Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update starts rolling out to US Cellular customers

by: Andrew GrushDecember 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3

Recently we reported that Verizon subscribers were starting to see Jelly Bean rollout to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Following on Verizon’s heels, US Cellular has also starting roll out an update for the Galaxy S3.

The announcement came from US Cellular’s Facebook page earlier today. That said, not all customers will see it right away, as it will likely take a few days to completely make its way to all S3 owners.

So what’s new? Jelly Bean includes tons of improvements such as Google Now, Project butter speed improvements,enhanced notifications and much more.

In most cases an update notification should appear when the download is ready for you, but it’s never a bad idea to check manually under “Check for Updates” in the system settings.

Any US Cellular customers get the update yet? If so did the experience go smoothly for you?

  • OrdinaryJester

    Did my wife’s phone via samsung website. Was able to do my s3 via OTA

  • Just got the update. Phone is remarkably faster. Apps open like well butter

  • Gps seems to not be working with clear blue skies. Also the keyboard seems to be a little slower but overall the phone is a lot faster internet loads fasterspeech recognition works better

  • jack gondela

    Got it this morning OTA. Not earth-shaking but no problems. NOW is nice, butter is better. Low light photo is a little disappointing. Speech recognition is better, but still like my nearly deaf father.

  • Russ

    Keyboard is slower and no longer auto corrects misspelled words.

  • seancopeland22

    Not impressed at all. Seems like the S voice is MR. Cannot speak plain English. A lot of hype for little bang. Samsung still lacks the reply all on text. Very little difference noted.

  • Galaxy 3s user

    Did the update last night. Now when I receive a call or my alarm clock goes off the light for the camera comes on and keeps time with the rhythm of the ring and the clock alarm. Does anyone know how to get this to stop? Also, on a missed call the indicator for the miss call on the home page will not go away after reviewing the missed call. How is the number removed?