Samsung Galaxy S3 VS HTC One X — Is “Three” better than “One”?

by: Bams SadewoMay 4, 2012

galaxy s3 vs htc one x

There comes a time in every geek’s lives when he or she has to make a difficult decision: choose the best Android smartphone out of two VERY strong contenders. It’s a lot like choosing a life partner, except that it probably won’t last as long. But hey, we share your confuzzlement…

This epic battle between the two finest Android phones that have ever graced our sweaty palms will hopefully make it easier for you to choose the phone to throw your money at. The first contender is the mighty HTC One X. This phone seemingly came out from nowhere with little hype and excitement. Make no mistake though, because HTC still delivers it HARD. The second contender is the nature-inspired Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s not exaggerated to declare the Galaxy S3 the most hyped Android phone ever, like E-V-E-R.

In fact, if this battle would be based on hype alone, we could wrap it up right now, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the runaway winner. But of course, that’s not what our battle is all about. More than just about hype and gloss, it’s also about the specs and the overall experience delivered by the two mighty phones.

Let’s get it started.


Being that beauty is in the eye of beholder, we’ll say that both the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are beautiful in their own way. Not to say that we don’t have our own preference, though.

The HTC One X comes with a polycarbonate unibody that just oozes sleekness, while the Galaxy S3’s curvaceous body is quite the departure from the Galaxy S2’s boxy days. Due to the bigger screen found on the Galaxy S3, the form factor of the Samsung device does come in slightly bigger and longer than the HTC One X.

Amazingly, the Galaxy S3, which comes in at 133 grams, is just a tad heavier than the 130 grams HTC One X’s. Hmm, this category is a tough one, not to mention highly subjective. While we’re sure the Samsung Galaxy S3 will grow on us, for now, HTC One X has the slight edge.

Winner: HTC One X  


In the size department, the Galaxy S3 is the winner, with its 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, but the HTC One X’s 4.7-inch Super IPS LCD2 display has the pixel density upper lead. Unless you’re planning to look at the phone through a magnifying glass, however, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. What we can say is we’re suckers for the larger than life colors and contrast levels that only a Super AMOLED display can deliver.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3



The HTC One X comes with the tried and tested Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, clocked at 1.5GHz, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 sports a 1.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4 Quad processor with an Mali-400 GPU. These are both some powerful beasts of processors that will have no problem reigning over most benchmark tests.

According to Anandtech, the One X and the Galaxy S3 are neck in neck in the SunSpider JavaScript and BrowserMark benchmark tests, which measure the phones’ browser and CPU performance. Various GLBenchmark tests, however, have shown the Samsung Galaxy S3 to lead over the HTC One X. The Galaxy S3 even trumped all over the previous title holder, the iPhone 4S, by some significant numbers.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3


The exterior of the Galaxy S3 doesn’t bring the radical design change than many have hoped to see. So, it’s wise for Samsung to focus on the software side of things. Apart from the polished TouchWiz interface, Samsung has added many extra touches, that  make the S3 more than a worthy competitor to the HTC One X.

For example, there’s the S Beam, which lets you share content with other Galaxy S3 phones by just tapping the back of the two phones. The Pop-up play feature lets you “float” running video on top of other applications. The face recognition software lets the phone identify pictures of your friends and provides multiple options to conveniently send the pics to them. Then there’s Smart Display, the Siri-like S Voice, and loads more.

Though we have a little more affinity – just a wee bit — towards HTC’s Sense UI, we declare Samsung Galaxy S3 the winner in this round for putting more effort.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3

galaxy s3 software


Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts an 8MP rear shooter with autofocus, flash, and Zero Lag Shutter BSI image sensor, that allows you to take 3.3 pictures in one second. Equally impressive is the HTC One X’s 8MP rear camera with the ImageSense chip. Until we see more pictures taken with the Galaxy S3, we’re going with the universally praised HTC One X’s camera as the winner in this category.

Winner: HTC One X


When we thought Samsung was about to zig, the company did a zag instead and included a replaceable battery on the Galaxy S3. The 2,100mAh battery is also bigger than the HTC One X’s 1,800mAh, non-replaceable power pack. Another aspect that we love about the Galaxy S3 is, that, unlike the One X, it comes with a microSD card slot. The SD support potentially allows you to carry 128GB amount of music, movies, pictures, and other docs in your Galaxy S3 phone.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3


Call it a honeymoon period or whatever, but we’re genuinely excited about the Samsung Galaxy S3. While there’s no denying that the HTC One X is one heck of a lust-worthy smartphone, for now, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is where our geeky heart is.

Which phone tingles your geek senses better? Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X?

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  • Mohdamr1

    I think the galaxy s3 offers better hardware and software, except the camera and the screen resolution are similar to the one x. I love the 16, 32, 64 gb memory options, and expandable sd card slot, removable bigger battery, the voice recognition and wireless charging. The exterior of the s3 is nicer too. The best thing about the one x is the LCD screen and probably build quality which HTC is known for.

    • The question is what is going to be the price difference on the 16,32,and 64 gb options, because this apple-style $100 for another 16 gb (microsd card that you could have bought for 10 dollars if they had a card slot) is bull.

      • Mohdamr1

        You are right about that, but its good to have that option just like apple. Personally I would like having 128 gb or 96 gb space in my smartphone. I do hope they don’t add 100 $ for 16 gb too !

  • bau

    Although this is off-topic, but have you seen the stock market of Apple???
    The share price went down to 567 USD, following the release of SG3…

    • AppleFUD

      who cares? seriously! If you are that obsessed with what apple is doing maybe you are reading the wrong article.

      • Anakin

        no actually this is interesting. it means that for once, apple supporters are starting to get nervous. lol nice :-)

        now, perhaps, the apple zombies will start to see there are alternatives.

        • Zombie’s ? :D
          If steve was alive he would had sued you for patent infringement.

    • Keep in mind, Scott Forstall just sold 64 Thousand Apple shares for 40 million dollars.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Had you said Choosing a life partner as if you were in Hollywood you would have been just fine.

  • why is it that you guys always measure HTC one X that is offered by Verizon but not the One X thats offered by Sprint which is much better? if you did i believe it would have been more on par with the Galaxy S3, just saying!

