First OTA updates for Galaxy S3 now rolling out to “improve stability”

by: AdrianJune 12, 2012

Just days after releasing the Galaxy S3 in Europe and parts of Asia, and before getting it out in the US, Samsung has already issued not one, but two OTA (over-the-air) updates for their new flagship phone.

The first of the two upgrades weighs in at 31.17 MB, according to a SlashGear report, but only 9 MB, according to the guys at Phone Arena, and its changelog only mentions “improved stability” as software tweaks and/or improvements.

To get the update, you only have to access the Android settings menu in your Galaxy S3, tap “About Device” and then “Software Update”. A message will pop up if you perform a manual check, and the new software package should be up and running in a matter of minutes, depending on your network connection speed.

After downloading the first update, you should get another prompt message for a second OTA upgrade weighing in at another 15.57 MB (or less, depending on your phone’s initial configuration). This second OS update comes with the same “thorough” changelog mentioning just “improved stability” at details about the new software package.

The S3 updates might depend on your location and exact S3 model number, so if you’re unable to download and install any of the two firmware upgrades, don’t worry too much and give it some time. Also, if we are to trust Ben Kersey from SlashGear, who has installed both updates and has played around with Samsung’s new flagship phone for a while, there aren’t any “radical” software changes or improvements to report. Then again, that shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering the fact that we haven’t yet seen anything wrong with the Galaxy S3’s OS.

The new S3’s build number after installing both updates should be “I9300BUALF1.DM” and, if you happen to bump into any kind of visible changes, upgrades or improvements on your spanking new phone, please drop us a comment below and let us know.

Also, has anyone been complaining about S3’s stability that Samsung felt the need to roll out these updates, or are these simple precautions taken to ensure everything runs as smooth as possible?

  • lipp24

    since the updates,its using about 100mb less memory in ram manager

    • Isaac Hung Chiang

      good to know that,thanks!

    • cheetose4

      That would make sense. There could of been some issue pre-lunch and used a non-perfered work around to temporarily remedy the issues. Now finding a proper solution, the phone will be slightly more efficient. I bet battery life is now slightly better too!

      • Psk177

        Yum, “pre-lunch” :-)

  • Chazmo

    checked using phone and Kies… no update yet (vodafone UK)

    • Kooshini

      Just had an OTA very surprised to see the notification. Took around 5mins to install. The only strange thing now is the screen dims when web browsing then goes bright when closed

      • AlGreen

        This is in the browser settings (i had the same thing), open up the browser, press the menu key and go to the brightness options. You can change it there.

  • Anazath

    there are times when the default web browser and some other programs (instagram, temple run, google play..) just stop and quit on it’s own

  • Hotdog

    My phone has had one update (o2 uk) and has improved the handling of closed apps. Before when i closed the browser my home screen would be blank and then slowly load each app. Doesnt do it anymore! Yay

  • Redstripev12

    Nothing on orange UK yet…..

    • Davewillo

      After using the browser, pressing the home key would take you to the home screen and the weather widget would take a few seconds to reload. After the upgrade it now reloads instantly.

  • antoni

    update via kies on Samsung galaxy s3 on THREE, would not let me update OTA :)

    can notice speed improvements and less lag on some apps

  • Harit

    no update in india yet

  • Swifty7

    nothing in australia yet!

  • Marin Sebastian

    i have a problem with my S3 when i stay more then 5 minutes on the browser and i want to exit it takes about 10 sec to see the the home screen
    this is before update and after is the same

    • Gb Retails

      I m from India and Iam facing the same issue.

  • Ghetto_village

    mine failed to install . but when i look for updates it says there are none . how do i update it ?

    • mrblog47

      This happened to me as well. Didyout

  • no update for S3 bought from Vodafone Romania. i have no problems with the phone up to now.

  • Ali Lodhi

    I am with Vodafone UK. After one upgrade it installed two bits of software. 1. My web 2. Music shop, both are from voda. It changed my homepage to myweb another voda thing. No second update yet. My phone was unlocked before, but got a bad feeling it has now been locked………..

