Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5: titan superphone deathmatch [rumor roundup]

by: Mike AndriciMay 1, 2012

It’s not that often that we cover anything related to the iPhone series, but, if you think of it, it is the best selling line of smartphones ever made. Under these circumstances, it does makes sense to compare the rumors that have been circulating about the next iteration of the iPhone series against the rumors regarding the upcoming beast of a device in the Samsung Galaxy S line. According to analyst expectations, these will be the two best selling smartphones of 2012, so why not subject them to a grueling rumor pit-fight?

While it does not mean that there aren’t at least a couple of other manufacturers that can produce even better smartphones (Motorola and HTC being two of my personal favorites), it’s the fight between the Apple and Samsung flagship smartphones of 2012 that will count the most towards shaping the future of smartphones as we know it.

First of all, it should be mentioned that the next Galaxy S is likely to be called the Galaxy S3, as some leaks seem to prove. On the other hand, the next iPhone is expected to be branded as the iPhone 5, iPhone 4G or as the new iPhone. I’ll refer to them as the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 throughout the rest of this article.

Release Dates

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be officially revealed on May 3 at the Samsung Unpacked Event in London and is expected to be released internationally around June. Many are basing this estimation on previous statements from Samsung officials that claimed that the official announcement of the smartphone will be made closer to its actual commercial availability. In the US, the Galaxy S3 is expected to arrive over the summer as Samsung will probably want the S3 to be available in as many countries as possible before the start of the summer Olympics in London in late July, an event they are putting a lot of money into as one of the main sponsors.

In the other camp, some credible sources claim that the iPhone 5 release date might come as late as October, due to the fact that the iPhone 4S is still selling very well, especially in some emerging markets where the iPhone has been launched for the first time. Being highly likely that Apple will want to milk the iPhone 4S cashcow for at least a full year, an October release date for the iPhone 5 seems to be the logical timing. The first 4 versions of the iPhone (up to the last model, iPhone 4S) were launched in June.


Samsung has managed to keep the design of the Galaxy S3 very much a secret, and that is unlikely to change before May 3 when the smartphone will be officially released. That’s because all test units for the Samsung Galaxy S3 had a dummy case that did not reflect the actual design. Here’s one of these dummy cases:

This is a sketch that appeared in a leaked user manual for the Samsung Galaxy GT-9300, a smartphone that is believed to be the Galaxy S3:

As you would expect, there are quite a number of rumors regarding the design of the new iPhone, but all of them revolve around the same point: the iPhone 5 will sport a new design, probably something different enough to differentiate it from the two previous versions of the iPhone (4 and 4S), which were both (sadly, to the chagrin of many Apple fanatics) released with the exact same case. Some say that the iPhone 5 will be thinner – probably around 8mm thick – while some say it will be as thick as the 4S, but will sport a larger battery (and last only as long as the 4S due to reasons I’ll explain a little later). As far as construction materials go, some rumors claim that Apple will use Liquimetal (and make a lighter smartphone) while others claim it will feature a unibody design.


Consumers have spoken - they love AMOLED display technology

It seems that as weeks pass, the rumored Galaxy S3 display size increases by 0.1-inches. It’s an odd thing, really. First there were rumors of a 4.6 inch display, then a benchmark result leaked a few days back seemed to point towards a 4.7-inch display, followed by the most recent of leaks, the leaked user manual that says the S3 will feature a 4.8 inch screen. The rumored resolution of the display is expected to be 720 by 1280 pixels (not accounting for the area of the display dedicated for the ICS soft buttons, if that will be the case).

As i’m sure you you may know, all previous versions of the iPhone – the original, 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S, by their order of appearance – featured a 3.5 inch screen. While the number one motivation for using a 3.5 inch screen will always remain valid (at that size the thumb is able to reach all corners of the display), at some point Apple is bound to follow the reports claiming that most smartphone users actually prefer larger screens. It is possible that Apple will start following this trend sooner rather than later as the iPhone 5 is rumored to feature a 4 inch retina display.



According to a number of reports, the iPhone 5 will be the first Apple smartphone to include LTE-connectivity. As Apple have already used an LTE modem inside one of their products (the third generation iPad), it doesn’t seem that hard to believe, does it? That’s the reason why some believe the iPhone 5 will not be any thinner: to make room for a bigger battery that can sustain the higher power requirements of an LTE modem, a move Apple has already demonstrated with the “new” iPad 3.

As far as the Galaxy S3 is concerned, some unofficial reports claim that the S3 will actually come in two variants, one without an LTE modem, and one with a Snapdragon S4 SoC that will make use of the integrated LTE modem inside Qualcomm’s latest SoC (that also contains a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and an Adreno 225 GPU). The way I see it, the rumor above is inspired from HTC’s move with the One X. Why would Samsung decide to use a Qualcomm LTE modem if the one they produce seems to work perfectly well inside the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus? They are, after all, one of the largest chipmakers in the world. What remains to be seen is they have been able to make quad core and LTE play nice. Have they succeeded where NVIDIA failed? Time will tell.

Processor & GPU

Let me highlight a trend for you: the Apple iPhone 4 used the same Apple A4 processor as inside the original iPad in the same way that the iPhone 4S uses the same dual-core Apple A5 processor as inside the iPad 2. Hopefully, it’s easy to see why Apple is expected to equip the iPhone 5 with the same A5X processor as inside the new iPad (3d generation). Granted, that isn’t the biggest upgrade you can think of, but if the iPhone 5 will also feature the new iPad’s quad-core GPU, the bump in graphical performance can be considered an evolutionary leap. The quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU performs quite well at the impressive 2048×1536 resolution of the new iPad. As the iPhone 5 will surely have a much lower resolution, the graphical performance should be quite impressive.

Back in the Samsung camp, it was officially announced that the Galaxy S3 will use a quad-core Exynos processor produced by Samsung, clocked around 1.4GHz. In addition, one leaked benchmark result led many to believe that the S3 will feature the ARM Mali-400 GPU. Historically, Samsung’s Exynos line of CPU’s provide one of the best performance per power consumption ratios on the market.

