I’m sure you’re all hungering after this! A comparison between Samsung’s new Flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, and Apple’s iPhone 4S.


Screen Size

The screen of the iPhone is laughable when compared next to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone may have it’s ‘Retina Display’, but the high resolution of the SGS3 spread over 4.8inches is even more lovely to look at. Apple should understand that big screens are what people want and studies have proven this.


The iPhone 4S has less inside it, but weighs more! Samsung have set another marker in pioneering light smartphones with even more hardware stuffed inside them. I love that the SGS3 can have the battery removed and an SD card inserted! It means that third party batteries like those from Magellan can be installed for extra power. Also, the whole affair of rooting the SGS3 will be easier when you have removable storage. In my opinion lack of removable storage is a flaw of the One X. Unibody  construction may look impressive, but what is the real point besides a ‘no edge’ finish? Alright, but let’s stay focused on the S3 vs iPhone, shall we?


While the camera in the SGS3 may not appear to be much better than the iPhone 4S’ camera megapixel wise — there are a few features thrown in with it that certainly make it a few steps better. The first is Burst Shot – The phone captures images at a rate of 3.3/second and then chooses the best picture of a set for you. The second is the Zero Shutter lag feature – quick snaps! The last, and my personal favourite, is the ability to identify people within your photos and be able to easily send them a copy. It’s a great idea, and sharing is something that the Samsung has baked into every aspect of what is contained within the S3.


I think everyone who has seen the pictures agree – S-Voice is a Siri lookalike. It’s Samsung’s attempt at showing off their speech recognition technology alongside Apple’s. They could have changed the design a little more though. Besides the very Siri-looking interface, it seems to mostly be a booster on the voice services that came with the Galaxy S2 I found that S-Voice worked fine for me, then again so does Siri. Have Samsung improved on Voice Recognition in the areas Apple slipped up? We’ll know soon enough.


Samsung have introduced quite a few new features and standards for other smartphone manufactures to attempt to beat. These include:

  • Pop-Up Play – The ability to continue watching a video whilst also web browsing through a floating window.
  • Burst Shot – Whilst HTC have something very similar in the One series, the software doesn’t automatically decide on the best photo.
  • Zero Shutter Lag on both the rear and front cameras.
  • S-Beam – A combination of NFC and Wi-Fi sharing with compatible devices.
  • GLONASS support in the location system
  • Eye Detection – So the phone knows when to turn itself off. That is the bee’s knees.
  • Bluetooth 4.0(LE)
  • …oh and a Barometer.

I like the sound of every single one of these. As far as I can recall, the iPhone 4S doesn’t have any frills like these?

Spec Comparison 

Drop/Durability Test

Final Thoughts

So all in all and in my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S3 stands above the iPhone 4S and laughs at it. It is far thinner, lighter and delivers more for your money. In terms of the user experience, the fluidity of operation, the feature set, and in virtually every area that counts, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is light years ahead of Apple’s profitable darling.

How about you? What are your thoughts? Is the S3 too much phone? Does it stand tall when compared next to the S3? Let us know!

  • Melad360

    lol no competition for the s3. apple, step asiPr

    • Melad360


  • bye bye apple about bloody time :) i have a s2 and its still better than the iphone 4s by a mile like , they said the screen size is the deal breaker ,, this i why i think the iphone 5 will have a 4.3 inch screen they have to or it could all go down hill for apple again !!

    • bau

      I think it is less probable that the “new iphone” will have 4.3 inch, because Apple needs to preserve the pixels on screen (960 x 640 pixels) which will lower the pixels density to only 268 dpi, therefore bye bye retina display.
      If they need to preserve the same pixels density of 330 dpi with a 4.3 inch screen diagonal, then the resolution must be 1181 x 787, which will destroy their apps!
      So, I am sooooo curious how Apple will manage this “fragmentation”

      • cdnml

        How is it fragmentation ? There are over million apps on both android store and appstore which work both on tablets and phones (also called universal apps on appstore) , Android has scaling API’s from Froyo and Apple from iOS 4 (basically both updates announced one after another because iPhone 4 launch urged developers to scale their apps for both iPad and iPhone using scaling APIs) onwards also apple implemented scaling API’s to automatically adjust apps into their own resolutions basing on screen.

        Coming to resolution as u said
        “4.3 inch, because Apple needs to preserve the pixels on screen (960 x 640 pixels) which will lower the pixels density to only 268 dpi, therefore bye bye retina display”

        If u consider actual meaning of retina display , Galaxy Note can clearly be called “retina display” (considering it as a 5 inch tablet) , even though ppi is less than 300 on it.
        Actual meaning of retina display is that eye cannot distinguish pixels , it depends on distance u hold device , 300 is human eye limit for ppi so that u cannot see individual pixels at a “particluar” distance.

        I think they will preserve same ppi or maybe jump to higher resolution having same aspect ratio as 960 x 480 but i dont think they change aspect ratio because if they change aspect ratio , Universal apps get ruined because iPad and iphone ratio would be different.

        Scaling is not issue if aspect ratios remain same …………main issue is GPU fragmentation where one manufacturer use Exynos , other one use Tegra and other use Adreno etc.

      • Garrettdx

        Well they’ll do it the exact same way they did it from the 3GS to 4. No problem

      • bau’s pundai

        268ppi is gud …why bye bye retina display r u mad?or bitch?

  • David J

    Wow! Quad core! I need this!

    • mcFactor

      Yeah! There is no life for android fan boys without quad core!

      • Sour grapes?

        • Balanced Apple Fanboy

          good luck with no more battery life.

          • Su_room

            Srry but it will have 20% more battery than s2 , so good luck with iphone

      • android is d best

        if it has dual core den it lags..shitty os…..

    • AppleFUD

      Yeah, it’s kind of like listening to apple and apple fans when the 4s came out going on and on about “quad-core” bla, bla, bla, and it was only the gpu. . . . some people will crow about anything.

      At least the SIII has some UX added in.

  • Can the Apple fan boys please stand up?

    • Thrash4life88

      Got all these phones and iPhones get your money up and you won’t have to choose one!

      • AppleFUD


        that reminds me of Woz telling iphone users to have another phone with them because the iphone sucks as a phone.

  • Vlad2340

    It will be introduced on AT&T. If the network config was EVDO it would be Verizon or Sprint.

  • Oh how sweet is this New Galaxy!!!! Apple who??

    • Yoharsh

      If u don’t know abt apple then u r outdated. Ha ha ha ha

    • Steini

      Pleeeeeeease tell me you are trolling

    • meh

      Agree!!! Everyone should know about apple, otherwise they are outdated for more than 5 years!!! But thinking apple still on the top??? Those guys just outdated for like 1 – 2 years.

      • ok

        it was sarcasm, dumbass!

        • guy

          Lol! Those 2 people up there are probably dumb apple fan boys that can’t even understand simple sarcasm.

    • karan

      apple rocksssssssssss

  • The Omega Man

    This thing could potentially support 128GB of storage! (64 on board + 64 SD)

    I wonder just how well the facial regognition and eye monitoring work in low light conditions.

    I would have liked to see 1.5GB of ram in the device, but oh well.

    I all

    • SamsaraGuru

      Perhaps what they need to make the facial recognition software work well in low light is a low light sensor and a gentle – not blinding – light on the front trigger when the the recognition program is having trouble getting a definite read. If someone didn’t like the light coming on unannounced they could turn it off under low light circumstances.

  • wow.samsung again launched crap phone.

    • AppleFUD

      yes, and their last line of crap phones outsold apple’s line of craptastic phones.

      your point?

      buy Nokia?

      • Antara

        Lol! Blown. :P

      • ace

        lol vn….

  • kp

    how stupid. when you launch a phone based on an existing product in the market you would obviously make it better so it gets sold. Just wait for the iphone5. lets see who laughs then…

    • AppleFUD


      So, the 4S shouldn’t be selling at all is what you are saying because it as much less of an upgrade form the 4 than the SIII is to the SII.

      WOW, some of you sheeple say the stupidest things!

      • iPhonerules

        And this is coming from some one who probably never had the money to but a nice phone do you not see the difference between apple and droid that like trying to compare a Mac pro to the newest HP laptop

        • asd

          You’re just another fanboy. You provide no supporting argument when the specs and facts CLEARLY show that adroid is superior to the iphone. Better processor, ram, etc. Sure iphone 5 will be better, but the debate is between the iphone 4s and the galaxy 3s. So you’re rebuttal is irrelevant. Please learn your facts before raging on a blog. ‘Nuff said fanboy.

