Video review: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy Note side by side comparison

by: RandyMay 30, 2012

galaxy s3 vs galaxy note comparison video

After I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S3, I got a lot of questions that go like this – “Should I buy the S3 or the Note?” Most people who ask this question just want to get the best device. But honestly, I don’t think it’s a matter of device, but a matter of how you are going to use it.

You see, both the S3 and the Note are equally good. Both are multicores. Both come with 1GB RAM and an 8MP camera. Both are now available with Android 4.0. Hence, it can’t be a matter of which device is better, but rather which device would WORK better for you.

Without a doubt, the S3 will beat the Note in every performance benchmark you throw at it. And from the video I made, you can see that browsing on the S3 is smoother than on the tablet. On the other hand, using ICS on the bigger screen of the Note is clearly more exciting.

And then, there is the S Memo. Both devices have this app, but only the Note will give you the kind of accuracy you would get from a samurai sword with the S Pen. Having a bigger screen also means that it’s easier typing with both hands.

The size of the Note however means that, although you will see a bigger image with games, it also means that the GPU has more work to do. As a result, games will look less appealing on the Note. Heck, even the one year old S2 is better than the Note in term of gaming.

To wrap it up, if you want a device to give you a cinematic viewing experience, the Note is the way to go. It’s also great to work on, considering you’ll have more space for your hands. But if you’re a casual user who wants the cream of the crop, the S3 carries an irresistible allure.

Check out my video review below and feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section below.

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  • MalaysiaBoleh


  • YeisonPR

    Hey. This is a very confusing choice. Both the SGNote and the SGS3 fit very different needs. I’d like to have the horsepower and nice features (smart stay and direct call among my favorites) of the I9300, along with the form factor and digitalizer capabilities of the N7000. But I guess I’ll have to wait until the launch of the SGNote2 to see that happen (an Exynos 5250 would be more than welcome).

  • Chriski333

    damn so i got the note on Saturday its great and big but if the s3 comes out by the 20th i will have to pick if i want the s3 or keep the note!

  • Djdkdkdj

    You cant really say the note does more work just because the screen is larger. Although it does do more but only a little as their resolutions are very similar

  • Nice Comparison. I think SIII is easier to handle than Note (5.3 inches). I don’t think Note is going to get major updates in future.

  • Irritated listener




    • Chad

      You can’t talk bad about a guy’s accent when you can’t even spell words correctly in your native language (pronunication?)

  • im agitated too!



      he’s malaysian LOL

  • Moron


    • VikramIthal

      Depends on your requirements.If you want to use Stylus more then go for Note or you want the latest software with more power n smoothness then go for S 3 if price is not an issue :)





  • Gherring

    LOVE MY NOTE! Bigger is Better ;)

    • mitealc

      Second that!

    • Sana_kochhar

      gud evng…i m sana n wanted to knw ur opinion ..abt note. as u using it..dat on comparison with SGS3 wch 1 u thng is much good n i shud go for..plzz rep me as i in need of feedback..

      • Kees

        Ignorance is Bliss, Check your accent, it sounds like ignorance to me.

      • guztoff

        No comprende!?

      • debbie north dakota

        im with you it was hard to decide but i got the gs3 ,hope i like it good luck in chooseing



    • dan26

      s3 is slow freezes and i didnt like it my wife has the note and its faster and dosnt freeze

  • Can’t stand it either..!

    It is Three, not Tree!
    It is Thing, not Ding!
    It is Think, not Dink!
    It is Fantastic, not Fantasdick!
    It is Device, not Dewise!
    It is Both, not Boat!
    Etc, etc, etc…
    Conclusion…..Stick to writing only my friend.
    Note: 99% of Malaysians and Singaporeans speaks english as above, so obviously it’s the english teacher’s fault! Shame nobody ever cared…

    • Box

      and you? do you know how to speak Chinese fluently? its not the teacher dumbass, its their native language fool! its how they use their tongue. Just keep quite and use your small chicken brain s.o.a.b.

