galaxy s3 vs htc one x video review

Both the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X are beautiful pieces of gear, no doubt. Both are powered by powerful chips and both lead the benchmark rankings. Both are built with utmost attention to detail, by the two most prestigious Android manufacturers in the world.

So, how could one pick a side in this epic battle? How can one say, with confidence, that the Galaxy S3 is superior to the One X, or the other way? Taking sides it’s hard to do, especially since doing so will bring upon you the ire of countless fans of the “losing” side. But we did it anyway in our Galaxy S3 vs. One X review, that we published just hours after we first got our hands on Samsung’s new hero device.

Now, our Sam Cater has taken again to comparing the two titans of the 2012 Android lineup, this time on video. Check it out below – Sam pitches the One X and the Galaxy S3 in a 7 minute review that will take you through many of the essential aspects of the phone. You’ll see how the two quad-cores fare against each other, from booting times to launching apps, to navigating the user interfaces.

You’ll get to hear the difference in the audio output of the two devices and see which one does better at taking snapshots. Sam even succinctly compares the Ice Cream Sandwich implementations of HTC and Samsung – Sense and TouchWiz.

After watching the video, you might reach the same conclusion I did. It’s all a matter of feeling. It’s so hard to discern between the S3 and the HTC One X that most buyers will end up making an emotional decision, instead of a rational one. Personally, I think that the One X looks and feels better, but I wouldn’t look down on anybody for choosing the Galaxy S3. They are that close.

What do you think?

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Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Geztaylor

    Removable bigger battery and micro sd cards just make the s3 so much more flexible and practical, that makes it the winner for me.

    • Terrence Greene

      Its not so much the battery but the lack of storage. Especially for the US version. I mean i would have bought the one x on day 1 but 16 gigs of storage is just pitiful..

      • VeeBee

        I think if you buy the One X, it comes with 25gb of free Dropbox space. Not as readily available, but something to think about.

        • MasterMuffin

          Sgs3 comes with 50 gb of free dropbox space….. Victory for sgs3 again :)

          • AndrewLees

            Everyone gets 7GB free from Skydrive, Flickr give you almost unlimited photo uploads free and Dropbox gives min 25gb. The days of needing a removable SIM are over. Also, modern batteries have a min 3 year life then start deteriorating but not at a great rate. I have never replaced a mobile battery, not ever, I keep my phone for a maximum 18months then it gets replaced. Why would anyone care about removable battery? Nvidia have admitted they can get upwards of 30% more from Tegra 3 with improved drivers. As for the USA versions they both use the S4 chips, so they are nearly identical devices. Pop up video is on the One X (download SuperVideo) and popup calculator is on the One X (download AirCalc), also you can use Overscreen (a pop up web browser). So any advantage you think touchwiz over Sense you are sorely mistaken. Also S voice is a joke. With Siri you can mumble your request and she generally gets they gist of what you said, with S voice you have to speak clearly and quite loudly and even then it fails constantly. Oh and S voice is not funny, Samsung do not do funny. If you are still deciding which handset to get go and look at the official advertisement videos for the S3, they are cancer inducing. One X all the way! Sorry if this was long but it needs to be said :)

          • Optic_1999

            Well I guess I’ll add to this thread too. I just returned my One-S after 4 days of putting up with what I consider poor power management. I would leave to work with 100% battery and by the time I got home 10 hours later it was already at 15% and I really didn’t do that much on it, again I’m at work and not sitting around with nothing to do. My last two phones I had purchased a independent battery charger and a spare battery and I always found the convenience of not being tethered to a wall socket. For me this was the downfall for this phone for my needs. Other than this it was a great phone. I really wanted to try to go with HTC but the sealed battery didn’t work for me. If they had a removable battery the HTC One-S would still be in my pocket today. Anyway just my opinion hope this helps in the decision you go with. Have a good one all.

          • solomonshv

            All of those cloud storage services are less than useless since unlimited data plans are long gone and those that still have them will lose them on their next upgrade. And what are you going to do when you want to listen to your music that’s in the cloud storage while skyiing down a mountain that doesn’t even barely has 2G coverage.

