Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Leaks

by: Darcy LaCouveeMay 3, 2012

The release date for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the stuff of legends. Rumor after rumor has tricked through our scrutinizing fingers, culminating in what can be summed up as the most hyped and anticipated Android phone – ever. Period.

Techradar just broke with a story that claims they have been “told by numerous confidential but very trustworthy sources that the Samsung Galaxy S3 UK release date (Or ‘Next Galaxy’, as it’s officially known right now) will definitely be ‘the end of May’.” But, if you’re looking for something a little more specific, then read on!

What to expect

Samsung did it’s best to have a unified launch of the Galaxy S2 last year, but it did not go as planned. The reasons are numerous, yet they can be summed up in one simple word – money.  You see, there are different connectivity standards globally, varying from different variants of LTE, to HSPA, to HSPA+, with others falling somewhere in between. This time Sammy’s got nearly 200 carriers on board, so it should be a much faster roll out globally.

Carriers, not individual consumers, are the largest purchasers of mobile devices on the planet, and many did not want to launch the device according to the schedule that Samsung had envisioned. Case in point, in the U.S, over 70% of devices are purchased on contract. Who’s the boss now? The device went on sale internationally in May and didn’t reach Western shores for way, way too long, and this embittered many consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date

I have finally found the love of my life...

Anyway, this time around it’s going to be different.

I know, I know, you’ve heard that before, and so have we too. But it appears that Samsung has learned from last year’s bitter lesson, and has been courting carriers and distributors on a scale never before witnessed.

We have our own connections to the rumor mill too. From everything we’ve been able to gather, from listening closely to the supply line, and to employees conducting connectivity testing for carriers around the world, it is appearing highly likely that the device will go on sale first in the UK, with a targeted date of May 28 for release.

As is often the case, we will see other leaks confirming the validity of this date soon. Shortly thereafter, the device will go on sale in South Korea and Japan, set to be released during the same week. Afterwards, it will pop up in Singapore very early in June, with Malaysia to be the country to get it next. After that, it’s too difficult to say – for now.

Obviously, this is one of the biggest device launches of recent record. Unfortunately, it is looking like those of you Stateside will have to wait for at least 6 weeks before it gets picked up by any carrier on Western Shores. Also, there’s nothing yet for Australia or New Zealand, but we will keep our ear close to the ground, and update this post accordingly, with fresh info as we receive it!

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Are you liking what you see with the Galaxy S3? Going to pick one up? Let us know what you love or hate about the brand spanking new Galaxy S3! Is it the new king of Superphones? Better than HTC One X? How about the iPhone? We’d love to know your thoughts! Also, be sure to enter our international giveaway of the Samsung Galaxy S3 here too!

  • Nothing is confirmed until the “Official Announcement” … Link bait.

  • Gabba

    Freaking BS; not only was the phone underwhelming, but they screwed North America yet again. Seriously Sammy – FUCK YOU, and I say that because NA has been getting the finger from them for the longest time now

    • Shonuff

      You can’t blame Samsung for the late arrival. The phone has to get approval from the FCC before anything can really happen – and this goes for all manufacturers. Then there are the carriers (Verizon, AT&T, TMobile, etc) who are going to want their own variants with their own software (read: bloatware) on their versions of the S3… and that takes time.

      This has nothing to do with Samsung. I’m sure they’d rather have the phones release to ever country possible at the same time as soon as possible to make the most money.

  • Royalnothing

    is the 6 weeks from the end of may or 6 weeks from may 3rd?

  • Djrich69

    Soon annoying, been putting off my upgrade since Nov for the 1st release date, in late April… kinda hard to have to wait till Dec..if that’s at all true…grr

    • Sharee0331

      Me too !!!!!! U.S. Always gets bullshitted….

      • Styve123

        try living in Africa and then tell me your tech arrives late

        • Rana

          Or India for that matter… :-(

  • Crest

    good Malaysia’s on the June list. :D

    • We’ve got lots of love for Malaysia! And even though you guys think you get tech slow, the truth is that the United States is actually the slowest in terms of getting the latest and greatest mobile technology. This will be a much more unified launch, or else governments around the world are going to have people rioting on the streets, haha. Maybe not. But I know those of you Stateside are probably just as eager to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 now!

      • Medicci3737

        @ Darcy Not really ! Not much differant then my Nexus (which came out last year) & there are several phones out now, with the S4 inside, that are much cheaper ! Scew you Samsung !!!