      • Goon

        Your being ignornant to the fact that an iPhone five will be coming soon. You think they’re releasing they’re product last for nothing

        • galaxy s3 is awesome

          iphone 5 will be the same stupid ass small shitty screen and camera as it is now , seriously i remember when my nokia 6680 had many options for camera than iphone 4s does now LOL

    • Riaanvol

      Strange…. talk about Apple’s iphone 5, Samsung better iphone in S3 (3 not 5) already.

      • Jordan

        Becuase apple released it first and Samsung just copied them and added useless ram and ghz to call it better

    • crazyyou

      for your information apple depends they’re life in china.. not like samsung from korea it is more durable

      • samsung plastic works

        korean sets are cheap …!!

    • galaxyhater

      iphone 5 will change evrythng….count ur days samsung

      • iPhone_lover_now_hater

        well iphone 5 is here… didn’t change much. LOL

    • tre

      youre a moron

    • Mary Gunnari

      I think us Android users will still be laughing our asses off.

  • Aston

    It’s to large for a smartphone. It’s nice to have a handy phone that you can put in your pocket. The Galaxy offers a lot of new gimmics but iPhone 5 will surely match or top that in a smaller size (4″ screen would be nice but not a must) that makes it attractive (Galaxy, beside its nice screen, is not very sexy) but most important small enough for convinient portability.
    The other issue, which is applicable for all Android smartphones, the operating system is way too open and apps are not carefully reviewed as Apple apps. Viruses will be the next critical problems with Android users.

    • AppleFUD

      Personally I think ~5″ screen is appropriate on a smartphone — it’s significantly more usable and easier to use, and I have small hands thus I expect there are a lot more people with larger hands than mine that would be just fine with screens 5″+

      And it’s amazing that you actually have a choice when deciding if you buy something other than an iphone that is.

      Your final point, I agree. Google has done a shotty job with their market IMO, but again, you do have choices. . . ever heard of the Amazon Android appstore? Not to mention using a little intelligence and only using well reviewed apps — Android has a very active dev community that finds junk quickly, not that apple has ever had any issues in this department ;)

      Without Android we wouldn’t be seeing the massive growth and competition in mobile hardware. We would still be below 1GHz chips. So, while it does have many issues it does provide some great benefits to all consumers.

      • Sunnies86

        Atlast some one said something right no iphone no s3 its the growth which is good for us all doesn’t matter whether its iphone or samsung. We should look forward towards a better faster and more efficient technology.

        Thanks man someone is positive here not negative. Peace.

    • Garrettdx

      Thats simply not true. Apple doesn’t review the security of the apps at all. Jailbroken apps through cydia are more secure than apps through iTunes if that tells you anything

  • Steenko

    Actually SGS3 looks really good but I am afraid the price will be too high.

  • Steenko

    And thank you for your support and likes, BTW :) http://goo.gl/NMybJ

  • obionekenobi

    what is an iphone?

    • AppleFUD

      I always thought it was ebonic for “my phone”

    • sam

      what is innovation? nd dat same definiton for iphone

  • Ickyfehmleh

    The carriers pricing this at $299 are gouging; it’s $50 more than an unlocked iPhone yet $100 more when the carrier subsidizes it?

    Also who spends $800 for a phone?!?!? Is this phone $400 better than a Galaxy Nexus?

  • Django

    Its a great piece of engineering and Samsung should be rightly proud. However, for me the deal breaker in terms of my next smartphone purchase will be which device+OS can deliver the future promises made (but not fulfilled) by the Siri beta project. Siri on the 4S is laughably poor, and the word emerging from S3 reviews is that the S-Voice functionality is no better than Siri Beta and even it has been said considerably less utile. This leaves the state of play in an interesting arrangement . . . the only company that looks likely to match this Automatic Speech Recognition Voice Assistant challenge in the coming 6 months is Apple, but since this Siri functionality isn’t going to sway everyone my best guess is that Apple will have no choice but to take a bead on the specs of the S3 and overtop them across the board – this means I can be near certain that the S3 will be massively improved upon by the Apple iPhone 5 in the very near future. I can’t be certain I know, but it seems highly probable – I’ll hold my purchase to compare the iPhone 5 to the other best in class devices/IOS’s around when it arrives (soon I hope!)

    • SamsaraGuru

      Your course of action Django is a wise and prudent one!

      I think voice recognition – once someone finally gets it right – is going to be a delightful feature. Personally it would not be a deal breaker; just a nice “icing on the cake” feature.

      What concerns me more is that I feel the future truly does belong to Android; Apple just doesn’t see it yet and that truly innovative features are far more likely to come about by a free ecosystem rather than one that is tightly controlled by a vested interest doing its best to funnel all efforts using its platform/operating system/charge card infrastructure toward fattening its bottom line.

      Apple – sans Jobs – is now facing the potential fate that has always faced companies lead by charismatic leaders who truly did have the ability to see things others didn’t and inspire followers in a way that caused them to go above and beyond the call of duty and do what might seem impossible to everyday mortals. There was a major study done in the 1940’s or ’50’s – quoted recently in an article about Apple in this regard.

      The study pointed out that usually what happens once the charismatic leader is gone is that a very competent manager usually steps in and the company runs essentially on the gas left over by the previous head for about two years to four years and then begins a downward spiral into mediocrity. Will this happen with Apple – yes, I know supposedly Jobs left behind five years worth or so of great ideas and projects – but even the best ideas are fertilizer left in the bag if you don’t have someone who knows how to implement them apropos the current state of the world and fit them into the context of what the market wants and is willing to pay money for. Perhaps as much as anything that was one of Steve Jobs’s most powerful abilities and as much as anything contributed to his excellent results.

      Anyway, I like being free to pick and choose and use the devices that I pay money for the way I see fit; not the way a corporation has decided I am allowed to use them, which then would necessitate me “jail breaking” an object and having to jerry rig it with all the attendant problems that we all know can easily accrue from trying to make something deliberately designed to be as impossible as possible to jail break work well after it is “free at last, free at last”!

      Better to start with and stick with a system that is open to personal expression from the get go, than give allegiance to a capricious Caesar who cares more for his happiness than mine.

  • Kgummaraju2

    Let me get this straight 4.8 screen overkill, Retina display has been proven to be the best display and if the s3 was same size as the iPhone and was made up of glass and aluminum chassis and still managed to be slimmer and hav all the same specs sure then it is good, but to place all that tech and make phone only .2 inches smaller than the note which is humongous then no the s3 is still inferior, let’s say apple decide to make the iPhone the same size as the s3 then it would be lighter and slimmer, I like androids, but apple made the iPhone do small so that people of all ages could stretch their thumbs to the edges of the screen easily yes the s3 is good, but it’s too big and bigger isn’t always better

    • Melad360

      how in any way is iphones display the best?? and dont say that it has the highest pixel density. according to steve jobs anything above 300ppi has pixels indistinguishable to the human eye, so you really shouldnt be able to tell the difference between 306 and 326 ppi. also, the screen might be good for one hand use, but its TOO SMALL

      • Balanced Apple fanboy

        Actually, if you have better than 20*20 vision, you can see the pixels on the galaxy, and a few extra pixels would cover more bases.

        And plus, you’d think that if you’d want to compete, you’d build a better phone. So before you compare the phones, you’d need to see the next Generation of smartphones. the iPhone 4S, while awesome, is older, so they are not on the same playing field. Tech isn’t like wine. soon the S3 will be realized as another copycat, that is if Apple is smart, and fires Cook and replaces him with forstall.

        If apple can bring NEW features, AND copy Samsung’s features (The not ridiculously stupid ones anyway) The market will be better as a whole. You guys need to learn that Android, and 80% of its features, were created by Apple. Competition betters the world. Apple is always going to be the Catalyst for the market, always. Why? They started it.

        And whoever thought of the iPad mini should kill himself. Because technology shouldn’t be cheap. Appreciate quality. If any of you Wincrap users are reading, know that the difference of you and me, is that I’m an artist, and you’re a hypocritical person.

        If you really wanted open, get Linux. Open can innovate better than closed, but only if smart people are doing it, not bozos at Microsoft.

        Thats why Apple will win at closed. Because open source software doesn’t sell. Thats why its open source. And Apple makes far more money with the whole widget, because when your good at something, why give away the cash?

