New report: Samsung Galaxy S3 to tout 4.8-inch display, next month announcement. What to believe?

by: Bams SadewoApril 6, 2012

Bigger is better. That is apparently the route that Samsung is taking with its borderline mythical Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.  According to an alleged Samsung senior executive that spoke to South Korean media, Samsung Galaxy S3 will boast a 4.8-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

And apparently, if Google Translate is not cheating us too hard, the device will be announced next month. Actually, the translation says “early next month”, but we can’t say if that’s Google’s algorithms getting “lost in translation” or an accurate interpretation of the Korean text. Any Korean speakers reading us? Would love to hear your opinion.

Apart from the supposed change of display size, the new report, released today, didn’t touch upon other subjects that we haven’t already heard or assumed before, such as the inclusion of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from the get go or the bezel-less design.

But wait, wasn’t it just a couple of days ago that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was pegged to sport a 4.65-inch super AMOLED Plus display and a pixel density of 319 ppi? These specs, quoted by another newspaper in South Korea, are what everyone has come to expect.

You know, there comes a point when rumors and hearsay become less fun to report and get excited about, and that appears to be the direction that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is heading, if no clarification is made over the next couple of weeks. Could it really be that Samsung hasn’t finalized the production of the phone? That’d seem to contradict numerous reports that the phone was already undergoing carrier testing in its home country.

It is possible that Samsung knows something that we don’t about an upcoming smartphone from another camp, whose name should not be mentioned, and maybe the Koreans decided to do some last minute changes. This wouldn’t be the first time they pull a last minute switch anyway. At least we know that the Galaxy S3 – or any other Samsung smartphone — won’t come with a 3D display in the near future.

That May 22 date, the supposed official announcement of Samsung Galaxy S3, couldn’t come fast enough, could it?

  • AndroidBrian

    Yeah I won’t believe anything unless its straight from the horses mouth. Maybe it wasn’t even true that Samsung started production. I’m second guessing everything. .. maybe there’s no god either….

  • JZ

    I have an HTC running stock Android. I despise TouchWhizz (that’s whizz as is piss) and so I won’t likely be buying a Samsung device soon. However, it is amusing to watch the fever pitch around SG3 approach levels of anticipation we normally reserve for iFollowers. Funny. Not attacking anyone…just making a casual observation. I wonder if we will end up not so much with software fanboys (like iOS and Android) but rather hardware fanboys? (Apple vs Sammy vs Htc).

    Even so, IMHO, everything will change once M$ throws down their ante and gets into the game.

    • Vasqueza24

      LOL You need 8GB of RAM, 2.4 quad core CPU and the latest video cards to run any type of Microsoft OS. They tried getting into the mobile game…..twice…aaaand FAILED miserably.

      • RandomMistakes

        All microsoft phones run on single-core processors. Your argument in invalid.

        • JaeLim

          I think he meant the desktop OS.

          • Biggregg07

            no he is saying those are the specs needed if they tried to implent the desktop version of microsoft and windows on a phone

      • TXCajun

        While I understand the intent of your post, and yes, MS based phones aren’t exactly flying of the shelves compared to Android, perhaps you should have worded your comment more carefully (ref: any type of MS OS). WIN7 runs great on my AMD Athlon dual-core processor and 4g ram equipped laptop and WINXPSP2 runs fine on my older computers.

    • Shane

      You don’t have to run TouchWhizz on your Samsung phone if it’s running Android. Custom ROMs and downloaded launchers will let you do anything you want with it.

  • Thephoenix7485

    Definitely my next toy ;-) I’m tired of my iPhone, I’m breaking the monotony…

    • Helenoftroy

      Hi! I dont do this very often… replying, commenting on this techie stuff! I have a Droid X, and never had an iphone! Yes I would like to have an iphone cuz its new to me, exciting, etc. but with this big hype with the Samsung S3 I am really loving it!!!
      But geez! I wish they would just come out with the specs, and launch the stinking awesome phone! ;-)
      And then just release it so all us S3 wannabees! can get there phone! We are all getting crancky!
      But my question for you is? WHY? are you tired of your iphone?? Isn’t the iphone supossed to be the best ever! The one thing I like love bout the iphone is that I can download with this icloud, whatever it is all my itunes library songs! All 7000 plus! But I did my research and I think I have to pay 25.00 a year for this itunes match? I have to pay them to transfer my music to the iphone! Ugh! is that true! Honestly I dont have that kind of money! And it should be for free not have to pay yearly!
      So why are you tired of your iphone? How long have you had it? Is it really the perfect phone? Are there any cons to having an iphone! Anyone I ask, stranger or not, they say they love their iphone!
      UGH! What to do!? I know I will end up with the S3, but I am just as anxious as everyone else! Release the phone already! Hope to hear from you! Why are you tired of the iphone? Really curious!

