardware in this case the SGN2 is a must for me even though its bigger than the SGN(.2 inches pfft). So glad i didnt rush to buy the Galaxy S3.

  • pat

    Why this dumb ass is saying the article is stupid get your head out of your ass then read the article again

  • Richard

    I love Samsung smart phones…still use my trusty galaxy s2 and love it just as much as the day I bought it… Butwhat really waiting for is the day the 4g compatible Galaxy Note 2 (or 3) with a blazing quad core comes available. I know the technology for that doesn’t exist yet, but I’m praying for the day.

  • DC

    I just got the S3 from T-mobile on the value plan. Love it. Samsung’s site says T-mobile will be getting original Note soon. I wonder how all this is going to play out. It doesn’t make sense to release the note1 and then the 2 a couple of months later. I will probably sell my S3 and get the note2 when it comes out.

    • yarrellray

      Yes tmobile customers deserve the shot at getting the Galaxy Note with ICS too bad it wasn’t earlier. But better late than never in my book it will launch on tmobile by August 8th. So there is still time for the GALAXY NOTE 2 come September or October. Bottomline here Samsung MUST LAUNCH the GALAXY NOTE 2 on all carriers just like they did the Galaxy S3 this summer. NO SINGLE CARRIER should have this device EVERYONE WANTS IT. Samsung better do right by it’s customers and launch this NOTE 2 on all carriers. And YES I love my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile too it’s the BOMB….

    • To bad T-Mobile doesn’t have 4g LTE

  • Jack

    apple should just focus on the ipad…there is no way apple is going to beat samsung when it comes to smartphone. uncle SAM is the Godfather of all flat panels. iphone is just for the kids…toy! I can’t wait to get this galaxy note 2…i hope sprint and verizon is going to carry it.

  • yarrellray

    I voted for the GALAXY S3 because that is what I have today and it’s the BEST SMARTPHONE on the market period. The only device that can top the GALAXY S3 would be the GALAXY NOTE 2 and it might not top it by much. If Samsung was smart to launch the GALAXY NOTE 2 on all carriers like they did the Galaxy S3 this past summer then YES hands down I will purchase the Galaxy Note 2. But I won’t jump carriers for the Galaxy Note 2. I can only hope Samsung learned it’s lesson by launching the Galaxy Note on At&t only prevented massive profit. With Samsung seeing all the profit from the Glaxy S3 launching on all carriers they better do the same because there is a VERY STRONG MARKET for the GALAXY NOTE 2.

    • Helen

      Hi! I agree! I have the DroidX now, and I have an itch for the SIII. But wow! Really liking the Samsung Note 2!! Love that big ass screen! But I think right now AT&T has the Note. Right? I dont know who your carrier is but I am VW. Do you think that VW will ever get the Note 2?? It’s not fair that A&T has both the S3 and Note 2. God that would be awesome if VW got it!! Then I have 2 phones to chose from and think and ponder bout which phone to grab! Who’s yer carrier? Please tell me VW, and then tell me you think that they will get the Note 2!! Do you have the S3? Please drop me a note….thanks!

  • I tried galaxy note for a week after that I switched to galaxy s3 and so far I can say i am gonna stay with s3 for a while. its an amazing piece of kit :)
    But once again though its depends on the person, some people might like the note cause of big screen, which was an issue for me.

  • cvgordo

    I’m holding off for the first phone that will have the exynos 5250. I was hoping it would be the note but that is looking more and more unlikely.

  • john cena

    samsung Galaxy s3 the best

  • I love my Note, but most would probably find it too large, be sure to to hold it in your hands first. It fits very comfortably in pockets, hand comfort will be your only issue. My hands are little above average I’d say, and I find it comfortable, once I got past slight initial awkwardness. Great convo piece too lol

    I’ll be holding out for the Note 3, but those looking to upgrade now, you can’t go wrong with either phone in the article, however, there’s just something about the awesome screen size of the Note, makes games/videos that much more enjoyable, and surfing normal web pages is quite nice!

  • venu

    i hope note2 better dn s3 in browsing and disply

  • noone

    There are plenty of phones with smaller screens, let those of us that like big screens have our phone too… Friggin choice Nazi’s…..

  • barochallo

    Thanks for this article. I’m planning on getting my first samsung smartphone and your tips are really useful. I was all set on buying the S3 right away, but thanks to your info, I’ll wait for the Note 2 to be launched, because of your suggestion of the possible reduction in price of the S3. Then why S3? Because I don’t think the possible added features, size and price of the Note 2 would be worth my while
    But it’d be nice for a gadget-lover like me to wait and check out the new arrival…
    Thanks again

  • scootersoup

    really?? anything beyond 300 or so ppi is useless…

  • mon

    somebody help me ! i really really like s3 and also note 2 but i cant decide what i should get! i want to get note 2 but i don’t want to wait until October ! what should i do ?:((((

  • edward c.