    • ugh

      You know there’s something called a “period”, look it up

  • SamsaraGuru

    Well put and fun to read. I have never had any interest in Apple products – we fought a civil war to repudiate slavery and indentured servitude, why would I want to sign up for it with Apple as the task master?! lol

    Apple’s afficanados have become almost religiously fanatical about their respective “babies” – be they their Macs, Iphones, Ipods I..whatevers.

    Diversity and competition lead to excellence and progress; locking people into your closed system so you can make sure your bottom line swells and swells may be a good business model, but it is not one that encourages either real progress or excellence.

    Needless the Samsung gets my vote and will probably end up my next phone – unlocked, and not attached to any contract.

    Thanks for the good review.

    • “- we fought a civil war to repudiate slavery and indentured servitude, why would I want to sign up for it with Apple as the task master?” That is by far the most hilarious thing I have read in the past 6 hours. Brilliant! You should be a marketer. I can see the commercials now, they would be so offensive and awesome. Keep it up!

      • SamsaraGuru

        Hi Darcy, I’m glad you liked what I wrote. Others have told me I should be an ad man too. Mayhap I should. I’ve always had an ability to see the macro view and then focus the distillation of same down to an essential element that strikes a cord. I’ll write another time too; am running out of battery and my computer is awry too, what’s a fella. To do?! Take care my friend. Love your a Name. Erik

        Sent from my Samsung Intercept™

        • SamsaraGuru

          Ladies and Gentleman, when the time to buy doth come; keep something in mind that that paying $200 or even $300 phone with a two year contract is still INFINITELY more expensive than paying for it outright – even if it were to cost $600 or $700 or even $800.00 dollars.

          Here’s what’s going on. The major network providers know that the only way they can entice you to set aside your common sense and buy into their “marvelous” deal and obligate yourselves to them and keep their cash cow fed is buy seducing you with a “subsidized phone”, which they automatically overprice beyond all reason so that it scares you into thinking that they are actually offering you a great deal.

          My guess is that the phone they offer you at such a “substantial savings”, actually, once they get their quantity discount from the manufacturer, costs them only $250.00 to $300.00 for the phone that costs you $200.00. But, then, they have you locked in; roped and hog tied into their contract that will cost you upwards of $350.00 to escape and garner them somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000.00 to $4,000.00. Let’s figure it: Phone costs them $100.00 +/-; they get upwards of $4000.00 in return on their $100.00 investment. Not bad at all – if you are them rather than us!

          The major providers are trying to flog a dead horse to life with the paradigm they are pursuing. If you must have the latest and greatest – buy an unlocked phone and hook it up to a carrier like T-Mobile etc.

          Freedom is NOT “…just another word for nothing left to loose”, it is what God intended us to seek as cell phone users! lol

          • Geremy

            Before you get all righteous and deep on us, use a spell checker and use the right words. “Chord” not “cord”

          • SamsaraGuru

            Oh my God Geremy! a misspelled word; what will we do, what will we do? One man’s view of what is self-righteous is another man’s heartfelt, clear cut point of view. Sorry you don’t care for my opinions but, lest you worry, rest assured, I won’t loose any sleep over it and your damning rebuttal of what I wrote. lol

        • Thanks for the kind words SamsaraGuru. What you really should do is come and contribute on Android Authority!

          • SamsaraGuru

            Be careful what you wish for; you may get it Darcy!

            As you may have noted I’ve indulged a few times in comments re various subjects so far.

            You and everyone with whom you labor have created a really enjoyable focal point of information and open forum within which to discuss a subject that has become one of the most powerful and transforming of this or any time period in history.

            Our “devices”, that we even now we still occasionally use to make calls, have become so much a part of the human experience at this point that when one does stop and ponder, can make you wonder whether we may have opened up a seductive Pandora’s box – out of which outcomes never envisioned (nor previously possible) will result.

            Never has it been possible to be so connected to so many people, be consciousness of events – near and far – and able to sample non-stop from a never ending smorgasbord of information.

            When computers first started to gain popularity and power people talked about “information overload” – if they only had know what lay ahead!

            Perhaps it might be wise if some serious attention were focused by Android Authority upon the dark side of our ultra-connectivity to everyone and everything?

            I rather doubt that mother nature way back at the beginning gave much thought to what would happen when you mixed cell phones with human beings and their inquiring minds wanting to know and not feel lonely, lest they grow too conscious of their isolation as individuals and grow terrified.

            If she had she would have bought stock in a cell phone company.

          • Hi SamsaraGuru,

            You are delving deep into the philosophy of the necessity for instantaneity, friend.

            Solipsism is something we all fight, whether we like it or not. We are all inherently alone, hence the rise in modern communications technologies. If you actually look at the history of communications as we know it, the amount of change that is being compressed into short intervals of time, and the amount of information being created, and the potential to send more and more in a quicker time frame, is all increasing exponentially. Yikes.

            As for the negative impacts of this, it is several fold. If you observe, as a case study, the most advanced information economies in the world, like South Korea and Japan, you will see that they have systemic social problems, related to stress, self destruction, and depression. They be stressin’ yo!

            Whether or not these can be correlated with the fact that they have brutally fast internet and 4G networks remains to be seen. I do believe they are connected though. We have all faced information overload. I face it daily. How many tabs can a computer hold open? As much as my RAM will allow, and it’s never enough. The best research available points to a simple fact – humans can’t multitask. It’s a fallacy. At most we can do two, maybe three things, but the quality of our work suffers the more we try and do simultaneously. Woman are better at this.

            Anyway, I like your ideas, your a bright person. A refreshing voice in the wilderness! I will do my best to do some free writing in this area, because it is a neglected subject for sure.

            The future though, enhanced and buttressed by modern communications technologies, is very encouraging. A degree from Harvard, available to only a small, select portion of the elite from one of the wealthiest countries in the world, can, in effect, be emulated through the date available on the internet. Sure, the cultural capital will be absent necessary to propel said individual out of their circumstance, but they will be able to learn anything they want all the same. I have witnessed time and time again the power of self learning. Via the internet, any of us can learn anything, we have the sum of the world’s knowledge at our fingertips. And this is an amazing thing! Don’t you agree, boss man?

            Stay in touch, and thanks for the stimulating commentary.

          • SamsaraGuru


            Wonderful. Was that as good for you as it was for me? lol

            One of my best friends is South Korean; he and I have worked together for over 12 years. I say “one of my best” friends because it pains me to imagine that one of my other best friends might think they are lesser in my heart than another – if you know what I mean. I love them all exactly the same but differently. (Stole my iteration of that line from an old Cheech and Chong movie.)

            Anyway, I mention this apropos your mention of one of the possible side effects of the uber connectivity of the South Koreans and the Japanese has possibly had on them – re tending toward depression etc and to establish at least a bit of bona fides prior to my postulating about same to follow.

            First of all, let me say that if Michael Katt says all black people should have a white friend; then I say all white people should have a Korean friend.
            katt williams- white friends :)

            There is a very good reason that the Chinese and the Japanese have, in their respective time periods – the Japanese prior to and during WWII and now the Chinese up to and including the present by their support of North Korea – endeavored to keep the Koreans hamstrung. They know inherently that should the Koreans ever truly unite and the full power of their cultural work ethic be unleashed on their duplicitous and back stabbing neighbors, they would outshine BOTH the Japanese and the Chinese in terms of productivity – and it goes without saying be infinitely more loyal than either nation ever has been or ever will be to their friends.

            But, of dear, I digress.

            There comes a point in life; once you have attain a level of intellectual and physical freedom from both tyranny as well as the basic physical accouterments associated with comfort – a nice house; cars, food etc., when one begins to realize that the struggle for survival – though real – is not really so much a struggle as a test of our personal ability to rise above and see beyond the limitations of the moment and if we will conduct ourselves with at least a modicum of commonsense and focus on handling the basics soon they can, will and do not become such pressing matters needing so much attention.

            That’s the good news.

            The bad news is that once we reach that point we have also come upon our most fearsome enemy; the enemy that if we don’t conquer it will, not may, but will make all the previous effort essentially pointless and leave us no better off – except comfort wise – than those who never overcame the initial challenge.

            I wonder if you know what I am talking about. (Sorry – I’m not easy!)

          • Uh oh – we’re going all over the place with this one. Let’s try and bring it back a bit.

