Although Samsung has not revealed any ‘official information’ about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, a lot of rumors and leaks have surfaced over the past month or so, painting quite a clear image of Samsung’s next flagship superphone. Given the current state of the Android smartphone market, many of those that plan to buy a high-end Android smartphone over the next months will ultimately have a very tough choice to make: buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC One X.

While armchair experts will be eager to point out that there is no point in comparing the two smartphones since the Galaxy S3 has not been officially unveiled yet, I’m willing to bet a six pack with each one of you guys that the rumored specs we currently have for the S3 will not be far off. Even more, with the One X hitting a number of markets (Europe, Australia, India) in the following week, many might want to know if they’ve got anything to hold out for.

This article is meant to help you better understand the possible differences between the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages showcased by each of these smartphone. So let’s get to it!

Processor & GPU

Note: This is the only section of this article that requires a differentiation between the international version and the AT&T version of the HTC One X, since the two versions are built on different SoCs. The remaining specs will be the same in both versions.

The international version of the HTC One X will sport the Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC, meaning that, at a CPU level, you’ll get a quad-core ARM A9-based processor clocked at 1.5GHz, accompanied by a fifth companion core designed to help run tasks that don’t require full speed. The GPU inside the Tegra 3 is an improved version of the GeForce ULP GPU featured in the Tegra 2.

The US, AT&T-bound version of the HTC One X swaps the Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4. Although the S4 only features a dual-core processor, since its cores are based on a newer, faster architecture (the ARM Cortex A15), the S4 CPU generally scored better than the one inside the Tegra 3 in preliminary benchmarks. The Adreno 225 GPU is a slightly improved version of the Adreno 220 you could find inside the Snapdragon S3. Same as with the CPU discussion, preliminary benchmarks show that the Adreno 225 is faster than the GeForce ULP GPU inside the Tegra 3. Here are a couple of benchmark results that support this claim:


While rumors and leaks reported different clock speeds for the CPU inside the Galaxy S3, it is certain that the SGS3 will use a quad-core ARM A9-based Exynos 4212 chip designed by Samsung themselves. Notably, one of those leaks claims that the Exynos 4212 will be clocked at a staggering 1.8GHz. If this turns out to be true, the Galaxy S3 will probably feature the fastest CPU of all smartphones period. Unfortunately, there is no mention of the GPU, but even if Samsung sticks to a slightly improved version of the ARM Mali-400 MP4 GPU (the one featured in the S2, Galaxy Note and a number of other Sammy devices), expect the S3 to be at least on par with both versions of the HTC One X.

galaxy s3 processor

RAM and Storage

The International HTC One X will feature 32GB of storage space, the same amount rumored to be available for the S3. While the One X doesn’t feature an SD card expansion slot (something expected to be available on the S3), the 25GB of free cloud storage offered by the HTC-DropBox partnership more than makes up for the slight inconvenience.

When it comes to the amount of RAM available, rumor has it that the S3 will be equipped with 2GB of RAM, double the amount inside the One X.


The HTC One X features a 4.7 inch Super LCD 2 display running at a native 720p resolution. While the display is definitely nothing to shrug at, it is still not a worthy competitor for Samsung’s current crop of Super AMOLED HD displays.

Unfortunately for HTC fans, there are few who can contest the fact that Samsung is the manufacturer of arguably the best smartphone displays (on a side note, Samsung is also the company that manufactures the retina displays for Apple’s new iPad) in the world. All previous Samsung flagship smartphones have featured displays that were considered to be simply the best at the time of their launch. Expect Samsung to do the same with the S3.

The most recent (and credible) rumor points out that Samsung will use a 4.6 inch SAMOLED HD Plus display running at a 1280 by 720 pixel resolution on the S3. If this rumor turns out to be correct, it means that the S3 display will feature a regular RGB matrix, and not the much-disputed Pentile arrangement. Expect vivid colors, contrast ratios and image crispness that surpass everything else currently available on the market.


OS and Extra

Both the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android available.

When it comes to the cameras, the S3 is expected to be equipped with a 12MP camera, but this is the section the HTC One X is likely to dominate thanks to the new image processing technology HTC have announced for all smartphones in the One series. In addition, the HTC One X also features Beats Audio integration, meaning it will surely offer top-end MP3 playback quality.

Release Dates

The international version of the HTC One X will be released in the first week of April. Unfortunately, there is still no word on an exact release date for the US version. Rumors claim that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be unveiled on May 22 at a media event in London, and is expected to reach the consumer market in June.