Operating System

For those that like more than a basic app launcher, Android is the answer

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will run the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the OS released by Google, while Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to run iOS 6 (a version expected to be revealed at WWDC 2012 in June).

So there you have it folks, these are the most credible rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5. Not all of them might turn out to come true, but most of them will. What are your thoughts on the fight between the Apple and Samsung flagships of 2012? Who will take the crown as the best selling smartphone of the year? Which will be the best performing smartphone of 2012? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. As always, make sure you drop us a thought in the comment section below!

  • FreedomLover24

    Using an iPhone is an insult to any intelligent person. I immediately look down upon a person when they pull out an iPhone. I understand with the iPad, it’s good and all, but it’s still locked down, not customizable, and you are part of Apple’s efficiently monetized hell.

    Samsung is going to clean up with their S3. And ANDROID WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

    Haters of Android, and lovers of the iPhone, it’s time to BOW DOWN.

    • Azwildcat42

      You look down on people with iphones. Okay. Stop saying iphones arent customizable though, you are making yourself look fucking stupid.

      • prim07

        They arent, stop being dumb.

        • Cole Raney

          They are, just not as customizable as android. That doesn’t mean it isn’t customizable at all.

          • Womp

            Anything is customizable, even a brick.

          • Cabeljau

            The longer a threat, the higher the chance a Hitler comparison is made. Now while we are at it, which phone would Hitler use?

          • 8PAQ

            Obviously something made or at least designed by white people. So all Korean garbage would be no go lol. My guess Hitler would use Lumia 900.

          • 8PAQ

            Black one with swastika on the back lol.

          • Terrence Greene

            probably a nokia

          • notedmirror

            Agree. One can break a brick into pieces and then put the pieces together the way one thinks fit or wants the customized brick to look like. Ditto for an iphone. LOL !!!! :-)

      • Dennis Matamoros

        they are not customizable… installing themes isn’t consider customizable.. when you can install a whole new rom, modem, kernel (whole new operating system aside from the garbage that was install in your phone when you purchased it) then come talk to me about customization, or when you can overclock that crappy phone to maximum speed then we can talk

        • Dave

          Umm idiot, thats all you can do on an android is change the themes. What else can you do on an android. Rooting it only allows you to install apps for free. A jailbroken iphone can have the whole OS tweaked. Tweaking an android amounts to installing a battery saver, antivirus app and over clocking app. Go ahead overclock your android cuz truth be told, thats all a lie. Look it up, those apps are false they make you think they are overclocked. MORON

          • Darkangels6sic6


            And you are calling them an idiot and a moron?? Are you kidding me?? You are so blind and rude!

            First off all ovreclocking is a lie? This is why you like Apple. You will believe anything you are told. I’ve overclocked past 50%. I can not even begin to start off with how brainwashed you are.
            Steeling apps is the biggest deal to a jailbroken Iphone truth be told. If you really wanted to then you don’t even have to Root your Droid for that. Battery apps and antivirus can be obtained also without root. And battery apps and themes are far from the extent of Android. You just heard that and believed it like everything else. All these points prove you are speaking without even have the slightest or foggiest clue of what you are saying.

            Do you know the entire system modifications put into a good rom??????? Apparently not. Why don’t you do youself a favor and truly use, research, and lean about a droid. Work on a rom even. Install some. See the difference in abilities, integration, and possibilities between a non rooted Droid and a non Jailbroken Iphone.

          • Dori Loga

            What I don’t understand is why are you iSheep always trolling on android sites, or forums? If you want to get technical we have themes, launchers + their themes, and custom roms. As for over clocking is a lie? someone drank the Kool-Aid…
            we can install battery savers, anti-virus, all WITHOUT root.
            Learn the facts, or at least pick up a high quality android play with it for a few weeks… then come back when you’ve learnt something that isn’t nonsensical…

      • guest

        iphones are shit, and to think a iphone is customizable is a joke please stop thinking of a android phone, as they’re the only phones which are customizable when it comes to changing the phones layout and themes including, roms ect…

      • Acomp Ltd

        your dumb! everyone love software freedom.

    • Jacques

      its an insult that you exist in this world

    • Cole Raney

      You are an idiot then. Why would you look down on someone who has an iPhone? The OS is beautiful and functions really well. If Apple still made new iPod touches, I would buy one so that I can have an android phone and an iOS device. It is a decent OS.

      • I have met at least 20 people that owned a iPhone and all of them had low-income jobs. It just seems that people buy iPhone to show-off, because everyone can see the Apple logo and know that the owner has paid a very high sum to buy it. This is quite pathetic.
        At leas. nobody buys a Galaxy just to show-off.

        • Dave

          So I have an iphone so therefore I am low income. I probably make more then your daddy. And yes people buy galaxy phones to show off……. you did!!!

          • Darkangels6sic6

            You are twisting someones words now. They never stated that everyone with an Iphone was low income. Clever trying to call people childish in a non obvious way. Especially when you are going around lying, name calling, and twisting words. Bravo.
            What if my daddy makes more than your daddy??…Just foolish.

    • Helenoftroy

      I agree! Samsung ALL the way! I have a DroidX and do love it! I am a Android girl all the way! What is so great about an iphone! And I am always playing with my phone, trying to customize it! Making changes and I dont think you can really do that with iphone! ANDROID RULES!! I CANT WAIT FOR THURSDAY! I WILL BE GLUED TO MY COMPUTER AT 2PM. ;-)

      • Dennis Matamoros

        i haven’t slept in 2 weeks since samsung announced this may 3rd unveiling … I CAN’t WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dave

        How many times you gonna change your theme before you realize thats all you can do. Lame

        • Darkangels6sic6

          See you are even being rude to people that didn’t even say anything, but how excited you are. I didn’t believe you to be a sheep before, but know I can see you are the very belligerent rude kind.

          • steve

            Seriously who gives a shit?
            It’s a fucking phone…. That’s like saying you’ll look down upon someone for drinking pepsi when you enjoy coke, or vice-versa.

            I prefer Iphones for their elegant menu display and physical property design…I don’t judge someone for having a fucking droid…stop being a raging fan boy.

