Video: Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Premium Suite Upgrade is downright hilarious

by: ŠtefanDecember 7, 2012

Samsung posted a video today that demos several of the new features that are going to come to the Galaxy S3 via a software update at some point in the future. It’s not very long, so I recommend you watch it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now that you’re done, do you feel as sick as I do right now?

The first feature, Page Buddy, is a poor implementation of what Motorola calls “Smart Actions“. Basically you plug your headphones into your device and something happens. The page that pops up in this case, it brings up the generic MP3 player widget. Can you customize the page? No, you can’t.

Context Menu, I’m not going to lie, is a genuinely good idea. Instead of listing applications based on the order you installed them or their alphabetical order, Samsung gives you an option to list them by the frequency that they’re used. It’s something that seems so obvious you wonder why it hasn’t always been this way.

Contextual Tag is … let’s just say that it took about 50 taps to turn it on and I still have no idea what it’s for. Can you help me figure it out?

Next up is Multi Window, something we first saw on the Galaxy Note. Put simply, you can have two applications opened side by side. Not all your apps will be able to support this mode, but a majority of the ones you use on a daily basis should work just fine.

Auto Share Shot Pairing, like Contextual Tag, not only has a terrible name, but you need to go through about 15 submenus to enable the feature. Is it even useful? I can’t tell.

Reader Mode is something Apple put in Safari in iOS over a year ago. Apple even called it “Reader”, so for Samsung to call it “Reader Mode” is a bit funny and somewhat awkward.

And finally there’s Facebook Lock Ticker. Samsung has written something that lets you check your Facebook feed while your device is locked. Where have we seen this before? Oh right, on Windows Phone 8.

Some of you might be wondering if I have something against Samsung. I honestly don’t, and I hope Santa gets me a Note II for Christmas. But some of the promotional videos that this company puts out just completely boggle my mind.

  • Abdulrahman Aljassar


  • Saif Imran Dzulkifli

    i thought i was impressed when i first saw the video :/
    maybe you’re just a bit skeptical on how u choose to see things, since at default u hate skins. Just maybe.

  • appledoesntpayyou

    There’s “i hate samsung and hope they parish” emotionality written all over this…. don’t dare try to trick us by saying you got nothing against samsung.. you went overboard this time. go masterbate on your apple

  • The sickness i believe is just you. I was excited by pretty much everything in the new update. I don’t really care what phones may have done something first. I have an s3 and what matters is that the feature is coming to the phone that I use.

    As for something taking 50 taps to enable… We are talking first time use here, and the video simply stepped you through enabling the feature. Once it is enabled you would not need to go through those steps again.

    • MasterMuffin

      I care that android had the swipe notification thing first and then Apple stole it :(

  • Hey whats is your problem men.. i think .. multi windows is cool.. and facebook sticker.. too. I dont understand you problem..shut ut hater

    • MasterMuffin

      He never said that multi window or facebook wasn’t cool?


    You really have issues. Keep doing your breathing thing and leave the real reviews to someone else or when you don’t wake up wining about everything that moves.
    I just upgrade it using the xda leaked version and i’m trilled. No i dont have a motorola,or an Iphone nor…well other phone.So…this are new features for me and I really apreciate them. If you have a nexus…like you say…wouldn’t you like to have any of these features?…cause…i love nexus..but it’s plain basic in this kind of mambo jambo unless you have an app for that in play store.

  • aef

    Isn’t it a good thing? Sure, other OS have some of features already, and those features are awesome. Wouldn’t you want them to be on your phone, or the S3 in this case?

  • The Avenger

    that’s odd… I updated my SIII to JB 4.1.2 and I have ALL of those features… (I’m not in Poland btw, I did a manual update).. Is the “Premium Suite” bundled together with the JB 4.1.2 or will it come to the 4.0.1 and 4.1.1 as well?

    • MAMADU

      they call that to 4.1.2…it’s markting…do you recognize a pattern “WE COMPLETLY REDESIGN IT” “WE CHANGE IT ALL OVER AGAIN”…this is samsung aprooach to apple’s methodology.Works for me :)

    • Premium suite i suppose is for ICS version…All these changes are already present for JellyBean.. I assume this is for users who cannt update to Jellybean..!!!

  • Techn3rd

    Contextual tag puts taking photos into context for example gives time date and weather conditions attached to the picture so you if your wondering what day you took the pick and what the weather was like. Clear? I thought so.

