Computex 2012: Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Asus Padfone vs Samsung Galaxy S2 (video)

by: Bams SadewoJune 9, 2012
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Having trouble choosing between 2012’s Phone of the Year candidate Samsung Galaxy S3 and the shape-shifting Asus Padfone?

Check out the quick comparison video below to see how the two smartphones stack up against each other. To make things even more interesting, we’ve also thrown last year’s best-selling Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 into the mix, so make that a three-way visual comparison.

The red hot Samsung Galaxy S3 is the more attractive offering compared to the two. But for those who like the idea of a device within a device (within a device), the Asus Padfone should make for one worthy purchase. The complete package of the Padfone will cost you roughly $900. Aside from the handset, you will get a tablet shell and a nifty laptop docking station. In case you missed our exclusive report, the Asus Padfone is apparently heading to AT&T. As for the Samsung Galaxy S3, the unlocked international version is going for about $700.

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Here are the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Asus Padfone one more time.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (International version)

  • Quad-core 1.4GHz Exynos processor, Mali-400MP GPU
  • 4.8-inch Super AMOLED with 1280 x 720 resolution (306 ppi)
  • 1GB RAM, 16/32/64GB internal storage, microSD slot (up to 64GB)
  • 8MP rear camera, 1.9MP front camera
  • 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm, 133g
  • 2,100mAh battery

Asus Padfone

  • Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, Adreno 225 GPU
  • 4.3-inch Super AMOLED with 450 x 960 resolution (256 ppi)
  • 1GB RAM, 16/32GB internal storage, microSD slot (up to 32GB)
  • 8MP rear camera, VGA front camera
  • 128 x 65.4 x 9.2mm, 129g
  • 1,520mAh
  • Optional PadFone Docking Station with 10.1-inch display

So, what’s your favorite?

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  • Asds

    I really don’t understand why some people prefer larger screens? What’s next? Phones with 50 inch displays??? If you wanna watch movies, go to a movie theather or watch it on a goddamn TV. Who in the right mind uses a phone to watch movies with so little battery? This is exactly why people with crackberries are reluctant to switch to android.

    • guest

      That’s because other people may have hands bigger than yours. Can you build a theater in a train or your car?

      • Asds

        Then you must be big foot. It’s not just about holding the phone genius. Unless you carry a man purse, I don’t see how you can keep a phone this big comfortably in your pocket. Real men with big junks don’t have as much room in their pockets. Plus, not everyone is a peasant living in Europe riding on trains. Many people in civilized countries drive their own cars and can’t utilize a PHONE for watching movies.

        • Depending on your hand and finger size, it’s not that easy to type on phones.

          Especially 3,5inch screens (like iPhone) can be a problem to some people.

          Don’t only think about yourself, there are plenty of different people out there!
          Get out, you’ll see them!

          • Asds

            Freaks of nature are few compared to average people that can easily use smaller phones. 4 inch displays are perfectly fine; my argument is against phones that are larger than 4.2 and are trending upwards. If you really do have sausage fingers, get yourself the Samsung note. The fact and the reality of the situation is that the majority of the people who are asking for bigger phones are the ones that use their phones for gaming or watching movies. And once again, if you want a device for those purposes, get yourself a psp, galaxy note, a tablet… Normal people want normal phones that have good enough specs and are practical for everyday use such as making phones call, checking their email, or occasional web surfing. My disappointment with android phones is that the high end ones like GS3 are getting bigger and bigger everyday. Where does it stop!?
            I have the original Galaxy S and while I thought it was too big at 4 inches, that one seems tiny sitting next to GS3.

            Plus, if you look at your android’s battery stats, you’ll see that most of the battery is drained by the screen, so why would you want a bigger screen that drains more???? I’d rather feed the battery to a more powerful CPU!

            IMO, if you can’t use your phone with one hand (like the guy in this video), then your phone is TOO BIG!!! End of story!

          • Litlprince2

            Actually its a perfect fit. I dont have large hands but i think the screen size is perfect. As for fitting in a pocket i tend not to wear tight fighting jeans so i must say i never had this problem.

