Samsung Galaxy S3 topples iPhone 4S on Mobile Tracker Charts

by: Arnold ZafraJune 5, 2012

After using the Samsung Galaxy S3 as my primary mobile device for a couple of days now, I’m quite confident to say that Apple has all the reason to be wary of Sammy’s latest flagship device. The Galaxy S3 definitely has what it takes to pull the iPhone 4S down any given mobile tracking charts. In both design and performance the Galaxy S3  can easily match up what the iPhone 4S has been offering. And we all better accept that, regardless of whether we are sitting on the Android or iOS bench.

As an example of how hot of a mobile device the Samsung Galaxy S3 is right now, mobile site has announced that the device has dislodged the iPhone 4S from the top of its Tech Mobile Tracker. The white edition of the iPhone 4S has been sitting on top of the charts for quite some time now, only to be toppled by the growing anticipation, excitement and exhiliration over the Samsung Galaxy S3. Interestingly, before the iPhone 4S reached the top spot, the Galaxy S2 used to be on its position.

Although, this is just a minor statistic and does not really tell the big picture, it does give us a preview of what’s to arrive in the coming days. Five US mobile carriers have already made their announcement regarding the availability of the Galaxy S3 this month. Pre-orders for the device have been surging on a daily basis, online seaches for the whereabouts of the device and initial sales in May – have all contributed to the Galaxy S3’s ascend into uSwitch’s mobile tracking list.

We have yet to see whether mobile users will embrace what the mobile carriers have to offer. One thing is for sure: if the Samsung Galaxy S3 manages to beat the iPhone 4S in terms of sales figures, Apple better come up with something better in the iPhone 5. Otherwise, it can kiss its stronghold in the smartphone market goodbye.

  • Given the rumors of the iPhone 5, plus the lack of anything new in in iOS I can’t imagine anything revolutionary in the iPhone 5. But given the number of isheep in the world it will still be a major hit.

    • AppleFUD

      oh come on now. . . it’ll be the first “___phone with a 4″ screen” (fill in the blank with some apple marketing buzzword to make it the “first” some how) and they’ll have their own mapping system — sure the mapping system with be a beta and as bad as Siri but it will be “revolutionary” . . . somehow.

      • Umm, excuse me sir, that would be Mapolutionary!

        • AppleFUD

          HA!!!! Mapolutionary! LOVE IT!!!

          Oh you know it will be named iMap or iNav. . . ugh

        • SamsaraGuru

          Be careful Jack, Apple may sue you for using one of its Copyright/Patented/Proprietary/Trademarked or whatever it can think up as appropriate grounds to sue you for using a name they probably thought up 15 years ago – like they did the rectangular shape of the iPad which apparently Knight Ridder had already done! lol

          • Siddharth

            u mean ful f awsm…..!!!!!1

    • Do you insult everyone that doesn’t like what you like or do you only do it when it’s about the iPhone and Apple? Really mature…

  • lol…and Iphone 5 will have a monkey that can dance off the screen, and these clowns would love the dance so much…seriously people with iphone has no brain…they just fall in the marketing scam…what is the difference between iphone 1 and iphone 100, they all look the same…and control by the central monster APPLE….good luck.

    • Joshandneil9

      u retard

    • Can you just appreciate your device without bashing Apple and all apple users?? What gives you the right to insult them? It’s just a phone ffs, grow up.

    • Alan

      “People with iPhone has no brain.”
      Ironic how you are calling iPhone users stupid when you can’t even use proper grammar? I think you’ve lost all credibility.

      • JustMe

        I’m guessing it’s his second language.

  • Cole Raney

    The iPhone 4S is old and the galaxy s3 is new. This will change when the iPhone 6 (yes I said 6, 5 would not make sense) will change this. Sadly.

    • AndroidBrian

      I love when people say 5 will not make sense. IPhone 2G, 3g, 3g s, 4 & 4s. If iPhone 5 doesn’t make any sense how.does iPhone 4s make any sense?