  • Dannyp

    Just got the upgrade prompt and my build number is 19300XXALF2! :O

  • Sammy

    I have been using this phone for 5 days, and I am seeing a strange bug: the display turns on on its own automatically to the lock screen, and then turns off to turn on again ! This happens many times randomly. Anyone else facing the same issue? I haven’t updated the phone yet as its still not available in India.

  • Happysingh5409

    got the update and since then screen brightness decreases during web browsing but returns to normal when back to home screen. anyone else with the same problem? Have already adjusted the screen brightness to full.any suggestions?

    • David_rhys_jones

      There is a separate setting in browser options for screen brightness while browsing – if you change this it will be back to normal.

  • Happysingh5409

    received an update but after that screen brightness decreases while web browsing.and returns to normal when back to home screen.screen brightness is adjusted at full. any suggestions?

  • champion hero

    I just received the update today after a manual check. I only had one update at around 8.5MB.

    My build number is now IMM76D.I9300XXALF2

    I’m yet to notice anything different, however, one issue I do hope it fixes is touchwiz closing whilst the phone is asleep, meaning the phone wakes into a previously used app. A very annoying bug.

  • Shane

    when going back to the homescreen the weather widget doesn’t have to reload.. and I’m pretty sure the keyboard has changed a little? let me know if I’m wrong ..

  • Steveconn7

    Got mine yesterday. Overnite charge left left it frozen this morning??? Fine after reboot but later became unstable; Touchwiz crashing, Facebook crashing , etc then rebooting itself a few times b4 I switched it off for 10 minutes . Running fine for now. I really miss Gingerbread keyboard I used in Galnet miui . ICS 4.0.4

    • Marcus Anthony

      You can download gingerbread keyboard from the market that’s what I did

  • Kumaresan Ramasamy

    when this update will be available in india

  • goldie

    Got an update in UK on orange network. Had not seen any problems but after update signal seems worse

  • rizalMY

    since S3 don’t have task manager shortcut icon, i have to install application monitor for fast closing on active application that runs at the background after update the widget seems on responding anymore.. what the great job samsung, you just made more harder for me.. expensive phone that don’t have call option like in the S2 or Note i am so disappointed..

    • Mohamed

      Go to “Other Services” in your phone application drawer and download the Task Manager from there! it’s the same as the S2 and Note

    • becky

      If u hold down the button on the phone thats ur task manager. And then again to clear the RAM

  • syed

    Im from india…got the OTA update this morning….major changes i see r the 3Gsignal is very was very bad before going off every now and then and also the display would suddenly on and off for a couple of seconds when it is in sleep that also seems to have been rectified…

    • Joy

      what about battery?

  • Harsh

    The application manager widget seems to have stopped working.
    The keyboard also seems different ..
    Phone seems to be consuming lesser ram.
    Any1 else having the following two issues ? –
    1. Voice command for apps for answering and rejecting calls does not work .. although it works for camera and alarm.
    2. Other person can hear my mesaage and call waiting tones when i am talking over headphones ..

  • wonder when it will come to the us

  • KODA

    after installing the new updates (Egypt) some programs and games are not working at all even after reinstalling them

  • since update my wifi is not working properly,i m nt able to connect to wifi.. please help

  • since update my wifi is not working , i m trying to connect to wifi but it only shows obtaining ip , i even restarted my s3 and even my wifi.

    please help.. what should i do now.

  • usman

    my s3 is laggy. still no update im from uk on t-mobile network ???

    • same here do u facing a problem when u exit from any app or mostly from a browser , it take s3 5-10 sec to load the widgets …really disgusting with that high spec

      • pavan

        yes i face the same problem any remedy for the issue

    • whats ur baseband version my one is BVLF2

  • usman

    can any one please help. its so depressing LOL. This should not happen , its quad core processor for god sake.

  • Martin Webb

    I’ve tried updating twice. It boots into ClockWork and say instillation aborted??

    Anyone had this?

    Is it because I’m rooted?

  • arbaaz

    2nd ota update out….74 mb…

  • I have updated my s3 with 7 mb n 2day I got new update of 74mb , I didn’t like the new update , can I undo this 74mb update ?? Or how can I go back to original firmware.