          • Nicholas Layton

            The days of needing removable storage are not over. Especially since all the carriers are charging for the amount of data you use, local storage is needed even more now.

        • These are all matter of personal opinion, however giving the opportunity
          and the MEANS to any of the two phones I will go for Samsung GSIII since it has a removable battery and expandable memory.the Galaxy S III camera is definitely the superior camera.I heard that Galaxy S III and iPhone 4S used the same 8M pixel image senor from another briefed comparison of the One X and Galaxy S III here

        • epikvision

          I’ve owned my HTC One X for a month now, and I still don’t know how to access my 25gb dropbox story.

  • Crezo1

    I can’t comment between the two, but I just picked up the one X today, after using iPhones for years since the first launch all I can say is it kicks the iPhone 4’s arse! No more waiting for 6 months to upgrade the OS just so I can run jailbroken software purely to get a pretty home screen UI! Why has it taken me so long to switch to android!

    The specs are pretty much identical on the S3 (with exception of battery and SD) so I’m sure whichever one people go for they will be blown away. The S3 looks and feels more dated and clunky in my opinion in comparison to the One X, but does have the advantages stated.

    • Mohdamr1

      I think both will look dated by the end of this year ! I don’t like the black area around the one x’s screen and I do not like the weird position of the S3’s hardware button. Overall, i think the S3’s software (touchwiz) and hardware (especially sd card and battery) specs are better. All the other specs are similar between both and the one x material feels more premium, all Samsung products (monitors, smart phones, televisions,etc.) have that ugly shiny plastic texture.
      I am willing to choose the S3 over the one x because it offers more memory and better battery.

  • trob6969

    The s3 wins hands-down. Not only does it have a swappable battery and SD slot, but it has functions that NO other smartphone has. And to me its the best looking smartphone. It looks more sleek and elegant than the one x.

    • yamil oguic

      To me SG3 has Girl design, cheap plastic looking, everybody will erase all the stauff you call unique, and the the only feature that is different apart from the ipnohe button is the possibility of taking a video to desktop, but….the video goes so small that you will not able to see what is going in the video and in the desktop…nice jjob samy boy…
      Ugly in the outside, ugly TWZ UI, you will need a luancher also,.
      Sorry, i d preffer HOX .. IS MEN DESIGN

      • trob6969

        You think the s3 has a “girl” design?! Be specific and explain what you think looks girly about it. You say it looks plasticy but its made of polycarbonate just like the one x! And tell me how people will “erase” the s3’s ability to track your eyes with its front cam and the ability to shrink video and move it around the display while interacting with other apps?! I can run down a list of features the s3 has that the One x doesn’t. I name one thing that the One x can do that the s3 can’t.

        • FourEyedGeek

          Pretty much all that have reviewed it stated the HTC One X has a superior feel to the build, it has superior audio, better quality screen in terms of pixel density and it doesn’t have a PenTile screen, in tests the applications load faster and the Tegra 3 has the ability to switch to a single lower power draining core.

          Am I saying its a better phone, no. Just these are a couple of the features it has better than the SGS3.

          Build quality won’t matter so much when you put a case over it, if you listen to the audio over headphones it won’t matter about in built speaker, the screen on the S3 is still excellent, the speed on application boot is pretty minimal and once loaded the S3 has higher benchmark scores, S3 has a bigger battery to compensate for higher drain of screen and core.

          Then again, the S3 software features can be download using 3rd party apps to the HTC One X, most people will not need more than 32Gb of storage, the battery on the HTC One X should last more than 2 years and after that most people will want a new phone (you can still hack it open too), the larger screen size is negligible.

          I don’t see one dominating the other, both are great phones, both are better than the iPhone 4S but both will not sell as well as the iPhone 4S.

          • Murray Winiata

            Hah, superior audio quality, you made me laugh.

