Just when you are still trying to catch your breath over the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Korean company seems to have started testing possible processors to put on the the Galaxy S II’s successor, aptly and fondly codenamed the Samsung Galaxy S III.

A likely candidate is Samsung’s own dual-core Exynos processor, which is already inside most of the Galaxy S II versions.  However, a quad-core Exynos has been recently discovered by Korean blog Chocoberry: Paradise Lost.

While sorting through postings and logs on the Linux Kernel Archives, Chocoberry stumbled upon mentions of an Exynos 4412, a 32 nm ARM Cortex-A9 with four cores.  The Exynos 4412 reportedly has the same clock speed (1.5 GHz) as the recently announced Exynos 4212.



Assuming Samsung puts the quad-core Exynos 4412 on the Galaxy S III, then we can definitely expect amazing stuff from the device, which, according to rumor, will be unveiled by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012.

Samsung has often been quoted as promising bigger and better gadgets for 2012, so a quad-core Exynos 4412 on a Galaxy S III sounds possible and likely.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to find out more about Samsung’s upcoming handset before the year ends.

How do you feel about the rumors of a Galaxy S III even before the Galaxy S II has turned a year old?

  • We’re all excited with such a boost in power, but at the same time wondering if the battery life will affected.

    • SGSII

      And if it has AT&T LTE

    • Guest

      keep in mind that a 2x faster cpu with 2x power usage.. only needs half the time of the 2 core setup.. so 1/2 time * 2x power usage = same power usage but it is 2x faster : D

  • Anonymous

    they are professionals so…

  • If specs of this phone are anything to go by, Samsung surely has a ‘iPhone killer’ with itself that would help it grow a long long way.

    Check out more at : http://techeomania.blogspot.com/2011/11/coming-soon-samsung-galaxy-s3-specs.html

  • Compakia

    WTF, i just used it for 3 months… why samsung have to regularly update the model version and it quite fast?

  • I like samsung mobiles.Its services are too good. I have used samsung mobiles from last one year.I have great experience with this phone.Samsung surely has a ‘iPhone killer’ with itself.Keep in touch with us in future too.