We’re attending the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch, and will bring you the news live! [live blog]

by: Darcy LaCouveeMay 2, 2012

Arguably one of the most important device launches in recent history happens tomorrow, and we will be in full attendance at Samsung’s Unpacked Event which begins at 6PM, in London, UK.

Tomorrow evening, the event begins (times below) and our writer, Sam Cater, will be live-blogging about everything being announced. Up and coming photographer Peter Sawyer will be there in attendance with Sam, and everything will be showcased for you to look through and see for yourself!


  • May 3 9am HAST
  • May 3 12pm PDT
  • May 3 1PM MDT
  • May 3 2PM CDT
  • May 3 3PM EDT
  • May 3 6pm UTC
  • May 3 7PM GMT
  • May 3 8PM BST
  • May 3 9PM CEST/IST
  • May 3 10PM EEST
  • May 3 11PM MSK
  • May 4 3AM HKT
  • May 4 4AM JST

A chat window will go live here tomorrow which will let you read about Samsung’s new flagship phone as we cover everything that’s being announced. It is two-way of course, so you feel free to get involved and ask your own questions!

Here we will be breaking every single detail down, and we”ll recount every single iota of genuine information we’ll have learned about the Samsung Galaxy S3. We should have some great pictures, along with exact hardware specifications, dimensions, release dates, pricing and much more!

We’ve covered every reliable rumor and leak in extreme detail, and you can find all about the device in our Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor round up here For those of you hungry for absolutely everything, check out our Samsung Galaxy S3 category here.

So that’s it, be at Android Authority  tomorrow night to enjoy the S3 launch and news as it happens, and to get in on the action!

Excited for the Galaxy S3? Does it have what it takes to dethrone the HTC One X?

  • Shanosburgess

    from the latest round of images, it does not look very “sexy”
    its not got the johny Ive’s factor, I soooo want for them to come out tomorrow with a design like none seen before, perhaps a curved screen and a super slim profile in sexy materials
    dont get me wrong I have loved my galaxy s and s2 but when the iphones come out they have super cool form factors (I dont want my s3 to look positivley dated when the iphone 5 comes out), I know there is only so much you can do when it comes to fitting a screen with a case with a battery inside but factor and form are as important as design

    • UKC

      absolutely agree with you. I love the polycarbonate unibody of the One X and I think that would be hard to beat, but that’s just me. Specs aside, I’m just worried the S3 will still have that plasticky back cover and I can’t see how they can make that sexy. With all this hype, I just hope I won’t be sorely disappointed…can’t wait.

  • Sammys posters say 7pm but te times underneath show 8pm BST of which we are in!, which is it?

    • Rob Little

      Well, also, UTC=GMT, so looks like the times are all a bit mixed up! And the story says it starts at 6pm in London…?

      • Mei

        7pm BST = 6PM (UTC/GMT). It start 7pm in London.

    • Mei

      Time on flyer states doors ‘open’ 6pm BST (London), but event actually ‘starts’ at 7pm BST (should go by starting time). Samsung’s Facebook also states will be live (starting) 7pm BST as well.

      Base on ‘starting’ time, this will make it 11pm PST, 1pm CDT, 2pm EST, etc for some US time zones.

      • Mei

        *Correction* meant to post 11am PST not 11pm PST xD

        “Base on ‘starting’ time, this will make it 11am PST, 1pm CDT, 2pm EST, etc for some US time zones.”

        • Dewed

          You should correct it … or everyone will tune in an hour late

          • Mei

            I’m not the original poster. You have to pm Darcy Lacouvee.

  • Gabba

    I think author screwed up his time zones; the event happens at 2pm EST, not 3pm; 11am PST, not 12

  • I am having an anxious attack guys… :) hahaha I should not be so involved with these new smartphones… I knew I would not be able to focus on my finals…

    • I’m “studying” while I wait… couldn’t sleep last night and lost a ton of study time lol

  • Vikram Rajpurohit

    i 2 think da same georgi.i wuld hav done for exam

  • gill

    how long more??

  • We will get the live blog going very soon! Just have to get settled, it’s madness in here!

  • kay

    Is the chat facility going to just appear? How does it work? looking forward to it.

    :-) Love being a geek. Ive got 4 different windows open ready to track launch !! lol

    And no…. I dont have a girlfriend, hahaha

  • iPhone 5 will be much better.

  • Higiudumitru

    Android Authority said:
    It has more of a curved body than the S2, which is, in our opinion, a good thing!

    Soo, u`ve seen it???

  • not fond of the stupid lunching DURING The summer.. WHen??

  • Is video in nextgalaxy.com available to view. I cant view it..any idea?

  • this phone will be best phone of 2012

  • Danny_muka

    Very Great , that smartphone is going to crush Apple’s next iphone!!!
    what do u think guys?

    • Cole Raney

      If you are talking in terms of performance, it definitely will crush the next iPhone. I think it will be a much better phone. I don’t think it will outsell the iPhone though.

  • I think I am dissapointed that once again the US will be the last in the world to get the phone… so annoyed right now.

  • I’m not a fan of the design. ;(

  • 8PAQ

    Hey is it me or is this simply Galaxy II HD in a different cover and with two extra cores that will be idle 99% of the time. I mean same screen, same camera, same amount of RAM…

  • Even if I’m not a fan of the design of the Samsung SIII but I’m still loving it! I’ll still give it a perfect 10 for the feature and capabilities. #IHeartSamsung #SamsungS3