Leak: Samsung Galaxy S3 will come to US Cellular

by: Arnold ZafraMay 30, 2012
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Although there have been several rumors and bits of information about which US carriers are going to release the Samsung Galaxy S3, there’s still no official announcement issued by any of these US carriers. So far, we told you that T-Mobile is likely to release the phone on June 20. And now, just to add some more spice to the rumor salad, we learned that regional carrier US Cellular might also offer the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The information was revealed by a leaked screenshot of an internal system, which shows that the Samsung Galaxy S3 model to be released by US Cellular will have the model number R530. Also, both the Pebble Blue and Ceramic White models will be available, both in the 16GB storage variant.

While all of this is still unofficial, it’s still comforting to know, especially for those of you who are US Cellular customers, that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will come to smaller carriers. What remains to be seen now is whether the unit released by US Cellular will keep the features in the international version intact.

  • Jaysann22

    and yet, people who are with the Big 4 carriers are still holding their breath…. >:(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=845206551 Jeff Pilgram

    thank god a decent android phone besides the galaxy s2 is coming to us cellular! now i can drop this locked electrify and have some top quality goodness

  • Mei

    The “US” version better have the 2GB RAM like the Canada version just announced recenlty (Japan first has this 2GB RAM variant).

  • Terrence Greene


  • Ruffryder187mph

    It’s so cool how T-mobile usually puts out the better variant of the Galaxy models whenever they get really good phones like the Galaxy s2 they had the best model out of the other carriers AT&T..SPRINT..VERIZON
    T-mobile’s model of the Galaxy line has always been the best in tech spec’s and size!..
    I don’t mean to sound bias..I’m just stating facts!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Cupz-Carozza/12319012 Brandon Cupz Carozza

      LTE incapabilities on the other networks since TMobile decides to be cheap and use slow HSPA+ speeds :/

  • Ruffryder187mph

    Oh and on top of all that icecream…
    I’ve seen in several different web sites that T-mobile’s variant of the Galaxy s3 will have Quad core processor either the 1.4 or the 1.5ghz processor but it won’t have the Exynos chipset …
    Also it’s not 100% clear if it will be utilizing the Cortex A-9 processor..?
    Like I stated above it will be using Quad core rather if it’s the 1.4 or the 1.5ghz processor only with t-mobile’s model maybe with Sprint..??
    Well if you would like to chat a’lil more on the matter contact me through my facebook look for me under my e-mail ruffryder187mph25@ymail.com my name is Joseph