There’s no doubt in our minds that HTC has created something truly magical with the HTC One X. If you simply can’t wait for the best and the brightest, it is certainly an awesome and arguably, wise choice. But, if you like to place your bets after all the cards are on the table, then you would be intelligent to hold out for just a little while longer. All the pressure is on Samsung now, as HTC has created a device that has awesome audio, fantastic build quality, a very impressive media capturing abilities. If they are able to beat HTC in all of those areas, then they will have accomplished something truly amazing. So, what’s it going to be? Which superphone gets your vote? Samsung Galaxy S3, or the HTC One X? Let us know in comments below! If you are looking to compare more Android phones checkout our Android phone comparison tool.

Mike Andrici
Growing up in my father's PC store, I was surrounded by and developed a passion for technology ever since I was in kindergarten. However, advancements made in the technology world continue to amaze me on a daily basis! I've been writing about the Android OS since back in October 2008, when Google and HTC launched the first Android smartphone ever, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. Although I'm no company's fanboy, Android is the mobile OS I devoutly support.
  • sammy

    are you sure that the one x will have a micro sd slot?

    • Bentot29

      Nope..there will be no sd card slot for htc..

    • Christopher Davis

      Unless you’re on Sprint. No there will be no Micro SD on the HTC OneX

  • Al

    the onex doesnt have micro sd, which is why I wont eb getting one as my 32gb micro sd card is already almost full.

    • Sgsd

      do you really need all that data on your phone.. if 32 gigs isn’t enough, get an ipod classic or a laptop.

      • anonymous

        a laptop doesnt fit in your pocket, and why carry a phone and a shit sound quality mp3 player, when i can have both in one package?

  • Mihai Andrici

    Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve corrected the error. On the upside, although the One X has no sd expansion slot, the 25GB of free cloud storage via Dropbox should make up for that, don’t you think ?

    • Brianepatt85

      There’s so many people who own 32gb micro SD cards and don’t just want to throw it somewhere and let it collect dust. I don’t really care how much cloud storage they give us. Besides ill take 32gb SD over 100gb on the cloud.

    • Magnus100

      Absolutely not. In this day and age, a flagship device should haven’t nothing less than 64gb internal storage. I think HTC would have had a much more compelling phone, maybe the best in the world if they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot with their weak non-removable battery and hopelessly anemic internal storage. Now I’m definitely not getting the HTC One

      • Cole Raney

        What are you basing your standards for this day and age? The ONLY device I have heard of that has 64 GB of storage is a version of the iPhone 4S. An expensive as hell version as well.

        • setspeed

          He’s basing it on the fact that most recent top-end Android phones come with some internal storage, usually 16GB or more, and they have support for a 64gb micro-SDXC card as well. 32GB and no expandability (beyond raping your battery and data caps with this laughable Dropbox storage) is a joke for a top-end device in 2012.

  • There are still discussions about the ppi. supposedly the S3 would have a 319ppi. that’s still not as high as the iPhone 4S with its 329ppi. I would have expected Samsung to rival that.. :/

    • Kim

      you should know that the pixel density of 300 dpi is enough… at this density, your eyes cannot distinguish the pixels. Moreover, a screen of 4.6″ will be kept further from your eyes, which means that the 319 dpi at 30cm may equal with 330 dpi at 20cm.

      • I totally agree with you…the average user probably wouldnt notice the difference..but presumably you should be able to see a difference when zooming in on high resolution imaging.

      • Gues1

        Exactly, the new ipad has a lower dpi then the iphone and their claim is because of the larger screen its held away from your face further. 3.5 inch iphone is practically on your nose so if it is true at 4.6 thats a whole inch bigger and practically the same dpi can you imagine the crispness

  • bohannon67

    I’m gonna wait for the GS3, think Sammy will continue to lead the market with the dynamite GS series. HTC look look they have a great phone here but will be overshadowed by Galaxy S 3. Amongst loads of other things the SuperAMOLED display on the Samsung nails it for me.

  • Amine Elouakil

    “face palm” another non sentical artical, are you comparing rumors to a product that already on sell?(some people here in europe already got their pre ordered phones) Not only that but you are giving your subjective opinions (screen for exemple The One X screen is better than the Galaxy Note Superamoled HD and I can provide links) while you are at it why not compare the One X to the future SGS4 or 5 …. a little bit of serious please, these last 2 weeks I’ve been seing some random articals , that doesn’t make much sense, if you want to go with the rumor mill at least compare two phones with their rumored specs, like the SGS3 vs iPhone 5 or The future One which will be coming by september/October or whatever…

    • Brianepatt85

      Some people are annoying. If you don’t want to read an article don’t click on it. Obviously you didn’t read the article because in the article he said they’ll be d-bags like u saying exactly what u said. So you just came on here to write your lame little comment that doesn’t even discuss the topic point?

