Samsung Galaxy S3: The truth is out there

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 13, 2012
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samsung galaxy 3 rumors

We have seen and heard far too many rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S3. We “know” almost everything about the device, including the display, the size, the processor, the internal storage, the camera, and the battery. The only problem is, none of it might be true. Or all of it could be. We will not know for sure until the official announcement, which is expected to be May 22 in London. But again, that is another rumor that needs validation.

Apart from specification rumors, we’ve also been seeing numerous images of the supposedly real Galaxy S3. Most were easy to identify as fakes, while some were completely different devices. But we aren’t any closer to getting any accurate information about the phone than the day we first heard the name “Samsung Galaxy S3.”

After a lot of visitors commented along the lines of “Stop talking about the S3 because you don’t know anything about it,”  I started to wonder as to why. Why don’t we know anything concrete about this phone yet? Especially if we are as close to the launch as we think.

Up to eight weeks before a launch, manufacturers are known to send out their devices for carrier testing. While most vendors would do anything to prevent information leaks, it is during this carrier testing phase that we receive the most credible leaks, including specification sheets, “future” press shots, and, in some extreme cases, even hands-on videos.

According to the Korean Financial and Tech Blog ET News, Samsung had sent out the Galaxy S3 for carrier testing over six weeks ago, which is in line with our estimated release date.

Yes! We finally get to see the real Galaxy S3! Not quite.

In a move straight out of Apple’s playbook, Samsung is using disguised prototypes, said to be in a “lunch box” design, when sending out the device for testing. If you are confused, what this means is that while the internal hardware and device firmware are the same, the casing itself is inconspicuous and is nothing like the final design of the product. This allows carriers to test the device, while also preventing information leaks.

This ploy is a brilliant way to maintain secrecy, and without an semi-official leak, allow Samsung to make design changes right until the launch. Who knows, all the speculation and rumors so far might be a part of Samsung’s strategy to find out what, we, the consumers, would like to see on its next flagship device.

All we know for certain at this point, and something we knew all along, is that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will feature the Android 4.0 OS.

What are your thoughts? Do we now have concrete information on why we don’t have any concrete information about the Galaxy S3? Also, how many times have I stated or implied a rumor in this article?

  • I’m still praying for Exynos 5250 inside!

    • Omgallthisrumors

      Yes, I hope so too, but what about samsung, when will they do an official statement about the release or possibly even the specs… :/
      And I still hope for a realease or presentation in April (worst case for me: release in late may).

    • french toast

      OH Pleeeaasee let that be true!! ;)

    • iPhone and Samsung user

      What on earth is Exynos 5250? Lol

      • Ankit

        Exynos 5250 is Samsung’s dual-core processor with cortex A15. It is expected to clock an impressive 1.8/2Ghz. Might be a good idea to use that for the S3 because that will also mean direct entry into the LTE based US market without requiring a switcharound (ala HTC One X)

        • Gameristhename

          How about 5450 ;-)

          Sent from gs2

          • Exynospower

            5450 I wish… If that would be the ill be the first oe to buy :)))))
            I could go with exynos 5250 as well….. But NOTHING less. Otherwise I’ll just have to wait even more for a worthy upgrade

          • Enjoy your wait until 2013.

    • Won’t happen. It’ll be 4412.

  • Kabvuto76

    We may have all, some, or part of the concrete info on the S3. There’s been too much talk and expectation on Sammy’s next flagship. You have talked about the rumors of the S3 a billion times. But fanx to Sammy, the S3 info has just been rumors, or perhaps facts! But I hope Sammy’s S3 will be another shot that will put Samsung as the best mobile phone manufacturer of the current generation, and for generations to come. Hope Sammy’s S3 will carry a more powerful battery…

  • way too much of rumors became an abuse… i bet your guys are running out of titles for S3 rumors..

  • AndroidBrian

    Theres only one reasonable explination for why there’s absolutely 0 information about gs3. Were not even close to the release date. Rumors stated it will come out in May and after that there’s been nothing but rumors. I’m thinking the Mayrelease is all BS too. Lets face it. If the phone was going to be announced/released whatever we would know something. This phone isn’t coming out till june , July or maybe august.

    Samsung won’t deny or confirm anyhing. They have the whole world waiting for there GS3 and there just sitting back and enjoying the show.

    • Level380

      The world is waiting….. Who would have thought Samsung would have a product that has equal interest and has people on the edge of the there seat like a new iphone release does!

  • A new S3 (rumor) picture showed up today on some polish site. I was expecting to see it here too…;)

  • wastry

    Want the Exynos 5250 or (on a hope and a prayer), the Exynos 5450

  • thnkthru

    Great editorial/article….explains all the hoopla in a believable way.

  • What about the release date to the public of Samsung Galaxy S III? Will it really be as late as September, or can we hope for it sooner?

  • malik1217

    i dont even crae anymore if its not out june 12 when i upgrade my phone im getting the galaxy note unless there an iPhone 5

  • The One

    I need better battery, maybe 3000mAh

    • Guest

      3000mAh battery?
      Only Razr Maxx can put a powerful 3300 sized battery into a phone and STILL make it extremely thin.
      Not sure why other companies can’t.

      A phone with a dead battery… is totally useless.

    • won’t happen – i’ll be surprised if it is more than 2000

  • hawkeye2188

    I cant wait for the release of this phone, rumors true/false whatever the suspense is killing me.

  • Guest

    Since you can’t possibly buy one until AFTER it is released.
    And you can NEVER know what it will be, until AFTER it is announced by Samsung.

    What’s the point of “guessing”?

    • Ankit

      That’s not true at all. The point of the article is that if we are actually as close to the release date as we expect/think/hope, it is usually around this time that we get credible leaks about the device. (as seen with the HTC One X specs and images that were available 2-3 weeks before its launch). The article explains where these leaks come from, and how Samsung has gone out of the way to stop this from happening. There is no “guessing” in this article. It is more along the lines of why we have had to guess for so long.

  • N0no

    I had enough.
    Now just on principle….I DON”T WANT IT !
    They can stuff it in their kimchi.

    • lollo

      Hahahahaha! ^ This guy!

  • Mohdamr1

    This rumour cycle has became uncool 3 months ago. Seriously. Fake pictures, fake specks, fake release dates, and the only true thing is that Samsung said they will inform us via twitter when something will happen and they have a twitter account @samsungtomorrow that they will use for their announcements. Its worth to wait for such a great smartphone but the rumours are not helping or adding hype any more.

  • Frank Milton

    I’m on Sprint in the U.S. and I got my wife excited about the HTC One. Then it was announced that Sprint was modifying it into its HTC Evo series line up. Not bad, but I prefer the HTC One X in its purity as it was presented. This article allows me to wait more patiently to compare 2 super like items once they are both competing on the market together. Dear Future, hurry up and get here fast!

  • Mohdamr1

    The wait is over, MAY 3 is the date !

  • amjason

    I have already seen the Cover-Class-Film of SGS3.
    Size of it is 4.8.
    Color of it is dark blue, which looks like a metal.
    Bezel of is really cool.
    Shape of it is not rectangle-like but kind of round

  • Amine Elouakil


    CPU : Core i7 3960x
    Ram: 64Gb DDR3
    Storage: 1Tb Nand + Sd slot
    Screen : Super Awsome Great Amoled Mega 4K HD with a 4K resolution 4.6″ display
    Connectivity: ALTE Blutooth 5.0 and Dual HSPA
    Tickness: 3mm
    Battery: 14000mAh but you can get it also with a mobile nuclear plant.
    OS: JellyBean + TouchWiz 12.