            I want a big screen cause i want to be able to see all the great things im doing on my phone. I dont buy a smartphone to just use it like a phone. Its much more then that and to enjoy it i want a large screen.

            but here is my argument for you. You say if i want to all these other things why not get a tablet or something else. Well why dont you get a normal phone. Several other companies make small phones with limited features.. i say why not get one of those.

            It really seems to me like your the one who doesnt fit the image..

          • Asds

            Most high end android phones have gotten significantly larger over the years. I could go for apple, but not really interested. I’d say the number of people that prefer smaller phones is much higher than the dorks that want bigger ones, but the dorks seem to get more attention because they are a bunch of loud mouths that have nothing else to do.

          • german

            mmh but i guess the companies are doing pretty much marketing research and most of the people want bigger screens. see the 9mio s3 preorders. they won’t buy this phone because they want a small screen.

          • Litlprince2

            Oh and to your question of “where it stops..”

            It stops at around 5-5.3 and up…

            Samsung has already marketed that territory as a phablet. Any thing in that range is immediately recognized for its drawbacks.

          • Jeremy Breedlove

            Wow….guess you know better than all 9 million people who pre-ordered the SGS3. Goodthing there are people like you around to make everyones decision for them. Sarcasm if you didn’t catch it. All of your negatives are my positives. Some people like myself do NOT want to carry around multiple electronics when 1 will do. Why would I want to carry my PSP, ebook reader and phone when I can carry one single device? Why wouldnt I want to use my phone for movies? Family is at Grammas house and she wants to watch her soaps but the kids want to watch Toy Story 3 and be in the same room with her….guess what? They can use my phone. I have a tablet as well but since I am a guy and do not carry a purse then my tablet stays at home. What doesn’t work for you works perfectly for me.

          • :D

            can’t agree with you more! i’m so sorry to know that he/she/it can’t even operate a 4.2″ phone with one hand. i hope he/she/it is only a girl, or still an underaged boy with temporarily girlish hands so his/her/its hands will continue to grow bigger. and i couldn’t stop laughing when i saw him/she/it defining peasant living. he/she/it does have to get out of his/her/its **civilized** country and take a peek at the rest of the world.

          • Asds

            You are an idiot. If you read my comments, you see that I own a goddamn Galaxy S; however, I am not a fanboi like you or the rest of the nerds that are flamming around here. A bunch of nerds that like to watch Hello Kitty and spong bob square pants on their phones in their grandmother’s basement. Truth is, I like the Galaxy S brand and may actually end up buying the GS3 because of the lack of a better option. However, I am very disappointed by the fact that Samsung and other android manufacturer’s have abandoned their normal customers for a few loudmouth dorks that sit around forums begging for larger screens because they lack bigger things in life.

          • actually,i kinda agree with Asds. Don’t get me wrong. I love big screen too. I have SGS2 which i find prefect for EVERYDAY USE. but for SGS3, why would i want 4.8″ screen when i already have galaxy tab 10.1. which is 10.1″ screen. but some how i still fall in love with SGS3 with all the new function. If..if only Samsung will build with same spec SGS3 but smaller screen as in 4.3″ and name it as SGS3 mini. i will run to samsung get it right away.

          • Wing

            Bringing up an old post…

            As a matter of fact, most people would prefer to carry a single device rather than carrying a phone and a tablet at the same time. Why? Lets put it in a scenario where one person that needs to read his email on a device, plays game during their free time, or browse a facebook picture.

            No doubt i can have 3 devices with me, a tablet for Email, a PSP for Game, a phone for Facebook, but the efficiency is not there and not to forget i cannot fit all of the 3 devices to my pants even though i have multiple pockets. Not to forget, I need to maintain 3 DIFFERENT devices. That means, i need to charge my devices 3 times(one device one time). Maintain Data 3 times, get my information sync 3 times. Talk about efficiency… there isn’t any.

            When it comes to battery consumption, hey… thats why power banks are out there to cater for this problem.