    • Dennis Matamoros

      samsung has already taken over the smart phones throne, with the galaxy s2, after that apple release the ip4s which is almost a copy of the GS2, now samsung will release the GS3 and then apple will follow… so, WHO’s following who now? i had an iphone in the past but after switching to the galaxy s phones there’s no way I can ever go back, iphones are just lame, boring, usless and out dated, you can;t customize them. I love how all these developers love to make new roms for android phones and once you flash them it’s like practically getting a whole new phone! amazing!!

      • Dave

        Its called jailbreaking and cydia. As far as I have seen on my samshit s2 all i can do is customize the themes and widgets even after rooting it. My iphone 4 can do anything once jailbroken. One other thing, ever install the wrong os on a samshit? Try it, you will go buy an iphone.

        • Darkangels6sic6

          As I stated. You never gave Droid a chance. You just went in on false pretenses. The Droid is capable of so much more than themes. Your knowledge on the subject is so vastly limited it’s scary.

        • Darkangels6sic6

          And how on earth did you install the wrong os on a Samsung or any droid? That is your own fault with extreme ignorance and obliviousness. If you cant search samsung and download a samsung ANDROID rom to install on a samsung phone then which phone works better is the absolute least of your worries.
          PS good job putting your own foot in your mouth on that one.

          • Jay-r Covita

            LOL correct, putting a wrong OS on a Droid……hmmmm dont make sense hahaha

    • Andrewyang1993

      Completely agreed. I have many friends who have iPhones and they tell me iPhone is the best phone on the market and so I ask them, “How is it the best?” Their answer is, “Because it looks nice.” What an utterly foolish answer… Because of this, I can not stop to think how stupid my friends are sometimes. I really hope the S3 really shuts their mouths up once and for all.

      • InsNameHere

        Most people that I know who own an iPhone do so because they heard about how good it was. They didn’t go check it out for themselves, they just got an iPhone simply because it was an iPhone. If you try to talk to them about an android device, they would talk down to it because in their minds their phone is the best. I just think to myself and just laugh in my head at their ignorance. They don’t know what they are missing and I doubt they will ever grow a pair and look for themselves. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the iPhone but they never looked at the other side.

      • Dave

        Calling your friends stupid will only end up leaving you all alone in your bedroom masterbating on your samshit.

        • Darkangels6sic6

          Like I said. Pathetic, belligerent, rude ass sheep. Hopefully you are a coward who can only sound like this online because if you really are like this then I fear the person in a relationship with you because most who act and talk like you are very controlling bastards that are egotistical, cowardly, immature, assholes.

      • Jay-r Covita

        Andrewyang1993: from the look of the final specs of the S3 it dominated the iphone4s or the upcoming iphone5, Im android for life and im happy with it

    • Nklenchik

      Really? Cuz my grandma uses an iPhone. Why look down on them? If it works for them…so be it

      • Mary

        I aggree, well said. I had iPhones for years and never had a problem with them, switched to a Galaxy S2 and have had nothing but problems, battery life is pathetic, call quality is horrible, screen is hard to read in sunlight, the screen sensitivity is dodgy and hard to type emails quickly. The difference between an iPhone and Droid is that iPhones work out of the box without having to customise them, Yes you can do more with Droids but I need a phone that works without draining the battery or having to have speacial apps/widgets to turn wifi/data etc off so that I can get through a day without charging, therefore an iPhone suits my needs better than a droid. BTW I’m a senior manager of an IT company who is not dumb, misinformed or a low income earner looking to show off.

        • Darkangels6sic6

          You made that up or had a faulty device. Everything you said was a complete contradiction of the truth. Even my Omnia HD was almost visible at the lowest setting in the sun, but just turn the light up to about 1/8 or 1/6 and wa la. All the way up? It would outshine the sun. The sensitivity is perfectly fine. It’s spectacular. But unless it’s an Iphone it cant have a good screen. BS. Droids work just fine out of box and do so much more then Iphone. That is the difference. And if you use an Iphone a lot the battery will drain a lot too. Any phone will drain with heavy use. Not everyone gets the same usage, but thats to be expected from any electronic be it Apple, Samsung, Nokia, a camera, or anything. This is why people have problems with Apple users. And if you can sit here and defend Apple this much then you are miss informed because to support such a horrific disgusting company means you are miss informed and blind to their treachery or could care less about such illegal action. Either outcome is pretty bad. Do I myself hate Iphone? No. Do I think it’s bad? No. I do however hate Apple, i know Iphone is not the best and never has been the most advanced, and I have a high intolerance to their sheep. 99% of any Iphone user I have ever run into be it at the store, in a school, at home, at a friends, at the gass station, or online is a sheep. They blindly follow sputing out regurgitation on things they don’t even know about. They just say it’s an Iphone so its better and that everything is a copy. They refuse to be told any truths of the matter. A few select people actually just prefer IOS. But to those select few that is fine. They can like whatever they like.

          • Dave

            Why is she contradicting herself? She had issues, are you calling her a liar. Come on idiot. I had nothing but issues with my Samshit phone. Called Samsung got a korean guy who couldnt speak english. At least when I call apple the person Im talking to knows I have an iphone. How many times can you get forwarded to Samsungs laundry machine division before getting tired of it.

          • Darkangels6sic6

            Another Ifan who uses name calling instead of reading and replying. If you had read what I said then you would see that I said she was she was saying was a contradiction from the truth because the phone is light years from being that horrible.

            I said she was either lying (because as a possibility anyone can be lying)(that does not mean i am calling her a lair, but that I am well aware of the high possibility of it). Or that she had a faulty product to which every single line of inventions has faulty products weither it be Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Ty, Gerber, Toyota, and all of the above.

            If Samsung is crap than I don’t understand how Apple is any better considering Samsung makes a few of the most important and essential parts to the Iphone like cpu and memory chips to start off. You think people don’t get foreign customer service for Apple? Or most companies for that matter? Of course you do. Also not to mention if Apple only makes one phone DUH they know you have an Iphone then. Samsung on the other hand is top notch in a vast majority of products in electronics in general along with non electronical products. Just the same as you will have stories of praise and nightmares on customer service from any company.