      • Amine Elouakil

        First of all I have every right to comment here and express my opinion about this artical.

        Secondly, I am complaning, because I’ve been reading this site for a while now, probably longer than you did, and recently there is a sensible drop in quality in some articals.

        Thirdly, if my comment is lame why don’t you just ignore it as you are advising above? ah right, double standard much? if I didn’t read the artical i woudn’t comment in the first place and the fact that they clearly said they’ll be d-bags as you say proves that this artical as i said before is pointless

        I didn’t just rant, without critizing properly and giving suggestions of what I think should be done in a speculative artical

        • Hi Amine,

          Thanks for the comments. First of all, you absolutely have a right to comment. We encourage discussion, and always do our best to follow up.

          Secondly, I’m sorry to hear that you feel there has been a ‘drop in quality’ in some of the articles you have read recently. We do this everyday, but we too need some time off sometimes, as we all work incredibly hard on trying to produce high quality original content, day after day. What kind of content would you like to see more of? Can you be a bit more specific please?

          That being said, people are very interested to know how the Galaxy S3 compares to HTC’s newest flagship super device, the HTC One X.

          With the One X coming on the market in the next few days, we thought it appropriate to offer our best educated guess, on how the two stack up. The important thing to remember is that people are very curious to know, and often aren’t in possession of the most up to date information.

          We live to serve, and we take pride in the quality of the work we do here at Android Authority. You can be sure that as soon as is humanly possible, we will follow up with a real, hands on comparison of what are looking to be this year’s best two devices.

          • Amine Elouakil

            Thank you Darcy for your answer. I’m glad to hear that you are working hard and that you listen your readers opinion and take them into consideration.

            I’m sorry for being agressive with my comment, but the fact that I’ve got a bit mad proves that I care about this website and it content that I’ve been following for a while now.

            As for the content, in some departement you are doing a great job, this duels are one of those. But my problem with this thread as explaned before is that we have one side a product on sale while on the other just speculations and what does make this unconsistant is the fact the rumored specs for the future SGSIII are different from website to website and from blog to blog and that’s what makes this whole artical, at least for me, lacks credibility.

            In no way I’m saying you should not writte an artical about the SGSIII rumored specs and how they stack against the competition like the One X(and as you say people are interested to know), but not in the way things are presented here, This duels should have the same base, either current products or product that specs are definitive or the rumored specs. and again this my opinion.

            I’ll be looking forward, as always, for your future articals and hopefully my little contribution would help.

          • maurid

            For the love of God, THEY’RE ARTI”CLES”! ARTICLES!

          • Christopher Davis

            Right, shes only been corrected every other comment. I love watching people bash things when they can’t even do it correctly.

          • maurid

            Hi, Darcy.

            Im new here and look forward into staying for a while :) I was wondering if you guys have the knowledge or skills to fix an issue on your website. When i visit the mobile version (from my galaxy), the portrait mode does not fit to screen, but is instead bigger (as if it was landscape mode, un-zoomable). Just something thats been bugging me, if its not too much to ask :) thanks and great site btw

          • Hey Maurid,

            I’ll look into it and get a fix done right away.

            Thanks for the kind words. We’ve got lots more good stuff coming!

        • Brianepatt85

          Lol. I never said u don’t have a right to comment on any thread. I said ypur annoyong (stating my opinon) and asked why leave a comment on something you didn’t even read. You didn’t read it.

          You saying if ur comment is annoying why not just ignore it? And you’ve been reading this site longer than me… I don’t even know what to say to that….

          I just don’t get it. Yes he’s comparing a HTC one to the rumored gs3 specs and seeing how they add up. What’s wrong with that. Seriously what’s wrong with that?

          • Amine Elouakil

            Like I said before, I did read it. I’ve read it at least 3 times before commenting since I was at work and Disqus is blocked on my work network, I commented once I’ve got home.

          • Brianepatt85

            well the first half of your message suggest otherwise. You read it 3 times? Do you have a reading comprehension problem? I enjoyed the article (didn’t dislike it like you) and I read it once. Not trying to argue dude just messing with ya. Just don’t understand why someone can’t compare a speculated phone to a real phone that’s all.

          • Christopher Davis

            I agree I saw the article and immediately wanted to read it because I am looking for a new phone and have been considering both and wondering if I should wait for the announcement of the SGS3 before fully deciding. Articles such as this one help me to better predict what my money will be going to.

