Shipment delay hits Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3, will you settle for the white model?

by: Bams SadewoMay 26, 2012

There’s some potentially bad news for those who have been eyeing the Pebble Blue model of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Sammy apparently ran into some problems with manufacturing the blue casings of the phone, which may cause delays to its release into the market. According to some reports, unspecified production problems with the blue variant of the Galaxy S3  have reportedly forced Samsung to bin 600,000 blue covers. Ouch!

Collated reports from the blogosphere seem to suggest that several retailers and carriers don’t stock enough of the Pebble Blue variant of the phone, while those that do carry the blue model have mentioned about possible shipment delays. Some retailers in the UK, where the phone will be launched on May 30, don’t seem to be affected.

Since the problem apparently will only be solved by June, it’s a good thing that Samsung isn’t launching the Galaxy S3 simultaneously worldwide. The good news is the production of the white Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t affected at all, so we’re sure there’ll be enough supplies to quell the hunger of customers longing for Sammy’s powerhouse.

As always, we’ll let you know once we hear more from Samsung or other sources.

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  • OpenBook

    I got the white SGS3 yesterday here in Kuwait.
    Color don’t matter bcos any how we will put a cover on it.

  • Ruialbanof

    voces pensan que o galaxy s 3 e o mais bonito mas nao lo es a htc one x e o melhor telemovil android do mundo es espetacular e bonito

  • Chriski333

    Wanted the white one because time for change all my phones have been black or grey so this time white it is

  • xtriker360

    White is the one I want :D

  • TommyNYC

    Blue or Black..
    White was never an option.

  • Burton686

    They realized that no one wants the white one so they staged this crap so they could garantee some sales before they let the blue one out!!

    • james50124

      I think you hit the nail on the head. They need to get rid of the white ones otherwise they will be stuck in shop store rooms. I could only find the white ones and I believe vodafone have exclusive rights to sell the white 32gb model for 4 weeks before other stores can stock them so waiting 4 weeks might not be such a bad thing, Blue 32gb S3 anyone :-)

  • vasja

    “This is unacceptable, I’ll buy a One X instead”
    they won’t buy white S3, but definitely choose white One X :D

  • The Nudge-Nudge Man (get it?!)

    Blue looks the better of the two. What the heck was wrong with another black phone?? (my helmet and flak-jacket are on – fire away!) ;-)

    (Thread drift…) What pisses me off is the dinky sized 16 GB (internal) model is the only one I have been able to find so far.

    Anyone else have a lead on a DEFINITE 64 GB (internal) unit, UK standard, quad-core HSPA+ model??

    • vf user

      None avail in uk.
      Iphone 4s 64gb or nokia n9 64gb. Neither have micro sd to extend storage and both don’t do hspa+ only 14.4mbps.
      Galaxy note 16gb internal with 32gb micro sd and hspa 21mbps. However you might be able to get the 32gb internal version. Not sure it avail in uk.
      Galaxy s3 does have 32gb or 16gb internal avail in uk. I know vodafone uk do the 32gb one. Haven’t seen it avail on the other main networks. S3 does hspa+ and will allow a 64gb micro sd expansion.
      But my main question is why do you need such large internal memory?

  • The Nudge-Nudge Man (get it?!)

    Wifey disagrees, as she wants a white version but I want the blue as I feel it does look the better of the two. What was wrong with black, by the way, Sammy?? (I have my helmet and flak jacket on. Fire away…) ;-)

    (Thread drift…)
    Colours aside – what the heck is the deal with the phone availability? All I can source is the teensy 16 GB (internal) sized version.

    …Can anyone list (NON SPAM!) where they are selling NOW (not pre-ordering…) 64 GB, UK-standard HSPA+ units?

  • The Nudge-Nudge Man

    Attn MODS – The site had a shockwave crash which led to an inadvertent double-posting. Please delete my earlier post. Thanks!

  • examplesample

    I don’t know why they would make a white one in the first place. Everyone who has ever owned a white phone knows how much it sucks. I’ll never go back to white. Black, dark blue, or dark brown… anything but white.

  • Natfox23

    Just got an email for blue model delayed until 11th June but the white is also delayed.

    • Scutts42

      Iv checked it out and the white one not delayed at moment

    • S44gs_p

      Who emailed you mate?

  • gorda

    i pre orderd the blue one, ahaa thats why my carriar gave me instead a white one….well it dosent matter most importantly whats under the hood…

  • Abc

    Total fail by the fuckwits at Samsung not to detect this earlier

  • Scutts42

    Omg was so looking forward to getting my pebble blue one , oh well il have to wait , boo hoo

  • Manojk_120

    hey guys have you checked internal memory of s 3 for 16GB having 11.5 gb only

    pls let me know how to find in mobile

  • henry jones

    Samsung are fucking idiots for not bringing this out in black.Its pretty basic, no man wants to be seen with a girly white phone, or a fruity blue version, which supposedly looks purple in real life.