          • FourEyedGeek

            I don’t suppose you want to explain your comment? If you’ve heard Apple’s iPhone speaker and how terrible it is? If you hear the difference between the two phones listed here, you will hear that HTCs speaker is superior, is it great, amazing or the best? No, just superior to SG3

          • AndrewLees

            The speaker on the One X is certainly better. However the DAC in the S3 is generally recognized as perhaps the best in the industry. That being said I use Poweramp oh yes!!!! I do :)

        • Sjande7

          All those features are available to one x samsung just gave them fancy names, also most of those apps are available on playstore. I have the s3 (as apresent) but i personally prefer the one x, which has a better screen, camera and ui. And i have personally compared these two

          • trob6969

            So are you saying the eye-tracking, movable video window, swappable battery and expandable memory features of the s3 are available to the one x?…yeah right! I’d like to see that!

          • NuffSaid

            Eye tracking…big deal, just change screen timeout to a minute. If that’s useful to you, then you must read really slow for the screen to timeout on you. Movable video window is just novelty – who multitasks while watching a video, videos require focused eyeballs! The One X comes with 25gb free Dropbox space. The only true 1-up over the One is the removable battery. The S3 has a cheap plasticky feel, and since the design was “modeled after nature”, I’d say that’s pretty girlie!

          • trob6969

            Lol! “Cheap plasticky feel”?! You must not realize that BOTH the one x and s3 are made of polycarbonate! And because Samsung says the s3 was inspired by nature you say the phone is “girlie”?! So I guess according to you everything that’s marketed as eco-friendly is girlie too. You know, anything recyclable. And as far as YOUR eyes having to focus on a video, well I have something pretty common called peripheral vision so I CAN do things like respond to a text or email message while still enjoying a video.

          • jackthe7th

            Just because they are made out of “polycarbonate” (which has variants, not all polycarbonate is the same) doesn’t mean they feel the same. Changes in thickness, design, matte or glossy, structural weak points, etc etc all come into account when determining if a phone has a “cheap plasticy feel”. And when people say “cheap plasticy” they really mean “cheap”, or “flimsy”, or feels like it would break easily. I would agree that the one x feels more sturdy, but the S3 has been put through its stress tests and performs just fine. You are prolly safe with both in that reguard.

          • MasterMuffin

            The sgs3 comes with 50 gb of free dropbox space so….. Victory for sgs3 :P

          • MasterMuffin

            Movable video windows is available to every android phone……. There are many apps that can do that in play store, check your facts!!

          • trob6969

            Yeah you’re right, I just found out yesterday…I installed it on my phone and it works perfectly.

          • AndrewLees

            Eye tracking is something everyone will disable after the first few hours. See youtube vids showing how even if the phone is at a slight angle (during gaming, watching videos) the damned thing turns the screen off without warning. Who needs SD cards nowadays? Everyone has around 100GB free cloud storage.

          • trob6969

            SD storage doesn’t require an internet connection to access its contents. And you may be ok with storing your personal media in some ‘cloud’ that can be hacked into but a lot of people aren’t.

          • jackthe7th

            Cloud services are probably the most protective form of storage you can get. If you read up about it, and what the big cloud storage companies are doing, you would realize that the only feasible way cloud storage could be hacked is if someone got your password. And there is next to 0% chance any of your data will be lost, compared to storing things on the device itself which you could drop, or lose, or have go bad on you.

        • Summitprincess0306

          Hi, not sure who you are or where you are from… but I like your post! Nice! I have the Droid X, and anything new would be a plus for me! But yes, the HTC is “platic” polycarbonate but matt and the the S3 is glossy! I would rather have the matt because of the prints, but I am reading up all the time on android authority, and understanding the wording and technology stuff! But I do love the S3 and I wish it would hurry up to the states! But I will sit on my hands to wait for the reviews for a month, maybe but reviews or not! It’s personal preference! Right? I think without reading up on the HTC One X, that the S3 will and does more the HTC.
          But what about Dual Core and Quad core? Can we see a difference? So much to learn? Same as the display? The S3 slightly blue-ish? And HTC is better and brighter!? But honestly if I had the S3 and brought it home….. I wouldn’t care about the HTC and probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference at all. Good luck! Do you have the S3 yet?

