Samsung Galaxy S3 official hands-on video and commercial

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 3, 2012

Here are some of the videos that Samsung has showcased during the Galaxy S3 launch event:

Galaxy S3 hands-on video:

Any thoughts?

  • Red002

    Its so pretty! @__@

  • GBGamer117

    WANT!! Also, why isn’t there a multitask button instead of a menu button?

    • Jhopl

      Long press the home button for multi task feature.

  • Jaranjames

    Dammit US we need this phone now i cant wait till Dec.

  • JayZed

    Yawn. *crickets*

  • Chillyy

    i want it and i want it NOW

  • Darto

    mantab surantab bos kapan ada di indonesia nih

  • Gauravogrey7

    hey admin i have participated in your contest hav very nice deeds with phone plzz let me win :(

  • Jhopl

    Why can’t I watch the commercial. Every time I try to play it it says “this video is private”. Wtf?

  • MichalSG

    The new Galaxy is finally here and looks good! Thank you for your support and likes :)

  • josemonmaliakal

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 really rocks, it will be the best from samsung and something strong to stand against iPhone and HTC. Read more about the specs and details of samsung Galaxy S3 here