        • Christopher Davis

          L2 Spell. And stop being so critical just because you don’t like the premise of the article doesn’t mean that it is a bad article. I do agree that it comes off as biased, but that is the point to make. It is irrelevant to post that comparing two of Androids sure flagships of the year because one isn’t official. I only say that because the author wrote several times that it wasn’t a guarantee and that they knew what they were doing. So for you to bash exactly that is ridiculous as the author informed potential readers before going into detail on anything of what their intentions were.

          • Amine Elouakil

            You are asking me to stop being so critical while criticizing my spelling, talk about double standards.and just to make things clear, english is the forth language I speak and it is far from being my native language, and I’m not writting a report, it’s comment on a techblog.

            In recent weeks there isn’t a single day without the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs ….. thread and I’ll invite to check those to understand my point. I’m not against speculative articales but my point is well explaned above.

            As for the Author explaning that the SGSIII Specs are speculations, that isn’t an excuse, if I might put it as a caricature, you are telling me that because a thief is saying he is going to steal something before doing it, that doesn’t make him a thief after he does? it doesn’t make sens at all.

      • Guest177

        its article not artical

  • Misreb

    What about the battery. HTC has a non removable battery. Anyone knows if Sammy going to do the same stupid thing?

  • Vinnie

    I agree with Amine, you are clearly a samsung fan boy. You are comparing rumors to what is currently on the table from HTC. This is a biased article…

    • Chris

      So what? Amine is a rabid htc fanboy.

  • Maylenmichaelsen

    samsung i bet if the picture is the real deal. because the design on samsung is much prettier=) and the s 2 who i own is the best from 2011:) so samsung no doubt

  • omg since when Super AMOLED it better than SLCD2 ? Just compare One X with S2 (or One S)… all the history about Samsung creating best screens bla bla STINKS. OMG is this a fanboy syndrome?

    • Jack

      Um yes SAMOLED *is* better than SLCD2. What a noob.

      • setspeed

        No, it’s not definitively better, it depends on what criteria you want to rate.
        If you value accurate colour reproduction and 180deg viewing angles then the SLCD2 is vastly better. If you like popping colours and deep blacks then the AMOLED is better. They’re just different.

        • liam

          Viewing angles are inarguably better on samoled. Check out displaymate.
          Also, color reproduction is fine with the samoled PLUS screens, though you may need to change the internal profile to provide the desired white point. A big advantage of oled, in general, is how little the white point temp changes with voltage. Typically screens move the white point about as the screen gets brighter/dimmer, but on oled it tends to be very stable.

    • Vzx_41

      Like OMG really OMG is this a apple fanboy like OMG…. Super AMOLED plus HD is better.

  • Brianepatt85

    Theres no way gs3 rumor specs are all true is there. I think it will be 720p over the rumored 1080p. 2gb ram or 1gb ram? 3d screen? 1.8ghz or 1.5? 12mp camera or 8 (people talk like its for sure 12mp not sure why), I also read yesterday get this: With so many complaints Samsung will launch GS3 with 2 launchers. The new version of TW and Vanilla version of ICS. I’m pretty sure the last one is complete bs, but a lot of people do hate touchwiz though. That means they should just revamp the look don’t think there going to ad an additional launcher.

  • 25GB free for 2 Years. Oh boy oh boy… suddenly my free 50GB on (on new account registration from any android device) started to not make any sense any more…


  • Bnick2535

    I’m waiting for sg3 but love HTC phones.I just can’t belive sg3 will have all those specs. Its such a toss up. I hope Samsung really do something with body.

  • Great Score for HTC

  • Stacy

    When will HTC stop releasing $hit ugly phones.

    HTC = Hate This Crap

  • Chris Kemp

    Upgrades are due for may desire owners in the coming weeks/months. Samsung if they play their cards right and release the S3 quickly (or at least give a release date that’s not to far off) then they could take a large proportion of these customers coming up for renewal. However I think that they will miss a trick and these customers will get the HTC One X. I myself unless hear anything by the end of this month will be upgrading the the HTC One X, if anything comes out before, then I will surely get the S3 as it appears this is going to be the best phone on the market – bar non.

  • dude

    great article and interesting read, keep it up.

  • Benyypoh

    Artical is spelled article :D trolling haha

  • Kevin Wang

    You forgot the different Skins and Hardware: HTC One X looks much more better than the Galaxy-Line and Sense 4 actually looks good, compared to TouchWiz 4.0 (ICS-version on SGS2). But I would like to see pure ICS on the One X and software buttons, because the occasionally needed menu button takes up so much space on Sense, just like elaborated here:

    • Mister Mister

      Both Sense and HTC’s hardware is one of the ugliest in terms of aesthetics.
      Don’t know anyone who likes their bloated, rotund, fat design language.