      • Can’t stand it either..!

        If you must know…Yes! I do speak Chinese and 3 other languages fluently and without any ridiculous accents! Oh and I use my tongue
        As for you, your english is obviously a lot worse than anyone here.. “Keep quite”?

        • bless

          keep quiet….not quite..

        • John

          You’re so….sad. Please vacate your space for those more deserving…immediately.

  • Miki

    is galaxy s3 too big to have it comfortably on hand and in pockets?

  • R1

    Very nice mini review and comparison between the two devices, I have also seen a few of your full reviews on YouTube and I must say one of the best and most-detailed reviewers on the net.. Now, I am contemplating between S3 and Note but honestly the difference in screen isn’t massive, might get the S3. Finally for people commenting on the reviewers accent, why don’t we see you speak Chinese or a language which isn’t your mother tongue? I’m pretty sure you’d sound ridiculous, so please just be grateful for the guy’s work ok? Otherwise keep quite.

  • Sunchild

    Thank you, Randy, for your very informative review. I found it very helpful and would select the Galaxy Note based on what you have shown me. I will probably wait until the end of the year to purchase, though, to see if there is an update for the Note.

    As for the rude people commenting on the reviewer’s accent, my guess is that you are all monolingual and have no experience speaking a second language. If you think that you can do better, please post a review in Malay (or any other language) to see how you sound.

    • The original Note was launched here in Asia in November, but that is really a long wait.
      The Note I’m using has already upgraded to 4.0, and it seems ok in terms of performance.
      Samsung sold A LOT OF Notes in my country, so it will return.

      Well, i can’t do much about that accent. I know about 7 languages, here. It’s a multiracial country, and i guess a lot of accents overlap each other…

  • cglief

    How trashy and pathetic are those making fun of this poor guys accent,he can not help it. You should be in awe he knows a different lanuage other than his own. Life is good go get one,rather than sit and share your ignorance on a public forum,you have no clue obviously how dumb you come off. Any who thank you for the review

  • this is review is biased. blearghhhhh

  • Box

    I have the note and my sister got the S3.

    S3 is more powerful, faster, ill agree on that, maybe because S3 got a bit more upgraded materials, chip, software, etc.. But when you use it and if you will observe?, they almost perform the same, you’ll hardly feel the difference and Gnote is cheaper.

    i already have a bigger and wider screen and im not attracted to a smaller screen anymore. if ever ill upgrade to another handset? ill just wait for the Gnote2.

  • Lugiametal

    good comparison . . awesome work mr randy . . was thinking of an upgrade from N 7000 . now i see that theres no need for that with the ics update

  • meigie

    keep quiet!! not quite..sorry..

  • rahul dutta

    I have samsung galaxy note and s3 beacause i am compare 2 phone note than faster s3 note picture quality is better than s3. 2 monster phones bettle than win note……note is power full phone.plz wait you can take this launch note part 2.

  • Bleu

    I came here to read some useful feedback about the video, not pathetic morons talking about accents.

  • Need an Upgrade

    Thanks! I have been torn between the two and this excellent review has helped me decide.

  • Was going to by the SGS3 but i usually use my note to watch movies and stuff on the go…wont be trading that half inch bigger screen for the sgs3 hope samsung brings out another phone same size as the note.

  • vishal

    not usefull information

  • JJ101

    I like your accent… congrats on being multi lingual… thanks for the review… helps my decision making process…

  • Amy

    Thank you Randy for your review. It gave me many good ideas for comparison. Having recently had cataract surgery, I am leaning toward the Note, if only for viewability–but it has much more than that. I have a purse to carry it, so size isn’t a factor there. My grandkids will be surprised to see me in touch…..

  • Note or nothing

    In the video review the Note launched almost every page first, except the benchmark of course have twice as many cores, but this doesnt make it faster)
    When scrolling the S3 screen went blank several times because it could not keep it up.