            And look all of this and I didn’t have to call you one discriminating name or make fun of you or be rude.

          • Darkangels6sic6

            Also not to mention anyone stating that a Super Amoled Plus screen is not visible in the sun is almost definitely lying or foolishly holding it in direct reflection of the sun at a very very very low light setting just to start off with that.

        • Dave

          Not to mention the amount of heat they give off good heat a small room. Maybe the s3 will have a huge heat sink on it LMAO.

          • Darkangels6sic6

            Same could be said about Apple devices. You are being so falsely one sided and repetitive it’s sickening.

        • Andrew

          Actually lady, all the things you mentioned are actually quite the opposite. These are the facts: Droids generally have a longer battery life; all the new Droids have Super AMOLED display which is superior to iPhone’s; Droid keyboards have much better auto-correction (SwiftKey 3 as well as even the stock version) with larger buttons.

          Mary, by informing the world that you’re a manager at an IT company won’t get you any more credibility, but will rather make you look imbecilic and make us feel sorry for whatever the company you work for.

    • Gabriel Kip

      Man, I use android but I think we all know that apple will win,, apple always does revolutionary stuff …

      • Darkangels6sic6

        Since when is lying, steeling, monopolizing, being tyranic, copying, false advertisement, and ripping off revolutionary? They just are revolutionary at tricking millions of people into thinking they are revolutionary.

      • Acomp Ltd

        the box where the iphone is inside..when does nice boxes became revolutionary?

    • Imbeten

      Are you fucking kidding me??? The real idiots are the people like you who look down to other just because they are using iphones??? It depends on how you use and utilize your phone, freak! I know some people using android phones because they only want to look cool and geek as if they are customizing their phones by themselves. How wuss is that???

    • Dave

      Do you get out much? You sound like a closet fascist. Look down on me while I use my iphone and you will have to remove your Samshit Galaxy S3 from your asshole.

      • Darkangels6sic6

        You are here too. In fact you made many more comments. So according to your philosophy you really really need to get out. If Samsung makes it’s own parts and makes the parts of the Iphone then I can only imagine how trashy that makes Iphone…According to your logic that is. People look down on majority of Iphone users for their ignorance of the truth and for their belligerence to others for knowing the truth.

        • Bliindsight

          People look down on someone based on their phone? Since when has a phone been a status symbol? You guys all sound like hipsters to me. I’d doubt anyone else is actually looking at you or your phone. I probably make more than all of you put together and I just want a phone that doesn’t break when I drop it on concrete. Because I do. A lot.

          • Darkangels6sic6

            No its the ignorant sheep that use iphones aka isheep. Which actually makes up a huge portion. That think apple created everything, had the first everything, that nothing else in the world compares, that everything else is crap, that everything is an iphone copy or ipad copy or mac copy, and refuse to be told anything else while going around trashing, trolling, bashing, and spreading lies all the while supporting a terrorist like company.

    • ..

      YOU’ re an insult to any intelligent person.

    • Prit

      I am an IT performance tester and use applications extensively and am well versed with both devices. As much as people make it about android and ios. every product has its limitations having said that you go about your routine with ease is what most people look at from their busy schedules the younger generation and the jobless might have ample time customizing their phones for which androids are well suited and the build quality from the hardware aspect is good. Although the iPhone outsmarts in ergonomics design aspects and ease of use. Rich or poor i have seen janitors with androids and iphones.
      To make your life less complicated and deal with longevity the iphone is better as it has a quality build and better customer service. Although for people who like customizing the OS and like experimenting on newer apps and have a niche for exploring andriod is fun.

  • Cole Raney

    You mean iPhone 6. The iPhone 4S is the 5th iPhone, so the next iPhone won’t be called the iPhone 5. That would be pretty dumb.

    • Gabba

      The sheep will buy it if it’s called the iCrapple. It doesn’t matter to those types, just so long as they’re fashionable and hip, numbers don’t matter

      • Cole Raney

        Well I would buy a product I want no matter the name. I’d buy the samsung galaxy S3 even if it were called something stupid as well.

        And part of it isn’t being hip or fashionable. I have an iPhone, and I like it. I didn’t get it because it was hip or fashionable or whatever. I got it because I like the OS. iOS 5 is especially great. That said I am getting the Samsung galaxy S3 when it comes out. I think android does seem better. I do like both though. The iPhone is a good product.

        • covenanth

          Yes definitely…I don’t own an android or an iPhone….so first of all I am not biased…or in simple words I am not inclined towards any one phone…(Hope people get me correct there).I like iPhone as well as Android ….Trust me I like them a lot…reasons for liking an iPhone are:
          1: Excellent OS….one of the best OS you can see with a phone today…leave apart the customisable thing but as far as I know it can do almost all the things that you want it to do and that too in one of the most trendy ways :)
          2: The second reason is the better one for liking an iPhone…the thing is the OS is made or coded in such a manner that even the earlier generations of iPods and iPhones .. right till iPhone 3G and all can be upgraded to the new OS…!!! What does this indicate…?That once you buy an Apple device…you are not out of the market every year like the Android devices which are power hungry and the next updates require significant improvements in Hardware to get updated..(Don’t get me wrong here ..the idea is to emphasize the fact that there are many android devices in the market running 2.3 Gingerbread which can’t update to ICS 4.0….this is horrible…So in Apple device owners are clear winners on this issue…

          Now the bad things about Apple :
          1: They are locked devices…though some of my friends told me that Apple has legalised Jailbreaking….so that issue has been addressed to some extent….so if someone says its not so customisable now…so it won’t be fully correct….
          2: The biggest reason is that Apple devices are overpriced…I don’t know why? Its certainly gonna burn a hole in your pocket…thats one of the biggest reasons why some people don’t go for apple devices…


          I like it a lot because
          1 : If there is one OS that can compete with iOS in anyway…it has to be Android…having said that..we know how good Android can be after seeing ICS….isn’t it….very customisable…almost giving you the same sense of pleasure as u get while operating and iPhone with an iOS 5
          2 : Almost all phones which come with ICS nowadays have very good hardwares…and that too at almost half the prices that of an apple device…so that is a big good reason for buying an android phone over and iPhone…
          I only told what are the demerits of the android phone…with respect to the increasing hardware demands of the OS…

