Leaked press photo? Galaxy S3 announcement: May 22 at Samsung Unpacked

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 17, 2012

Now this is the kind of news we like to hear – a thread just popped on Reddit, with what seems to be a press photo of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The image contains a lot of juicy details, including a supposed Galaxy S3 release date: May 22, at the Samsung Unpacked event in London. The May 22 date fits perfectly with earlier bits of news, including Samsung’s statement that the Galaxy S3 will debut sometimes in the first part of the year, closer to the actual availability of the product.

Now, we’ve seen mockups and renderings of the Galaxy S3 before, including some really bad ones. But to us, this latest supposed leak definitely looks legit. First, you can notice the logo of Weber Shandwick Worldwide, a PR company that collaborated with Samsung in the past. Of course, anyone could have looked up Samsung’s public relation partners and slap a logo over a picture. But there is more. The image seems professional; if someone made this up in Photoshop, he or she spent many hours to make it look so legit. Everything, from the quality of the rendered screen, to the small details on the phone, such as the lower (and upper!) front speakers, seems to indicate that we are looking at the real deal.

samsung galaxy s3

As AndroidAndMe’s Taylor Wimberley notes, Samsung Unpacked will fall right between CTIA Wireless show at the beginning of May and Google’s I/O event at the end of the month. Could Samsung be trying to hog the spotlight (light it needs to) by launching their new flagship right between two major events? It’s definitely possible.

The home button is back, dedicated camera button, edge-to-edge screen

Let’s analyze the image that made its way to Reddit. First and most obvious, Samsung’s trademark rectangular home button is back. Right beneath it, on the lower bezel of the phone, we can see a speakers grill. But, if you mess around with the levels in Photoshop, you can reveal what seems to be another speakers grill, on the upper side of the phone. Stereo speakers? Perhaps.

Next, we have a big rocker on the left side and a dedicated camera button on the right side. That dedicated button was high on many fans’ wish list, and it seems that Samsung has listened. The S3 seems to be very thin (except for the camera bulge), and, if our eyes are any good, it seems to have tapered sides. We wonder how comfortable to hold it will be.

Onto the screen – it’s almost edge-to-edge, and looks gorgeous. It’s probably an Super AMOLED HD display. By reducing the width of the side bezel to a few millimeters, just enough to ensure you can hold the phone comfortably, Samsung has probably managed to maximize the surface of the touchscreen display, without making the actual phone too big to use. It’s hard to tell, but it could be a 4.65-incher or even a 4.8-incher (what earlier gossip suggested.) The phone in the image does seem to have a relatively long form-factor.

Specs wrap up

The image does not provide us any information in terms of specs, except perhaps the resolution of the screen. But here is what the rumor mill has produced so far, when it comes to Galaxy S3 specs:

  • Quad-core processor – Exynos 4412 with ARM Mali-400 GPU
  • 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display
  • 8MP rear-camera, 2MP front-camera (as suggested by a supposed image taken with the SGS3)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 4G/LTE
  • Ceramic Case (almost certain, several rumors indicate it)

What do you think?

So, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally getting closer, and this time, it seems it’s for real. The Reddit image sure look real, but we can’t guarantee that it’s not the work of some very crafty prankster.

Let us know what you think. Is it the real deal? Would you like a Samsung Galaxy S3 like the one in the image?

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  • Marcos Cruz

    Hope this is true!… still I am not convinced so much about the design

  • Paul Kim

    isn’t there usually a ™ sign beside galaxy?

  • gold

    wow looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks BEAUTIFUL!

  • mohdamr1

    I want to buy.

  • sure buy 1, no need think at all

  • Nonerijus

    so damn ugly

  • hol1

    lol its fake look at phone side from 1st pic ant then front in nd one

  • Faiz

    Yeah I think it’s fake. From the second picture, the first picture should have the side totally in black, not half white and half black.