      • S0r0n_1990

        Hey Helen,
        I am an iphone user for 4 years.I still own an iphone 3gs..My iphone is still able to let you browse the internet,to let me make skype calls to let me watch videos on youtube to allow me downloading any kind of application i can think for a phone i couldnt ask for more.(ofc my phone is jailbroked and i have jailbreaked almost all my friends iphone 7+)..i did jailbreak just for having themes and getting widgets but jt was never bad to be able to download most of the apps for has some disadvantages thought but thats another anyway its been 4 years and i need a new why i am thninking for galaxy s3?and not waiting for iphone 5 or buy a what i have to tell you that i am not even thiking of getting a new apple-product is because think of the last 4 models of apple, what i see is 2 phones not 4.they start with 3g phone 10centuries ahead of all other phones but is too slow to be able to do what is supposed to do..anyway then iphone 3gs comes, same phone just i bought it and it was excelent and i never regret buying it.then iphone 4 comes..i see it i loved it amazing design front camera even faster, just wow really nice but i say its just been 1 year since my 700€.So i say lets wait, then a year later iphone 4s comes same thing just faster more pixels retina display bla bla, sorry but i had enough of having fun through my friends iphone 4s so now what i will buy a phone and next year they wil
        Bring the same just with some improvements?that are pretty much necessary thought because alot of the things wont run/work very good and smoothly(thats lame but thats what it is.3ghqd skype try use it for a call.u wont talk for even 3 seconds if you ever manage to log in and make it call ofc..)anyway so i want to change brcause i saw 1 samsung galaxy s2 from t-mobile, and omg i put my phone next to it and it was feeling like its a motorcycle vs a bicycle in all ways.4.53inch?and i would love phone with even 4.8inch,iphone wont do that but s3 will be somewhere close to do i need more?i am noteven gonna go for the specs!to compare what ferrari vs lamborgini?if the QUADCore is gonna be 1.5 or 2.0?are we serius?anyway i hope u see my point i have to go i wanted to say more but i cant right now..anything else u would like to know just reply!!goodnight

  • No

    I will be one of the first to buy it :)

  • wranglers1947

    I wish they would just get on with it. My Motorola Milestone is feeling its age and I need a new phone. Would love to get the S3 but I may have to settle for the S2 if they don’t get their act together soon.

  • GRD43L

    The Korean text states that it will be “announced early next month” therefore Google translation is accurate. It also states that it is, to no surprise, ICS.

  • Okdcaf

    I does say the new S3 will be announced early next month with 4.8 Super AMOLED HD Plus display. Can’t wait….

  • Amine Elouakil

    4,65, 4,7 4,8…..each day a different rumor… hopefully there will be a solide specs sheet soon, rather than the random speculations

    • JaeLim

      Right before it gets released date, runors will look like this.

      5.3 in screen with 1080p SAMOLED+, Exynos 5450 with quad 2ghz A15 cpu with T-658 gpu with hd projector and holographic technologies. Sigh… all those rumors.

  • jtw9995

    Has anyone heard about price yet? What if we have a 2 year contract and an upgrade available on AT&T?

    • JaeLim

      I heard it will only be on T-mobile. Lol jk.

    • SU_ROOM

      less than 799$

  • JaeLim

    Yes it does mean early next month.

  • My_Name

    I’m Korean :) It says early next month..

  • Ycdocs120

    6 inch screen and a vibrator function

  • TXCajun

    Quite a bit of excitement! Even though I’m not one who has to have all the latest tech, I have to admit that have been following this rumor mill daily. I for one would embrace a larger display, but not a phone that has an overall physical size that is larger than the S2. For me, the S2 is almost too big for a phone. If they could bring an edge-to-edge display with the same or slightly smaller form-factor, that would be great. The size of the S2 is almost too big (for my personal tastes) for a phone. What interests me most is how will it perform as a phone (sound & signal). All the whiz-bang bells and whistles mean nothing if it drops calls or like with my work Blackberry, I can’t get a signal in my office. The sound when playing music is up there. Next, it has to be able to fit comfortably in one hand while I use it as a phone. Next is the ability to expand the memory with a micro SD card – gotta be there and a big reason why I haven’t gotten an IPhone. Next is the camera. I used to be a professional photographer and still enjoy taking pictures for fun. The possibility of 12mp excites me as does these after-market lenses for smart phones. Finally is the OS. ICS seems a given.

    • TXCajun

      Wrote the same sentence twice… need more coffee before I hit “send”

  • Why don’t you guys get Korean speaking/reading staff? There are like 2M Koreans living in North America.

  • pops87

    Even if Sammy releases it next month it’ll probably be another 5-6 months before we see it stateside. The HTC One X is looking more attractive by the minute.

  • Mamoon Noorestani

    If it comes with a 4.8 inch display. I’m buying it this summer.

  • I’m considering the HTC One X but I wonder about what the difference will be, with the extra ram that the S3 is rumored to have. Does ICS need 2 gb or will 1 get the job done?

    • JcbM

      One is more than plenty. If you can run w8 off a little atom proc and a gig of ram there’s no reason a mobile platform would require more. There was a article in the middle of last year talking about DDR3 ram chipset from Samsung. That’s what you wanna be looking for.

  • !!!!

    take that apple