    Hello… wake people ,this is just an illusion, Galaxy note 2 will come out by DEC 2012.
    Buy IPhone 5 will come out earlier this sept.

  • Josh

    Update: We have a Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy S3 comparison video for you: ” Clearly someone didn’t watch their own video that they linked, it’s a Galaxy Note vs Note 2 video comparison, not Note 2 vs S3, as the writer stated.

  • Eric Townsend

    I will be selling my Galaxy Nexus to get the Note 2 (IF) Verizon decides we are worthy of such a nice phone….

  • jh

    No problem using with one hand when you get a Flygrip on it.

  • Well duh! of course the s3 is going to be outdone by it’s bigger brother. And the only phone comparable to the S3 is the HTC One X. Any other phone wouldn’t make sense.

  • edgewalker

    guess ill keep my s3, note2 is just too big for my pocket (damn you samsung for not putting 2gb ram in i9300)

  • fred

    Have both the new ipad and the kindle fire and feel that both are too heavy to carry around for an extended time. Hope the note II is much lighter.

  • kajal shah

    Plz Let me know that: In note 2 all feature it include that have in S3? Like: Multishot, Best Shot, SBeam, Social Sharing, NFC, Auto Brightness?

  • Ok this is gonna be my first android smarthphone, i use iphone about 3 years , but everyone is talking about how magnificent is android soo i decide to buy a samsung smarthphone, but i want your profesional opinion, which one Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung S 3 and why?

  • Laugher

    @DarthStrawberry:disqus : Dude, you are hilarious! For real, all I wanted to see was the comparison of the Galaxy Note vs the S3 and I ended up here! Reading your conversations with other had me laughing so hard! Keep up the great work! Spread your knowledge whenever you can, and please, don’t hold out on the insults. Thanks for making my day!

  • jeremiah harris

    can apple really compete with samsung? i think not. obviously samsung has the technological edge. my advice to apple, go, “try to win the technological battle with innovation and not absurd legal acrobatics.
    my name jeremiah harris

  • WowJustWow

    Damn, DarthStrawberry… troll much? There is an hour of my life I will not be getting back! PS all I got to say is if the mothafunka can make a phone call, it’s a phone… ya dig? God bless ya.

  • indrustro

    Do you really think Samsung is losing sleep over losing sales of the S3 to another Samsung device and in the process gaining a wider customer base? Their main priority is profit not concerns over OS fragmentation. To think you claim you know business, you cant be for real.
    Yes some will buy the Note 2 because they cannot afford an ipad, S3 and kindle fire but to saying that those are the only people that it is marketed at or will appeal too shows your ignorance.
    Iv known people with more than enough cash to buy the original Note because they have poor eyesight or they want to enjoy the biggest screen possible without having to carry around multiple devices.
    For me personally having to manage content, battery charging and different OS’s of 3 different devices as well as possibly a laptop will take time that I do not have and would not want to give not to mention the potential headache it may bring. With the performance of phones rivalling that of tablets and the ability to display your phones screen on an external monitor many peoples need for an additional tablet has been eliminated. This will become more evident as more phone manufacturers integrate and market wireless connectivity to external displays.

  • hod

    @DarthStrawberry:disqus shut the fuck up already, u piece of shit!

  • Dear Moderator, is there a way that you could have prevented the deterioration of this discussion? Everybody, don’t read the comments (well, maybe this one!)- you’ll get bogged down in the most remarkable series of petty comments about whether or not size really matters, and attempts to decide when a phone is a phone or a tablet or a ?????????????

  • webmom

    Thanks for the update, my first ever smartphone > Gallaxy Note !!

  • Anon

    I’m gonna sell my S III and buy a Note II, lol

  • TsukuyomiNoKami

    This is the most hilarious thing I have read in a while. While I do agree with some of the points of DarthStrawberry I also agree that he sounds like a complete douchebag know-it-all(Sheldon Cooper). I am not saying he is one, but definitely sounds like one. A lot of what he said makes sense but a lot of was just clever wordplay with lots of holes for example what constitutes a phone. I found it quite funny how you talk about the definition of advertisement and such and how you hilariously have fallen victim to it by claiming there is some indisputable line between phone and tablet just because of screen size. A more “precise” line would not be IF it can make calls and send texts but the manner in which it achieves this function. Most any modern device that can connect to the internet is capable of sending text messages and making phone calls however it was not in their directly intended design capability. While a ipad or even a desktop computer can make calls and send texts wirelessly they use either wifi or other forms of data transfer such as 3g or 4g that differ from how other cellular phones send and receive SMS or voice data. The most precise line I can draw, with the current state of consumer technology, is that if it can not send and receive text messages and voice calls with whatever labeling of “mobile data” option it is equipped with disabled than it is not a phone and if it can than it is. Another more loose definition is that if the sole method capable of sending/reviving voice calls on your mobile device shows a disclaimer that it is not meant to be used for “emergency calls” then it is probably not a phone. When tablets can make calls without my statements being applicable then we can actually debate about what is “actually” a phone and what isnt, but for not there is a decisive difference between a cellular phone and a device than can text and make calls utilizing its data plan. It can be called a small tablet or a large phone but the real issue is if you call it a big phone you are still correct.

