Samsung Galaxy S3 teardown reveals iPhone 4S-like Sony camera, iPad 2-like CPU

by: Chris SmithJune 2, 2012

As expected, the recently launched Galaxy S3 has been torn apart by the guys over at Chipworks in collaboration with iFixit, and the teardown revealed a few interesting details about the company’s 2012 flagship smartphone.

The phone sacrificed in this joint venture was an international GSM Galaxy S3 version, with the LTE model that will ship to U.S. carriers to be cracked open on a future date.

Among the internal components found inside the Galaxy S III, Chipworks noticed the application processor, a Samsung Exynos 4412 32nm CMOS 1.4GHz quad-core ARM processor that’s apparently the same generation as the “Apple A5 rev 2, APL2498, also fabricated by Samsung,” which is found inside the 2012 iPad 2 and Apple TV models. Furthermore, the 8-megapixel camera backside-illuminated sensor is produced by Sony, and it’s similar to the one found inside the iPhone 4S, but newer.

What’s also worth mentioning is the fact that the display of the smartphone is a very expensive part to replace in case you end up breaking it. The glass is apparently “fused to the display and the display to the Galaxy S3’s frame,” which means you’ll have to shell out more cash for these components in case of accident.

As for the handset’s battery, you’ll be happy to hear that the Galaxy S3 has a “serviceable battery,” which means you’ll probably be able to replace it yourself in case you’ll need more than one unit to get you through the day, especially when if you end up buying the LTE version.

iFixit did not provide a repairability score for the Galaxy S3 at this time, not that we’d encourage you to fix the handset yourself in case of breakage.

  • LavonneDDecker
  • Whoa! That is one misleading headline and statement! The Exynos quad core CPU in SGS3 uses the same _process_ (32nm) as the latest iPad 2s, but is vastly superior to the dual core A5 CPU in iPad 2.

  • Droidfan

    Tear down of iPhone shows SIII like Sony camera and CPU.

  • Ankit Gola

    and i thought it would be unbiased…

  • I agree. This is a VERY misleading article.

  • GBGamer

    “especially when if you end up buying the LTE version” Shouldn’t it be “when or if”?

  • fuck all haters in the ass

    you people really gat issues….. Samsung created the best.can’t we just leave it at tht?,get a life bitches.

  • Guest

    Actually is the iPhone that looks like samsung, since they are using their components.

  • Steve

    I own a Galaxy s3 & its amazing & I am very pleased with it

  • bob

    Samsung MAKES iphone cpus people….. Camera thing is not patented so you can;t say they Copied….

  • Truth123

    Don’t you guys know!?? “SAMSUNG” provides all chipsets for Apple. They are the ones that make them for Apple. Well obviously after the lawsuit, you know they won’t be supplying Apple anymore.

  • Rambir

    Errrm, don’t Apple use Samsung built components?