      • Terrence Greene

        please help me find an android phone that is not made of plastic. Its not cheap either considering how durable it actually is.

      • bachinphx

        Well I must really be in touch with my “girlie” side because I think the phone looks awesome!

        • I think the blue marble version of the Galaxy SIII is better. I wish reviewers could/would use that one instead of the white, which looks pale and boring.

      • Vishalxx10

        i dnt know u bro….bt what u called “girly” is a simple classy and most adorable deign….

      • Jake

        I’d rather have a girl in my pocket than a guy.

      • Global

        You don’t buy phone to show off, do you?

    • AndrewLees

      Name these functions? The ONLY function it has is going into lock screen if you stop staring directly at it, this is flawed, if you put the handset away from you (like you do when watching a video) the screen switches off. Name these functions and I’ll point you to an app you can download (usually for free) that’ll deliver the same if not better functionality?

      • trob6969

        Ok, I’ll give you the ‘downloadable’ functions, but let’s see you download a swappable battery and SD slot!

  • wonshikee

    I’d say the only real advantage One X has is in the looks department – everything else is equal to or greater on the S3.

    • Louis B

      AMOLED screens suck. And the screen is about all that we look at on a phone so that phone is a big NO.

      • kaung

        You can compare one x screen and s3 screen under the sun! Ok?

  • FourEyedGeek

    The HTC One X looks and feels like a better build quality, has a better sound quality, has a better dpi and the applications boot faster. As a preference I prefer sense UI.

    Samsung Galaxy S3 has a larger screen, removalable Micro SD card, replaceable battery, better front facing camera (does anyone care?), less software junk on the phone.

    However they seem pretty much the same and both excellent, I would really like to know the battery life difference, as that will have a big impact on choice for me and maybe many other people. Battery life while being on idle and battery life while being used at maximum brightness and CPU strain.

    • Jyothirdt6

      Every phone of Samsung looks same at back view so I didnt find any new in s3 and more over android phones with more speed are more choosable in markets so one x with 1.5ghz is. is better than s3 with 1.4ghz . even a 0.1 difference makes a big difference in their speeds . one x with beats audio makes it no 1 in audio field rather than s3 I think this could be a fetching point to music lovers to choose one x .and the phone with nice looking is one x that’s why I chosen it. I am not arguing that the one I chosen is best , intact I chose the best one and that is one x

      • thepeddle

        You’re talking out of your ass son…….the Exynos quad beats the Tegra 3 in all bench marks and it seems smoother in actual real world use.if you like the One X better that is your opinion but talk about 1.5 vs 1.4 like its fact you’re just coming off more ignorant and socially inept than you probably are…….

        • TheGreatLeon

          Yes, yes. Insulting people over phone preference online isn’t being socially inept at all.

          Assuming that you’ve been socialised via the YouTube comments section of course, then it would seem normal.

          • Khaos_warrior

            Well he is right the Exynos destroys the tegra pretty badly, so the guy above him shouldn’t talk out his ass…..common sense.

            With that said if you are on Sprint EVO LTE is the improved version of the one X micro SD and bigger battery as well as a dedicated camera button.

            The S3 also won’t have exynos here in the states just like the One X does not have Tegra 3. They both will be on S4 which will make them roughly the same speed wise although the S3 is supposed to be getting 2gigs of ram.

            With all that said…The guy who did the review did a pretty good non bias job at it except for his reasons as to why he was picking the S3 they made no sense at all….

    • TheGreatLeon

      Some people like to swap batteries, others like to use portable chargers. Battery life is an issue on most new phones, one or two hours here or there isn’t a big problem if you’re willing to spend extra on accessories. 32gigs is more than enough. You only get to use 25 mind you. Depends on whether you like to fill up your memory for the sake of it, or simply delete when required. Personally I don’t like having too much on my phone, so 25 is enough for me. Also some apps don’t install or run on sd cards so keep that in mind.