  • LOL I love how Samsung fans keep taking pride on the display. It sucks balls. Contrast is very great, yes. But also everything that isn’t black looks bluish. Whenever I look at an SII screen my eyes hurt. And it’s not just me. Also, Samsung fans keep trashing the One phones for looking ugly. Yeah right. They’re ones to talk. The Samsung Plasticky SII surely feels premium in the hands.
    I hate Apple fans for trying to monopolize the smart phone market. Now I hate Samsung fans too for bullying and trying to monopolize Android. They all can suck it. Long and hard w their Samsung Plasticky SII.

    • Gentleman559

      Someone needs a Midol!!!! LOL

    • Shawn

      You should take your anger up to HTC since they’re the ones responsible for sucking so bad.

      I’m a hardcore Apple fan, so that should tell you how I feel about Android, but if I was going to pick an Android phone, it sure wouldn’t be HTC.

      • vodka4boris

        >I’m a hardcore Apple fan, so that should tell you how I feel about Android

        Why are you even on this site?

      • Chidoro

        Thank god. everyone was waiting on pins and needles for what shawn would choose.

        • Tony

          Everyone was waiting on pins and needles for what Chidoro had to say about Shawn.

          • Chidoro

            i bet you think you are clever

          • Tony

            I do.

          • anonymous

            You’re not.

          • Anonymouser

            He is.

          • Vzx_41

            you all are NUBS.

    • Guest

      You cry about other people loving their phones, but looking at your comment history shows you’re a demented HTC fanboy. Hypocrite much? You know what else? HTC uses plastic too. LOL

      Rabid hypocrisy and jealousy doesn’t get you anywhere in life.

      You just single handedly gave everyone a horrible opinion about people who use HTC.

    • As far as current phones, the Epic 4g Touch Galaxy s2 won the wirefly smartphone madness I have that phone. HTC is okay, but they have gone downhill in the past 5-6 years with their phones crapping out mainly due to the displays becoming glitchy and unresponsive. Also they need to come out with a new design, because the One-X looks like a HTC hero with a front camera and a larger display. Apple, not too much to say except I cannot stand crap made in china and they underclock their devices. I prefer Samsung. Yeah the phones feel a little plasticy, but in a drop test comparison they do generally better than the competition.

      • Poop

        What. All smart phones are made in China. Unless you are trying to say designed in Taiwan, because Taiwan is not China.

        • Dampfire

          Well higher end Samsung phones are made in Korea.

  • Susheel Seth

    Samsung Galaxy S3

  • guest

    First i liked the article :) Second i love htc products and have been sporting my evo 4g for near 2 years now. That said, i will be switching to the Samsung this time around. While i like the camera on the One X and i dont mind the styling at all, i will not go without my sd card.

    I like to flash new rom’s often and without the ability to pull my sd card i would have fried my phone long ago lol

    I read a previous comment saying they’d rather have 32 gig sd card over 100 gigs of cloud…I’m with ya there

  • Intelwild

    Ahhh non-removable battery bad yes but…..the Sprint version will have a bigger 2,650 mAh, sd card, kick-stand, and different look/color scheme. Plus the One series has the kick butt camera……..I have the og EVO so I really want this one now. The S3 would have to do back flips to keep me from buying this. I’d say right now 85% I am getting the Sprint HTC EVO One, while 2 weeks ago I was 100% in for the S3 because I didn’t know the Sprint EVO One version was being developed.

    • guest

      …also seen reports stating that the Evo One will have only a duel core processor.

      This is precisely why i like to see 2 phones in hand when making a decision. I totally loved my original evo…

      Its a great thing to have 2 great phones coming down the line to choose from.

      • vodka4boris


        • guest

          Yes i seen the first correction, thanks…then had a vision of two phones fighting lol

    • setspeed

      If they had stuck a 2650mAh battery in the international version of this phone then I’d be very tempted. With the 1800mAh, we just get the same old “sh** battery life” story from HTC again.

  • Landon

    battery long last-s3
    more power-s3
    wider screen-s3
    build quality-htc
    expandable slot-s3
    graphic processor-htc

    And of course we are comparing quad core to quad core..not sgs4 or 5..I also prefer htc one x compared to s3..But i heard s3 is only 7mm thin with wireless charging?..Whoever come out later their phone,they sure win of course..Nobody is as stupid like sony..They are always way behind.

    • guest

      US version of the One X will not be quad core. LTE and that specific chip dont work together thus they will use a duel core.

