Korea’s Electronic Times News is adding to the rumors floating around the Galaxy S3, which will not be at Mobile World Congress this year, citing unnamed sources in their report claiming the phone will measure at just 7mm thick and will launch in May. The new flagship device is said to sport a 8mp or or a 12mp camera with a 2mp front-facing camera, Super AMOLED Plus Display and Android 4.0. Other rumors have said it will have 2GB of RAM for multi-tasking, along with a quad-core processor, and 4G LTE capabilities. If we get all of this goodness inside a 7mm thick frame, many people will be running to get one whenever it launches in the US.

Last year’s Galaxy S2 measured in at about 8.5mm thick which was still fairly thin. In comparison the Droid Razr Maxx from Motorola is about 8.89mm thick with that 3300mAh extended battery, and the Droid Razr is only 7.1mm thick. So if the Galaxy S3 comes with LTE, it could quite possibly be the thinnest 4G LTE device on the market, unless something else comes out before the Galaxy S3 launches.

We know many of you, including many of us here at Android Authority are looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and what Samsung has to offer us in 2012. So keep it locked on Android Authority for all the latest news concerning the Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • thiyagi

    What about the battery life ???, will it even compete Driod Razr Maxx..

  • KC

    Why is Samsung harping on its thinness? HuaWei’s latest flagship (6.6mm thcik) is even thinner than this S3, so where is S3’s bragging rights?

    It’s the total performance (quadcore, NFC, ICS++, good display, good battery life, good memory RAM) that matters, not slimness. I prefer the solid feel of a device than some cheap plastic back cover that rips out easily. Also, the looks! Notice how ugly the Google Nexus Prime (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) is – ugh!!!.

    • Nabiljaser

      I agree with you on all your points except for one….the Galaxy Nexus is a gorgeous phone :-)

      However looks can be very subjective so its all in the eye of the beholder.


  • Alei

    All these rumours about the Galaxy S3 are killing me!

  • rumors. as of now these are just rumors.

  • With the RAZR MAXX coming out, I hope big batteries becomes a new trend. Otherwise WTF are they doing making these skinny ass phones with small ass batteries.

  • tampakid88

    When it launches here in the US does anybody know who the main carriers will be IE: Tmobile, Sprint, Att, or Verizon? Or all of them or only two or three of them?