  • Postal Jim

    The only thing that would sway me to HTC would be the beats audio…..BUT, since there is limited storage for music and videos…..can’t see me being able to use it to my fullest desire. S3 will get my upgrade. Spare memory and batteries are a must for me and my habits…..

    • trob6969

      Then you should be getting the htc rezound. It has Beats Audio, 1.5ghz dual-core, as SD slot, swappable battery and its 4.3″ 720p display has the highest pixel density of any other smartphone on the market at 342ppi.

      • Postal Jim

        I have an S2 now. Want a bigger screen. If it was 4.5 maybe. Miss my Infuse’s big screen and think i may like an even bigger screen. I hate decisions.

  • Zeyangke


  • Zeyangke

    the speaker of galaxy s3 is sucks…..

    • TheGreatLeon

      Unless you’re one of those idiot boys on the back of the bus playing annoying dubstep or whatever it shouldn’t be an issue.

      • Khaos_Warrior

        Dubstep is the shit stop hating loser.

  • ashykat

    Hmmm…. I don’t think the video reviewer really grasped certain things. For instance, he thought the One X has two speakers, the one on the bottom and the pogo pins. Also, beats audio doesn’t come into play unless you’re using BT or have a headset plugged in.

    • Sjande7

      They everywhere including games u just assuming have u actually used the phone

  • AndroidBrian

    People are making to big of a deal about how a phone looks IMO. There’s about 3-4 things that are more important than looks and 2 of those are battery life and storage. I love the HTC one X I think its great but its not for me. Galaxy s3 is a good size and I always put cases only phone so design is never a deal breaker. As long as the phone is light and thin then I’m happy.

    I personally love the way Samsung designs there phones. It seems they just make there phones as thin as possible and use lightweight material. Final result isnt always stunning in some cases but its almost like its made to put a case on it. And with great case company’s like Seidio, Incipio & Case-Mate who wouldn’t want to put a case on there phone. They look great and protect your high price gadget. Don’t be a fool and wrap your tool.

    • dmmh

      why the hell would I want to put a case on something that looks gorgeous? Seriously? It just makes a thin and beutiful device clunky and ugly

      • AndroidBrian

        To protect your phone that probably cost more than you computer that’s why.

  • S3 is 4.8″ screen while the other is 4.7″. Just a minor minor correction!

  • ola amigos eu tenho um htc one x e estou muito contente com o meu htc one x eu ja tuve en minhas maos um galaxy s 3 e nao gostei de galaxy s 3 e muito feio o modelo e nao tem uma imagem tao perfeta e nitida como a htc one x o galaxy s 3 tem cores muito fortes nao tem cores naturales como o htc one x nao e por ter um htc one x que falo eu por exemplo a minha bateria dura 3 dias e vejo muitos filmes e jogo muito e tem um sons nitido nao como galaxy s 3 as musicas se ouvem com muitas distorsao en el galaxy s 3

  • Sjande7

    I have the galaxy s3 and my brother the 1x not being biased i have been trying to get us to swap, htc is got a much better screen and is better customised plus the camera is great. I bought the s3 because its a paper tiger but regret that. In the real world most of that dont count and i would really swap to one x if it wouldnt cost me

    • Adam Koncz

      How is the battery life on HOX? Is that the Tegra version?

  • Both phones are great, and both are able of doing the whole thing you could probably require but i would like to choose Samsung GS3.

  • iPhart

    Most of this proHTC comments on all sites and blogs, are actually made from iservants and iboys. They just pretend to be in love with HTC One X (great device ,but not the best)
    It is very important for them, Apple not to be beaten from one single device like GS3 cause they will loose the last fort :)

  • Macbrew

    Give me the EVO 4G LTE. It has removable sd card, dedicated camera button, and a 2000mh battery

  • Previa+android

    S3 is so ugly.

  • AnCing Huang

    s3’s sound chip is sucks. Voice from s3 is sound like speak with distance. The same problem happens to note too. Compare to iphone and htc, samsung’s sound chip is not that good.