      Europe gets the full quad core plus 1

      • vodka4boris


    • setspeed

      Audio – HTC? Don’t make me laugh, that Beats Audio stuff is crap.
      The One X doesn’t even come with the (very average) Beats Audio earbuds.
      Contrast this with Samsung’s use of the Wolfson DAC (awesome) in the original SGS, and the “not as good as the Wolfson but still better than the crap HTC uses” Yamaha DAC in the SGS2. Also, every HTC phone I’ve ever come across has crap tinny speakers, whereas Samsungs generally have half decent (for a phone) speakers.

    • JaeLim

      How do you know GPU will be better on One X? Noone knows yet whether Exynos 4412 will use Mali T-604 or Mali 400 yet. Adreno 225 is slightly better then the Mali 400 but Mali T-604 will murder Adreno 225 in graphical capabilities.

  • Nick

    Unless Samsung change their email client the HTC wins outright for business. The Samsung is unusable for managing email unless it has a connection to the server, so no use for underground commuting.

  • Fireball012

    Am I missing something, or does the whole cloud storage on the One X have great potential to use up tons of data?? Not such a big problem for those with unlimited data plans…but those without? ouch…

  • SSG Monroe

    Why would anyone waste their money on a Samsung cell phone. If you want the GalaxyS3, ask yourself these questions.
    1. Will you receive any google updates after you buy this phone? NO
    2. Have past Samsung cell phones received any updates compared to HTC phones of the past? NO. My HTC EVO 4G has been updated 3 times. My sons Galaxy zero.
    3. Will you pay more for the GalaxyS3 over the HTC EVO ONE? YES. All Samsung cell phones have been more expensive than any other phone at release.
    The only thing I will ever get from Samsung is a Smart LED TV
    To me, Samsung do not care for their customers. They only want to get paid. No updates on the SII, really. And I’m not a HTC fan, just someone who uses common sense. I’m not going to buy a new phone every year because Samsung wont and don’t update. They just come out with a new phone with only slight improvements. Samsung and HTC make the best android phones. But only HTC have current and fast updates….easy decision for me. Give me the most bang for my buck. HTC all the way. Apple is cool, but they live in a box. to limited.

    • guest

      I agree with a lot of what you said. I am also a fan of htc, well the evo 4g (my phone). htc touch pro was the worst smart phone i ever had.

      I’m looking for the best phone to mod, so updates are of no importance to me (I leave that to Cyanogen) If i were just buying a phone (no mod intended) then i’m sure i would go with the One X by htc. Damn i want to see these phones :)

      • SSG Monroe

        Thanks for the comment

    • JaeLim

      While budget Sammy phones have been mostly ignored, the GS2 was one of the first Android phones to receive ICS. I expect GS3 to be no different.

      • SSG Monroe

        So you’re saying that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has ICS right now?

        • JaeLim

          Yes. Well partially. Some carriers in UK has GS2 ICS and some others. But none of the US carriers yet.

        • Zeesemperfi

          I just upgraded my galaxy s Vibrant to ICS from Froyo 2.2 It was done through a Rom version of ICS. It worked great and even faster than before. If you own that device I would recommend you updating your phone to ICS, then you will have no reason to upgrade your phone, when you latest technology on older phone.

    • Steven

      1. My GS2 on Sprint has received at least 2 updates within the last 9 months

      2. Read #1.

      3. Will you pay more for a Rolex over a Casio? YES

      You’re either intentionally lying or haven’t been aware that your son’s Galaxy has had several updates that have been available for the last year.

      You don’t sound like a dishonest person, so I’m leaning towards the latter.

      • SSG Monroe

        1. When I say update, I mean a real update. Not a update to touchwiz or whatever. Go back to look at how long it took for the original Samsung Galaxy to go from Froyo to Gingerbread. Then see how fast HTC pushed the same update.
        2. Saying the Samsung is a Rolex and the HTC is a Casio is not a true comparison. More like a Mercedes and BMW comparison.

        And I was not lying, but I did forget that all of the original Samsung Galaxy models FINALLY received Gingerbread. As I sated before, I’m not a fan of no one company. Just did some research and referred to real world experience. Thanks for your comment though.

        • Steven

          1. Yep the update to Gingerbread for the original phone was a fiasco. But they obviously learned their lesson since the GS2 is the first non Nexus phone internationally to receive ICS, and will be one of the first in the US.

          2. Maybe Rolex and Casio was too much. We might differ slightly here, but I think of it more like a Mercedes over a Cadillac.

          I figured you weren’t lying. The old generation phones did suffer from slow updates. Thankfully for us, it’s not the case anymore.

