Samsung Galaxy S3 User Manual available online

by: Ankit BanerjeeMay 15, 2012

Samsung was incredibly secretive about the Galaxy S3 before its launch, even going to the extent of sending out disguised prototypes to design leaks. On the other hand, since the official announcement of its latest flagship device on May 3, the Korean company has been equally open and aggressive in the promotion of the device, with more than regular updates on the expected availability schedule, and continuous release of press images of the various accessories to accompany the Galaxy S3.

According to a tip received by SamMobile, the User Manual of the GT-i9300 (Galaxy S3) is now available online on the Samsung website. Some interesting points to note from the manual are:

  • The manual, of course, contains all the “standard” topics found in every user guide, including Assembling, Getting Started, Communication, Entertainment, Personal Information, Web and GPS-based services, Connectivity, Tools, Settings, Troubleshooting, and Safety Information
  • The “Memory Card” section states that the device accepts MicroSD or MicroSDHC memory cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB. Some rumors suggested that the Galaxy S3 would support up to 64GB SD card support, so this might be disappointing for some. Some users of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note have also mentioned that while the maximum for their devices is 32GB, a 64GB memory card works also. I personally cannot guarantee this one way or the other, so for now, the “official” recommendation is 32GB.
  • As with most high-end ultra-thin devices available nowadays, the GSM version of the Galaxy S3 requires a microSIM.
  • The User Manual is very helpful in explaining all the new features of the device, such as gesture-motion features, which includes “Hold to Ear,” a feature that lets you call a number you just a received an SMS from, simply by lifting the phone up to your ear.
  • Includes information on some C-Pen stylus apps, including S-Memo (also found on the Galaxy Note after the ICS update)

Granted, with the device’s availability still at least two weeks away, it might be too early to start reading the User Manual already, but if you are as curious as I was, you can find see the PDF below:

User Manual I9300

The information on regional release dates, availability, and price are slowly trickling in, so stay tuned for up-to-date information on when you can get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3. You also have the opportunity to win a free unlocked  device in our International Giveaway here at Android Authority. Just click on the link and follow a few simple steps to be eligible.

What are your thoughts? If you have read the User Manual, were there any surprises? Are you disappointed about the recommended 32GB max MicroSD support?

  • Dani535

    very disappointing…i expected the 64GB micro SDXC card
    but still an amazing phone, much better than iphone 4s

    • mobilephonecompare

      ??? lol you do no it will support the 64gig micro sd card ??? also they will be shipping inbuilt 64gig model too :)

      • orliesaurus

        did u read the article at all? it says max 32gb .

        • Solankiatish

          Fucking loosers the phone it self will have minimum of 16 or 32 how can it except 64 definitely it can except only 32 internal will be 32 + micro sd 32 = 64

          • mobilephonecompare

            Shut up dum A$$ Samsung are realising a 64GIG S3 Do your research before you open your mouth as your a embarrassment LOL Video proof in my last comment 64gig working in S2 :)

        • mobilephonecompare

          Are you people thick ??? People are already running 64gig sd card in the galaxy s2 ?? here is the proof Also did you even watch the launch video of the Galaxy S3 they are realising a 64GIG INBUILT S3 do some research.. Dam some people are THICK Duh…

        • TH3ORY

          Did you even bother to watch the launch video ??? they have got a 64gig model coming out FACT!

  • I’ve been watching this Samsung Galaxy S3 hands-on review and wondering if I need all these features:

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  • Kritt_27

    Hi, I’m having trouble getting my message alert too work. Can someone help me please ? I’ve tried the obvious.

    • Nealgrimwood

      I am having the same problems and starting to get a little frustrated!! Any help would be great!! Thanks

      • Boom

        When you swipe down on the top of the screen make sure the notification option is set on so it’s green

    • vegas64

      click on messaging icon, then tap the left lower side (i forgot what that is) will see the messaging menu come up….click on settings…..scroll down and make sure your Notifications is enabled…….another thing to check is under the Settings…..Vibration Intensity….make sure the notification is all the way up….I was having the same problem…and turned out the Notification was intensity was all the way off…..Good Luck

      • WAM!

        Any other suggestion, tried with no success. Also tried what Boom Suggested. no success yet. ANy help would be appreciated.

  • Adewale Ogunleye

    i bought the 64gb micro SDXC card and it works although my total space shows as 59.45gb

  • Mansour Hayat

    how can i transfer my notes or sayings that are saved in my nokia cell phone to my new galaxy s3 ?

    • try with the nokia suite once backed up then go into you c programs if your on pc locate where your nokia suite is installed extract the note back up then plug in your s3 mass mode on drag your notes to s3 and then see if you can open the notes in your s3

    • JennyDiamond

      mayb by Bluetoothing it

  • Carla

    How do you download apps onto the Galaxy 3

    • noodlez

      have you tried the play store?