    Any line drawn based simply on what the industry defines it as is mostly just a marketing tool as with the changing classification of a tablet now being a slate device rather than the prior colloquial usage bestowed upon touch screen laptop pc years ago.

    In my opinion the GNII does not overly infringe upon the GSIII in that while it uses the same technology it is a different form factor and thus the limitation of comfortable usage looms over any purchase. Since “pocketability” and ease of use is a large factor once you go past the 4-4.5″(I say 4″ that because some people like tight pants in which pockets are not entirely functional) mark nowadays only some people will be willing to deal with the note vs the SIII as far as size goes and many will only find “it would have been nice” to have a note II rather than an SIII but still be perfectly content with their purchase. I also would like to mention that in my personal opinion the original Galaxy Note was more of a “paid beta” or trial to test the waters on the market for a larger than standard phone looking at the hardware specifications given that the SIII was official already and was known to be using better hardware. The fact that it was only released to a single carrier can be seen to further this opinion. Looking at the phone itself the note II is just an update, looking at hardware Samsung had available at the time and within the next few months the GNII is not an “update” but a full release after a product trial if not still limited by price in areas such as the screen which should have been at least 1600 x 900(but not really a big deal).

    Then I come to the issue of labeling it a “bargain” item with negative connotations. Sometimes a bargain is just simply more efficient and has no real drawbacks for the average user. I can buy a tablet if I wanted but the issue is my own usage patterns vs the drawback of having to synch, charge, and carry multiple devices would not be efficient. As well as being completely without any tablet-features should I be in a position to not be able to have my tablet and just have my phone. I like being ready in technology as much as the next guy but having a top of the line smartphone, tablet, and kindle is a bit much. I see the gains potentially but still a bit unnecessary in my eyes since once the new age of high speed external data transfer takes hold the use of a standalone tablet will be completely lost and replaced with laptops with removable screens(ASUS Transformer Series), OS optimization based on mode(Windows 9 probably since windows fails every other version), and thunderbolt powered gpu boxes. So your claims of future proofing based on capability is kind of odd.

    • Victor Mercado

      Wow you write a lot. I just skimmed through your whole “article” lol

  • bobi gin

    looks like many guys here forget why note 2 is actually a “note”. honestly you buy it for it’s note abilities I guess o.o and what’s pro on this post is that some guys post a lot of crap like they are paid to waste time on complaining and making a fuss over (more a show)… well honestly I really enjoyed and got myself a favourite complayner DarthStrawberry =)) well honestly I agree I am acting like a little children by criticising some guys who waste they’re time so much complaining on useless things. i mean a phone is meant to make calls.. who gives a crap if is super screen and btw new upgrades on more posibilities like for example what I like on note (drawing …) are welcomed… anyway all those big companies like samsung try they’re hardest logically to make lot of new products so they can win as much money as possible… and if we judge it by the era we live now in where some people starve and others are 100% discriminated those little gadgets don’t really help much do they? O_O it’s just some thing you can use for your own pleasure or because you need it for your work (but that’s cause you decide it) fine I agree I suck for saying those things but well I had to say it (at least to post something) and one more thing rather than complaining about stupid electric machines that one self decides whether to buy or not you better go work and do something usefull for the needs of people that live in this so called “modern era” maybe better said degenerated. best regards from me and yeah well have fun ;)

    P.S. sorry if my english is bad .. I am not english and I am no pro in it.. had to learn it anyway =((

  • Stephen Bramell

    Well first off, this is irritating because I really wanted a Galaxy Note, but VZW didn’t carry it, so I got an S3. I would definitely

  • what the fu*k is dis,, for sale purpose samsung give challenge to S3,, idiot if u want to compare ur Note 2 den compare wid Apple I 5 not wid S3,, u give more prefrence to ur new mobile by which dis will got fame in market nd beat the record of S3 bt in my opinion S3 is always best to carry in jeans pocket,, if u want to beat den beat Apple I 5……………….

  • Gaz

    Samsung is really making booooom in the market, I like their approach making people happy with what they have. I agree with some comments but I would say something from my experience: traveling a lot and having to deal with many things such as lets say e-mails, presentations, is a headache to have a phone and a tablet to work out your stuff, with NOTE Samsung did a good job, keep it up.

  • polo12

    My first smartphone ever was S3 though..

  • Mayada

    Does anyone know if the note 2 will have the same features as the s3, (all share, tectiles, s beam, sharing pictures with everyone, etc. All those COOL advertised features on s3, Im looking around and Im not finding any indication of it having those features, but I could be wrong.

  • anonymous

    why no price for galaxy note 2, in my country, samsung had sell it