          So in a nut shell both are good but one can have his or her own preferences ofcourse….
          As far as I am concerned….some small things like sharing a file via bluetooth and Smsing my friends do matter me the most when I know all or infact most of my friends don’t own an iPhone :)

          So for me I’ll anyday go for an Android phone untill the day these Bluetooth file sharing issue between any devices,Sms forwarding to any device and price cut is done…. :) These might seem very small issues but certainly mean a lot for some people….
          Hope I haven’t raised much eyebrows from members from either of the community and have done justification on the issue that which is better..Apple iPhone or Android Phones…
          THANK YOU GUYS…

          • Tondog813

            I’m not sure why people think iPhones are so expensive. I paid $200 dollars for mine and if I’m not mistaken the galaxy nexus costs $400. Sure you can get crappy android phones for less but if you want the most premium android phone you’ll pay the exact same or more. My dad got the bionic when I got the iPhone and I paid $100 less than he did. :P (End of rant)

          • Perra

            Up here, in the good old vikingland an iphone 4,s costs nearly 1000$ while an Motorola Razr Costs 500$. I’m an Android lover and just laugh at the insane prices apple has. A fuckin 3GS Costs as much as an SE xperia Arc S.

          • Ahmed

            love ur comments its very reasonable and i love equality between things without biases. but i’am still confused. i wanna buy a phone, never had a smartphone. i dont know which. i beleive the best 2 phones in the market out there are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iphone 5 when it is released. S3 is now available and i love it sooo much all in all is good. for the iphone long ago i didnt like it but i deeply appreciated its huge technology and admired it now alot and now with the s3 released… it made me confused, is Iphone 5 along with its new IOS 6 are worth waiting ? not being rushed at all but, i can imagine 90% of how the next iphone will look like and i dont think it would make me happy as much as the s3. no phone has everything but… i mean Iphone have great intuitive programs.. like siri, and game center and apps, I msg..etc and the overall icons and appearence on the OS is really nice and mingled. but i kinda feel sacrificing lotz of things if i buy an iphone, like bigger screen, more apps, probably more customization, maybe faster processor (even tho i dont care about speed) and all in all a different and better experince.. i still dont kno its just also iphone have nice and easy features like combining all notifications from all accounts into 1 place, ease of use, and it does everything while android somehow have different better features and it can still do the same but in different way… etc i dont kno wut to choose.

    • Ahmad Hafiz Salahuddin

      god i never expect there would be someone as dumb as you, if according to what you say, then iPhone 3GS is the 4th iPhone, not iPhone 4, but clearly that is not the case, if Apple only add S behind the phone name instead of changing the number, that means they only change it a bit and it’s not a new generation of iPhone, and if they name the new phone iPhone 6 then that would be dumb since there will be no iPhone 5. You are pretty dumb aren’t you?

      • Cole Raney

        *facepalm* get your facts straight before calling me dumb.
        iPhone 3G
        iPhone 3GS
        iPhone 4
        iPhone 4S
        Those are all the iPhones. The 3GS is the third iPhone. The second iPhone was named 3G because it added 3G networks (it’s pretty much the ont difference between the iPhone an the iPhone 3G).

        • Cole Raney

          Only* not ont

          • Darkangels6sic6

            Sorry not to Cole Raney to Ahmad Hafiz Salahuddin and Terrence Greene

        • 8PAQ

          Nice pwnage. Well played sir.

        • Terrence Greene

          Your still dumb…
          Your talking in two different formats.
          there is the literal version number (order of existence)

          then there is the evolution or model number (model number identifier)
          iphone , iphone 3, iphone 4, iphone 5

          so yea its the 6th or whatever but its gonna be called the iphone 5… or more likely the “new iphone”

          … idiot …

          • Cole Raney

            You are making no since here. There is no evolution naming sequence. They are named based in their significance.
            iPhone- because it’s the first.
            IPhone 3G- because it added 3G
            iPhone 3GS- I’m not sure about the S part. They couldn’t name it 4G or 4 since its the third.

            iPhone 4- because it’s the fourth iPhone
            iPhone 4S- probably because it is the same design, but my speculation is that the next one is going to be called the iPhone 4G since it might have lte. So it might seem weird for the average consumer to go from iPhone 5 to iPhone 4G. Especially when you compare to the naming of the iPod touches.

          • Jean-Pierre King

            Oh it’s going to have 4g, or it wont be on Verizon here in the U.S. as they stated all smartphones on their network this year and forward must be lte compatible.

          • Iphon3Sux

            Lol imo they called it the iphone 4s cause they still got crushed by the s2, which i own. They were to ashamed/embarassed to name it the “5” as it was a piece of crap. Work mate owns i5. outta the box – faulty

          • Darkangels6sic6

            and you are pathetic. Is name calling for simple obvious statements all you can do?

      • Darkangels6sic6

        get an education for real

  • Clunkclicked

    why would you look down on someone because of their mobile phone? what are you, 12 years old?

    • Darkangels6sic6

      Because if you would realize the truth then you most likely would not support them, but you either just jumped on the wagon and or refuse to learn the truth. There for you sit a sheep til the day you might wake up. Would you support hitler or hussein to come to your country and take over?

  • Einpeb

    You look down on people who have an iphone?Thats bogus, you know its simplicity makes it perfect for the people who have troubles with technology but want a smartphone, like grandparents. You sound like an ass I hope you know.

    • WealthyWyatt

      You sound like an ass…the simplicity??…grandparents?? can get an android and don’t touch anything on it and its just as simple…. apple just has more apps. ..that’s it…and the funny thing is. ….y’all apple people come to android territory talk shit for no reason, calling people names for no reason. matter what u say its not gonna change the outdated uselessness of the iphone and its also not gonna change the way we feel about open android devices. ..