    • Jaranjames

      I agree the Sprint Version is right on par with the Galaxy SIII the sprint version has micro storage and a 2050 mah battery with beats kickstand and dedicated camera with own chip.

    • donttrollmepeople

      so they should test a carrier variant with a non carrier variant. even when the carrier variant of the gs3 would have the same chip and still outshine the one x. lucky for the one x… they didnt have anything on the camera or the gs3 would have trumped it there also.

  • Amine Elouakil

    Are you kidding me?

    The SGSIII Display is better than the One X? every respectable techblog on the planet oppose what you are seing there.

    As for the software side : You mention S Beam as if it is something exclusive to the SGSIII but that shows your ignorance, as it is just the Android beam using NFC shown on the Galaxy Nexus and the HTC One X has a similar feature.

    Battery life! : maybe you need to check the anandtech review of the AT-T One X to get some facts straight, relatively bigger battery doesn’t mean a better battery life!

    I’m sorry but enough is enough, the lack of objectivity in some articals is striking, I tried to stick around, but I can’t anymore.

    • Terrence Greene

      What are you going on about.

      For display i perfer the S3.. Yes the IPS is better for reading with less pix-elation but in terms of contrast and colors the super amoled wins it.

      As for software i don’t believe HTC has made anything quite like what samsung has. i mean the whole beaming this is no big deal but yeah they did it. truly though they did make worthy opponent for siri and a few other add ons that HTC simply doesn’t have.

      Im confused as to your argument about battery life as well. yeah bigger doesn’t mean better but replaceable always wins. So based on the fact that you don’t how good or bad it is the simple fact that you can replace it puts it ahead on the HTC One X

      I understand you not impressed.. but the fact is that it is an awesome phone.

    • Mohdamr1

      Don’t buy the S3 then, you’ll be happy with the One x. We are not fan boys for Samsung or HTC, competition is good and it is better to wait for the actual reviews of the S3 after it hits the markets instead of complaining about its unproven fictional problems. We only know its specs and they are impressive and numerous.

    • Stupid

      The s3 screen is HD Super AMOLED have you ever seen an AMOLED screen

  • Disappointed

    8MP? Not waterproof? I guess I’m waiting for a Fujitsu. Japanese phones win again.

  • TomUK

    I fail to see how you declare a Pentile Display with Innacurate colours the winner over the IPS HD Display, no pixelation and higher PPI.

  • Jaranjames

    I would probably get the samsung however I am not waiting until december for the phone when I can get the htc on the 18th from sprint. I like a lot of features on the samsung. But the camera and the Beats audio along with the kickstand on the htc kind of won me over. And the good news is mine And my wife’s phone Are eligible for upgrAde now so I cAn get the htc And if I don’t like it by december get the sAmsung and give her the htc she could care less what type of phone it is. Lol

  • Silence

    Why did Samsung use just a Amoled with pentile matrix and no Amoled+ ? Just for energy saving? The leading phone should have the best display technology :/

    • Mohdamr1

      Its all about costs and economics at the end. I believe your opinion is right but maybe this was not feasible or profitable for Samsung. 4.8 inch Amoled + is probably more expensive to manufacture than 4.8 inch Amoled for the S3. Anyway, the resolution of the S3 screen is much higher than the S2, so there are still screen quality improvements in the S3 compared to the S2 which has Amoled +.
      The galaxy S4 maybe will have an Amoled + screen but I don’t think I can wait another year to buy it ! Personally I think the S3 is amazing and really has the most well-rounded specs of any current smartphone.

      • Gabba

        They could’ve offered a different size. 4.8″ is too big for a phone; if I wanted something that big, I’d just get a Note

        • Mohdamr1

          Maybe the good galaxy note sales was an indication for Samsung to make bigger smart phones.

        • 4.8 is the screen (they decreased the bezel) the phone is still roughly the same size as the s2

  • guest

    can we all be realistic, htc one x is a better phone, maybe it wont win every benchmark but what would you rather be holding in your hand…

    one problem though… no sd card slot. S3 wins. It’s that simple. Everything else aside storage is one thing you can’t sacrifice. And the US version has it storage cut to a miserable 16gb.

    • Jaranjames

      Not on Sprint Version buddy

  • chaunceyman

    We all know the galaxy s3 Is better in every way … that Is except quality. Just admite it the s3 Is the cheapest flagship ever made

    • AppleFUD

      The only thing “cheap” about it is the back plastic and as we have seen on drop tests Samsung devices do much better than the vaunted great “build quality” of other phones. After all, this is a mobile device you are carrying around with you and have a high likelihood of dropping it from time to time. I don’t know about you but I would rather not pay $700 each time I drop my phone from three free high nor have to wrap it in an ugly ass plastic case to protect it — seems very pointless and redundant to brag about “build quality” only to put it in a plastic case to protect it because it’s so fragile.

      • abhishek marwaha

        ^samsung fan boy :

        • hes not a fanboy hes just telling the truth and i totally agree with him

  • Chris

    Such a biased comparison – no way is the PENTILE screen better than the Super IPS LCD2, it even has a lesser pixel per inch.

    & touchwiz better than sense 4, don’t be stupid, it’s exactly the same as gingerbread touchwiz with plenty of gimmicks.

    I suggest if you wish to compare, at least do it fairly.

    • Dont misunderstand. I love HTC phone and the main reason for it is Sense.
      HTC Sense i much better but as said “Smart Display, the Siri-like S Voice, and loads more” , new software implementation takes SIII a few steps ahead.
      If HTC implemented the same, may be the clear winner was one x.

      Amoled screens are better at color contrast, IPS has its own set of pros and cons like low power consumption etc but is equally good (yes iPhone has a better PPI but it isnt the best screen on the market) .
      High PPI by a small amount does not offer better visuals in practical usage.

      And yes i am buying the One X because i hate touch Wiz and the feel the HTC one x could be more power efficient in many aspects.
      Though tests are yet to confirm.
      My only concern is lack of SD slot (just to be on the safer side) and removable battery, that could be the only reason i would choose Samsung and later mod it with a custom ROM to throw away the crappy TouchWiz thats even ugly than stock android.

