Samsung says Woops!, brings back local search on UK Galaxy S3

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 27, 2012
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Now that’s an embarrassing mistake. Samsung has mistakenly pushed the local search removal update to the Galaxy S3 in the United Kingdom. Better known as the dumb search update, the patch removes the possibility to search for local contacts, apps, and other items on the Galaxy S3. Users are left with the basic web search, although a number of workarounds exist.

Yesterday, Samsung acknowledged that it inadvertently pushed the dumb search update to devices in the UK and promised to repair the problem within the next few days. It seems that they were pretty quick about it, because the new firmware, which restores local search, is now available as an OTA and via Samsung Kies.

According to Sam Mobile, the patch weighs in at 5MB and brings the software version of the Galaxy S3 to I9300XXBLG8. Details:

  • Release date Samsung KIES: 2012-07-26
  • PDA I9300XXBLG8
  • CSC I9300OXABLG8

There’s no word if the smart search will be restored for devices from other countries, or if it’s an UK-specific issue. British judges have been pretty friendly to the Android cause, so it might be that Samsung thinks it’s safe to keep the feature on its devices here.

As a reminder, the smart search feature was removed from the US and the international versions of the Galaxy S3 to prevent Apple from obtaining an injunction based on the patent it holds for the said feature.

UK readers, did you receive the OTA notification? Did you miss the smart search?

  • DaBr8Pnoy

    I really hope that Samsung brings this OTA update to the U.S. I accidentally updated my at&t GS3 to the dumb search. I actually used the local search function quite often and I want it to come back because it was so helpful

    • ATWHIT

      Do you think they will? I really hope so.

  • I’ve been ignoring the update until I saw this. Although the “dumb search” update was apparently 27mb, my phone said the update was 73mb, so I’m just updating now, has been bugging me for about 36 hours now lol. Will see if includes the latest update or if it’a another download, then get my partner to do the same. – Not that I every use the search function for looking for stuff on the phone, or online. I always just go to Google on the browser out of habit.

  • me