    • Jean-Pierre King

      come on man, that is just a slap to any grandparent’s face, if you say they can’t handle an android phone, this isn’t 3 years ago, Android is pretty easy to handle with you just playing around with it for like five minutes, I can even say that ios is difficult in some senses, like I was using my friends iPhone the other day, I forget what it was that I was doing, but it was something I do rather easily with my EVO 4g running a stock ios rom made by my boy kushdeck. Moral of the story here is that that excuse is washed out, either operating system can be mastered by just sitting down and playing with the device for an hour or so.

  • Try and keep it tame, people! Both are going to be landmark devices, no doubt. Seems like the iPhone bus has rolled by… Check out the site guys, this is an Android site. No matter how you slice it, with both companies relentlessly competing for market share (and dollars) we the consumers benefit from ever-more-awesome tech!

    • CWBad02

      Thank you for being sensible. These comments can be gruesome sometimes

      • Jay-r Covita

        I agree i just laugh with these comments and post, Im happy with my android device,,,,Enough said and cant wait for the S3 to come out in stores

  • Dsbfi_hsuihef

    for sure Samsung is going to have huge advantage over the New Iphone. due to the fact that the samsung galaxy s 3 will be realesed first before the new iphone. That gives Samsung Huge advantage over Apple.

    • Chocolar24

      question if the iphone 4s 4 3g 3gs etc were to fall in water how would u repair it or remove the battery without it shorting out the phone

      • Heavengold

        Someone mentioned above that iphone can do anything after jailbreak. Remember – only after jailbreak. Once new ios comes you can not update like android. if you do than u have to wait for new jailbreak with paperweight. I have galaxy s2. We can do anything with our phone in android without permission from apple :-) I also had iphone 4 and i also have the new ipad (Must mention that it came as a gift). It’s display is amazing. Otherwise nothing new. waiting for jailbreak as usual. haha. My 4 year daughter is playing with the new ipad. I don’t like it. I like my galaxy s2 more.

        • Bob

          Man. Yea alot of people get iphone just cause everyone else has it. Iphone is trash. Question do all you iphone users have a mac at home or a pc? If you have a pc chances are you are a sheep. If you have a mac chances are you understand somethings about apple that you just like. Anyone with a pc goes through virus scans and all he downfalls of a pc. Android is almost just like a pc windows so for anyone that has a pc windows at home and calls android schit is plan foolish and retarded.

          Android will always rule apple go get some other company to make your ischit iZombies make me laugh. If apple released a new phone with a different name but he exact same schit as 4s alot of idiots would still buy it and support it. Ahahah

          • Jonathansullivan07

            Both Samsung and Apple will meet the sales they require to make profit, so it’s a win for both. Anyway, it doesn’t actually matter what phone surpasses what phone. I own an iPhone as well as Galaxy. Both are great phones. To each their own.

    • Andrewyang1993

      … Unless Apple steals every intuitive ideas and functions from Android and put it in their next release of the iPhone.

  • Home

    It’s not a question of which phone will be the best selling, because all the iSheep will buy the new iPhone no matter what. The S3 will still be better though, just like the S2 is better than the current iPhone.

    • ISheep, brilliant! :) Apple products could be the wort products ever, but people would still buy their products just because of the brand. :(

      • Dave

        No actually I buy apple products because I never have to worry about fixing them. They never break, always work and hold a good resale value. I look online all the time and I see more used Android phones being sold then iphones.

        • Darkangels6sic6

          See now you made that up or again, but on the other side are just lucky. Never break? Don’t have to fix? Drop an Iphone and a Galaxy and you tell me which takes more damage. You could one of the few that don’t buy Apple products just for the logo, but 99% still are that way. And you blindness to the crap and lies of Apple still puts you closer to the level of the Isheep. If you knew then you would not support them or you are just that horrible of a person and do not care that they are pretty much the terrorists of the tech world and that you are supporting unjust illegal backwards companies willingly.

    • Dave

      You call us isheep so what do we call you, assdroids. Come on man everyone has their own preference. Who gives a crap who has the better phone. I own all three and they all have great features. If I could take the keyboard, BBM of the BB Bold 9900, the reliable ios from an iphone and the screen and cpu from an android phone then that would be a great phone. Call it the Iberrydroid!!! It would kick ass.

      • Darkangels6sic6

        LMAO! Not a chance. The term is actually Koolaid for to Droid users from pissed of sheep. If anythng for your type of sheep specifically ass sheep would work very well though.

  • Hcdlsah_jik

    samsung can own apple with in 1 sec in the galaxy s 3 will have 2 Gig of Ram. but i dont belive it will have. if it dd iw ould have own apple so bad. imagen quod core and 2 gig of ram vs duel core and one gig of ram.

    • Hillsmiesta

      Texting has ruined your life…

  • 8PAQ

    Hey funny fact for everyone here. Android phones consistently get lower web traffic share than iOS even if you exclude iPad because large percentage of Android phones is bought by old people who walk into a store to buy a replacement for their old cell phone and ask the sales rep “what’s a good phone around here”. Then they go home and use it just for making phone calls. iPhones on the other hand are mostly used as smartphones. Not that there is anything wrong with that but keep in mind market share number doesn’t mean people actually prefer Android to iOS.

    • Tareq

      Sorry pal but the way your looking at the web traffic thing is wrong. Andriod’s sale just started to boom when ICS was released. Samsung sold more than apple in 2011 and the first quarter of 2012, while apple iPhones sales were high with its first iPhone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s iPads 1 , 2 , 3, and their iPod touches. These phones are not as goood as ICS due to many reasons that are lacking in IOS, Full internet Browser (JAVA), where you dont have the option to stream with a lot of videos. And the apps made to fix these issues were useless. And widgets. I believe that once Anriod’s swipe laggy issues were fixed in ICS people started moving to andriod phones like samsung that offers better feature in Hardware were you get an MicroSD card slot. I dont need to mention every single point because I cant be bothered writing them anymore.

    • Dave

      Oh I forgot to mention, have you ever had to call Samsung support. What a joke!!!! Never helped me once.

      • Darkangels6sic6

        Again the same could be said about Apple or any other company. You can also find many people saying how helpful it was weither we are talking Samsung, Apple or any others. You just keep saying the same bs over and over

    • guest

      it just goes to show that ios is for kids because people with iphones like everything to be simple and are to stupid to use android.