            Wow, my head is spinning trying to come up with an adequately intelligent response. The race for innovation has been on for the past five hundred years, with numerous nations producing some incredibly bright, passionate people that have gone on to change the world as we know it.

            The prophets of our generation are the ones that are able to build platforms that compliment behaviors that naturally exist. But honestly, I feel like this discussion exceeds the scope of what we are trying to do here at Android Authority.

            The world is an imperfect place. We can’t make sweeping generalizations about what country is best, or what country has the best work ethic, etc. There’s simply no point to it. Sure, all of us feel some nationalistic sentiment, and that’s probably strongest in Asia than most realize. As far as I see it, the race is on between South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China. In terms of innovation, the United States still dominates from the valley of silicon, but there is no real production there whatsoever – just production of ideas. We are entering a new age – an age of creation, where ideas and creativity will matter more than mere production of physical, tangible goods. 120,000 lines of code and some animations, connected to the vast sea of information and subsequently people, through hardware – is worth one billion dollars. Yikes.

            Anyway, I digress. It’s platitude time! The cream rises to the top. Survival of the fittest. Brilliant ideas there, but who cares?

            In terms of production, it’s all China, all the time, and this is unlikely to change. Why? The government there is extremely clever – and have enacted policies to monopolize rare earth materials to necessitate investment in their homeland.

            They have a direct pipeline to the world’s most precious metals necessary to build the electronics we all know and love – and demand a near 300% royalty to export them out of the country. It’s (publicly) angering a lot of big companies, and forcing more and more multinationals to set up factories and operations in China. Oh, and a full time employee costs, oh, I don’t know, $187 USD a month. The only thing that’s cheaper is a robot – and you can bet that plans are in motion to make them the producers of our wares the next 20 years. Double yikes.

            Who said life is fair? Clearly, it’s not. As for Korea, well, their devices are made in China too. Basically, the labor costs are about one quarter to one third of any competing country. The iconoclastic sentiment is on the rise in the land of dragons, but the control apparatus is by far the most sophisticated of anything ever devised. (tin foil hate adjustment, hold on — ok now it’s good)

            Anyway, it’s really cheerful stuff.

            But no! Wait! iPhone vs Android – “iPHonez are bEtTer than Andoridz man – yUou suck man!”

            Most people care not. Most people know not, I myself included. I don’t claim anything except perpetual ignorance. It’s from this position that I can hope to improve, to learn, and to grow.

            The war is never over, and the battle has only begun. I still remain positive that technology has the power to change the world for the better. It is – both sadly and encouragingly – the equivalent of the atomic bomb – it can be used for great good, and for terrible things.

            My god – where did you come from? Lol. Let’s try and bring it back to things mildly associated with what is going on here :) It’s great chatting with you though – there is ideology embedded deep into everything. Android is great – but it’s no saint. Google has worked diligently to protect certain components of the OS to ensure that its financial interests are served, much in the same way that a carrier wouldn’t allow someone to go nuts on their 4G network ala unlimited data plans. Either way – good things are on the horizon. Look at the positives, as we really do paint our own picture after all. Best to you man.

            And the S3 blows the iPhone out of the water. Simple. Ahhh that’s better.

  • Laughinglast

    Awww..its CUTE how the writer has tried REALLY hard to make the S3 look good.. too bad mate..Apple is god.. ;)

    • sorry, can’t understand you with Steve Jobs’ dead cock in your mouth

    • Cai

      “Apple is god” – I’m guessing your view is balanced, and unbiased?

      • Killa504killa

        No its fair and balanced. Unfortunatley he has the weight of Steve Jobs weeneey on his tongue so he has to type god.

    • Mike R

      There are a lot of fools on this earth, any of you that thinks specs alone are a reason to buy a phone didnt finish 3rd grade, even with that. The reviewer made a point to to wod thing and leave out some facts to make you lemmings’ chests swell with pride, when will you all quit being followers and becomes leaders?

      • miker is clever guys

        hey dnt get emotional , ok we’ll accept ur clever ..jus camn down man..

    • thehorse

      “Apple is god” well that’s a joke, they need to go back to the drawing board for a long time to come close to the S3.

      • samsung sungsam

        ya ya….while samsung is fraud ..by copying apple…why cant we say apple is god…

    • akny

      Apple is god? Yep it’s true that apple products have been popular till now, but this time you gotta admit samsung’s s3 OWNS the puny iPhone.

    • Mathias Cronqvist

      So, Nietzche was right and god is dead ;)

    • appleisgod

      ur absolutely right man ..!

  • Hongfen99

    just wait samsung!!! iphone 5 coming out next! will see whose the boss after that

    • The iPhone5 will come out with outdated hardware and more ripped-off software ideas like they always have. Your iPhone 4 is a complete joke and has been since the day it was conceived. Get used to it fanboy.

      • Don

        Who you calling Fanboy? Take a look at yourself moron. You Android fanboys are a joke and nothing more. You all sit behind your computers talking so much shit, its pretty sad really. When at the end of the day your fighting about a phone, you people are the sheep. You idiots fight so hard and bitch about Apple day in and day out and you losers don’t even get paid by Google/Samsung/HTC etc. And if that didn’t already make you all look like assholes, you’re all referring to a phone that is almost a year old. Just proves how sad you trolls are for attention, at least wait until the next iPhone comes out before you all go running your mouths about a phone released 7 months ago. I’m embarrassed to even own an Android device, Android users are the most foul, ignorant abusive users out there. There lots of iPhone idiots out there but the majority just simply enjoy there phone, you can’t go anywhere with out seeing tons and tons of Android fangirls hooting and hollering about how much they despise apple, what do you losers have to prove? Nothing because you don’t work for Google. Stop trying to shove your pathetic bullshit down peoples throats, 95% of you are dumb ass cowards. Enjoy trolling for the rest of your days sheep, you will accomplish absolutely nothing, have a blast.

        • Notanisheep

          I’m a Android fanboy. And I have to say, you’ve a point. I think we “hate” Apple (users) because they’re really ignorant. The just say “Iphone is the best”, not aware of the quality/merits of Android. I think the video which make it clear is the “I want an Iphone” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg. It makes me/us mad!

        • Andrew

          Yeah I hate apple, for good reason. I can’t Bluetooth songs and movies to my friends, they have to buy it too. Apple are gready pricks! Apples way is, if you can’t beat em, SUE them! then ban their products! Ur such a dick to even stand up for crapple.

        • akny

          Well well who’s the one sitting behind a computer getting super agitated about shit.

        • The iPhone5 will come out with outdated hardware and more ripped-off software ideas like they always have. Your iPhone 4 is a complete joke and has been since the day it was conceived. Get used to it fanboy.

  • Code7248

    Erm you seem to be very one-sided, although I think that Galaxy S III is a GREAT phone, in some ways, iPhone STILL beats it( I’m looking at you, TouchWiz). But still I’d go for the S III because of the big, sexy screen :).

  • Yasemin

    Yeah weiter tried to show s3nice but looked kike nob!

  • karthik

    I dont understand why do u need a phone with 1gb ram…. i think it is too much for a phone… if the phone really require 1gb ram then the OS is using up lots of memory i.e the OS is a piece of junk…. Secondly 4.6 inch display???? Ru guys holing a phone in ur hand or a tab.. what do u call it… u just cant carry a huge phone in ur pocket… I always thought phones need to be carried around in ur pocket and not in a BAG…

    • Killa504killa

      You must wear tight Jeans like my wife. She has to put her 4.3 in Galaxy Infuse in her purse. I have no problem putting my GS2 in my pocket. If I have cargos on I bring my Note instead. 4.3-4.6 is bite sized. Iphone is a door stop.

      • akny

        Well said, :)

  • Joseph

    SGIII is TOO big!

  • Va1202

    You spend so much on the phone and still get the cheap and plasticky feels
    Samsung could have done better with the materials used
    It feels very cheap and looks like a phone on the lower end of the market

    • John1234

      Yea and iphone performs like a phone on the lower end of the market

  • Ahming88

    I dont like plastic phone
    I dont like plastic phone
    I dont like plastic phone

    • Notanisheep

      Most of the Iphones are covered with ugly fat bumbers. Design is gone and the end result is the opposite…. I prefer plastic as it is lightweight and I can accidentally drop it on a floor and it will still be fine.