    Advantage Note. Rewatch and see.

  • Damon

    Thank you Randy for the comparison. Your English is great. I hope you will again compare the S3, but against the Note 2, undoubtedly when it arrives in September. :)

  • Elzabeth

    Excellent video explanation

  • myyers

    Thank you, Randy! The video is very helpful… I prefer the Note. I want to wait for the Note 2.

  • i’ve been dealing with my confused mind… so i guess it’s NOTES… tq Randy…

  • the note is kinda laggy but still a good phone :0

  • lp-100 deva the rockstar

    i like s3 itzz much cooler n sexier!!! with great performance!! plus im a kid n i may lose the stylus of the galaxy note! ;0 XD

  • Colin

    Excellent review :-) Really helped me decide which one I wanted. The fact that preference over performance was mentioned often, eventually decided me on the note. Thanks, much appreciated, for your time and effort providing help and guidance for others. Be well :-)

  • Trinicas

    Great video presentation. Thank you very much for your objective review.

  • Skittles

    I have recently been given the option of any phone I want for free and i know exactly what phone I’m getting! Go, Team GS3

  • mig14

    I have both and still cant decide which one to use

  • dan26

    s3 is slow responding dosent get good service and freezes, i had the iphone and it was way faster even when it had full memory, my wife has the note and its faster than the s3 and dosent freeze up im going to change it for the note today. o and the screen on the note is way bigger

  • dude, that’s SS2 ! haha

  • This was very helpful. I wish you would have demo’d the use of the stylus. Thank you for posting this!

  • Araceli Sy

    great comparison. Now it is clearer to me. as for the accent, it is perfect. . Keep up the good work. again, Thank you.

  • Google and Samsung must listen. the galaxy line
    hardware is fine but the software that runs them is terrible.

    problem one: the volume indication must never shows up
    in the middle of the screen, its soo annoying especially when watching videos
    or browsing.

    problem 2 double-press home button is dedicated to
    something i personally don’t need which is voice control. kinda stupid idea

    problem 3 lock the system after 10 min is cancelled if
    we press the power button . soo stupid.

    problem 4 the status bar is black which really looks ugly

    And the worst thing is the task manager and RAM
    management. It is manual so I have to keep closing applications manually.

    SAMSUNG/GOOGLE please fix this or find some other
    business to ran like washing machines..etc

    You really should be ashamed of yourself to ignore
    such obvious issues

    i am using Galaxy Note.

    SAMSUNG webpage doesn’t have a feedback link. This is
    the most stupid thing I have ever seen from a company like SAMSUNG.

  • alpha_romeo

    It appears to me after observing the GS3 and the GNote that Randy Khoo is the most “laggy”, and it is probably due to his deficiency in the full and fluent, or should I say, fluid, use of the English language. Furthermore he is obviously somewhat blind and biased regarding the true positive features of both phones. He leaves out with great detail and dismay the advantages of the GNote and suffers from amnesia when describing the attributes of the SG3. Better preparation of his material would make the comparison more fair and less “sleepy and boring” to the viewers. Good try Randy, but no cigar. Better luck next time after taking an English course and studying each Samsung phone more carefully to compare them in greater detail.

  • Nice review, very interesting. The more recent phones are only really competeing on minor speed improvements. As to all those comenting on accent, like to c u guys speak extra langauges, nothing but respect for this guy. Thx 4 the review.

  • debbie north dakot

    thank you randy for the vidio, i just orderd the gs3 but wanted the sgnote, for the size of the screen, still like the note for size but oh well im not so smart when it comes to eather one of these phone , so ill be happy with the gs3 . thanks agin.

  • dutt

    I think galxy note is much more better than galaxy s 3 @s it ismuch bigger than s3 …bench mark is not that important as not has also got better bench mark working on bigger screens liike notes is much pleasure ……….. I RECOMMEND GALAXY NOTE ………