  • Thedeadfish

    You got the screen sizes wrong…
    One X 4.7 not 4.8
    GS3 4.8 not 4.9

  • Thedeadfish

    And those are pogo pins on the back of the One X, not speakers…
    Please get your facts right before you review

  • Cjack007

    Going from an iPhone 4, with a non-removable battery and no expandable memory, the One X wouldn’t really bother me. And 16GB on the US version really doesn’t matter much anyways. I have a 32GB iPhone 4, but still have not used half of the memory. It’s not like I plan to put my entire music library on my phone. No phone could fit it all. That’s why I have a computer.
    As far as screens go, the One X is just better. For me, it comes down to being able to look at the screen and see pixels. That’s just irritating to me and I know after a day of using the SGS3 and seeing pixels, I’d be taking it back, regardless of the rest of the phone’s features. The One X doesn’t have this problem at all. In terms of image quality, it’s right there with the retina display.
    That’s just my rant though. Overall the HTC just feels more well built when held. The Samsung, not so much. It leaves something to be desired. Definitely going with the One X

  • yujinn

    For me, HTC One X is gorgeous both in the outside (chassis) and inside (UI). SGS3 looks and feels cheap. I’d go for a solid unibody than a dust and damage prone removable back-covered one. Not having the ability to swap batteries and storage is non issue for me since my HOX lasts up to the day’s end and 25GB (yes, mine has 32GB total, with the system data taking some) is more than enough for me.
    With regards to battery again, If I have the need to recharge but away from a power source, I’d rather carry a small portable battery pack where I just plug in the USB cable from rather than carry a separate OEM battery and go through all the trouble of removing the back cover everytime (which makes it prone to wear and tear as well).

  • katie

    I love my HTC one x, shit battery life but download movies and music all the time and never ran out of space, and what is a removable battery going to achieve? Something more to lose or break, would never go back now I got a HTC, my first phone on android as I have always had a iPhone and its 100 times better than that, love it!!!!!

  • Abdool

    Samsung Galaxy S III is good on paper but the One x gives a better user experience. Sense 4.0 makes life a lot less stressful. SIiI looks and feels cheap, thats a concern especially when the phone costs a fortune, it should look like a fortune too. The SIII has compatibility issues with some games, And has issues with managing power, due to all the unnecessary extra stuff. if u want to trully enjoy the smartphone experience, you should go with the One X , with the remarkably smart sense UI or u can just go with the crowd and get a samsung

    • Will

      Can these paid HTC advertisers GTFO of here?

      This post sounds a lot like your ridiculous employee handbook that instructs salesmen how to trick potential customers into thinking the dOne X is “better” than the S3. Everyone thought that was hilarious given how comically dishonest it was.

      Sense is universally considered to be heavy, laggy, and cartoony looking.
      Touchwiz on the other hand is light, intuitive, fast, and smooth.

      If you think the S3 “has issues with managing power”, then the One X must be pathetic because all professional reviewers have shown that the S3 lasts a full day with HEAVY usage, while the One X can barely last half a day with medium usage.

      When most user reviews and trusted professional reviews say that HTC can not offer the same excellent user experience as the Galaxy S3, I think people are going to listen to them rather than a pathetic, paid HTC shill like you.

  • Balloon Farts

    Why in the hell would HTC put a ‘sealed’ battery in? I don’t understand that at all.. I was going to return my new Samsung III today, to get the HTC, but if I can’t access or change out the battery, forget it.

  • Louis B

    I’d rather keep my single core HTC sensation XL than have a phone w AMOLED screen on it. AMOLED screens suck. Just search for the video review of the SGSIII by “heelsandtech” on youtube and you;ll see the s3 is incapable of producing real life colours. And dont let me start w the cheesy grease-prone glossy body. Puke.

  • kuchiki

    I am a proud owner of an HTC One X and it is amazing :)

  • ultimately it depends upon which phone the use likes everyone’s opinions may be different and both are good phones so even if you have either oneit is good cause both are high end smartphones

  • Guido

    The HTC One X wins in this article, most people will agree however, that the S3 is better.