            Samsung or other android manufacturers have abandoned their normal customers? Nope.. i don’t think so. But they are creating a new set of customers. Some of the people that requires mobility will just leave their notebook in the office and grab a tablet and go out for presentation, emailing, documentations, calling on phone.

            Lets take Samsung for Example, they sell a product with not so big screen. 4.3″Inch, they also offer consumers a product of 10.1″Inch, to take it or not. is up to you.

            As for your case, i would best refer you back to using a Classic type phone, such as Nokia 3310, or 8210. Those are small and does not have battery problem. Sony Ericssons phone are also out there to give you internet access and Emailing Access, and they are “SMALL” in size.

          • Jeremy Breedlove

            I could be wrong but to me it seems like you’re maybe an Apple fan that is touting the 4 inch screen like you guys touted the 3.5 before. Rumors of a 4 inch Apple device have been floating (pictures leaked) around for the last month or so. Seems like you’re already jumping on the A-train to get a head start on your “4 inches is the perfect size and anything bigger; a lah android, is teh suxorz.” Makes me wonder since you brought up “junks” if you are kinda touchy about large things in your hand. No matter what you think or what she told you….3.5-4 inches isnt enough, amigo.

        • nzjd

          Ummmmm….duh….as one gets a little older the screens are eaiser to read, to see photos and the detail, without scrambling for reading glasses at every txt. …….

          • Asds

            Sounds like you have much more important things to worry about than a phone. Things like saving up for a nursing home or a decent funeral.

          • davedsone

            Oh, I get it. You are just a total ass. O.K. now it makes sense. I will just ignore everything you say, as you just want to make people mad. Carry on, fool.

          • aj

            Your the one flaming and trying to get attention and being a loud mouth so to speak at least in this comment thread so please leave the rest of us alone.

        • davedsone

          I like a bigger screen. Better for browsing, texting, and pretty much everything but talking. And since I don’t use my phone for talking much, that is great for me. I have also used my phone to watch a movie. I was somewhere with not much else to do, so it was handy. If you were a bit less self centered and cocky, you could at least form statements that let people know how YOU feel without stating something like it must be the absolute truth. It makes you seem ignorant.

        • Shanosburgess

          OY lets not slag of those of us in europe! if we wanted we coud lower the tone as well and acuse all americans of needing larger phones to fit their oversized overweight obesity ridden hands… or make comments about them all using oversized v8 yank tanks to get them everywhere as smaller cars wont handle all the junk in their trunks, not to mention their ability to completely F- up the environment by choosing not to use public transport… but all of these would be sweeping generalisations much like your one about peasants on trains! and would serve no purpose!

          on a real note I have played with an SIII and although the screen was a bit bigger, it was not much more useable than my SII, and in real terms (I’m running pure S3 rom from XDA) it felt no quicker in day to day tasks, and did not have the tech to justify signing for a 2 year deal, I will wait for the next evolutionary jump, be it 8 cores or even 4 core (hopefully jelly bean will be coded to properly distribute loads across the cores straight out of the gates, as opposed to ICS which intel have shown does not do a good enough job in the hands of mobile makers) with lte (and a network that supports the tech properly) I guess I would like the kind of specs that were on the SIII wish lists before its actual release and subsequent disappointment

          Do I want or need more than 4.3″ of screen space? maybe but I want it to be edge to edge with buttons as part of the screen to give me more rea estate at times when i’m browsing or watching Sky player.
          the long and short is I want the phone size to stay similar but with bigger spec and screen

          I have just signed a 12 month sim only contract on 3 uk for just £15 per month with 600 mins 3000 texts and unlimited data
          using this with XDA custom roms I’m gonna be happy to hold out for the next year, will you be happy with your S3 or HTC one X in 12 months? and if yes will you still be happy with them in 24 months time?

    • Hi

      Well said. Android phones have become too big and bulky for everyday use.

    • sn0wbaLL

      to each his own, im loving the big screens. Living in a crowded place like NY, etc., using a car is a pain, taxi, bus and a big screen.