      • Cal

        wow, i guess you like you phone stock. plenty of launchers out there to replace the TouchWiz

        • Van-Snipes

          I am sorry but who the hell would watch a video while sending a text. No offence to Samsung and touch wiz but seriously can you work a little more on hardware (materials,build quality) and a little less on nifty little features that no one will use. I guess it isn’t made for humans after all.

        • Actually, unless I’m mistaken, there are some parts of TouchWiz that are not replaced when you replace launchers. Like the top bar, with the shortcuts thingy. I might be very, very wrong, but that’s my experience with Go Launcher in a Galaxy 5 phone…

      • SamsaraGuru

        The Galaxy S3 from the reviews I’ve read sounds like the more polished of the two. Based solely on the fact that the HTC doesn’t give you the option of a removable battery and SD storage I would never consider it. What happens when the battery – which can’t be removed or possibly even repaired? – fails when it follows Murphy’s Law, which states, “If something can go wrong it will wrong and at teh moment when you both least expect it and can least tolerate it going wrong.” Plus to give it a weaker battery?

        Somebody wasn’t thinking when they designed this at HTC. I would defiitely go with the Samsung.

        • Mainz2kc

          tbo never had to replace my iPhone battery and 32gb is more than enough for the average consumer.

          • SamsaraGuru

            I’m glad you never had problems Mainz2kc. However, please forgive me if I fail to see how that relates specifically to the fact that by having a device with a built in battery that requires it be returned to the manufacturer and which limits your ability to store more than “the average person” might wish is a good thing when one, in my opinion, should always try to “prepare for the worst but expect the best”?

            The mistake of both HTC and Apple is that they are dictating and/or demonstrating a lack of real concern for us as consumers and allow style to rule over function – or perhaps their lack of technical ability to give us both style and the freedom and security of devices that are actually going to be long lasting values that need not be replaced with the next “super duper flavor of the month” cell phone comes along – designed to entice us to abandon that “old, out of style” iPhone for the next great iteration of the iPhone Cupertino deigns to bestow from on high upon its devoted congregation! lol

            Perhaps there are many out there who think that if you invest a nice chunk of change in something that is supposed to be the cutting edge technology – capable of running whatever comes down the road for at least a few years – that you should be able to feel confident that you will actually some hope of it still working without problems during its term of service.

            My point is that it is possible to have the best of both worlds and create both a beautiful device that’s a kick ass workhorse too.

            Samsung is demonstrating a far more insightful and considerate of long term value approach to both their designs as well as to the long term effect of their product on their customers; rather than sell based on “chic and clique” appeal as – let’s face it the iPhone is often sold – Samsung has produced a device that helps its customers retain their autonomy and freedom to control THEIR DEVICE – not Apple’s the way they want to control and use it.

            This is the way true creativity and capitalism is supposed to work – not by locking us within a closed environment where a corporation can control almost – if not – literally every little move we make with their device.

            If you are happy with your iPhone and enjoy it – more power to you, but I believe that what we will see now that their is a truly viable, ever increasing in quality and popularity alternative to indentured servitude – Android – that people will start defecting from Apple in droves. We’ll see, but basically – if you are happy with your phone; I’m happy for you.


          • Mainz2kc

            Samsaraguru to me Samsung are just cutting down on design costs due to the price of there Amoled displays and focusing on edging out in specs rather than making an all round better product. Yes iPhones are often sold with that ”chic and clique” appeal as you say but you can also say android often sold for there low prices (mid to low end never used to get software support as well). You have to remember apple built there reputation from 2G-3GS there phones were basically unbeatable in terms of ui speed and user experience despite not following the crowd in specs.

            My first android device was the htc hero then I got a i3G (mostly cause friends had it and thought games ects were cool), Bought a Galaxy S1 after that and I really enjoyed rooting and putting custom roms on it + loved the amoled display, eventually I got tired of it(had it way over a year) and sold it while it was still worth something, I bought a iPhone 4S because unlike android phones they hold there price quite well and got it while I was waiting for the S3 to be announced (since my bro has the s2). While I used to think a battery cover would be useful I don’t anymore as you can create far better looking/solid designs, I also look back and realise I’ve never had to change a faulty battery, if your one to carry around 2 or 3 battery then this phone is not for you (Remember Android is choice), but on average consumers do not bother carrying around spare batteries. People were expecting better materials used, even most reviewers have mentioned the same plastics design is a let-down.

            In the end I will likely be buying the htc one x since I love how polished ics is (although I’ll get sense ics) and the customisation/roms you can get + flash player, the omission of the micro sd is the only thing that has let me down with it although I can live with that as it comes with 32GB memory which is just fine for me (don’t watch movies on a tiny screen for two hours when I can use the TV so space will not be an issue). One thing you got to admit is without iPhone they would have been no android because android made up for mostly where apple went wrong, also remember without apple introducing there retina display we most likely wouldn’t be seeing 1280x720p displays for phones now, I just think apple need a ios redesign as the ui is old and boring but in the end they both need each other.

          • SamsaraGuru

            All very good points Mainz2kc.

            Thank you for taking the time to write all that you did.

            Basically, I think we pretty much agree; that competition stimulates excellence and innovation!

            “…without iPhone they would have been no android because android made up for mostly where apple went wrong,…”

            Quote from Mainz2kc’s post above

          • Mainz2kc

            Agreed :)

          • dennis Matamoros

            I think that the two of you make pretty good points, YET,, i would never buy an Iphone for the simple fact that it’s a very limited device when it comes to customizations… even if you jailbreak your iphone there’s only so much you can do with it. where as with an HIGH END ANDROID phone ( galaxy s series and HTC’s), there’s so muchhhh you can do with them, it’s endless,, Android gives developers the freedom to actually re-design the OS and practically is like having a whole new phone each time you install a new rom… I love the fact the Samsung gives you the freedom to just DO WHATEVER IT IS with your device, change batteries, cases, SD memory cards, etc etc,, that’s why i love samsung because it actually lets ME BE THE OWNER of the Device that i Paid for and I don’t have deal with them telling me what I can’t or can do with it. Iphones to me are just outdated, plain, boring devices, funny thing is that im an apple person since im a designer i own anything but apple devices, ipods, macbook pros etc etc, but, I would never buy an Iphone because it’s useless to me.