      • Darcy, indeed I am eager but I am really repulsed by the late coming of the S3 in the US. It almost makes me want to intentionally not get it just to make Sammy realize that they need to release it in the US as well as the other countries at the same time. I really want to go behind their strategy to realize why do they do that? Customers are upset… I would seriously go for an iPhone 5 if they release it near the release date of the S3 in the US. If they had offered the S3 in the US, say June, I would buy it, but now I am seriously reconsidering… I’ve never owned an iPhone and I’ve always spoken of android with greater respect, but my OS may change… of course I should not discard Android just because of Sammy, but I want a phone that will give me that “WOW” factor and everyone expected Samsung to bring that to the table . I feel like the S3 gave me the, “Hm… nice, I guess” . I never imagined that after the S3 is released, I will be seriously thinking of not getting it… I always thought that If Sammy kept the phone in such secrecy, it will be a revolutionary phone, but I seriously think that it did not turn out to be one( in my opinion ) Don’t get me wrong, I do like the phone(from what I’ve seen) but it did not bring the WOW effect(hail to the chief), and I think that is what most people actually waited for… Just my 2 cents.

        What do you guys think?

      • Monica

        when is it coming to mexico??

  • Somebody

    You’d think with all of our buyers (U.S.) they’d not only be selling them HERE first, but doing the unveiling not in London, but Chicago, or New York. I’ve had my current phone for nearly FOUR YEARS! That’s a lifetime in years for a phone, I’m sick of this pile and if I have to wait too long, you lost a customer Samsung. I’ll go w/ the iPhone 5.

    • Kendalmaclean

      my thoughts exactly, i’m changing plans soon so i figure i may as well upgrade my phone, but i’m not holding off forever considering im already thinking of waiting for the iphone 5…

  • Rj Hinkle

    They are obviously fucking retarded theyre gonna loose so much business to apple

  • Skoaphirun

    I like galaxy sIII

  • E430benz98

    I have to say that is does suck for NA. We always get them pretty late. But considering the fiasco at Q4 for AT&T; releasing the S2 (Exynos) and S2 LTE (Snapdragon) within months of each other. I really hope it gets straighten out this time around.

    I for one have been waiting something better since having tried out the S2 (both Exynos and Snapdragon). I can definitely settle for this new S3, it has exactly what I have been looking for.

    Count me in on getting the S3 once it hits State side.

  • kumar

    i like Galaxy s3

  • Anonymous Coward

    To the utter morons bemoaning it’s late arrival in the US – that is down to US operators, nothing to do with Samsung. Telecoms in US has always been behind everywhere else.

  • slikk

    Yup… BS!! I’ll be upgrading to the HTC One X in about 10 hours from now (as soon as my closest ATT store opens here in the states which will be their first day selling the One X.) See ya Samsung!!! My ONLY issue with the One X is the idiotic built in 16 gig storage NOT EXPANDABLE! That really pisses me off, but oh well I guess I’ll start storing more on cloud or using something else portable for my music…

  • Mustafa Refaee
  • Ibrahimnoordin4

    hey, Darcy … what is the release date for it in the middle east? particularly in Saudi Arabia.

  • Travis

    To be 100% honest, the phone is tempting but I won’t be picking it up. Why? Well last May I picked up the Infuse. 6 months later they made it worthless with the S2, and even a month after that they put out the Skyrocket. The Infuse is now not only valueless, the newest “update” slowed it down to where even the menus are laggy. No way that was just an accident. Samsung is one of the greediest companies out there, and I’m tired of being manipulated just to find out they have the technology to put out a nicer phone 6 months later. I thought Apple was bad…

  • Mirzasaadrehman

    m gonna bye soon s3 loved s2 but its time to get s3 now lols so anyone wants s2 black gimme a call 07574041342

  • Currylaksa

    I will buy because iPhone 5 is not launched yet.

  • BePatient

    haha just love the people who say they are going to buy iphone 5 instead of samsung because it is going to be released in the U.S. later than anyone else. Cry me a river please. Apple hasn’t even done a launching show for iPhone 5 yet. So I don’t know why you morons are saying you’re buying an iPhone 5 when it will be released a lot later than the S3.

  • I love Samsung Galaxy S3…. :)

  • Guy101

    To be honest the htc one x is so much better even though iam a hardcore galaxy fan

  • Monkeybus

    Hey A.C. just thank your lucky stars you don’t live in OZ, it’s to hard for them to even think about when it will be picked up here.

  • Sgs2user

    Samsung would release it in the US if they could. But they cant because government wont allow it. US will get it last just like every other technology released to the public. Because of 1 thing. MONEY. They will milk everyone for their last penny before they release sgs1. Iphone is US, so we get it right away.. but samsung is international. Money over matter. Thats USA for you.

  • hemanthjava

    Samsung Galaxy S3 hits Amazon for $799 and up, ships June 1.