    • trollololol

      i really don’t understand why some people prefer smartphone ? What’s next? Phones with mouse??? if you want to check main or play game just use your goddamn laptop. Who in the right mind uses a phone to read mail or play game with so small screen? let’s go back to nokia 3310 may be ?

      • bolou


  • RichardLAnderson
  • Gsushc

    i’ve had this phone for just over a week now and I am also new to android as I changed from iphone because of this device.
    As much as I like it I have been constantly playing with it and cant seem to put it down and have found that:
    1, the smart stay is temperamental at best and pisses me off as it puts the phone to sleep if your not holding the phone square on and steering at it with eyes wide open like a fool.
    2, the hand swipe screen capture only works if you physically brush against the screen while swiping (this is a touch screen device so you’ll change whats on the display when you swipe, DUMB).
    3, even with the quad core processor and the 1GB of ram I am finding this phone to still have lag and if you play a game or are on the web and decide to hit the home button there is a 3 second lag until the icons load on the home screen page, even after I clean the cash and use COSMOS!

    What the hell is up with that, this is supposed to be the most powerful smartphone out there!

    Is there any suggestions to from you guys to improve the running of this device?

    • try rooting and using a custom ROM..also try installing supercharger V& or V8 scripts

      • GSUSHC

        I would do but apparently its not reversible yet on the S3 so if anything goes wrong with it I will void the warranty so I am patiently waiting for a reversible root solution.
        I have just found out that if you go into S voice settings and turn the double tap home screen button to turn on S Voice option off, you will erase the lag instantly!

    • Shanosburgess

      For all things android there is XDA!
      as I stated in my reply above the devs and chefs over there make good things great!
      and make the changes that the manufacturers cant (normally due to network/carriers bloatware being incompatible)
      but beware… once you start down the custom rom flashing route… forever will it be a part of your life lol
      Best wishes and see you over at XDA

    • JazzoRenee

      You should probably report these things to Samsung, I mean they would probably appreciate constructive feed back, so that they can work on improving these things.

    • Tatty

      The reason for lag on Android surfaced a few months back. It’s a side affect of true multi-tasking. When you start loading a browser page and switch to another app you will find that the browser page has finished loading when you return. With IOS and Windows Phone the UI gets priority over every other process. The affect is a much smoother UI, no matter how much CPU and RAM you throw in your phone. Some see that as a positive, some as a negative. Horses for courses I suppose

  • Gsushc

    I also see a lot of comments about it being a big phone, I use it with just one hand 80% of the time unless i’m emailing and use it in landscape mode but my hands are large although I’m only 6ft!

  • GBGamer

    I want the US version. 2gb of RAM, and an A15 processor. Plus 4G-LTE.

    • bolou

      the padfone? or galaxy s3?

      • GBGamer

        Galaxy S3. But then my dad got a GNexus, and I know Nexus is a better phone.

        • why the hell you think that the Gnex is better than the S3?!?!

          • GBGamer

            One word. AOSP.

          • GBGamer

            BTW, love your name.

  • Terry Quick

    The Asus Padfone is now shipping in the UK from if anyone is interested in purchasing one.

  • AsusFTW

    Hi guys!
    I’m going to start stydy at local jamk university of applied sciences and I already have “smartphone” HTC Sensation. It was rival of SGS2, but lose the battle. Now I need a tablet to help at school, well how many buy a tablet if they have already smartphone? Well maybe few, but I’m not that rich and I like to use my money vice so I don’t buy new tablet. With Asus Padfone I solve the problem: I’ll sell my HTC to friend who broke his HTC Desire HD(200€) and buy Padfone bundle(comes with tablet station) for 650€. And the bonus is that I’ll only need one mobile subscription so I safe a lot of money. And if the mobile network works fine I can share it to my laptop and I don’t need my 100M/10M viber DSL anymore cause the Asus supports LTE. So if you have same situation like me, there is no point to buy any other phone than Asus Padfone. BTW I didn’t even need new phone, but friend broke his and I need tablet, was the “carrot on the stick” here. Hope this helps to decide. And sorry my bad english, you can blame Finland’s elementary school.