          • Adrian Grajdeanu

            “Samsung is embracing the way true creativity”? Now excuse me, but you are wrong… Even from Windows Mobile, HTC locked the bootloader only to be unlocked, while Samsung locked it so no other software gets on their precious pieces of plastic..
            For the screen I prefer higher density (because I still use an HTC Kovsky – I bet you don’t even know this phone exists), and natural colours. The Mali400 is fully integrated in benchmarks while the Tegra 3’s GPU isn’t, so there is no relevant benchmark results yet.
            I even think One X is too big for my pockets.. What can I say about SGS III?

          • Sonar

            you forgot to tell us about world piece and how samsung’s new phone contributes to that while htc and iphone sucks at it


          • I feel the same. My stock desire S battery(the one that was a part of the box) is still as efficient as the brand new battery i purchased a few months earlier. Both have almost equal backup in hours. And the funny thing is the battery that came in the box still outperforms the new battery in standby time (i purchased from a HTC outlet).

            But still you never know when you would get a chance to go on a vacation without any accessibility to power sockets and entertainment.
            Its good to have options, whether or not you use them

          • Mainz2kc

            True but I’ll still pick a better design over a removable battery which I may or may not sometimes use, I just feel that ever since I got a i4S I’ve been spoilt by the premium feel so expect more from other manufactures (not that the 4S doesn’t have it’s own problems. ”glass”). Thought about the S3 (was even waiting for it before announcement) and while its great I can’t come in to terms with myself paying £500 (android phones are now on par with iPhone in terms of price) for a device that seems to me that Samsung has cut corners on in terms of design (same old cheap feeling plastic, had the S1 & my bro has the S2 after I recommended it after being pleased with my S1, also note the 4S design is 2 years old now and Samsung still has not progressed with there designs). That’s my preference anyway, probably wouldn’t have even been bothered if I didn’t buy a iPhone while waiting for the S3. Even after I made my decision the one x was undeniable as I saw it on-line with a total contract price of around £430 on a 12month contract, will also be getting £60 cash-back so I’m basically getting the phone for £370 with minutes, texts and internet so just waiting for delivery. Win! :D

        • Yup! you are right HTC made a bad move when choosing a 1800 mAH battery. I was expecting atleast 2500 mAh.
          Though One X’s battery is not accessible to the user but is replaceable at an authorized HTC service center or a local mobile repair shop.

          And yes the SD slot is also a setback. I dont know how easy would it be to root the One X.

          • SamsaraGuru

            Another point sadly militating against cooler and wiser heads deigning to buy the HTC One X I read about yesterday.

            Apparently, either by deliberate intent most foolish and inexplicable, or by accident – in their effort to maximize RAM (of which the One X has 1 G) HTC has tweaked (or created a bug) in the One X’s version of ICS that makes it kill any previously opened app when you open another – effectively also killing one’s ability to multi-task, which bodes the question why bother with giving us one gig of RAM if you don’t let us use it for anything useful.

            I REALLY don’t get it. I know just a little bit more than a little bit about Android, yet even I – if I were entrusted with designing a super duper (opps – mayhap I have aged myself!) phone designed to fly with the eagles wouldn’t incorporate the kind of multiple Achilles’ heels that HTC has with the One X – re its questionable battery situation as well as killing off previous apps without asking permission from the user.

            Sounds like something Apple would based on their customary “you think you know what is best for you, but actually we know better than you” attitude.

      • Heinrich

        WHAT? The display on the HTC one X is faar superior to an Amoled screen.
        Have even seen the display on the One X and compared it to a HD super Amoled, side by side?
        Getting aroused by the overly saturated colours on an Amoled is just ignorant. It isnt just a question of taste because the colours dont represent real-life and are unnatural. Second, all amoled screens really SUCK at displaying white. Amoled screens display perfect blacks and ideally have lower power consumptions, but the abovementioned cons clearly outwights the pros.
        The display on the HTC One X is flawless, with the exception of displaying black. Even then, its the closest to pure black I have ever seen on a smartphone.
        theverge, engadget, gsmarena, phonearena and other sites all rate the display on the One X as the best ever made on a smartphone.

        • Heinrich

          …its the closest to pure black I have ever seen on a LCD* smartphone

    • Because its LED. when i buy a TV, I’ll look for LED. Few years back I might look for LCD but now there’s no way I’m getting a LCD. No matter how much tech you put in a LCD a simple led screen just have more wow! Get into a TV department and you’ll know why. Especially in the samsung corner.

      • Simon Hill

        not sure if I understand your comment, but there is no such thing as a LED display…all advertised LED tv’s are LCD’s, the LED is just a light source under the LCD panel…correct me if I missed your point. regards

    • youre eyes cant see above 300 ppi so it doesnt really make a difference…

      • True, but everyone wants better displays today, without sacrificing design and performance.

  • Nik


  • Disturbd1

    In all fairness this only compares one of the “One” models, and there is more than one variation. For example, had it been compared to Sprint’s Evo 4G LTE, perhaps the S III wouldn’t necessarily win in all of the same categories?

  • Thnkthru

    Either way Slll is going to be one well supported phone. I can not see spending $700 – to $800 on an unlocked phone. Well actuall my wife can’t see me spending that kind of money for a phone so it works out to the same thing:-) Can’t wait to hear about an AT&T version:-) (I’ll even take unsupported rumors at this point.)

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  • How about we get a comparison to HTC’s REAL flagship phone, the superfluously named Evo 4G LTE? Hello bigger battery and microSD slot. Additionally, I agree with the PENTILE complainers that it’s almost impossible that the SGSIII screen looks better. I honestly don’t see any way you would pick it simply because its contrast is a little better and the screen is a whopping .1″ bigger. You crazy…you crazy. To be fair, though, I haven’t seen or held either the Evo OR the SIII yet, so maybe I’ll be swayed when they bring it to the states sometime next summer.

    • Mohdamr1

      Samsung will probably have an answer to the Evo 4g LTE when it arrives, smart phone producers are always in a state of crazy competition.