  • Joe Blow

    I love how he tries to make even the poor qualities of the Galaxy S3 sound as if they are good. “iPhone has less inside of it but weighs more!”. Personally, after having an S2, a Galaxy Nexus and a 4S, I much prefer the weighty feel of the iPhone but do understand some people prefer ligther devices. But the feel of those devices is decidedly plasticky and cheap compared to the 4S and early reports are that the S3 is no different. The screen in Galaxy Nexus (which is the closest to the S3 screen) is larger than the 4S but really doesn’t compare otherwise. Visibility in direct sunlight is piss-poor and colors seem artificial and oversaturated in comparison to the 4S. Hopefully the radio works properly and the speaker can’t be actually heard on the S3 (because neither of those can be said of the Galaxy Nexus).

    Finally, the sheer breadth and quality of applications available for the iPhone are far better than those available on Android market. As good as the S3 might be, people need to realize that raw specs on paper mean nothing.

  • From knowyourmobile.com:

    Like many, we were excited last week at the prospect of seeing the successor to Samsung’s Galaxy S2. The Galaxy S2 was undoubtedly one of the best handsets of 2011 and we had every reason to believe the next iteration would be a definitive new design.

    Admittedly, at the time it wasn’t a certainty that we would see the supposed Galaxy S3, there was still a chance for something else bearing the Galaxy brand as all the publicity simply branded the event as ‘the next Galaxy’.

    But, it was the Galaxy S3 after all, and we have to say, we were disappointed. Thinking about it over the bank holiday weekend, it’s not a feeling we’ve been able to shake either. In fact, if anything, the more we think about it the more disappointing the new flagship becomes.

    Why has the Galaxy S3 failed to live up to our expectations?

    Well, first and foremost, the most glaring problem is one of build quality. With the Galaxy S2 a criticism we shared with many other reviewers was that the body-shell felt a bit plasticky. It wasn’t too bad, but noticeable enough to be slightly bothersome.

    We thought with the Galaxy S3 things could go one of two ways, either we’d get a similarly average-quality plastic which, like the Galaxy S2, would be liveable with. Or, alternatively, Samsung would up its game and offer a more premium feel plastic, ceramic or a lightweight metal such as aluminium.

    We never imagined for a second that Samsung would actually go with an even worse quality plastic on the Galaxy S3, but that’s exactly what it did.

    It’s an immediate turn-off in and of itself, but when you consider the quality of materials on the iPhone 4S, HTC One X and One S, the Sony Xperia S and both Nokia’s Lumia 800 and Lumia 900, then the Galaxy S3 is tailing very far behind.

    We’ve no doubt Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 5, which is supposedly set to arrive this year with a curved aluminium or ceramic back panel, will also feel ten times better in the hand.

    The Galaxy S3 feels like a toy and that’s just not going to cut it on a premium flagship handset.

    The Galaxy S3’s problems aren’t only skin deep, however. There’s the rather prickly issue of the TouchWiz interface, the highly questionable added ‘intelligence’ features and the overall feeling of Apple imitation we get with the S3.
    Read more: http://www.knowyourmobile.com/features/1362051/why_the_samsung_galaxy_s3_fails_to_deliver.html

  • Naldbautista


    • peace

      Hi, samsung is run by the koreans..not the japs lol

  • I am so excited for the Samsung Galaxy SIII!!!

  • John2thomas1

    Whatever you dipshits say , u can’t beat the pixcel density in apples display specifications . U morons copied Siri and think you are so cool aite ! Be innovative !! just because you guys have a quad core chip doesn’t make you on top !!

    • kinda does an the samsung s3 display is 309 ppi and the human eye can no longer differentiate individual pixels after300 ppi so it makes no difference… an iphones not that good fanboy so jus calm down…

    • Ryancolbythompson

      ummm, yes it does….

  • Osmankhan1994

    Meh, i was hoping for a design that was more like the galaxy nexus, instead they went back to the original galaxy s’s design (Which I’m a proud owner of). The iphone 4s has a better gpu, not that it makes a difference, but now they will stick to this one puny fact and troll all over the internet. Meh, if the iphone 5 is any better, I’ll get it, else this will most probably my future phone.

    • Osmankhan1994

      By they I meant apple fans. >.<
      And Im not a fanboy, i use a macbook pro, but just prefer android over ios.

  • Yontot1993

    dont be so arrogant samsung fanboys..samsung the copy cat brand..

    • akny

      well don’t be too jealous of us either :)

  • O Socosa

    Think different… Apple, not for the narrow minded

  • Lesego89

    wow, there is a lot of Apple and Android fanboys in here… over all the bickering im still not sure which is the better buy but i have to chose one…

  • Carl

    That’s an ugly phone. Galaxy S2 looked better than that. A lot of people will be dissatisfied, me for one. I’m going to wait for IPhone 5 or the new rumoured LG.

  • Fajowski

    I’m not an Apple fanboy, but I have to go with the iPhone on this one. Remember people, this is a cell phone we’re talking about, not a tablet. I don’t want that big of a screen. Good luck galaxy users with your 2 hours of battery life. Also, the iPhone is way more durable. The galaxy is made of cheap plastic. The iPhone weighs more because they use a steel frame, and personally I like the extra weight. It feels much sturdier. Also, my two biggest reasons for getting the iPhone are iTunes and the App store. They cannot be beaten. Plus, the iPhone has a better operation system with automatic updates, and better screen resolution. Also, the simplicity of the iPhone is very nice. Remember, if the iPhone had not been created, all the Android copy-cats would not be where they are today. And Apple is classier.

    • cullum

      but what happens when your iphone slips out of your pocket as your sitting down and gravity happens to take over and it falls onto the ground, my gf is on her 2nd iphone 4s after this very situation occurred. i agree i love her iphone in it’s user friendlyness, but unless apple turns around its beautifully fragile exterior to a more durable yet just as easy on the eye i’m affraid i will be going with the S3. before you say “thats why you use a case for your phone” unless you wrap your phone in enough plastic to turn it into a doggy chew toy a case is not going to help. as soon as they manage that im straight down to my ocal appe stockist and will purchase it, however with the s3’s semi good looks and extra speed ( if your battery only lasts for 2 hours you need to go outside and seen the sun because your spending to much time indoors) i think ths s3 is the way to go. also when apple releases the new iphone like the rest t will come out (in my contry) at over $1000 however i think that the s3 will be alot cheaper.

  • Wayne

    What kind of review is this. Wow, it’s lighter. Having a lighter phone doesn’t instantly mean it’s better. Infact, people prefer devices with a bit of weight to them because it doesn’t just feel like a piece of cheap plastic in their hand. Come on.

  • Car_trouble

    the galaxy S3 looks like a cheap plastic phone

    • Jonas112h

      Its not.


      That is SURELY your opinion!!!! the S3 are much more streamline.

  • Wow after reading all the comments and the article im sit on the rocks. I had an iphone 4 and it just worked until it got stolen and the locater was useless! Now in the market for a new phone and i have played with the htc one x and its amazing but I notice its flaws quite aburptly and sometimes apprehensive to let you do somethings. So I just have no clue, Apple is so refined but limited to its own system and behind in some aspects. The iphone will be exciting to see but i just cant wait another 4-5months not having a smartphone!!

  • Love4share

    its definitely iphone killer for more information please visit http://samsunggalxys3.blogspot.co.uk

  • Nai<3.

    I think it looks and seems amazing, especially seeing as I am a person who is all about the camera on a phone and the iPhone just never cut it for me. Although it had great megapixels, there just wasn’t much I could do with the app. :) Nice try Apple!<3.

  • stevie

    the galaxy s2 blows iphone 4s away galaxy 3 will be the begining of the end for apple .

  • Sucks

    I had a Evo 4G and just got the iPhone 4s. Seriously thinking about switching back to android cause the apple restrictions are just rediculous. I’m also affraid to drop it cause it will shatter. My Evo was dropped many times and even slammed in car trunk and it never broke
    Returning iPhone for gs2 or gs3. I really don’t see whats so great about the iPhone 4s

    • Garrettdx

      Jailbreaking takes 5 mins and even as an android user a jailbroken iPhone is the best

  • Too all you stupid fanboys!

