samsung galaxy s3 screen protector

We are just hours away from the unveiling of the next Galaxy phone in London, and, while official details about the handheld are still cunningly kept under wraps, things are finally starting to shape up, courtesy of rumors, leaks, and information from “sources”.

First, if you were wondering how the phone will be called, it’s “Galaxy S III”. We spotted the first use (that we know about) of this branding in an official Samsung report. So, it’s not Galaxy S3 (although, we’ll keep using it for convenience), not Galaxy Next, not “new Galaxy”.

Next, another useful piece of information we managed to get our hands on comes from Colorant, a popular South Korean screen protector manufacturer. Their latest product, the USG (ultimate screen guard) has been unveiled, and it seems specifically built for the Galaxy S3, just about confirming a few things about the future flagship.

The USG was applied by the guys at Unwire Hong Kong on top of three popular Android smartphones right now, the Galaxy S2, HTC One X, and Galaxy Nexus. As you can see from the photos below, the screen protector doesn’t fit any of the three devices, which can only mean one thing.

The Galaxy S3 will be sporting a significantly larger screen than the 4.3-incher on the Galaxy S2 and a slightly larger one than the 4.7-incher of the HTC One X. There’s no way to know exactly how large the display will be in comparison with the One X, but many rumors about the Galaxy S3 point towards it having a 4.8-inch screen, so that’s the best guess we can make at the moment.

There are a couple of other things we can assume about the S3’s design after looking at these photos. One of them is that the dedicated menu button will be situated lower than HTC’s capacitive buttons. I know, it’s not much, but it’s something to keep us busy while counting the hours before the London event of tomorrow.

Are you still excited about the Galaxy S3 or have you started feeling a bit frustrated with all these unconfirmed leaks, rumors, and speculations bombarding us for several weeks? Do you think that the phone will, in fact, sport a 4.8-inch screen or does today’s story not ring true with you? Will you be watching the London unveiling tomorrow?

  • Simon Gibbs

    how can you watch the London unveilling? is it being streamed?

    • Jassari

      You can downloa an app from play store called “unpacked 2012” it’s from Samsung
      And it should allow you to watch the unpacked event from it live

      • and if i want to watch the event from my laptop ?

        • dingaling

 will be streaming it live.

  • Dorno

    Yes, I’m pretty much sick of these “leaks”. I get the hype and attempt to generate the excitement and buzz. But its already hyped to death. These fake leaks, not this one are just annoying and get more so since they seem to come everyday. Just release of photo of it already and stop the insanity. Just do it already.

  • Steen86

    Samsung Fan’s website telling Samsung he want Galaxy S3 as a Birthday Gift:

  • Not necessary the S III, if you take a look at Samsung’s site (Korean) then you’ll see that they were calling the S2, the S II

    Probably best using a translation unless you’re fluent in the language :)

  • samsung will try to solve problems from S2 and new challenge from Nokia lumia series