  • Ohjjg_gf

    they shouldn’t compaire those phone to the s3. they should compare LG NEW 2 GIG RAM PHONE. thats right LG just releas 2 gog ram phone.

    • Pope_23

      TWO WHOLE GOGS. i love me some gogglebotes.

      • HtcOneXer

        HTC ONE X IS BEST… with 1 gog.. (so there)

  • rene

    you forgot to mention that s3 body is all plastic? and prom to scratch more and more easy than the x

  • Samsung fan

    they have a phone with 2 ram?

  • abhishek marwaha

    holy freaking shit. the ips slcd-2 KILLS the super amoled. i own a one x and the screen KILLS all other super amoled devices

  • ArCol

    s3 is not comparable to one x in terms of design, I wish they kept the s2 rectangular design.
    And both exynos and tegra 3 are more than enough for almost everyone, so the competition is more about design, ui, and camera, and one x wins. S3 wins in removable battery and extendable storage though.

  • abhishek marwaha

    “Though we have a little more affinity – just a wee bit — towards HTC’s Sense UI, we declare Samsung Galaxy S3 the winner in this round for putting more effort.”
    Seriously?? for MORE EFFORT??? the touchwiz shows a cheap interface and is laggy in front of the one x’s sense 4 which is a polished, refined and smooth interface. Ever used settings menu, the notification bar and ever seen the icons in touchwiz. well there u have it. effort doesnt decide things. quality does!!!

  • droidsg

    I like the HTC One X but wish that it has the battery of the S3 and SD card slot!

    • Mei

      If you are with Sprint carrier, their version of the HTC One X, the HTC EVO 4G LTE, will come with microSD slot as well as 2000 mAh battery. But the bad thing is, the battery is still unremovable. =.=

      • droidsg

        Nope.I’m not using Sprint.I don’t even live in the US :s Why US always get the better phone!

  • Jassari

    Why are HTC fan boys so sad ??
    You used to get dominated by Samsung at the past so use to it in the future

    Samsung is number 1 mobile manufactor

    Once I saw the one x I knew that the s3 will be much better
    Because Samsung are so much smarter the HTC

  • Boyceavenue2578

    SGSIII has new innovation – you can watch video while surfing, texting, etc. and also SGSIII have Wireless Charger!, unlike One X.

  • Bradtigas03

    One X fan – Im sorry to tell you that Samsung Galaxy S III is already released with a Grand Introduction in London and earning lot of reputation with and fantastic new innovation!
    You can watch HD Vide while surfing, texting, etc. and a new innovation of WireLess Charger!

  • ..dont like Touchwiz, ill stick with the OneX :)

  • Jashukrishna

    Should have compared the overall music experience

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    The HTC One X is wayyyy better than the Galaxy S3. And the TouchWiz UI sucks. HTC Sense 4.0 is better.

  • Oxion

    Galaxy S3 is better… on benchmarks… One X is a better overall smartphone.
    Touchwizz better than Sense 4 –> Facepalm, I’m not sure if this version of touchwizz is better than sense 2… Honestly.
    And how could you say that this pentile screen with less pixel per inch, crazy colors, wins over the incredible Htc one X display…

  • Mainz2kc

    With android it will take a while till games take advantage of the GS3 gpu power, but I’m just disappointed with the galaxy s3 poor flimsy plastic and in my opinion ugly design (although it’s growing on me) haven’t they learned anything about designing phones since the s1. So coming from a iPhone 4s (previously s1) I’ll take form factor over stuff like siri gimmicks (which got boring after a couple days) & and better gpu benchmarks.

  • Drchrisoboh

    Plastic this, plastic that! Give me a break! S II was still of plastic & was a high glossing phone. Over 20m sold! S3 would definatly beat that mark. One x is a nice phone, but featue wise, s3 rocks!!!

    • Mainz2kc

      True but remember now it has better competition, I think it might struggle abit as 4.8” believe it or not makes a phone way too big for most, especially people with small hands + all the iPhone owners Samsung is aiming for moving from a tiny 3.5” which is a big jump. the s2 is dimension wise the biggest a phone should be, they could have just squeezed a 4.5 or 6” screen without a size increase and appeal to a bigger crowd. As other manufactures are upping there designs, Samsung will begin loosing out and look less appealing to consumers (don’t forget most consumers don’t buy phones based on benchmarks). The s2 only had the iPhone to compete with design wise + it’s hardware was well ahead than anyone else (still beats galaxy nexus on some benchmarks) now the s3 doesn’t have the same advantage apart from probably the GPU which I doubt will get used to it’s potential anytime soon + it will not have alot of optimized games like tegra zone. I personally was waiting for the s3 as I owned the s1 + brother has the s2 and I like the new features but the design leaves me looking elsewhere. (htc maybe)

  • Guest

    I think the design is very new and creative design. Before samsung focused more on hardware, but now they are focusing more on user convenience

  • Venkat_2001ind

    for looks htx one x rocks and for the tech specs part the galaxy s3 rocks

  • Mat

    If the display on the Galaxy S3 is the same as on the galaxy Nexus, there is no way its better than the one on the HTC one X. Comparing them side by side really unveils the flaws of a amoled display. Overly saturated unnatural colours and sucky whites.. The display of the One X is almost flawless.

    • tamara pedersen

      Have you actually SEEN the S3 display in real life? I thought not. A lot of HTC fanbois here calling the pot black. Get a life, seriously.

  • Are you kidding me? The display for S3 is better than One X? No way…! whats wrong is your eyes, man? put the glasses on, plz!

  • ThomasCarlsson

    Pentile Amoled screen drain battery less, but I still do not like Pentile!

  • AndrewLees

    Tegra 3 – this is the reason the One X destroys Samsung. Developers are making more and more titles Tegra 3 only or Tegra 3 enhanced. The Sammy will just play the normal versions of these games. If you’re not bothered about gaming then you aren’t bothered about Android – period. If you just want a phone for casual games and calling people then why don’t you get a Nokia Lumia. However, if you do love Android because of the jaw dropping graphics it can push out then the One X is the clear winner.
    Also, have you seen the Samsung advert for the SGSIII it is repugnant!