  • Mr.Nice

    My s3 wont play any videos in internet…help pls? Internet works,videos doesnt…? :O

  • Pnd

    My camera is only taking blue and white pictures

    • aaaddd

      haha that sounds awesome. can someone help me set my camera up like this guys?

      • WAM!

        That was good! Nice to have something to laugh on. hahaha

  • noodlez

    My 32 gb micro sd card keeps getting write protected.
    Sometimes if I am moving a file to the sd card (something from my computer, from my phone, or even saving a picture to it) the phone locks up. After that I am forced to pull the battery and then on reboot the sd card becomes write protected. Happened 3 times, with 3 different sd cards. I have only had the phone for a little over a week now

  • All I want is for my phone to make a noise when I get a message. I have selected the sound, ticked the vibration and sound but yet when a message comes through it doesnt make a sound….any ideas

    • Xoxo

      Do you have the silent mode on off?

    • When you swipe down on the top of the screen make sure the notification option is set on so it’s green

  • enchong

    can i use ordinary simcard? or i have to cut?

    • enchong

      answer please.. for s3 please… please… thanks…

    • BassE

      the samsung s3 take microsims which are the same as the iphone but you can cut your own out from standard simcards, i cut two for mine, one in australia and one here in nz both work fine but i used an old microsim of mine to get the closest possible shape as you can cut too much off and will have problems getting it to run. If you know someone with an iphone ask to use their sim and try trace the outline of it onto yours or you can just go buy a microsim from the store.

  • Can we download the above manual or do we have to keep coming back if we need to find something else? I’ve had a look and I can’t see a download or save button. :/

    • It’s ok, I figured it out.
      For anyone having the same problem as I was, click on the link just above the preview “User Manual i9300” then to the right you will see a blue button saying “download or print”

  • chew

    how can i take a photo with voice on sumsung s3?

  • brendan

    How do I get rid of the i in a circle with a line through it in the left top corner please

    • john

      i hawe the saim problem!! can you tel my haw to get rid off it? ( circel with a line through) plees!

  • sallygee

    My phone has gone on to safe mode..any ideas how to get off plz?

  • Stix

    Im trying to download an owners manual for a Samsung Galaxy S but can’t fine one, any suggestions would be appreciated?

    • Albert Ngome Kome


  • allan

    Pleeeeesse tell me how to turn voicemail off I hate this phone

    • jaxta

      I had the same problem, went into a store today, they did it for me, apparently only they can do it.

  • liz84

    Can’t figure out how to put my pictures in albums. Thanks!

  • abi

    Samsung galaxy s3 how to make video cal on Skype windows 7 I can’t pleas any body have answer

  • Ronald

    Can anyone tell me can the S3 use micro SDHC class 10 memory card? THX.

  • arnetra

    How do i delete the pictures in my instant upload? alot of the pictures i dont want in my phone anymore at all, but i cant delete them please help!!!

  • Alley

    i dont see pop up play icon on my galaxy s3 videos, help me please..

  • steve

    how do I copy and paste?

  • dom

    how do you delete apps under the app icon

  • Sapna Bang

    I m unable to use the copy paste command on my ph any more…can anyone tell me how to rectify this. pls help

  • Sue do I turn off the annoyingly loud bell sound whenever i receive an email.really annoying at night.looked in settings already.

  • Bud

    I am not receiving emails. I can receive test messages.

  • sexy gyal

    how do i save a hard copy from a txt msg. eg: so i can email it

  • okie

    Hi, I keep getting- Server password has changed. Enter the new password.

    What does that mean? I have not changed any passwords.

  • [email protected]

    I don’t want my Facebook events and birthdays to show up on my calendar. How can I keep that from happening?

  • Jay

    How do I make a call with out letting the person I call know it me

  • My screen for viewing email is dim (blueish tinged) and I don’t like it. Does anyone how to adjust the screen for normal brightness?

  • firdous

    samsung galaxy s3 battery drain and charging issue.what to do?

  • greg

    set up email and can receive but not send. must be a ‘switch’ I can’t find to turn on?

  • bloomer13

    can’t seem to find my old messages

  • Donna donna

    Having trouble with sending message

  • paddybear1

    hi all I have a big problem when some rings me I can hear them but they cant hear me or If I call someone they cant hear me but I can hear them please please help

  • old girl

    I hate this phone that I got talked into which drives me to tears

  • Mudite

    How do I prevent incoming calls going immediately to voice mail?

  • [email protected]

    having trouble downloading music from my pc.

  • Everett B Ireland


  • Everett B Ireland

    empty trash folder


    how do I turn off my encryption app