New Samsung Galaxy S3 render pops up. Is May 22 the official release date?

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 5, 2012

After I recently wrote about how easy it is to create a render for the Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s now time for me to write about exactly that, as a new supposed depiction of Samsung’s upcoming superphone has surfaced in Korea. I was set to approach this latest “rumor” about the Galaxy S3 with caution, but I actually believe that we might be looking at the real thing. Here’s why.

The timing of this “leak”, which has popped up on a few Korean websites, couldn’t be better. With the recent announcement of the HTC EVO 4G LTE and the HTC One X already shipping to select countries in Europe and India, Samsung really needs to step up its game and announce the Galaxy S3. While a lot of people are eagerly waiting for this device, they might eventually get fed up with the wait and go ahead with an (supposedly) equally good, if not better, device. I, for one, am certainly vexed about the endless speculations about the device and I will be more than a little upset if the device isn’t announced soon.

Other fake renders that we’ve seen in the past have mostly been design changes made on top of the Galaxy S2 or other existing devices, and as such, it has been possible to weed out the fakes easily. I’m no Photoshop expert and I know that the above render can be made up with some time and effort, but I feel like this could be authentic. The phone design is futuristic and impressive, and in line with what we expect Samsung to do with its next flagship device.

The May 22 date and the London location are certainly in line with the strong possibility that Samsung will announce its hero device ahead of the Olympic Games, of which it is a main sponsor.

eldar murtazin tweet

In a recent tweet, Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, one of the few persons believed to have held the actual device, left us with a “No comment” which is generally corporate speak for “It’s true, but you’re not supposed to know about it yet.” While this is just further speculation on my part, could this tweet be an indication that we finally have a real image of the S3?

My above reasoning can easily be turned upside down and used to show that this latest render is fake. As we’ve seen, it’s not that hard for an expert to put something like this together. The image of the phone is also similar to a lot of concept phone designs I’ve seen around the web. Along those lines, anyone could arrive at the potential date and location for the “actual” announcement of the device, especially since that date has been rumored before.

With no official confirmation from Samsung about the S3, we can only process this newest information with the mandatory grain of salt. All we, the millions of Android fans impatiently waiting for this device, can do is send out a humble request (which will eventually turn into an angry demand, I’m sure) to Samsung: Please, do not drag this out any longer!

What do you think? Do we finally have some real information? Or is it just another fake?

  • AndroidBrian

    I hope its real … not only cuz it looks cool but a real photo means some real specs

  • AndroidBrian

    That design looks pretty cool. It looks like its all screen. I think its real. Now we know what it looks like…. Tell us what’s inside!!!

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    It’s a fake. And even if this was real info. I wouldn’t buy the Galaxy S3 if it doesn’t come with the new Gorilla Glass 2 and a 1280×720 4.7 inch HD Super AMOLED + display. And it should have a durable body, so it won’t break easily if the phone gets dropped.

    • Bomber1602

      super amoled plus*

  • Fusrodah

    I just hope for an official statement from samsung for the release date(or the presentation) and specs, I just want the phone with hd display, great battery (2000mah++) and exynos 4412 or better. :D

    • LG’s quad core Android, while not as hyped or hoped for, has a nice beefy battery.

      LG & Samsung are competitive like brothers are, and are both based in South Korea. I expect Samsung to squeeze in a larger batter than the S2, and hopefully, larger than 2000mAh. I think they will.

      • Fusrodah

        Yes, thanks for this information, it’s actually possible to put a battery, larger than 2000mah in a smarphone. Even the Motorola Maxx has a 3300mah. But it would be ok for me if its just larger than 2000mah. And to this “leak” I can just say its probably a fake:
        He copied the I of the SII and put it beside, so now its a SIII.

  • Fejifja

    That’s just a photoshopped tip of a flat-tipped screwdriver. Hahaha

    • Pero

      Obviously you have never seen a screwdriver….

      • Joshewah

        Geez… Who pissed in your Kool-aid?

    • Ladygirl

      hahahahahahahah lol

  • Mohdamr1

    fake, but looks nice.

  • photoshop, the space between the I’s is different. Just don’t see an official release with that mistake

    • Pero

      The space isn’t different. Try harder….

      • It is (the space between the first I and second is greater than that between the second and third). Get your eyes checked..

        • Gamblor77

          Those are some amazing observation skills let me tell ya, I looked that over like 20 times trying to find a flaw like that and didn’t see it. I was really hoping this mockup was real because that looks like one sexy phone but now I’m disappointed and going to cry. Whoever did photoshop that bad boy should be working for samsung because that design is way nicer. Don’t get me wrong I love my s2 but it’s nothing special to look at let’s be honest.


    will it be a global release or only in UK?

    • Ankit

      Unfortunately, we can’t answer that question at this point as we have no official information about the release. Even the assumed May 22 release is also speculation at this point.

    • nathan

      my father works at samsung he has told me USA got s2x we didnt so only Europe will recieve it sorry


    what would ur guess be on the date for a US lauch

    • Ankit

      If we go by the above information and assume a May 22 announcement, it will likely take a month max to start shipping internationally. Also assuming that US releases will need to be LTE compatible and find network carriers to end up with, we can add another month or two for that and assume a july-august release for the US.

      Of course, this is entirely speculation on my part and I don’t want this to be used a “source” to add to the already large number of rumors about the S3 out there.

  • Migoo

    I don’t give a rats ass…. I can’t wait… Just make sure exynos 5250/5450 will be present. Otherwise the wait was for nothing

  • Migoo

    CAN!!! Hate this iPad crap

  • Feels like photshop but not a real thing

  • Msmayragarcia

    Does anyone know the release date for the US?

  • Ladygirl

    can i suck your balls or what

  • Richard Boss

    I think its rumor, Samsung has not official announced any information regarding Galaxy S3 so how can I believe that.

    iPhone Game Developer

  • nathan

    3rd may release….