Samsung Galaxy S3 already on sale in Dubai! [Updated with pics]

by: Ankit BanerjeeMay 22, 2012
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[Updated] The Verge got hold of actual images of the Galaxy S3 sold early in Dubai. Consider the news confirmed.

The build-up to the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was a long drawn-out affair, with a whirlwind of emotions whipping the Android fanboy masses into a frenzy. May 3 was the big day, with the much-hyped “next Galaxy” officially presented at an event in London. This was followed by the whole world letting out a sigh of relief, as design, specifications, and accessory information were suddenly available to the public.

We are now in the post-announcement stage, where we witness a slew of leaked benchmark tests, sneak peaks of hands-on videos, and shipping dates rumors. It has been confirmed that the international version of the Galaxy S3 will come next week, at the end of May, in Europe, with some markets such as India having to wait a little longer, till June 10. With the need for a new processor and the addition of LTE radio for the US versions of the device, US consumers might have to be patient for a while longer. The good news on that front is the device will be available on all four major US networks.

While there has been no official announcement on a potential release date for the Middle East market, it seems that customers there were all set to receive the device in line with the European release date.

Until one retail store in Dubai decided to put the device on sale a whole week early.

A person who spotted the above sign at a Fono store at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai uploaded the above image to Reddit, reports Android.gsNow, note that this isn’t by any means a sure deal — so far, nobody confirmed that the device is actually on sale. Actually, The Verge received images of the device from a resident of Dubai, so it seems that the report is legit.

It is reasonable to think that Samsung would have shipped devices to retail stores early for the launch next week. But I’m certain that outing the device a week earlier is against some terms and conditions set by Samsung, which could lead to the store getting into a lot of trouble. Almost makes me feel bad about writing this piece and getting the news out there…

But yes, if you live in Dubai, you can get your hands on the eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 as soon as today. Just take the metro to the Mall of Emirates and remember to bring your credit card for the hefty price tag of the device  – 2450AED (422GBP, 666USD, 680CAD).

What are your thoughts? Do you think this is an official release or the store broke some rules to start selling it a week earlier? If you live in Dubai, we would appreciate it if you could confirm the news for us, along with what the cost for the device is. Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Dilawer

    so, the store puts out a black n white probably a laser print!! WTF!! this whole thing reeks of FAKE!

    • Alex Dumitru

      Many have confirmed it to be true already.

    • Bogdan Petrovan

      It’s legit, images of the actual phone pop up around the web. We’ll update the post.

      • Scouseok

        according to samsung though the first country this device would open up in was the UK so are you 100 percent on this available in the UAE?

        • Bogdan Petrovan

          This is clearly something not officially condoned by Samsung. I guess the phone is not available at all stores in UAE, this particular store has probably jumped the gun.
          There are many confirmations coming from readers in Dubai, so, yes, we are pretty much sure.

          • DXBSAM

            Its official, and i got my hands on one, Samsung has released it….this is an official release with Arabic support also.

          • Shoe

            Ice cream sandwich supports Arabic…. I think..right..?
            With support, you mean the system can be converted to Arabic? Or that it just means “reads Arabic” without problems?

          • DXBSAM

            Reads and writes, font is ugly :P they could have done better.

          • AndriodS3-DXB

            Hi DXBSAM, could you please let us know if it has LTE? and how is the overall look and feel? Lastly, are you an Andriod user from the past? Thanks

  • Guest

    Why does that picture make the phone look 1mm thick????

    • Amrit

      because it’s still in the box

  • Aziz Farhi

    Yep its actually true , i know someone who lives in Dubai , he confirmed this to me and he said you could get the phone as soon as you get there , ofc after making your way through a long queue as he said :D

  • Georgi Angelov

    i am buying a plane ticket now… I guess I’m going to Dubai…. LOL. I wish…

    • John from Florida

      Save yr cash, Georgi…Dubai is nothing but a fake place not worthy of going there – even for a SGSIII. Trust me. Been there too many times to dare think about it.

      Chances are you will get someone trying to make a fast buck out of you with an illegal sale as electronics in the Middle East are usually destined for other regions which in many cases invalidates any warranty and kiss any thoughts of a guarantee of any kind good-bye, too. I am not saying the SGSIII’s being sold there ARE illegal or whatever, but that happens FAR too often with electronics and pretty much everything else for sale there (including prostitutes hehe).

      Spend your cash elsewhere!! IF you must send any money to the Middle East, make sure it is only by force – when you fill your car up with fuel. Even then look for ethanol-blends to reduce the money we send over there. LOL

      I expect lots of flames on this but Dubai sucks. Full stop. Only those with Stockholm Syndrome or the locals would argue against what I am staying. (As for the locals, they only are 15% of the population, and mostly “working” – well, playing on their mobiles or primping their boy-girl locks – as they “slave away” at an all-mighty “government position” their uncle got them…).

      • Lol

        So you have Stockholm Syndrome or how do you explain that you have “been there too many times.” My assumption is that you got a job and was fired because of the fake certificates your people always carry. It is hard now to get a job with your low degrees. Next time you show up in here, just remember that Dubai is the MOST active and creative city modern history has ever witnessed.

        • John In Florida

          Prove me wrong, dope. Get your head out of the sand or better yet out of yer ass.

          The only reason we went through DOO-BayEE is my company decided to use the airline based there which forced us to transit through that fake crappy “city”.

          You obviously are too far removed from reality to see the shit that takes place right under your snotty nose.

          Oh and we have changed which airline to use as we refuse to contribute a penny to your flea-infested gang.

          And also I have more academic qualifications, real life experience and knowledge than you can care to amass…

          • Nick

            So “John from Florida” has more academic qualifications & what does it prove? Your mind is still in the the gutters of Florida

            Boy, your comments are nothing but a rant of a loser.