    • Christopher Davis

      I root. I don’t care when they officially update the damn thing. I’ll have my updates before anyone else on pretty much any phone.

  • SSG Monroe

    And if you want to compare an HTC ONE phone to a Samsung GalaxyS3, compare the soon to be released HTC EVO ONE. But the whole thing of comparing a make believe phone does show a lack of credibility on the part of this site. Compare apples to apples (no pun intended). Not apples to grapples (a made up fruit…grape + apple)

  • Si

    The Customer Service from HTC is shocking. The main @HTC Twitter account won’t even answer loyal HTC customer questions! What hope have you got of getting any service if things go wrong? I’m switching to Samsung, :)

  • Helixx

    It’s worth the wait just for SD slot. But the SGS3 will be the superior phone when it is released. If you disagree…stfu noob

    • guest

      Very adult of you

    • Guest

      you sir are a d-bag

  • djg66

    I won’t care about S3 anymore. I am happy that HTC comes out with the big screen ahead of S3.

    • Techmix

      Dude, settling for less is never an option!

      Why settle for Ellen Degeneres when you can get Adriana Lima???

    • Christopher Davis

      I want the new charging feature rumored to be included in the SGS3 that allows you to charge your phone from 1-2 meters away wireless.

  • Sbevan7

    I thought the HTC was the one I would get til I read that you can’t change the battery – I watch 2 hours’ worth of films a day and if I can’t change the battery I would be throwing the phone away after a year..

  • Noor Mohammed

    Samsung is always the best its design and hardware. What about the software………..

    Computer service in chennai

  • Angelov

    Woah why are you guys judging Android Authority for doing a possible specs vs announced devices? I was really happy when I saw the article. We all know what these S3 specs are most likely true and even though there is a possibility they may turn out to be just rumors, why are you judging the website, when they EXPLICITLY said several times that they are only comparing specs? I enjoyed the article as I really wanted to see the possible specs of the S3 vs the HTC one x real specs. What is so wrong with that? The people that judge article seem like the ones you find on the street that are just walking around mad at everyone trying to judge everything and trying to find a reason to complain about the curb being 1/8 of an inch different from the standard size etc…(just an example).

  • Dringler42

    I’ll stick with Samsung, since I was a loyal HTC EVO 4G owner and of course HTC abandoned us. The first 4G phone should have gotten ICS from HTC, but whatever. I have the Galaxy S2 4G Touch now, will get the amazing 4GLTE Galaxy Nexus, and then pass that on to my son as I upgrade to the Galaxy S3. Samsung smartly waiting until the older “flagships” are ICS equipped to roll out S3. Look out HTC, abandoning your consumers will ha e you looking like PrimeCo.

  • ron

    The part on HTC 720p SLCD2 vs a Super-amoled HD is not really true though and it is subjected to personnal taste. Super amoled has over saturated colours and some people may not like it.

  • samsung lova

    samsung galaxy s3 too much for htc period. the specs dont even really compare. dont wast ur money people wait for samsung

  • a realist

    this is gonna be htc’s “first” “quality” smartphone. the have just been playn catch but they are certainly on the up and up as the one x doesnt look too shabby. i can almost gaurantee everyone that those specs on the s3 are gonna hold as true. if so like many times before htc phones are inferior to samsung

    • Glazedfaith

      Almost literally means dick. “The Ginsu knife cuts bread so thin you can ‘almost’ see right through it” “This knife is so strong you could ‘almost’ cut your house in half” The fact remains, you can’t almost guarantee anything, unless you are Mr. Samsung himself, and if you were, you wouldn’t be ‘almost’ guaranteeing anything.

      • Gameristhename

        We will see on may 22nd

  • fun

    One X is currently best phone EVER, I don’t think they can do much better with s3 in any special way except that they can put 3Ah battery :)

    • Gisele

      If the One X is their best ever phone, I feel sorry for them.

      htc seems to love making ugly phones.

  • Boite

    Amoled tech sucks … Dont understand why everyone say its better than lcd just test yourself an iphone screen vs any amoled and you will understand.

    Amoled = yellowish white
    Amoled = suck more battery on white background
    Amoled = less brightess
    Amoled = weird gradient
    Dont believe me? TRY YOURSELF
    I would bet htc screen far better

  • Mama_chula_14

    Im just curious how HTC can come out with a beats audio phone, and not have sd slot?!?! ugh

  • maxim

    Useless comparing. Does anybody now 100% S3 specs ? All these rumors for samsung S3 wa…rs.