    • Vzx_41

      your an idiot all quad cores have to have new apps for quad core

      • Mainz2kc

        Actually you are, Tegra 3s ”Tegra Zone” has optimised apps while Samsung doesn’t have a equivalent and uses the standard ones. Read what someone writes and do your research before you make yourself look dumb.


    Review is a joke! Brown nosing Samsung, you probably work for them!

  • Eric Beukers

    It’s quite funny to see the majority of those that seem to favor Samsung over HTC or even visa versa, overlook the obvious here. Stressing out the lack of a removable battarie may well be a good reason to decide and purchace a Samsung. But as every updside to any feature, there is a downside too. For many, the removable parts to gain access to such will increase the problem of collecting dust into the device and/or even damage. Both the devices have ‘amazing’ (look at the Iphone hint) screens and are both at the top of their bill, but not the same one. As many will love the gimmick of ‘talking to your phone’ in order to make it do what you want, I personally would hate if people were to stress out to their phones who it supposes to call in public. Does feed the hunger to expose yourself in public, claiming to have a Galaxy SIII and thus too lazy to push the touchscreen. After seeing the launch I’ve been quite puzzled why Samsung even added a touchscreen to the device, since ot no longer seems to need it. Many ‘new features’ on either phone presented at their launch are a freeride on Android, period.
    Both are great phones, can’t go wrong with either One….

  • Vzx_41

    these comments are just the funniest thing I have EVER read. If you like the One X get it!!! If you like the S3 get it. Let me tell you all a secret…the whole it has more PPI, really, you will not notice it with the naked eye.. This is insane, I like both phones don’t get me wrong.

    My problem is this and this is what makes up my mind.. I am on Verizon (unlimited data) so for me it will be the S3 if not passed up again.. Why you might ask, it’s easy One X isn’t coming to verizon. ATT sucks and don’t even work a little bit where I live. Second I have kids so MicroSD is a MUST. Why, well I had an old LG my daughter that it would be awesome to throw it in the toilet while daddy was mopping the floor in the bathroom ._. Only thing I saved was the SD card with pictures I cannot replace of my kids,family, ect. So MicroSD is a HUGE deal. I know I know you can save to a cloud blah blah, Well I am old school and I just don’t trust putting my family life in some electronic file in the sky call it paranoia call it playing it safe I just will not do it to many creepers out there.

    Removable batter is another big deal for me I have owned many phones and many times had get on ebay for a new battery. so yea very important for me as well.

    Now I am no Samsung fanboy but I own and use daily a Samsung omnia i910. I have dropped this “plastic” phone 2 stories off a piece of iron I was walking and it has never broke. My son has thrown this phone across my tile floor HARD and nothing. So IMO Samsung makes very durable phones remember and I have seen this on my brothers phone metal bends and dents ;)

    Now if both were on Verizon and both had MicroSD and removable batteries I might go HTC I might not. I would compare them both and see what feels right in my hand and in my pocket. I could care less about HD this and HD that PPI, black and whites, none of that crap matters to me. If it looks good I will buy it. It’s seems childish to sit here and say my whites are whiter are we talking about a Tide commercial here???? People need to grow up mind your own business and pick what you like and shut up about what other people like this is like high school and you never grew up. I like chevy my neighbor likes fords so what not my business.

    You want to know what phone is better??? The one you like is better for you nuff said…

  • Vzx_41

    they both make calls who cares they are equal

  • Ollie

    It does seem to me that this review has been slightly biased towards the galaxy, it seems that samsung are starting to get that same “Samsung-til-I-Die” following that apple have. The main issue I have with the review is the software section, sense is far more polished than touchwiz and as mentioned below has far more usable features which make ice cream sandwich a much easier and friendly environment (and shouldn’t the verdict of the software section be decided on which has a better finished product on the software side of things, rather than the “effort” made by the company? I could make the biggest effort of any human being to design a world class mobile phone, but that doesnt mean it would be any good!). As for S-beam, how can this be considered an advantage over the HTC? HTC has an NFC chip which can do exactly the same thing and more? It’s as though this review has been written by someone who has only looked at the specs of the S3, then decided it’s better than the HTC. Go and get both phones, rewrite your review and I guarantee that when compared with the one you’ve written above, it’ll look quite different.

    • Vzx_41

      Both have NFC ships look it up

  • amjason

    just look into it below. this is the answer….SGS3

  • pee

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is ugly

  • Add the price to the mix!

  • Fuck

    one x isthe bwst fuck the rest!

  • Murali Krishna

    One thing reviewer forgot to mention is that:

    HTC One X: 1800 mAh Li-Po
    Samsung S3: 2100 mAh Li-Ion

    Li Po is not same as Li-Ion.

  • vasja

    sense is better than touchwiz then?! don’t be stupid yourself. as for HTC ONE X it’s all about display and design, nothing else. if samsung made amoled with rgb matrix look not worse than SLCD2 and didn’t rest on the design, then their GS3 would win in every aspect.

  • Vzx_41

    Well it really does not matter I have inside info that leads the US division of Samsung he is a family member and the US version is pushed back for 2 reasons. 1. there is a HUGE supply issue for the S4 chips so this caused an issue. 2. they pushed it back to the first part of August so it will come with a Exynos 5250 at 2GHz. Believe what you want that is right from Samsung personnel.


    Give us all a break. All you HTC fan boys are noobs. Its simple, the only reason they are defending the one x is because they have all already bought it: and naturally will think what they have is better; even though the galaxy s3 is the way to go.

    • Chriscbrown

      Don’t be immature…its a debatable subject. There are things that are better about each phone and some will prefer one over the other. It’s all about preference and opinion. If someone’s is different than yours then that makes them a noob? Even Samsung knows there are some things that are better about the one x. Trust me, they are well aware. A great example is the written statements defending their use of the pentile screen. Yes the s3 is a bit more powerful in terms of raw processing, but its certainly not by much and the s4 actually beat the quad exynos in 3 of 8 benchies. They’re different at better things but in terms of quality and performance they’re very close.

      • Chriscbrown

        I meant better at different things, sorry.