  • Emma Dimike

    the premium Suite is quite brilliant. if you don’t like it, or understand some of the functions as you claim, then wtf are you doing writing articles here?

  • Josh York

    Well, I kind of agree with most of the commenters that I could see a real use for some of the features. But I think the article was pretty good, and, at least for me, the main point was best summed up in the last sentence. The video was not that good. I don’t think we really needed to see going through all the menu taps to enable the functions. Yeah, I know that’s how they would have to be turned on, but seeing all that in a promotional video makes it seem clunky and complex. Good for instructional purposes, not for promotion. Of course, just my opinion.

  • Aziz Farhi

    Not a huge update in my opinion, i mean there is nothing revolutionary about these new features.. they’re ether imitation of other features from other Phones or OSs, or completely useless.

  • Aaron Parlee

    I quite like them. Yes you can say they are akin to other features that other phones use but they were not there before. To have a phone that has a more and more polished feel and look is nothing but great news to me. Also turning them on through menu’s is just a one time thing.

  • Tatsuya

    Honestly, I’m using none of those Samsung things on my S3.
    I just think multi-window is a great feature but I’m not sure I’ll ever use it on this screen size.
    I’d be a lot more happy with a functional AOSP rom to get rid of all this stuff slowing down my phone (even the gallery is lagging when displaying the same pictures over and over) .

  • IncCo

    The new gallery, new dark light setting in the camera and the ability of changing the quick toggles are my favourite new features ! This phone just keeps getting better

  • The idea to put out a lot of features and let them fight it out for popularity is a good plan. The Contextual tag feature is a good example of a feature that might only become popular later, when you are searching for a picture or looking at them years later.

  • Andy Lo.

    I appreciate any updates Samsung pushes whether I like them or not. It shows that they are tying to satisfy customers even more with their s3. So I was gonna say just about everything everyone already said to you but you’ve already been owned. In the future try to write about something that doesn’t have 30 million have satisfied customers.

  • Tony

    Yeesh, haters form a line on the left. Looks like the author stands alone.

  • @author
    please dont try to write review again
    especially when u are baised or hatred
    thank you

  • Fuck you

    Well?.. you dont hate samsung?.. well its pretty clear. Apple sucks.. and yeah, i dont hate apple, i hope i can iphone 5 ds Christmas.

  • I think your point is that most of these so called new features are in fact copying others. What is wrong with that if its useful. There is no reason for you to be so disappointed and condescending unless you want to show off your extreme geekness

  • Multi-Window is pretty sweet, but not anything I HAVE to have. The rest of the features I, sadly, can’t say I will ever use.

  • SexciiP

    Android Authority, how about give Samsung a f.cking chance, huh?

  • dude…u should b happy than rather sad that samsung is at least trying to include these features…I own a note 2 and dont think any other company (read Apple or Microsoft) even thought of implementing I think u should stop wining about it and njoy it..!!!!! Kudos to Samsung..!!!

  • Andreas Larsson

    “Can you customize the page? No, you can’t.” <— wtf man!?!

    What do you base that on? i have the update and its as simple as any other fucking page to customize! -.-'

  • Not sick at all. I’m glad they’re adding new features and not abandoning the phone since it’s successor is but a few months off “supposedly”.

  • freedomspopular

    Kudos to Samsung for not thinking their users are a bunch of morons who can’t click through a few menus to enable cool features.

  • s3 user

    I have the galaxy s3. when u turn on s beam or nfc u don’t have to turn it on with each use. when u turn it on that one time that’s the final time unless you turn it back off but it doesn’t kill battery so just keep it on

  • John Tovey

    You are just an idiot. Samsung add features that people want and you pick fault with that? They are the first mobile manufacturer I’ve had that actually give you new features as opposed to just bug fixes. The upgrade is worth it for Multiview alone which is a killer feature every large screen smart phone owner with a brain as wanted since the Note 2 was unveiled. You don’t deserve a Note 2 for Christmas – Santa needs to bring you an idiot phone or as I think they call it – the iphone5

  • brady

    Why mention Apple?!? They make computers … and offer a toy phone

  • Way to go sprint! COME ON ATT GET OFF YOUR BUTT.

  • Troy

    God damn, that wasn’t even worth writing, absolute shit.