    Honestly I think you are all stupid. Well, most. You all compare the specifications on paper, and what the phone is like when you first buy it, but how about comparing actually living with it? I used to own a HTC, at that stage it was better than an iPhone 4, but I still hated it. The operating system is dodgey and unstable, but I decided to buy it because that facts said it was better. Coming from an iPhone 3G, I didn’t want to go back to apple because there isn’t enough freeness in the OS, which is why I ended up with a Samsung galaxy tab10.1 instead of an iPad. But even my tablet would freeze randomly an apps would crash. It’s okay to look at the stats on paper, but actually using it you can’t beat apples OS in terms of stability. So even though I agree with android fanboys and apple being too controlling, I still ended up buying an iPhone 4s which I have had for 6+ months now and its still going strong!

    • Garrettdx

      Agreed. Not only that after jailbreak software is installed it takes 5 mins to do n it’s still more reliable then android. I’m currently an android user but I’ve been jb’n for three years n all those phones still run like a champ

    • akny

      Wow you’re a proud one. ‘Too all you stupid fanboys’? oh the irony.

  • hemanthjava

    Samsung Galaxy S3 hits Amazon for $799 and up, ships June 1.


  • Xrysomygas

    I for one,I wouldn’t pay so much to buy a phone that is look like a plastic chinese cheap phone for children.
    I prefer the alluminium and glass case than have a plastic and lighter phone
    In addition we can’t compare these devices because iPhone is a mobile phone and SGS3 doesn’t fit in the pocket so its not ideal for use as a mobile.
    And last but not least we have to remind that iPhone 4S has been out 6 months ago and SGS3 is just released so it’s logical to have some aspects better that the first.

  • Yoharsh

    U fool. U never talk abt hang problem in galaxy series. Ha ha ha
    Samsung is cheap and it is able to stand with apple iPhone. Apple invent technology and all are copying that.

  • Yoharsh

    How much money u get from Samsung. Or u r a Samsung family member.

  • Zacxoc

    I like how s3 is compared to iPhone 4s, why don’t u compare same year models…s3 vs iPhone 5 it will b out soon n it’s going to blow s3 out of water.

  • Garrettdx

    It’s a sick phone, the s3, and I will be buying it. However I will say you do sound like an android fanboy comparing a phone that’s 8 months old to one that hasn’t even arrived in the states yet. Wait for the next iPhone, which is surely around the corner, then start talkin and comparing. The 4s was in competition with the s2 remember. Not the s3

  • Gailitis

    but s3 is android, so iphone 4s is vinner. i thing iphone 5 will bet better of all!

  • Spence_bruce428

    The only way I think the iPhone 5 will beat the samsunggalaxy s3 in my opinion is if it has a bigger screen and if they change iOS up some more. T hey have barely changed it with ios 5, and all I want is a bit more customization. Some widgets, themes (far fetched but still), or even jus t being able to view only wanted apps in the home screen. I am no fanboy of Apple or Sqmsung, as I have been looking and I really cannot decide. I have a PC and a Mac, and iPad, and an iPod touch first gen (sad, I know). I would go to android full forced without doubt IF I could have my apps form my iPad or iPod on it. Here are a lot of apple exclusives that I play A LOT o n my iPad and I do not want to carry my tablet around to play them. I have owned a Samsung stratosphere and an iPhone 3GS

  • Rahul bansal

    I phone 4s izz d best
    apple is a trusted brand where samsung iz not
    3 cheers for apple
    hip hip hurre{3}

    • Jonas112h


  • Sheltonj101

    They are both good phones but expandable memory is what I need best I’m o ly 9 and I a more mature Hmph
    They are equallllllllk they are yin yang babalenced

  • Jonas112h

    I just think that Apple charges anything they want, only in their network. Android is for the people and they have a freedom of choice. Apple only gives you a limited amount of customizations. While Apple gives only their standards of choice. Apple you need to jail break to make custom. Adroid you don’t. You can really do what you want with The New Galaxy S 3. Apple is more as a computer software. Out in the town you lose reception very easly. Galaxy is everything you need. I becomes a part of you. For the people and by the people.

  • SimplySpike

    Very biased review in my opinion.

    The Samsung S3 is the superior phone in terms of technical specs but the experience of using the device varies from user to user. I honestly prefer having a smaller screen on my phone and it was actually the determining factor upon choosing my iPhone 4S over a new Nexus which I too thought was great. In contrast, a friend recently upgraded to the Nexus and says he much prefers the bigger screen – to me, it’s not a design feature that makes one better than the other!

    Same with weight, and feel – again I prefer the solid design and finish of the iPhone compared to other “plasticy” phones.

    As for the comment about the S3 being light years ahead, the S3 has only just come out and there will be a new iPhone in another 6 months that I am sure will be “light years” ahead of the S3 – a completely biased and irreverent comment.

    Don’t get me wrong, the S3 is an awesome phone and overall I think it is better than my iPhone – as I would expect it to be! But there is no need for this type of comparison.

  • Iamjohnedwardc

    I have compared the interface of a 4s with my galaxy s2. And personally i found the 4s boring. No live wallpapers no pattern recognition no face detection no widgets. Iphone just have its plain pile of boring icons.

  • iphonemyass

    Manchester united football club!!!!!!!!!!

  • iphonemyass

    the iphone 4s is just an over priced phone, believe me i have one and im already bored of it.

    • galaxylover

      wtf u bought bitch….go lick galaxy big ass…gs3 sucks

      • galaxy s3 is awesome

        ur mom sucks , steve jobs shall burn in hell , cuz hes a thief

  • SDSA

    This phone sounds awesome and I have been researching it for some time, i think Apple is a cult of brain washed idiots with an inferior product. By allowing other companies to use the Android operating system there is a competative market among android devices, thus the reason why so many of the devices are better and more customizable than apple. Apple creates 1 phone a year, and has no other company using the iOS to compete with thus they only compete with the best phone at any given time, 1 time per year. Mean while Android phones have to compete all year and are constantly creating more and better phones. This is why apple must go through copywrite battles all year long because without exclusive features they would not exist. It is only a matter of time before capitalism buries apple.

    My only concern with the s3 is the large screen. More people than you think do not want a large screen…I have a tablet and if not i have a laptop and if not a desktop. All of which im not away from more than a day. To think that I need a 5in screen on me at all times, because if i need to watch something and can’t wait, is stupid. It annoying, and is not practical. This is the only reason I am not pre-ordering it, i need to have it in my hand to see how bulky it is. Apple would be dumb to have a much larger screen because they will pick up a big piece of the market share who isn’t ready for a Zach Morris phone.

  • I’m all for Samsung when it comes to smartphones, but please Samsung; when will you beat apple in the tablet game?

  • I love me an Android phone, but the one thing I have to say about the iPhone is the photo quality is AMAZING. I was at a concert taking photos with my Epic and the lady in front of me with an iPhone took much better quality photos. I can take a decent picture, for the record. I know to play with setting, hold still, etc. But the iPhone just blew my photos away. If the photo quality compares, I’m sold! (Although honestly, I would have been sold on the Galaxy regardless)

  • aBaDy94

    Damn Girl why u smashed galaxy Slll . I Want one :_(

  • Riaanvol

    The Samsung S3 are a amazing phone. Love the voice command and face detection feature as well as camera quality.

  • Way to stay objective and serious!

  • Mrcrazycorn43

    i worked for apple and because i signed a proprietary agreement i cant divulge there secrets accept to say as a private consumer every iphone is an over priced piece of Junk and they know it before they sale them…

  • Cyra-camus

    which is better iphone 4s or galaxy s3 please response?

  • Split_0926

    So you can talk crap about the IPhone all day I still love apple way more than android all the droids my friends had where crap compared to my iPhone 4s

  • Mlolydelgado

    es una pasada me lo podeis regalar

  • Zen422

    Let apple design their own hardware through meticulous R&D like Samsung does and only then can we call them

    Decide for yourself based on facts:

    * In 2011, Samsung is investing $9.3 billion on Research, making it the largest R&D investment than any other company in the world at the moment… that amount is more than all technology, auto and bio companies in the world. In the same year, Apple invests less than $2 billion on R&D, inspite of a record profit and revenue from iphone and ipad sales ! It shows who values innovation and who relies on shallow aesthetics and sleek marketing.

    * In 2010, Samsung ranked #2 in filing and obtaining Patents just behind IBM, ahead of intel, sony and toshiba.. Apple doesnt even rank in the top 10.

    * The total cost of components of iPhone4 is $178.. Of that $46 worth of components or 26% of iphone components are supplied by Samsung, most importantly the critical RAM, Flash and even the hyped A4 processor that’s the heart of the iphone.