    • Sean251297

      Did you read the article at all because if you did it says the second one is photoshopped to make the speaker visible…

    • Leandro Caetano

      I, too, think it’s fake, but that white half you see is a part of the back side, which is not visible from the other view.

  • Faiz

    Wait forget what I just said. Realised that the first picture is the other way round


    This seems fake. We identify, by searching for similar images, the picture of happy children is widespread on the web. http://tmblr.co/ZHb0RxI6yXP1

  • Brianepatt85

    This is real no double about it. But ill bet the house on it we won’t see it in may. Probably a target date. How often does android hit its target date? So ill just assume Ill finally get to see this phone in early June.

  • No

    4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display, so 1920×1080 :-)

  • Samsunglove

    At the top where the Samsung word is, there isn’t a “speaker” for listening in calls.. Doesn’t look real in this sense no?

  • Samsunglove

    Unless the stereo speakers at the edge according to the zoomed in photo is the speakers for calls but that’s a tad weird if so – too near the edge for a call

  • bondjamesbond

    Look how big the white boarder at the top and bottom are, if this phone has a 4.8 in screen you can extrapolate out just how big it will be. Might as well carry a tablet in your pocket it will be about the same size. Total fake photo.

  • Guest

    If it’s available on the highest rated provider in the country (Verizon)… I’ll take one.

    If it’s only available on the lowest rated provider in the country (AT&T)… I’ll pass.

    • Wlferreiram

      Sorry men, but Verizon sucks!

  • Rumblebeedave

    why is it that nobody at ATT has ever heard of this phone. I even talked to a guy at a Verizon store who had heard of it. This is supposed to be a ATT phone.

  • Shahin M Yavari

    ICS phone should have no buttons, no?

  • Guhfgc

    This is the same as galaxy wifi 4.2…

  • nik

    Nah this is not real, this can be created in solidworks in a hour . Very simple form.
    The new gs3 wont have a border.

  • Secret

    It seems like samsung tries to make apple’s and the other companies confuse about the specs coming. And if we think logically, the S3 will improve farther than s2, that’s not possible to make an update just a little. So I just hope it will be cheaper.

  • its samsung wifi 4.2

  • Go Baylor

    May 22 is the last day of school, when I get my permit, and I turn 16. Now the best phone series, the Galaxy S series, is now releasing a 4.8 inch quad core flagship phone for the year on May 22. I just need to get laid that day…

    • Thewrongenemy420

      Good luck bro

    • Islickgirl

      i to whould like to get laid that the day after my bday

  • trainman261

    wait… there are hardware home, back and menu/switcher buttons still… what? if this is real, disapointing

    • klee2000

      How is it disappointing? I would prefer to press the home button than press the power button each time before I can press call or any other action when the screen is off.

  • It can’t be. The design looks outdated. I was expecting something with less ‘frame and more screen. The white ‘frame’ around it would make the phone larger than it really should. Now it looks like a Photoshopped HTC One

  • Looks like a Galaxy S2 HD LTE (Korean Ver.) with ceramic + chrome rapping

  • Imitenotbecrazy

    This is obviously fake. Look at the volume rocker, on the left. Then look at the side profile pic. Where did the rocker go? And Since when has Samsung ever put the power button or camera on the left side? And physical home button again? nahhhhh

    • daveknockwin

      That’s the right side of the phone, stupid.

  • Luis Pratas

    You are totally wrong about the gpu. The gpu it is the Mali T604 quad core, which it’s the gpu of the Exynos 4412 Arm Cortex A9 quad core, with frequencies between 1.5GHz and 1.8GHz.

  • Thewrongenemy420

    Will I be able to upgrade a Galaxy S2 to an S3 on launch date?

  • Nick_fi

    I want one. I’m dumping my windows over to this one…!!!!!!!!!1

  • Sitinorhalijahoslan

    how much ya??

  • Zach

    This picture is close but the real one is even sexier. Chrome, 1/2cm thick, stream-lined, no border, super AMOLED+ screen. An incredible technological work off art in a perfectly designed frame. Check it out>