      • Cole Raney

        iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S. You are slightly off. 4S does make some sense. It’s not that different than the iPhone 4. It ha the same design and is a little faster. It’s pretty much like the iPhone 3GS is to the iPhone 3G. So I guess they decided to stick with the pattern. 3G made sense since they added 3G. 3GS they had to name it something different. They couldn’t name it 4 or 4G because it neither was the 4th iPhone, nor did it have 4G. So they decided to add an S.

        The iPhone 4 was named that because it was the 4th iPhone. It was the only iPhone named after what generation of iPhone it was. So why would they name the next iPhone the iPhone 5? It’s not the 5th iPhone. So iPhone 6 is a much better name, but to be honest I have 2 hypotheses as to what they will really call the next iPhone.

        The “new” iPhone, because, well that’s what they did to the iPad.

        iPhone 4G. This would make sense because it will probably have LTE. iPhone 6, new iPhone, and iPhone 4G all make MUCH more sense than iPhone 5.

        • AppleFUD

          I think his point is valid. ‘iPhone 5’ should be the next iPhone as Apple seems to only be renaming when they do a new design not a refresh/update (those are signified with ‘S’) thus the next design will be the 5th iPhone ‘design’ (since they skipped a number at one point for marketing purposes) = ‘iPhone 5’ next. Then they will have the iPhone 5S next year, etc. . .

          Or maybe they will just skip the number ‘5’ all together like you suggest, but I doubt it. . . but then again apparently Tim Cook doesn’t like numbers thus the ‘new iPad’ lol

          So. . . maybe we will just have the ‘new iPhone’
          Or the ‘iPhone Hummer’ with a 4″ screen
          Or ‘iPhonePad’

          Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

          • Cole Raney

            But it will only be the third design. The first 3 iPhones had pretty much the same look. The first was a little different materials, but the same design.

            Plus, how silly would it sound for the iPhone 5 to run iOS 6?

          • AppleFUD

            While that may generally be true they have chosen to number them to signify that there were in deed different “designs” or rather, significantly different from the previous version — that may be design and/or hardware. Where the ‘S’ versions really didn’t get a big enough jump in any one particular area (design or hardware) to separate it from its predecessor. At least that’s what I think their rational is.

            How silly would it sound for the iP5 to run iOS6? I guess no more silly than the 3GS to run iOS6 or iP6 to run iOS7 later, etc . . .I think you are over thinking things, but maybe you are right, apple can be anal that way lol

        • AndroidBrian

          No person knows if Apple considers there S series a true sequel to there iPhones. No ine else does so why should they? The iPhone 4 s was not the iPhone 5. If it was the iPhone 5 apple would of called it that!

          IPhone 4 s was simply a improvement to the iPhone 4. Just like the 3G s was. They could call it the iPhone 6 if they they ffeel like it. Or call it the iPhone 5. So your simply wrong for saying “it will make no sense for them to call it a iPhone 5”. Am I right or am I right?

          • And Ham95

            Okay, then why wasn’t the iPhone 4 actually called the iPhone 3, then?

            3GS (Which, as you say, doesn’t count since it was an improvement)
            iphone… 3

      • AppleFUD

        LOL. . . throw that chum in the water. . .


    Hi every one
    Could any of you find any single
    Malware or virus in iPhone or any
    Idevice bust f@@king android have
    And almost all apps are cracked in idevice
    Jailbreak gives it a new life
    Only thing I don’t like is they don’t have
    Fm or bluetooth
    But jailbreaking can do Bluetooth
    Android suck
    I know it because I used one
    No user friendly GUI

    • WeaponZero

      Yes, iphones have malware and viruses, its been proven. I mean you do realize Jailbreaking is living proof of this right?

      As for GUI, stock ICS is pretty awesome. Though since everyone has their personal preferences you can download whatever GUI you like the most.

    • AppleFUD

      If you jailbreak an iPhone you are more susceptible to malware on it than you are on any Android device rooted or not. Apple doesn’t really do security in their software — security by anonymity has shown to not work long term and security via garden walls only works if you remain in those walls.

      but you keep on with your hatin’

      And if you don’t find ICS UI user friendly. . . well then. . . I fully understand why you love your iDevice so much — clearly you’re on the short bus.