    • Antony Gichanga

      Don’t own a One X and been waiting to get the S3, but I think it’s ugly and disappointed with the design (especially after Samsung built up all hype by hiding the design, not announcing the phone around the same time as the One X and being super secretive). In the end they just came up with some apple style (e.g retina) names like there so called ”hyperglaze coating” also marketing bullsh*t like ”designed for humans”. If you don’t mind having a ugly (well to me) cheap feeling plastic design on a premium priced £500 phone then by all means buy the S3 (software & hardware looks great) + you get a Micro SD for the guys who fill there phones with movies/hq lossless audio. But for a better all round device which matches everything of the S3 apart from the increased GPU performance (for the hardcore gamers might I say although you don’t even get optimized Tegra Zone style games) then get the HTC One X + the USA GS3 will have the S4 chip which the Tegra 3 slightly edges out in GPU performance. 32GB is more than enough for most consumer (16GB iPhone’s are still the most popular & most people do not even carry a spare battery with them). In the end I will be moving to the One X from my 4S as I most definitely cannot downgrade to cheap feeling plastic I had with my SGS1 (same on my brothers S2) after being spoilt by the i4S’s premium feel. There both great phones, just get whichever one suits you android is about choice.

  • John Kim

    I’d like to see the prices difference.

  • HTC = Cheap sh1t made in china (or Taiwan a.k.a Chinese Slavery) product. Don’t waste your money fellas, either go with Apple, Samsung, or Sony Xperia. (:
    Although this comment is fairly pointless as the majority of the folks voted here are very biased.

    • HTc has it’s own factory in Taiwan.your points of view are very biased,too.

    • FARCrow

      lol This cracked me up “either go with Apple…”. You do realize that Apple products are made in China right? And before you decide to call me any names, I’m an Apple iPhone user considering the move to Android (haven’t decided between HTC and Samsung yet).

    • what do you mean ”either go with apple” everyone knows that android is MUCH MUCH better than apple. Apple is just boring and only have apps. Yeah they have widgets but in a square( app). And Yeah the IPhone 4s is better than all the other iphones ( of course ) but every one likes it because of siri. how useless is THAT a machine that does what you say it to do when you can do it yourself easily. I tried it and it didn’t do anything right. If you buy this phone that’s just being lazy, pff!! how stupid is that a machine that opens an app for you. Don’t get me wrong, it has a better camera and can do other stuff but really??? i personally hate IPhones because they are complicated, i couldn’t even forward a text when my mum asked me to!!!!!
      How could anyone like Iphones. My dad got me an HTC One x ( i didn’t use it yet because he bought in Singapore and is in Singapore right now because we are moving there) and he says it’s MUCH better than the Iphone he was even thinking of keeping it for a while. I’m 12 years old and a huge geek and already know what to do with my life and even though you might think i’m to young, trust me on this one.
      P.S. Huge HTC fan but i think SGS3 is a very good phone anyway so i don’t know which one is the best but i’m just happy with what i have and i’m proud of it. Because then you can show every one what a great phone you have and + things from china are well made and you got that chinese slavery thing from The Simpsons or just a film, NOT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it when people say movie!!!!!

  • Abhishek Birhade

    Giv me a break man! seriously HTC Sense 4.0 vs Touch wiz Touch wiz has d UPPER HANd NO WAYS sense is amazing althouh it slogs ur phone a bit its any day better than the touch wiz !

  • Ashiq Rafa

    The view of recent apps of sense is more better to see than that of touchwiz

  • Ruialbanof

    meus amigos eu tenho um htc one x e estou muito contente com o meu htc one x por uma razao eu gosto de ver futebol,televisao,en online e vejo em perfeita condicoes sem paragens y nitido e vejo por o meu htc one x eu por exemplo vi o jogo completo da liga de os campeoes com muita nitides e sem paragens e principalmente eu acho o htc one x mas bonito que o galaxy s 3 eu nao gosto dos modelos da samsung sao muito feios

  • Ankew2011

    u all r fools who r comparing d king of smartphone(gs3) with d creepy htc one x…hahaha lollll
    ………d display is no doubt ips lcd and whatever…but what is d sense of using it with below 50%…as it sucks d battery life……..guyz gro up……dis comparison is just like as lion compared to goat…..hahahahahahahahaha…………………..


    HTC One X (49%, 4,174 Votes)
    Samsung Galaxy S3 (43%, 3,650 Votes)
    They are the same (6%, 493 Votes)
    Neither (2%, 193 Votes)

    Let the people decide. The Galaxy SIII will be a bumper crop.

    HOX FTW!


    Trying to compare something that has supposedly better Hardware, Than the competition.

    Is something a Hater does.

    Have your own Say on whats better. Do you like sushi? That’s great. I don’t. LOL

    After reading this article along with others, I have realized how much biased opinions are out there.

    Its like a Police Interview, the more inconsistent the stories are, the more it seems a lie.
    These articles are very inconsistent.

  • Bijoydey

    htc one x is mind blowing and awesome

  • a_lx

    all things aside, to me HTC phone looks the sexier device. then again, it’s almost like “to-may-to”– “to-mah-to”

    both devices are excellent. to each his own, really

  • Mr Firas

    one x the best

  • Guest
  • harry

    just one x .

  • Obey

    Htc one x is better in power because it 1.5 ghz vs 1.4 ghz and it has a battery saving core in other words it 5 cores vs quad core
    Htc is making a new generation of phones that dont need removable battery and without micro sd card like the I phone why didnt we have this crazy agenda about the iphone ?. Htc sence 4.0 is better than touchwhiz nature ux it has more suprises that the same old boring touchwiz that have been slightly modified
    Thats just my opinion.

  • Gvoyager

    Why dont you compare HTC one x media link HD as well? All your comparison seems to favour more to S3.. and the HTC one x car mode function is great! Such lame comparison. Dont forget Tegra 3 actually has 5 cores. Therefore One X always run softwares/benmark test slower if it didn’t think it’s necessary to utilize all the cores

  • NewBenjamin2011

    Going from a HTC desire HD to a Samsung galaxy s3 I have to say that I truly find the Samsung UI more enjoyable to use. I took a few weeks to decide but ended up with the s3. Removable and higher capacity battery and sd slot make good argumentscand the super amoled screen is top notch. I suppose my biggest complaint is the power/usb cable. It is too short doesn’t make it from the ground to my desk.