          • Rocky

            wOW … you americans are gooood in bitching out … look at your own country first … OK… you have so many problems that you all try run away from it

  • Hosam Elgendy

    Yes that’s true, they just sold the last device few minutes ago and I booked one and will receive it tomorrow.

  • Aboulbaraa

    I called the shop, and they said they started selling, but it will not be available until 3-4 days…

  • Rafa Galaxy

    Did anyone know, if on T-Mobile, company that ain’t using the LTE technology, will receive the Samsung Galaxy S 3, with the Quadcore Processor?

  • Hosam Elgendy

    It seems that the super S3 already hit the dubai retail market ahead of the official launching, it’s also available on place an order now and receive it few hours later at your door step within dubai.

  • Syed Aalishan Asghar

    its true, its released in Dubai, and its not early, because i saw some websites they give release date of today, and that was 1 week ago…..

  • Annoyed Aussie

    so Dubai gets it early, and Australia still doesn’t get a release date… ggrrrrr!!!!

  • Jaysann22

    Ahh, I remember the old days when the US got the best of the best and it got it first. Sigh… Look how far we have fallen…. :(

  • urnextweb

    Expected price in Australia, US and Europe is apparently 800 dollars or equivalent outright. This pricing will not work for Samsung.

  • Ahmed

    I bought one just before 2 hour very nice
    It costs me $682
    “dubai leading Innovations”

  • hanzuu

    yup.. its true.. store name is Fono.. store that is only found in malls.. i went 2 malls just to confirm it.. saw it with my own eyes hold it and tested it.. its available in Dubai..
    its 2500AED.. just convert it on google.. xD

  • Shresht

    I’m in Dubai for a conference, and I can confirm that the white version was being sold today at Jumbo Electronics for AED 2499.

  • Hassan Salam1

    Brand new Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 cost $400usd

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    BBM CHAT 24HRS: 275DD6E1

    call Hotlink 24hours : +60166925182

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    Shipping Method: DHL & FedEX and UPS
    Delivery Time: 2-3days delievr to your doorstep.

    • Amrit

      Where is it from? It is a bit too cheap?

  • Sukrutha Star 1997

    WATS the price of Samsung galaxy s3 in Dubai

  • Talha_majid

    yes this is really true…saw one on dubizzle dubai online website for AED2450 and this ad was posted three days ago!!!

  • Muhammedkola

    It is available in Dubai at AED 2,450.00 I received an email from Carrefour4u.

  • Mitch_gulcicek

    Do you know trustable online shop selling Samsung Galaxy S3? My friend is in Turkey and he want to pay it by credit card to be sent in Dubai/

  • Mr.lurker

    now its availabe in carrefour dubai.. what more to expect..

  • Zzz

    Just got one of these – looks exactly as on the pic above. Looks like Fono have only white version at the moment. 16GB and appears to have no LTE. AED 2500.

  • Nirmit Gang

    The phone is available in Bahrain too. Sharaf DG (electronic store) is offering it for BD 269. Even both the telecom operators here are some kind of packaged deal and offering the phone. And on top of that the carriers are giving away extra battery and two types of cover with the phone for some first 100 registrants, or something like that

  • Sjahi-m

    i am Wholesaler from Saudia arbia from where can I order Samsing galaxsy s3 ?

    my skybe

    my email
    best regards

  • Matthew

    It’s true that SGS3 is available in Dubai since 20May2012. I confirmed it with many stores and especially with EROS Electricals (MOE Store), the official agents and distributors of Samsung Products in the UAE. The price advertized is AED2499/-. It was out of stock at that moment (yesterday night), but salesman confirmed that they got plenty of stock in their warehouse. I asked the salesman if the Samsung permit them to sell the phone before its UK release (supposedly UK release would be the world’s first release), he said YES. So it’s true and confirmed from the official agents themselves that SGS3 has launched and available in Dubai since 20May2012.

  • Neghleo

    I have one too 2499AED, white 16GB amazing phone! all this talk that the case is cheap is really off its a very sharp looking mobile

  • Sjahi-m

    Reminder for 2nd time
    I am Wholesaler from Saudia arbia from where can I order Samsing galaxsy s3 ?

    can you give me phone or web site to that store?

    iam waiting you

    my skybe

    my email

    • Steve From Boston

      Hey Sjahi-m don’t be such a lazy dick-head. Use your connections to find out where Fono gets these things to that fake facaded pretent-“city” of Doo-Bayee and don’t simply harrass us loyal Android “Authoratah” readers. And to especially see you bitching here more than once by saying “”Reminder for 2nd time” like it’s some place that send you stupid bill reminders when you haven’t paid your credit card bill. Oh wait that is likely how you figured out how to ask that way, since your stuck in Saudi (hehe) and have hardly any social life except on Fridays at mid-day *ahem*.

      Maybe you can get that website from THIS website, bro: and I am sure you can figure things out from there.

      Or go buy the damn thing on eBay or Amazon, ya leech. Scram!!

      • Steve From Boston again

        pretent – haha I guess that was a Freudian slip. I meant PRETEND but when you think about it, pre-TENT sums up that place. Once they run out of oil (in around 20 years in that part of the UAE they say…) it’ll all come shattering down and even the tents will blow away.

        Yep, pre-tent works. *giggle*

        • Rashed

          In your dreams. Come and see what your people are doing to secure a living. Why don’t they go back home? Tents are part of our history, do you have the guts to talk about your history? The Indians, I mean?

  • marshallaido

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  • maram

    3awza ashtry ana mn masr hayb2aaa bkaam w a5do ezay

  • sman2222

    get a S4 better