    • Hawk

      And Jailbreaking is not hacking? If Iphone can be hacked… what the F$%^ are you talking about… oh well, I’ve just fed a stupid troll with a sheep brain…
      Oh I forgot…. Iphone maniacs doesn’t have a brain… sorry I’ve just insulted the sheep and the troll…

  • JJ

    I’m pretty sick of this Iphone comparison shit… I prefer Android, but can understand why people might choose a more straight forward device. Android is more sophisticated, open and customizable. Iphones have a nice design and (at present) a better app market.
    If you have joined either eco-system you are pretty hooked in with investments in you apps etc. The competition is good as we all win!!!
    The Galaxy S is a nice phone, the Iphone 5 will be nice but I don’t think it will beat it on specs …even if it does the beauty of Android is there will always be the choice of newer and better devices.

    • AppleFUD

      “I’m pretty sick of this Iphone comparison shit…”

    • Thank god someone on this website posted something mature and intelligent. Live and let live people everyone’s different.

  • sn0wbaLL

    I sold my 4S and got the S3. No regrets!

    • djrokim

      you are now a samboy

      • sn0wbaLL

        and so far i’m loving it

      • RaphRosa

        It’s better supporting Samsung with good products, than supporting a money-hungry corporation with shit products.

  • Mike560sec

    ok….you all accepted a nation which has never come out ANYTHING…I REPEAT …ANYTHING .!! ORIGINAL !!!!!!!

    • AppleFUD


      Are you trying to say that Korea (specifically South Korea) has NEVER done anything “original” or are you trying to say Samsung because they are as big as a nation?

      Either way you fail hard on that. I’ll assume your are an iFan based on that comment thus, you can look up all the internals of your iDevice and see where they come from and who has all the patents for much of the hardware necessary for it to function. . . HINT, it isn’t Apple or the U.S.

      FYI. . . Samsung is usually in the top few companies each year for patents — we aren’t talking crappy software patents either. Apple???. . . not anywhere near the top — ‘rubber band effect’. . . yeah, that’s original. Stealing the GUI form Xerox, yeah, that was original. Stealing the iPod design form the original inventor. . . yeah, more originality there.

      Let’s be real here!

      • Joe

        Everyone needs to relax especially the apple fan boys I am an apple guy and I love apple products because of how great I find iOS but I can appreciate android. They usually have better hardware but more androids are released in a year than iPhones also, they both have ups and downs but when it comes down to it all depends on the end user. I have 2 MacBooks every iPhone had a galaxy 2 sold it ( too big) honestly. And all the android guys screaming that everyone with apple products just buys them because of apples marketing, well it sounds to me like you bought into androids marketing, android markets against apple, apple markets it’s products.

        • AppleFUD

          “sounds to me like you bought into androids marketing”

          Are you saying me specifically or “android fanbois”?

          Me. . . no, I think all platforms suck in general. They are all overly buggy at this stage of the game, and each has it’s pitfalls. I like certain things about Android in general — mostly the fact that it creates a more competitive landscape between hardware companies that ultimately benefits the consumer. However, there are a butt ton of things I bash Android/Google for all the time but I’m not doing it form a “____ is better” point of view — just constructive criticism.

          As for Apple. . . well, I dislike apple’s general attitude and practices over the past few years (my first computer was a macbook pro in the 90’s) — they blatantly steal IP all the time then cry when anyone comes even close to “copying” anything they’ve done and in many ways are very antagonistic toward their consumers and developers. Then there are the apple faithful/fanbois. . . they are the scurge of the internet IMO and cause much of the opposite side fanboyism going on — I think it is somewhat natural for people to get defensive when they are constantly attacked by another group for whatever reason thus they band together and attack back. This is the reason why you will often see me giving a hard time to an apple fanboy here on AA — if you want to read about Android here and comment like an adult by all means join the conversation, if you want to bash Android then just f’ off as no one is here to listen to some idiot fanboy’s “gospel” according to Steve Jobs trying to convince the “unwashed” of the errors and to switch to the great iDevice — get a grip and realize people choose products based on personal preferences.