    Its laughable for a company that only relies on clever programming and shallow aesthetics like Apple to use words like “slavish” and “copycat” while referring to Samsung, while shamelessly relying on their technology to make their products tick.

    • Arvin

      Samsung doesn’t just make phones, tablets, and computers you know..

      • samsung sung sung

        wat about refidgerators ovens and washing machines …plz believe guys samsung rocks… :P bt i dnt believe dat statement

    • slappyjoe

      Current battles in the patent war are evidence that apple is concerned about sammy. Apple has been going after samsung products big time b/c they know samsung is the only company out there that is a serious threat to it.

    • Apple4LIFE

      The only reason Samsung is semi successful is because those cheap ass fags have no innovative thinkers like Steve jobs, all those pricks do is copy apples technology to try to stay ahead in the market of smartphones, tablets etc. Your never gonna come out on top if the reason your staying in the business is by copying the best, which is apple!! QQ moar Samsung fags :)

      • iPhone_lover_now_hater

        Where did they even copy Apple? Putting a physical home button on their phone?

    • d_solace

      samsung rckzzzzzzzzzzzz
      i too have a samsung galaxy note
      and m really enjoying to have it
      but i pray for my brother who always get jealous of me
      and want me to exchange my galaxy note with his iphone 4s
      but i really love my galaxy note…..
      so no chance of exchanging it wid a kind of useless iphone….

    • You forget that Samsung is a far larger company in terms of the product range. Apple makes software & designs Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods (doesn’t manufacture any of them). Samsung designs and manufactures all those types of products plus; computer parts, bluray players, home theaters, Tv’s, cameras, Stoves, fridges, washers, dryers, microwaves etc. With that massive product line its clear they’d spend more money on R&D as a company than Apple and have more patents.

      The RAM and Flash can be bought anywhere – there is no Samsung specific technology there. The A4 processor is designed by Apple. They just buy from Samsung because it the largest tech company in the world and can deal with the volume Apple needs and offer a good price. You should also note that 26% of the components ARE NOT supplied by Samsung as you claim. They only supply 3 components in an iPhone. It just so happens that those 3 components are expensive and account for 26% of the component cost. The touch screen alone is $38 – way more expensive than any part Apple buys from Samsung.

      You last paragraph is the most ridiculous part of your comment. You devalue the programming and the design aesthetics that makes Apple products desired. No one cares which company supplies the computer parts as long as the specs are right and the software and the look of the final product are great. Samsung is like a lumber yard. Apple is the architect.

      Samsung makes 3 hidden INTERNAL parts for Apple. There’s no reason for their phone / box the phone comes in / the AC adapter / all the icons / the gestures etc. to look like an iPhone.

  • Subhs

    Galaxy S3 is way way better than iPhone…it gives u much more return for money…ios puppy fans must accept this:android gives you far smarter features and much more control over the device….the HD video display..the larger screen..the android widgets…the battery life…the fast Q4 processor…the user experience and most importantly the control which android gives me over my phone and its features…Apple can never match that..Apple phones are dead!RIP

  • babylovesaovang

    đũ má con nhỏ đó là ng` của samsung chứ gì….đập nát cái iphone trước ròi ghép hình là thả…….đkm mày…….lấy iphone 4s thử tính năng wt samsung coi xem máy nào nhanh hơn cho dù samsung có nhanh hơn iphone 4s chút xiu nhưng cứ đợi mà đọ sức wt iphone 5 đi nhé…..đéo lại đâu….

  • boogie boogle

    I personally prefer smaller and easier to control screens… the Samsung Galaxy S III is simply a TOY. I mean really! Ice cream sandwich? A REAL ice cream sandwich has more uses… at least it doesn’t lag when I try to eat it!

  • I will soooo be done with the iPhone if they decide to make this ugly ass phone! I love Apple and have had an iPhone since they came out, but if they make the screen longer and not wider I see a Samsung Focus SII in my future (Which will have the Windows 8 OS not Android). Needless to say last year I was pissed off that they released another glorified iPhone 4. If they disappoint me again it’s bye-bye Apple time!

  • pinellaskevin

    I laugh at this article .. .so subjective. I can not tell you how many people tell me they don’t want a huge screen thus galaxy being a huge phone doesn’t mean better just a preference. The beauty of the iphone size is its like a swiss army utility knife. You can use it for business calls or running track or riding the bike etc. Runny with a galaxy s3 in your hands among many other activities is not comfortable and you look pretty silly trying. Not to mention you are comparing a new phone with one launched 9 months ago which is a lifetime in phone world.

  • RAN


  • Brit

    Samsung is trying to be like apple yeah it might be better than the iPhone but that’s because they took thing that’s the iPhone has and fixed it to wear apple is making the iPhone 5 to fix the iPhone to make it better so all I have to say is Samsung and other phones come up with your own ideas reall s voice is just like Siri I am and iPhone user and will always be one

  • E Israel Andrade E

    if i want a big ass screen i use a laptop or tablet, that is even unconfortable to hold, stop pretending this is the GOD phone, plus it is FUCKING UGLY! :

  • user

    If android is not there…..samsung is total zero even if it is s3/s4/s5….etc. So …go for iphone because of its described perfomance…..money value…

  • user6

    after 1 year S3 will cost you 2000+. But i4s will be of 5% decrease of price……That shows apple rule over samsung always

  • Technolover

    Are u kidding??? My S3 mirror is broken!! It’s unbelievable!!! It’s Soooooooooo fragile.

  • Technolover

    I really regret for having bought S3!!!!

  • organik

    Is that a tablet or a phone? The screen size is just goofy. I don’t get why you android freaks are so spec obsessed. Shouldn’t it be about the overall user experience? I’ve used iOS tablets and phones and Android tablets, there’s simply no comparison software quality wise, iOS wins. Android might be ahead hardware wise, but that’s only for now….

  • IphONE

    IPHONE is better than galaxy S3. Sumsung is not so better as Iphone. samsung’s price will bee dicrease after 3 month more than 200$!!!

  • waqas

    ive got the s3 and within 3 days of using it, its been charged twice and gets warm quite qucikly and im getting it exchagned for an iphone

  • telveer

    Got my Verizon S3 yesterday. Rooted and all set to serve me for the next year or so. I love the phone!

  • johnny justice

    iphone is heavier because its made of glass and metal vs plastic and glass in the S3. The camera quality is also not up to par, when compared with iphone especially during video recording. Otherwise S3 wins.

  • iPhone till I die

    Wo wo wo. Let’s stop this BS right now. You cannot even compare the Galaxy S3 the to the iPhone 4S. The Galaxy first of all is just too freakin’ big. Nobody wants a zack morris phone anymore. Any screen larger than 3.5 is too big! the saamsung phone is made of plastic and feels very cheap. The Iphone is made of glass and stainless steel. iOS 5 is the by far the best operating system vs. any Android system. The screen on the iPhone is about 80% sharper. Do you know why it’s called “retina display”? because it’s so sharp that your eye cannot even pickup all the detail in the screen. Hands down iphone is the best phone on the market.

  • Jordan

    The phone feels like a cheap clunky piece of crap. iPhone has a nice weight to it and fits much more ergonomicly in your hand. Iphone feels much more like a well put together phkne and iOS is a much better looking ui plus all the benefits of jailbreaking far outweigh rooting.

  • Jordan

    Also the 4s is a year old. Anyone can improve on something once they know what people don’t like. You really think its gonna be better than the 5?

  • when u hold an iphone4s u feel quality, raher thn em plastic samsungs like a calculater

  • Jayboy

    wow, all this comments and back comments. Nerd fight. Who cares, find a phone you like and can use and use it.

  • emilija tomasic

    Kako o vama?voljela bi to! Koje su vaše misli?jako mi se sviđa! Jeli S3 previše telefon?nee! Da li to stajati visok u usporedbi pored S3?da!

  • emilija tomasic

    javi te mi na email ako ima sta dobroga

  • Ronnie

    This read is obviously biased

  • Jaquiak

    And There goes blackberry, forever

  • yash singh cricket

    sansung galaxy s3 is much better than apple iphone4

  • SamsungSUX

    Iphone 4s rulz for me , becouse all new phones copy IPHONE ! and this new Samsung sux …

    • really?

      yeah the iphone was breakthru when it came out but it still looks the same 10 years later and only putting out a new product every few years cuz it takes you that long to design the aesthetics with brushed aluminum and glass and make it weigh 10 lbs and dont bother to really do anything different with the software really isn’t good business. however since there are you little square pegs that just want to sit in your little square holes and want an iphone cuz its a trendy status symbol they make bank. your like the guy that buys a ferrari and doesn’t even like to drive.