  • Frank Milton

    I’m on Sprint in the U.S. and I got my wife excited about the HTC One. Then it was announced that Sprint was modifying it into its HTC Evo series line up. Not bad, but I prefer the HTC One X in its purity as it was presented. This article allows me to wait more patiently to compare 2 super like items once they are both competing on the market together. Dear Future, hurry up and get here fast!

  • Shanukuntal

    s3 rOckZZZZ

  • GimmeSamsung

    I heard the HTC will not have the s chip on/off, sucks if you root and want to flash roms without a computr, also battery is not removable

  • j feint

    what phone is that on the display picture? Not the htc. picture below clearly shows menu keys are not the same. Bad form.

  • Austin4913

    I personally prefer HTC to Samsung..I had the vivid and have upgraded to the ONE came in the mail today..I bought a Skyrocket 2 but ended up taking it back after 3 days…mainly for 2 reasons, screen display and build quality…even though the S2 looks very bright and vivid, the dpi is much lower than the Vivid…I guess its preference but I don’t care for the AMOLED display as much as LCD..the S3 is plasticy and light..when you hold the Vivid, you can tell its heavier but it is built good…it will hold up to wear and tear..and then there is beats audio..HTC bought it so they could have quality audio processing. HTC is a little harder to flash ROMS to but its only a minor issue..the S2 has a higher click speed of its CPU 1.5 v 1.2 but I have my vivid overclocked to 1.78 ghz and it blows away the s2 in benchmark scores..I guess it all boils down to preference as both make good phones…I have stuck with HTC since since they are the company who pioneered Android in the first, it was not Google.

  • I have personally seen galaxy s3 but am not satisfied Samsung !! N htc evo is a nice option see here

  • In terms of value the S3 could do a little better, it does match the One X however looking at Sony as an example their Xperia S arrives with NFC tokens, HDMI cable, cloth, screen protector and earphones as well as the charger.

  • Rizwan Anwar

    One X is yet another power pack and fully loaded featured Smartphone from HTC which covers the widest area of its features with latest technologies and innovations. The mobile operating system of HTC One X Smartphone contains Android’s latest technology which is Android OS, v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and with most powerful mobile processor of 1.5GHz Quad-Core processor. The HTC One X Smartphone has 8 Mega Pixel Camera with 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash and Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, face and smile detection and Video Camera of 1080p@30fps, stereo sound rec., video stabilization and Secondary Video Camera of 1.3 MP with 720p. So what more you can expect from HTC One X. With the introduction of the HTC One Series in February, HTC has vowed to come back to the top by focusing on less designs, and better user experience. The HTC One X is right there at the top of the line-up and the international (unlocked) version that we have reviewed comes equipped with a quad-core Tegra 3 chip from NVIDIA. HTC considers the Camera, Sound and Design to be the most important features of this phone, and although sound is always tricky to review, we’ll go over the camera, performance and overall use experience of this phone that may very well shape the (financial) near-future of HTC. But for know, you probably only want to know one thing: what does it feel to use it in the real world? Well, here’s my best shot at answering this burning question. The HTC One line of product is more than just an update in a long series of HTC product. It’s a new beginning, and a also a new hope for HTC, which was in a tight spot when it comes to industrial design. With a unified design, HTC should be able to make economies of scale and re-invest those into higher-end manufacturing processes that would ultimately yield better looking devices. I think that the HTC One is quite an evolution in HTC’s design process. Although they have kept an “HTC look and feel”, the new line is clean and thin. They should also be fairly resistant to drops, given that the body is built with a single block of polycarbonate – an idea that Nokia has used before with its Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 smartphones. On that note, the Nokia models have a better “finish” in my opinion, but the point is that polycarbonate works, and I would actually recommend the white version, as the gray/brown isn’t as appealing in my opinion. The result is a nicely shaped phone that promises to be as nice on the outside than on the inside. We’ll come back to the internals later, but the design is clean and except for the HTC logo and the Android buttons on the front, there’s not much of anything. Btw, I wonder why manufacturers keep using those tactile Home, Back and Menu buttons when Android 4.0 made them effectively obsolete. At the top right, you will see the 720p camera used for video calls. There is also an LED that turns on during charging. In the back, the camera is the most prominent feature (along with another HTC logo), and if you remember our live coverage of HTC at Mobile World Congress, the company made it clear that it wants the HTC One X to be the best camera phone. We’ll come back to that a little but later.

  • andy

    anyone heard of this website i need my samsung galaxy unlocking

  • The s3 wins hands-down. Not only does it have a swappable battery and SD
    slot, but it has functions that NO other smartphone has. And to me its
    the best looking smartphone. It looks more sleek and elegant than the
    one x.check Galaxy S II Guide: Which has the highest resale value and
    why? here