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For what seems to be an eternity, we have speculated about the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 release date. Rumor after rumor, our hopes were kindled, only to be brutally crushed when the supposed launch date passed joylessly.

First, it was January at the CES. Then, this week’s MWC was pegged as the perfect occasion to launch the S3 (in 2011, the Galaxy S2 was announced at MWC). But Samsung made it clear that we won’t see the new S3 in Barcelona.

So the next supposed release date became the Angry Birds Space launch event in March 22. But come on, Angry Birds is big, but not Galaxy S3 big. And certainly not big enough to deserve to share the limelight with the vaunted Galaxy S3. A Samsung representative quickly denied the Angry Birds connection. With that being said, when can we realistically expect the Galaxy S3 to launch?

Galaxy S3 to Be Released in July

We have strong reasons to believe that the S3 will finally grace us with its presence sometimes in July. While we can’t offer a precise Galaxy S3 release date, several clues suggest that Samsung will hold out until the middle of the summer to announce its new flagship device. Here are the most important:

  • The South African Connection

MTN, a South African carrier, told the press that they already “ranged” the new Galaxy S3 for a July release window. In carrier-speak, ranging means planning the release of a device to the customers. MTN is a relatively large carrier, running operations across multiple African countries, so it makes sense for Samsung to fill them in on their upcoming devices.

Moreover, MTN got a lot of heat from local customers for not carrying the Galaxy Nexus, which explains the eagerness to announce that the new and improved Galaxy S3 will come on their network. Although we can’t guarantee that the rumor is accurate, this type of sources are generally more accurate than the anonymous gossips that usually make the rounds of the tech blogs.

  • The Summer Olympics

The 2012 Summer Olympics will take place in London between the July 27 and August 12. What’s that got to do with the Galaxy S3 release date? Well, Samsung is a major sponsor of the Games, being listed as one of the select Worldwide Partners. This gives the Korean tech giant an excellent opportunity to show their new product to a global audience that is estimated to reach 5 billion people.

What better time to launch a flagship device than when all eyes are on you? Sammy knows that and will do everything to capitalize on the attention garnered by the Games. This is why we are willing to bet on a S3 release date that is close to the July 27 opening ceremony.

  • The American Problem

Last year, the Galaxy S2 was announced in late April and launched a few days later worldwide, with one BIG exception – the United States. In the U.S., the S2 was sold under various carrier-specific monikers, like the Epic 4G Touch. Sammy had to drive a hard bargain with the carriers, due to the strong competition from the iPhone and Motorola’s competitive lineup of devices. The result: a four months delay that probably cost Samsung dearly.

This year, Samsung seems to have taken a cue from last year’s fiasco. As we speak, the Koreans are probably hard at work preparing the new Galaxy S3 for a smooth release. These preparations take a lot of time, and a summer release would give Samsung just that – the time it needs to properly woo the largest smartphone market in the world.

  • The iPhone Factor

Like it or not, everything Apple does, and especially the regular releases of new iPhone iterations, has a huge impact on the plans of Android manufacturers. And Samsung, with all its might, is no exception. Apple is likely to launch the new iPhone 5 sometimes in the autumn. If Samsung wants to stand a fighting change in the crucial North American market, it must wisely time the Galaxy S3 release date so it can steal the iPhone’s thunder.

Last year, with a staggered and repeatedly delayed release, the S2 did well, but its performance was dwarfed by the iPhone 4S. This time, a more coordinated attack could yield better results for the S3.

  • Samsung Told Us

Last but not least, Samsung itself told us that we shouldn’t set our hopes high for a spring release. When a Samsung representative rebutted the Angry Birds launch rumor, he also said that a mid-year release date for the Galaxy S3 is more probable.

The new S3 is hotly anticipated, and the rumor mill keeps spitting out all kinds of presumed specs, details, and release dates. Maybe Samsung is trying to temper the gossip a notch. The last things it needs is to build too much hype around the S3, and then, to leave us all hanging. Samsung knows that frustration can be dangerous and may be trying to set some realistic expectations.

What Do You Think?

And there you have it. The five clues that make us believe the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date will be sometimes in mid-summer, probably in July. Sammy may announce the phone a few weeks sooner, but is likely to go for a short window between the announcement and the actual launch.

We may be wrong. Heck, we hope that we are wrong, so we can get our greedy hands on that beautiful Galaxy S3 sooner. Oh, and if you’re interested, we have fresh details on specs and looks, here.

What do you think? Will the Galaxy S3 grace us any time soon or will we have to wait for the summer?

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We will be updating this piece extremely often, so be sure to check back for details! Our rumor hunters scour the web endlessly for new leaks and details,  and we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to find the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S3!

Special thanks to Concept-Phones and Bob Freking for the latest Galaxy S3 rendering. 

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Bogdan Petrovan
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  • Be nice if they stuck to July release date but Im sure since my Tmobile contract is up in July Samsung will push it back Im sure. My Tmobile G2 is still performing like a champ but its time to move on.

    • Sonny

      my full upgrade on my phone is in september so cant wait for s3

  • Edward Smith

    What is the wallpaper from the first photo??????? Can you link it?

  • InpraiseofHim

    The longer they wait the more uptight I become. I will probably get something else when my contract is over with my Iphone. My Infuse comes up next Febuary so I will think again on the S3!

    • InpraiseofHim

      I did get someting else. I couldn’t wait through all this maybe this/maybe that! I will see what next Jan. brings!

  • If it doesn’t launch until July it damn well better have the 5250 (or another A15 based) SoC in it worldwide. Launching an A9 flagship phone for the next year that late would be utterly ridiculous.

  • GiGo

    I’m with Stuart… Exynos 5250 is a MUST for me.
    no-body wants to buy an outdated flagship from day 1.
    people want to have the edge for at least 1 year.
    for me it’s very important as I’m not buying a new phone each year… more like once every 2-3 years

  • kp4x

    wow I want one -_-‘

  • Corn Flakes

    I don’t wanna disappoint people in USA who uses phones under controlled by their carriers…This is my guess SGS 3 will be release as always first, in European countries, Asia, Africa….thus, THE PHONE WILL BE RELEASED ALSO AS INTERNATIONAL VERSION NO CONTRACT…then as always, USA gets it late with contract…so my guess many of you will end up again buying the prolly comming new Iphone or whatever your carrier advertises the best…but if you have the Dinero..Mula…I would rather buy the international version no bloatware not modified…

  • I am still waiting for the exact news from this baby gs3 but if it release on July i might go for galaxy note >.<

    • InpraiseofHim

      The Galaxy Note is very nice! I need big because of my eyes and trouble typing. It has been great so far!

  • InpraiseofHim

    I gave up on this pending release and bought a different phone! That hurts! Thanks a lot Samsung!

    • Ranjitp88

      did you buy another samsung phone?

      • David Moyle

        Yes. I bought the Galaxy Note. It does connect to my Jaguar and has a lot of features that are nice for me. I can see and type better also. I just couldn’t stand the pressure of waiting and not knowing when the S3 would come out!

        • Jadamioncole

          why u didnt wait the galaxy note is a trash phone

  • rumor mill


    I want it NOW!! ._.”

  • Simon18i

    Samsung is giving HTC plenty of time to steal its thunder…

  • Martiens