  • Well in South Africa there is a problem no OTA updates yet and guess what, if noise reduction is set on during a phone call it sounds like your speaking inside a tin or very softly. This is not a hardware problem, been tested.

  • Alex T

    Australia – Telstra S3 (Marble White)
    Received my OTA update the other day, just the one bringing it to I9300DULF2.
    Biggest improvement I’ve seen is in battery as a lot of users had reported issues where the “Cell Standby” was reporting 48% battery usage which was absolutely ridiculous, good to see Samsung jumping on that and fixing it quickly.

    Girlfriend’s S3, also Telstra and in Australia got the notification of the OTA update but hasn’t been able to bring it back up since (Note: She has the Pebble Blue version if that affects the update process in anyway [which I seriously doubt but for the purposes of this discussion thought it may be relevant])

  • hungree

    I’m from the philippines and the FPS for my SIII base on Nenamark2 was 58.8fps but after the last OTA update it was down to 40fps. Hoping them to fix this or make it more stable.

    • Andre

      I’m Also in the Philippines. Base from what you said. the phone becomes slower?

  • Anjyla

    I like to use the 3×4 keyboard & the update changed how the space key works. I have to double tap the space key for an actual space to be input. It’s ideal for texting words like “thigh” because I don’t have to pause in between h-i-g-h; however, considering I use the space bar more often it is quite frustrating!!!!

    P.S. I prefer the 3×4 to Qwerty because I don’t have to really look at the keyboard to text, the Qwerty keys are small & I have long nails. :/

    • becky

      Im having the same problem with the double tap for a space. Really annoying as i send a text and my text is all one long word! Hate this update, would like my 1 tap space back

  • paul

    My smart stay is now working after updating

  • Nitin

    After the update, messaging application crashes everytime I try to copy text from the message…
    Any suggestions??

  • Rugved

    Mine now has a brightness control slider in d notification dropdown. Somehow, i dont think it was a really needed. Occupies precies space, especially in landscape mode…

  • Adamdroid

    im on bell i got the notification but it did not download a file and now says no update available, where did it go?

  • I installed 4.0.4 update on my s3 today and after that skype stopped working and my build number is different from what you have given above mine is “IMM76D.T999UVALH2”. Can you please guide me how to rollback this update ?

  • GMe109

    I was hoping it would fix the dim screen issue.

    Lab tests confirm Samsung Galaxy S3 is a display dimwit

  • cesski

    im using my s3 with my network ok but after the updates suddenly it needed the sim network unlock pin..why is that??and how can i unlock it?? thankss..

  • Franz

    my phone stoped working after the softwear upgrade it just says andriod phone has stoped working when i recive calls and when i make calls

  • sam

    hi, i have a samsung gs3 (GT19300, tmobile UK). this is getting ridiculous now, i havent even had the phone a month yet and im already plagued with this home screen lag issue. ive followed every possible sollution ( disabling the double tap for s voice, animation scale down, killin bakground apps immediately, HUNDREDS of reboots) and yet no joy. its even worse than before to be honest, as it lags from any app now, where as before it was just from texting and coming out of internet. someone PLEASE help!!!!

  • helpme

    When im in an app and the screen turns off from inactivity it goes back to the home screen when i turn on the phone using the home button, any advice?

  • jake

    how do i undo a command on the s3

  • suleman

    hi everyone, i am unable to update my s3 to jelly bean, i dont know the issue,i have tried OTA update as well but it shows no update available and when i connect via samsung kies, it always stucks at 99%(downloading firmware update components).i have purchased this handset from saudi arabia and its unlocked as i have purchased from a store, and now using in pakistan,can anyone help me on this issue

  • lolamonroe

    when i install the new update, it installed fine. bt then my mobile data tab is gone, and now my phone need wifi for internet nd others. how can i undo think update?

  • john

    the photo gallery changed a little bit

  • Jonathan

    12-11-13 Just got the latest update from samsung-a load of crap!!! I loved my galaxy 3 before, now I hate it. How can I undo this update? When people call I get cartoon pictures in their profile, it change some of my custom ringtones, I can’t keep the notifications cleared -they keep coming back. Some texts are nor showing up. HELP!