Samsung Galaxy S3 Unpacked Event Images

May 3, 2012

    We’re on the ground live at Earls Court and we’ve gotten past the gatekeepers and are now inside!

    Our man Sam Cater describes it as a “beautiful holding pen” While nothing can be seen yet, the setting itself is very beautiful. It appears that things are being hidden behind a rather massive curtain. Currently, there are roughly 1000 people in attendance. But enough out of me – take a look for yourself below! As we’ve already hear, there will be a white version, as well as a blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming to market, and the color theme seems to suggest that.


    We will be getting hands on time with the device(s)! Stay tuned!


    • gorillamonk

      I lol’d @ Holding Pen. But, then again, some people do think that the media is full of animals.

    • slashgear

      lol slashgear updated handon nd u people are clicking pics of architecture

    • Jaranjames

      I just had a Mobile phone Orgasm…This phone just wowed me. I was the 1st to say i will be lining up for the HTC EVO 4G but after what i just saw i will be waiting till december…. Dammit why do we in the us have to suffer. I truly believe that there is nothing Apple can come up with now that will top what we just witnessed…….I no im not the only one that feels like this……

    • Ehab

      good specs , with new features but why so lame Design like this !!!!!! & the colour choices !!!! no comment
      Samy the specs are nice but the design is a failure

    • Jenniffer Issabella

      It is great.WoW.Can not wait to grab this one.I’ve known more on

    • Koolkushal85

      Anyone planning to get this phone and looking for some great Go Launcher themes, check out:

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