          As you point out, the S II was too big for you (so many jokes just wanting to come out but I’m resisting) while for me the Galaxy Nexus is a great size and anything less than a 4″ screen I find very unusable, and I would really prefer 5.5″–6″ screen. That doesn’t make your choice crap or my choice the “perfect one size fits all” device.

          Honestly, I do get very sick of apple fanboy negative & derogatory comments on Android sites — there’s a lot of it on nearly every Android centric site, maybe there is the opposite on apple centric sites I wouldn’t know I don’t bother with them anymore.

          One would think that such people would realize that all they do is make apple look bad (or Android if the opposite is taking place).

          • Joe

            Well said, and no I wasn’t saying my comment towards you just towards some of those apple fanbois in these comments. Like you said you can’t use a phone smaller than the galaxy therefore thats one good reason reason androids exist I just hate when apple fanbois vs android starts because to each his own

          • AppleFUD


          • get a life

  • William Huston

    This is a good article. I buy my cellphone accessories here.

  • a simple poster

    both are great phones but they are just phones i mean com on if u buy one of these phones what will u need it for except call and texting besides the apps that u will get bored of in a matter of time and besides they are never going to stop producing new smart phones so just choose and dont go overit over and over

  • Smokeydabur

    It is just one big game of “tug of war” to see who can be in the top spot for a second of fame. I personally am pumped about the s3. Wish I could get the processor they are offering in Europe even if the battery life was the expense. iPhone’s are nice because they are simple. But android… Badass.

    • Baez Suazonegger

      Seriously, Being on top only lasts about a few weeks anyways. There is always something new and better coming out. Enjoy your phones whichever you may have. But just remember they dont pay your bills so dont get worked up about which is better.

  • Edman65

    Don’t worry, humans are always interested in new, bright and shiny things but once you scratch the surface the Galaxy S III is still way behind the iPhone for quality and applications. Android is still no match for the brilliant iOS. Cant wait to see what Apple throws at Samsung in the next few months. Apple is still the pace and trend setter of smartphones.

    • sahith

      Yes it is.

  • S3 is a better phone by far than the iphone.

  • djrokim

    a new word to describe Samsung fans who are just as bad as apple fan boys…….Samboys…

  • Nice post.I think its true the Galaxy S3 definitely has what it takes to pull the iPhone 4S down any given mobile tracking charts.

  • kalifese

    iphone 4s still looks way better than the cheap, ugly galaxy s3. and the htc one x looks way better than either of them.

    • John

      Google is not in the business of making software per se especially OS’s. That’s why android is still an ugly duckling. D android n galaxy platforms are mere me too’s. Better spec maybe snazzier looks but better no. You have to experience apple ESP it’s macs to kno how apple does everything better. It’s not to say its problem free n so is the alternative.

  • ┌∩┐(◣_◢)︻╦╤─-

    S3 > 4S

  • kahn

    All i know is I browse the web waay faster then ip4 but really faster

  • matt

    Try S3 with an open mind iphone users and you’ll see why the 4s just can’t compare.

  • I bought an S3 just 10 days ago and am over the moon & all that Shebang,
    The S3 has everything the iPhone 4S has, and more, it has even Retina Display, but remember it was Samsung who makes it for the iPhone 4S and their own S3. Even Apple is now taking Samsung to court over that too, besides other things, like okay Apple made the Smartphone MEGA Popular, it was Blackberry’s Idea, then Steve Jobs, From Apple former CEO). takes the Blackberry idea further, then every other cell phone company takes it a little furture, its called Evolution that’s all. Now Apple years latter are still using the 3.5 inch screen and the next iPhone v6 will NOT have 4.8 inches or more like the S3… II predict that the new Apple will not jump from 3.5 inches to 4.8 inch or amore no, more like 4 inch maximum, because not everyone want’s a mega big screen is what New Apple CEO says.I hope eats those words. Just look at the S3 sales. Many Millions already sold, and a lot more to come.

  • I have sold my black bery torch and purchased S lll with no any regreats also I have change my all family members cell phones and now we are Samsung Galaxy family. Thanks to Samsung.