    All in all both smartphones are fantastic and both HTC and Samsung should be proud of there efforts. You won’t regret either choice.

    Ps. Asian chicks are hot!

    • Ikokk

      Really, I’ve done the same and can’t stand the SIII UI.

      I’m thinking of going back to HTC.

  • Arcrius


    Seriously though, everyone has their own opinions. Every review has to be biased. Most reviewers say that the liking of the phone is relative to the individual, as this one says, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

    When reviewers discuss hardware, testing, and measuring, all which regards to science, opinions become irrelevant in the sense that greater numbers and differences are involved. However, when you discuss the “look and feel” and software/user interface, that’s when opinions and being “biased” come into play.

    (Use of the word “better” can be in opinions or to say which is more scientifically advanced.)

    Even more so hardware specs are relative to an individual’s desires and needs, so it too can become an opinion based on which device is “better.”

  • The HTC One x has a hidden 5th core at 1.5GHz to just deal with the phones O,S
    there a

    The HTC One x has a hidden 5th core at 1.5GHz to just deal with the
    phones O,S

    there are not many phones out there which have 5 cores at 1.5 GHz I only found
    that out when I got mine and was looking around the system hardware. 5 cpu
    cores 1 gb ram and a GPU unit by nvidia this is the most powerful phone at this
    time but I would have liked a better speaker on this phone :-( it’s just too
    quiet and another problem is battery life it last’s just 10 hours while I am
    using it -_-

    + points + cpu power can run anything

    + Ram while a lot of phones have 1GB this is a good amount for a phone (running
    at 800MHz) it’s an ok speed too

    + display no problems there set up well can change any setting for it (if you
    know how) out of the box it’s all set to minimum so play with it see what’s
    best for you

    + Data management wonderful thing to have (will never go over my 2 gb
    again lol)

    – Points – sound volume they should have put a better speaker in

    – battery 10 hours in use is bad standby is almost 300 so it’s on charge every

    – Apps no while that’s
    not a problem with the phone it’s a problem as a hole with apple I know before
    buying an app it will work, With Android its hit or miss while they all run
    whether they run well is indeed a good question.

    • RRT

      Mate, 10 hours of full use is probably of the best times smartphones and tablets can deliver at the moment. Most devices are around 5-6-7 hours max load use.

  • RandomPoster

    Aren’t you guys excited for Jelly Bean?!?! oh wait neither phone is getting that update. I think I’ll stick to my iphone.


    Pixels per inch are not a good measurment of screen clarity!!!! By that logic a 30 inch 720p TV is better that a 50 inch 1080p TV. What does matter is the brightness and “crispness” of the colours. While the samsung deliver slightly better contrast the One X’s display is much clearer.

    Winner: One X

    The video and camera of the One X are often grainy so in contrast to the review I prefer the galaxy.

    Winner: Galaxy s3

    The GPU of the One X delivers greater framerates and less choppy moments than the s3 making it the better choice for gaming. furthermore, on average, it launches apps faster and boot faster

    Winner: One X

    The rest of the phones are roughly the same however the s3 definitely comes with more gadgets in it’s software and also a better default keyboard.

    Verdict: Well, either really. When It comes down to it these two phone are almost identical in every way and when one does pull ahead it’s not by far. The final tipping point may be the look of the phone, in which case I believe the One X wins. That opinion, however is not universally shared.

  • shivamrocks

    Samsung galaxy s3 is
    10 times better than HTC

  • Dave

    Consider this… I just bought the HTC days ago from Best Buy. Its going right back! I found a siri app that I really like but it gets dogged on the HTC. According to the app author, the HTC has an overly aggressive memory management system that tends to reek havoch with upper end apps. If you want to run Eva, you better get the Samsung!

  • sure htc one x

  • Picked up a S3 and I love it. Had an EVO 4G when it came out. Have no prob with HTC, but Samsung is on a tear and I was very happy with the S2. Hell, I even like TouchWiz. Burn me at the stake if you have to. Yes, the One X is a nice looking phone with the one piece shell and with great specs.

    Does the S3 display suck? No. Do I think the text looks blurry because one is Super Amoled and the other is LCD2? LOL – no. I am not reading thru a microscope. Each one has advantages/disadvantages.

    Let’s all agree that we’re all happy with our phones, without flaming everybody else for their purchase?

    Samsung rules. HTC sucks, you elitist display posers.

    I kid. I kid. :]

  • RRT

    Well … do not forget, that battery on the One X CAN be changed, if it has problems, just not as easy as on the SIII. But that doesn’t mean, if your battery dies you have to throw the One X away lol … Plus … please … I got an HTC Desire that’s 2.5 years old and battery is still fine … So the only way I need to replace the One X’ battery would be, if I am sooooo unlucky to get a problematic one … Well … still better than to get a burned-in Samsung, right? :) Not to mention, that problems that the Galaxy S series had, were never troubling HTC (have 3 friends with SII that had to replace it because it died within the 1st month …) … So, in my eyes, if I have to worry about what will happen with my device, I would sleep better with HTC, no matter that I can’t change it’s battery within 30 secs … The SD card doesn’t bother me that much too …. smartphones ain’t TVs, never use it for watching movies so place is enough …

  • Michi

    i choosed the HTC one x and i dont see much difference between both phones but the difference that mattered in the end was the difference of 50€. ;)

    But the HTC ONE X seems to be little bit Like BANANA-WARE to me…

    Am I alone with this oppinion?
    and.. sorry for bad grammar, from germany ;)

  • lll

    cos omak hhhhhhh

  • Stex

    Relly crappy review this one, theres able to see that the writer prefers samsung. htc’s much better in many aspects, although i dont like the solution of SD and battery, and sense 4 is a step back from 3.6 for me, still touchwiz sucks a lot more.

  • Tony

    TouchWiz sucks. Cyanogenmod exists so I dont care much. One X has the best IPS screen you can ever see in your life, pentile super AMOLED blueish screens are uncomparable. One X wins. Do more research please