  • Neutral

    Everyone so worried here about the s3 specs blowing iphone out of the water…. kids, I have had both android and iOS phones and can clearly state the only REAL benefit to android phones are the larger screens (4.3-4.6) because anything is larger is way too big. As for functionality, usability, reliability and overall support of the OS, Apple is a clear winner. Unfortunately android is only a pretty face, with its large colourful screens. Apple’s iphone is the way to go if you want to do anything on your phone without it crashing.

    At the end of the day the next phone can have a 8-core processor with 5gb Ram, but if the OS is broke, it still remains useless. All in all, its up to the kind of person you are when deciding on android or apple…

    You like big screen / sloppy OS = android
    You like smaller screen / great OS = apple

    • Wealthywyatt

      Hahaha bro you are so. ..Wrong!!!!… you obviously haven’t held a galaxy s2, my phone haven’t failed me yet and I have 20 pages worth of apps… including 3rd party apps… iPhone 4 had a lot of apps and ran smooth also. .but I enjoyed the Features on my s2 so I tossed my 4..I could have jail broken it and made it like an android phone but why do that when I could just keep the android phone??…and large screens are for people with larger hands and want to watch HD movies on a nice screen. …if large screens are useless then why do people get the Ipad???..I mean its basically just a larger iphone….hold up maybe because of the “LARGE SCREEN”!!!

      Please don’t respond because I’m not gonna read your rebuttal…iPhone responses are beneath me. .they hold no strong argument lol. ..that’s just my opinion.

      • InsNameHere

        To be honest, I don’t think he has even held a android device in general.

        • Dave

          I own both an android S2 and an iphone 4s My iphone is heads and shoulders more reliable. My S2 while having a nice screen and super fast has let me down so many times. I have replaced parts a few times on it. To be completely honest, I also have a BB Bold 9900 and find myself using it more then the other two. If BB adds 2 inches to the c=screen of the Bold, puts a better cpu in, and keeps the keyboard, look out Apple and android for that matter. Oh one other thing, don’t you just love having a virus scanner on your android phone!!!! LMAO

          • Darkangels6sic6

            You can prefer you BB then. BB is a lil more stable sometimes only for the extreme lack of everything, but is nice. As stated before if you truly had to replace that much then you are lying or sadly had a more defective device which happens to all companies. I can say the same thing about the Iphone. Most people I met who bought the 4s had to get at least one replacement. They had battery issues, stability issues, heating issues, screen issues, and so on. Some had to get more then one replacement and gave up. Some on the other hand worked just fine for what it is capable of. Same goes to Samsung and others.
            And that last comment..Don’t you love being lied to that Apple is immune to viruses? Along with everything else Apple being based on what jobs and Apple said? I have never had a malware issue. I only got a virus scanner because any platform has the possibility of threat and Avast came for Droid. It was not because I was told that Android is made of malware because that is just BS. LMAO!!!!!!! <—see funny copy at end there ;)

    • Jean-Pierre King

      Yup makes perfect sense, like when I want turn by turn navigation, true multitasking, widgets so I can see something like weekly weather, or what my friends are doing on multiple social networks without opening an app, full customization, notification light, removable battery, for our 16 hour road trips, “yeah college kids are troopers” list goes on, but come on, we get it, ios is cool for you, but don’t list all the positives of one thing, while listing the negatives of another, in the world of journalism, that is known as being biased.

  • Jj

    I bet that the Galaxy will be the better phone hopefully… better selling may be the iphone, but only because they have a huge following. Apple were the first ones with a good smart phone, and thats why they have such a following, but now there are better android phones out there, and if people are willing to change Apple will have to make better phones(not that the iphone is horrible) or get out of the phone market.

    • Darkangels6sic6

      they werent even the first smartphone or the best one. That is why everyone follows them. because they believe all the lies it’s built around

  • Gary Ahearne

    I have a strong feeling that 4th of June we should see the release of this highly anticipated device. That date would leave 53 days until the start of the London Olympics which Samsung are official sponsors. 53->S3. The unpacked event is on May 3rd (5/3/2012 -> S3 2012) Just my opinion…. Can anyone else see the reasoning? :P

  • Islickgirl

    omg you guys need to get laid

    • Darkangels6sic6


  • ujang

    great no more waiting definitely i’m gonna buy it !!! after i sold my vibrant and 8.9 then i’m using nokia 1280 while i’m wait SGS 3 !

  • iphone 5?????

    • Darkangels6sic6

      I know. Lol. It would be 4G, 5S, or something, but the window for just 5 disappeared with the 4S

  • Johnny Strong89

    iPhone all the way

    free iPhone

    • guest

      in what way does the iphone rule over samsung or any other android phone?? u do know iphone are only good for putting up price tags, as they dont think of the people who waste thier money on iphones, if they did then you would have siri on the iphone 4 instead of paying £200 extra and getting it on the 4s, apple are a joke, iphones are shit i rest my case so please go and jailbreak ur iphone ohh wait as soon as you do apple will screw u over my bad.

  • Galaxy S3 Wins if compared with HTC One X and iPhone 4S with its 1.4GHz powerful processor and 1GB of ram. Check out the full detailed comparison here

  • Acidburn

    Andriod system rules!!!….and as far as all the icrap!…it all should have been burried with steve jobs!!

  • if iphone had a larger display they would blow away android. I have a android tmobile user. Android never updates at the same time I’m still on 2.3.4 you have to root to get the 4.0 which is stupid. I have a samsung gs2. The only reason I’m use tmobile and not Att is they are so over priced and charge for everything. I pay 77 with tax unlimited everything.

    • Darkangels6sic6

      It took IOS over 2 years and 3 phones to finally bring MMS. No company is on top of everything. Though you most definitely have to wait too long for some of these updates. At least you have that option with Droid though.

  • Jeremyveltre13

    iPhone. Everytime i ever purchase samsung phones they are absolute crap. microphone sucks earpiece is fuzzy. inconsistent conectivity with bluetooth and wifi. plus they use such cheap parts that they just dont last… plus apple has such a solid following and makes a solid device.