  • Bunny

    Apple a brand…….impression took place in our hearts. so, u cant erase the impression though u specify features which are not there in iphone.

  • Calling iPhone’s size laughable is a bit one-sided. This is going to sound stupid to those who don’t have to live with this problem, but I assure you, it’s one of the reasons why I didn’t choose Galaxy. I like to keep my phone in my jean pocket but I also happen to be a woman (which I gather the writer isn’t). Have you seen the ridiculously non-existent pockets in women’s clothes? I tried and I couldn’t fit Galaxy there properly. Bigger screen might be nicer to use but would have been a pain in the ass to carry around.

    • deuce

      man up and get a purse

  • mia

    samsung forever!<3

  • bob

    yeahhh!!my next samsung is going to be a fridge

  • RoxanneBitches01

    Okay to be honest, I’d murder someone for the Galaxy S3 (no joke) lol so watch your back lmao:) <3 Galaxy S3 I'd do anything for it I hate my Iphone it's hella slowISH!!!!:P

  • mae_lovemyiPhone

    iPhone is laughable? I tell you I love my iPhone coz I can put it inside my pocket and I don’t need a phone that’s almost the size of my face haha! iPhone all the way!!!!! The way you compare both phones is obvious that YOU are one sided..

  • Jr

    Iphone 4s its the best comparing an iphone vs Samsung galaxy s3 is like comparing an Apple computer vs toshiba or etc you just cant??

  • jan

    I think its a bit big for a phone.
    lets face it apple is one of the pioneer of smart phones today and one company just copy and make it better..But still why apple is still top on the market?

  • Anonymous

    you can’t compare samsung gs3 with iphone 4s because SGS3 has an year ahead.When iphone 5 arrives, then you can make the differences.

  • galaxy s3 is awesome

    i remember when my nokia 6680 had more camera options than the 4s does now and the iphone will ever do , this 5 year old nokia 6680 badass had a built in photo editor which had more options than the iphone 4s editor xD my old nokia 6680 also had a micro sd of maximum of 1 giga why wouldnt iphone do the same even if it had a maximum of 512 miga xD , i just love my nokia 6680 i used to share photos and music with friends over bluetooth <3 i tried this with iphone , dont know why it did not work :/ maybe my iphone's bluetooth device had something wrong , or the cheap ass steve jobs wanted to make money by not allowing bluetooth sharing :/ who know :D ? i just LOVE my nokia 6680 , i would have compared the galaxy s3 with the iphone 4s but thats not fair , it would break iphone fas' hearts because of the epic win of the samsung s3 so i compared the iphone 4s with my nokia 6680 and i will declare the iphone as a winner , i mean c'mon it worked 7 years after the nokia 6680 so not giving it the win would be just rude ;p

  • Bennn

    User of both. Owner of s3. I laugh everytime i pick up an iphone. I feel like my arms about to fall off and I need to squint to see the screen haha. Preformance wise, the s3 is fast. So fast its makes people go :O and you can do just about anything on it. Unlike apple, where you can hardly do anything. Why are people so caught up in this iphone thing? Seriously. I know everyone’s going to make a fuss about the new iphone but in the end we already know Samsung have done a better job!
    Also, samsungs tvs are amazing.

  • Ry

    IPHONE is about as large of a phone as I want to squeeze into my pocket. I already feel like my balls are gonna getting zapped by my phone enough as it is.

    Also, maybe people like the galaxy because they have small dicks and like the added bulge it adds to their jeans.

  • Nabi

    I as a previous iphone 3g owner would tell you that I’ve been looking forward for every iphone release until… yes i heard about the G-S3. I like to look for the best deal at the time or to be realest next. My point being you cannot really compare any of these two phones unless they are released at the same time. The next iphone ‘5’ might be much better in many ways, screen size included, than the G-S3 but how can you compare because you compared it w/ iPhone 4s already and you could just as well say the G-S4 could be better than the next iPhone. Even w/in the same phone then you buy it and a year later something better comes up. I will wait for Septemberish release of the next iphone and then compare it to G-S3 and if its in the same ballpark or better then i would wait for 5S of iphone, but if its not comparable then i would invest my money at that time on the G-S3. lets say i stick w/ iphone, i have learned to get it every two years when they improve and correct the newest version, like the 4S was improvement on the 4, so may the 5S be an improvement on the 5… So why be the first to buy, let them try and you buy when its ‘perfected’ for whatever it is. 1. Battery life both need to improve on and 2. large screen size is appealing but like the girl said, it needs to be practical so in my case as long as i can comfortably read a webpage w/o panning right or left. These new displays should do well in making small text/images enjoyable. 3. Speed is always a plus. 4. Multitasking is a go. 5. A good selection of apps is a go+. And so on and so forth.


    That was a sarcastic remark… emphasizing how Galaxy overshadows Apple. What a bunch of clever folks you all are hey!

  • irving

    Lol stupid Android cunts.

  • 4S User

    The iPhone 4S is the bomb and the 5 will be even better

  • nokia_d_best

    “do hell with ur samsung…go and eat the rest of ur apple”…nokia is the best…it is the sturdiest phone out in the market…phones stop working generally when they fall…conduct a drop test for samsung, apple and nokia…we’ll see who prevails…everyone here would agree that it would be nokia…i accidently dropped my nokia lumia 710 from the 4th floor of a building…it fell on a concrete floor vertically, “believe it or not”, my phone works just as fine…it did suffer a little damage to the outer body but i just had to re-insert the battery to make it work perfectly again…i love u nokia…had i opted for a samsung S3 or iPhone 4S or for that matter the much debated iPhone 5…i would hv lost my phone forever…thanx to nokia…i owe u…thanx

  • rocky

    galaxy s3 sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! , APPLE ROCKS……………………….

  • George

    Wow. Are we really comparing a phone that came out less than a month ago (Galaxy 3S) to an iPhone that is almost a YEAR OLD??? Well, I guess Samsung has to make them selves look superior somehow. LAME.

  • droidvengeance

    Whatever you do, remember to make sure you never leave an iphone on top of a SGS3, that thing is so heavy it just might weigh your morale down. And really looking forward to iphone 5, cause I’m sure it will be 5 steps behind samsung.

  • ifanatic

    I was a big apple fan until I used my friend’s Samsung Galaxy S III I will hang on for Iphone 5 and see how it compares with Galaxy and will make a decision next month .. however so far, Samsung Galaxy looks far superior than Apple Iphone 4s

  • Grani

    iPhone 5 will destroy galaxy s3

  • John

    The real difference comes down to quality, not specs. I’ve had 3 iPhone models (which are all still in use) and two Samsung models (Neither of which made it near the one year mark before becoming expensive paperweights.)

    Android is a far more customizable and free OS, but it’s also unstable and in my experience craps the bed compared to iOS.

  • JA

    Well, considering Samsung copied nearly every design feature from Apple, I’d say iPhone 4S. Hardware and software designed by the same company is a plus. Not to mention, iOS5 is much better than Andriod! The Galaxy S3 is a cheap nock off!

  • Québec guy

    It all depends of the Time they came out tech goes quick sgs3 is newer .. Wait and see..

  • C

    iphone all the way, it’s simpler to use and if I want a larger screen I’ll get myself a tablet, thank you very much.

  • Nacho

    Samsung has to pay obe billion dollars to apple so fuckin shitty fans of ss3 suck a nob

  • Hannah

    Samsung actually came out with the S Voice technology before Apple came out with Siri. In fact, they’re working on a lawsuit against Apple, which they will never win. At any rate, I purchased a Galaxy SIII a couple of months ago and I love everything about it.

  • u know what…2morrow I’m going to buy a new mobile phone (my sony ericson was laughed at by my friends) and…after reading ur comparison I’ll definitely go for the samsung galaxy S3! Why? Simply: because it has basically everything: cool design, it’s light, it has so many wonderful features (the big screen is awesome) and u can insert an SD card which helps a lot when shooting pics & not wanting to carry ur digicam around:-) So guys, OF COURSE it’s better than the iphone 4!!!!!

  • Amit

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is Mind blowing phone…It’s all features are outstanding