Samsung Galaxy S3 unboxing and hands on! [exclusive]

by: Darcy LaCouveeMay 24, 2012

samsung galaxy s3 front

The internet waits for no man (or woman)! While over ten million people all over the world are waiting eagerly for Samsung’s 2012 flagship to arrive at their doorsteps, Android Authority has been scouring the globe, leaving no stone unturned in our quest to provide you the finest Android device coverage on the planet!

But enough about our plans for global Android domination. Our man Randy Khoo just attended an exclusive event in Malaysia, and was able to sneak out with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3!

Check out the video in all it’s glory below. Observe the thin bezel on the device, the inclusion of S-Memo for what potentially offers Galaxy Note Stylus-type functionality down the road, and more, in the 8 minute plus video below.

We’ve covered this device harder than we’ve covered any other. We just gave one away. The official ROM has already been leaked, and S-Voice too. And the party is just getting started, folks.

Let us know your thoughts! What devices would you like to see this compared to? What do you want to see us do with it? Benchmarks? Sample photos and video? S-Voice is in action? You’re the boss – you decide!

  • Guest

    Would like to see screen compared to other HD screens – xperia s, one x, nexus s and note.

    • AppleFUD

      Just look for Galaxy Nexus comparisons. . . same screen.

  • s2556

    looks nice! you should take a look at the s-voice and gestures. maybe do some benchmarks as well

  • Very nice

    • Ass nice! Get a full Ice Cream Sandwich mobile instead of just a taste of it! Samsung Galaxy Nexus still rocks, accept it’s dam ass speaker!

      • Choice. I have a nexus, it’s okay. Remember choices, people enjoy Samsung products. The galaxy s 3 will impress many, so if ya don’t have it….you can not recommend something else yet.

  • Peterson Silva

    It looks so swift. I’d like you guys to compare the Android ICS experience with Touchwiz to the one without it. What are users getting? What are users mission on? =)

  • amjason

    it looks really cooooooool
    cant wait for it

  • AndroidBrian

    Every time I see a hands on video nobody ever opens up the browser, text message & phone dialer. Personally I’m always curious (and I think others are as well) to see what the dialer and SMS looks like and see if there are any added features and just see how its skinned.

  • Mei

    Looks good. I want Sony Xperia GX, but looks like it won’t come to Sprint. So, I probably will end up with Samsung Galaxy SIII. I pick S3 over HTC Epic 4G LTE due to it having removable battery among other features. Hopefully, the dev will get bootlocker unlock, so can remove some of Samsung’s bloatware. Question I have is, white or blue color? Which looks better?

    • Dringler42

      Going with blue myself and trust it won’t take long for someone at xda to unlock bootlocker

  • Gustavo


    I’m looking for a galaxy s3 but the wireless charger was delayed to september. What type of charger came? because of I only saw an usb cable and an adapter.


  • Rohit Naik

    If possible do unboxing and review of phones available in India
    Here is my unboxing of the Micromax Canvas HD

    I know its not upto the mark, its just the beginning
    Please comment as how I can improve my skills
    I would appreciate it
    Criticisms are welcome too