  • c4rlos124

    All i know is that as soon as a root tool is available for the phone im going to get it….over clocking ss3 sounds like fun



  • guest

    Samsung galaxy s3 beats the iphone 4s by miles and to think apple can make a come its a joke.

    • Jay-r Covita

      QuadCore baby whoooohooooo cant wait

  • Suharsono_salim

    IPHONE????…pleeasee…forget it..period
    time for android to rule..either for samsung or htc
    too bad, htc one x battery is not replaceable and no slot for memory..
    still love my galaxy s2…n waiting for s3 in june..CRAPP..THATSS TOO LONGG TO WAITTT

  • Be sure to protect all electronic devices by registering them for free at

  • Cuscoperu06

    I am J.J and to tell you the true iphone is going down…. first to all we need flash dammit!!! I own both phones and to tell you the true droid offers more security and liberty to do as you wish. On the other hand…yeah iphone might be fast in some cases but its limited cause you have to pay at times to get it unlocked or jailbroken. Why waste time? when droid has it freely. I love droid nontheless the iphone…which now is finally being factory unlocked seems like a great deal since I am a traveler and go to various places. On that case!! yeah droids do suck :/ overal here in the USA!! DROID ALL THE WAY but around the globe….I HAVE TO SAY APPLE FACTORY UNLOCKED PHONES

  • Mossef

    I think Samsung galaxy s3 can’t reach to iPhone 5 because apple technology is more higher

  • Brendan Koh

    Very informative,unbiased, well thought of and researched article. A great help to potential buyers in making the right decisions.

  • Hkjsxka

    to all iphone motherfuckers go fuck ya phones. shove it up ur mums fanny n dig it. for all we care. n all iphone user u pay a big some of money to get a piece of shit!!! ur fucking iphone is jus a selfish fuck phone.( iphone is all about i) (android is all about all) if u don catch any balls, go catch ur dads balls wit ur mouth

    • Pepsi1897

      Wow looser, I hope your not using your phone to type that garbage. If so, turn on your spell check because you sound like an idiot. It’s funny you say the iPhone is so pricy, because the s3 is almost $300 vs the iPhone 4s $199. So take that “wanka”

    • Pepsi1897

      Great job you hood rat. Typical n*****. Go back to what you do best which is sitting on the couch watching Maury and Jerry springer, and collecting SSI. Congratualations! My tax dollars bought you your phone. What a piece of trash you are.

  • Taks_aman

    I have the galaxy s3 its awesomly amazing, gave my iphone 4s to lil brother. try s3 to believe. dnt jst talk crap about it.

  • Pepsi1897

    Looking down upon people because of there phone?? Wow! Get a life you looser. Cell phone’s don’t reflect your status in the world. Android or iPhone? Who cares?! It’s about choice and what options best fit your needs and wants. Stop taking advise from your 20 friends you talked to on world of war craft account…nerd. Now you better get off the computer because your mother making breakfast for you before go off to work at McDonald’s.

  • Pepsi1897

    You are all imbusiles! You are all sheep. Android and iPhone users. Baah baah baaaaah!

  • Jay-r Covita

    Aaaaaaamen brotha

  • Considering the fact most people here can’t point out an opinion, and just use insulting as their weapon, you aren’t going to get far.

    I know this is an android website, but I’m a fan of iPhones(Not any other product, thought, cause iphone is the only thing that is useful), and I just came to read the article, hoping to find some legit rumors about the iPhone and the S3.

    After what I’ve read, their both epic phones. But which one is more useful? Isn’t that what you want generally from a “PHONE”?

    Lets be serious, guys. Do you really enjoy holding up a billboard on your ear? My cousin has an S2, and he tells me it’s impossible to hold it right on his ear. And the fact that the S3 is even larger, yeah, you get my point.

    The iPhone might be a tad too wide, and is a bit heavy, but at least you can hold it up right, and you won’t underestimate it’s weight, thus holding it up right.

    Yes, the Samsung is more powerful then the iPhone, but who the heck wants all that power?
    Why?! Are you going to run Crysis 2 on a phone?! Come on! It’s just a phone and you don’t need all that power! The iPhone doesn’t have that power, yet it’s able to run perfectly with a ton of apps on, due to a clever App Manager, which introduces my next argument; OS.

    All in all, you probably want your phone to look awesome. All thought the Samsung looks amazing from outside, beating the iPhone design (Yes, I’m considering your opinion for a change, not your average comment.), the iOS still amazes me. The clever lockscreen, the way the apps are organised in pages and folders(And the page system also inspired samsung, I had an old Samsung Star, and it had it.).

    I’m not sure about the Android OS thought, yet I’ve seen it, and there’s nothing that much special in my opinion…

    • niekto

      android wins in ewerithing

  • john boi richie

    ive had the iphone 3g and 3gs and whwn i first got then i loved them i had no negative things to say about them but after 5 of having each they startes to mess up. i upgraded to the samsung galaxy s2 ive had it for just over 12 month and i have had no problems what so ever i just cant wait untill i get the s3 andriod all the way for me now. :-)

  • ishrak

    iphone is the best mobile better than galaxy s 2 and s3.

  • ishrak

    iphone 5 will destroy the all sumsungs and other mobiles lets see who wins. hahahaha.

  • Nile

    this is all i have to say, three of my friends have the Iphone 4S and i have the GS2, all three of my friends have had to go into the apple store to exchange their phones for new ones, i haven’t had a single problem with my GS2, is apple store created for people to buy Ipads and macs and ipods or to deal with people coming in having problems with their iphones? probably problems with their iphones

  • leena_90

    nah….y don’t u just meet and show everyone’s faces the advantage and disadvantage of both phones.

  • Orlando

    Yall sound ridiculous…and jus cause a phone is customaizable does not make it better…it makes it more of a toy. Last time i checked a phone was meant to make calls right? Overall iphones are made better and androids are cheap plastic imitations. The more customizable does not = better phone.

  • Android buddy

    The problem is that the screen of the s3 is too expensive in case somebody broke it or scratch it

  • lol

    hilarious comments hahaha XD